Desperate After Ruining my Wrist with a Tattoo - Dubai, AE

Hi everyone, I got a baby pink tattoo (almost...

Hi everyone,

I got a baby pink tattoo (almost white) with the lettering "Stay Strong" on my inner wrist ,with a little heart. I did it in this color because I liked it, and didn't really care about people not being able to see it since I just wanted as a reminded to myself, but it came up pretty bad as it look like a scar and everybody kept on telling me what was wrong with my wrist, so I decided to get it tattooed in black ink. WHAT A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!! the letters with the pink underneath looks a graffiti and it does not really match the crown I also got (which I do like, but maybe I was hoping for something smaller also...). I thought it was fine but now I see the font is so wrong for the tattoo...

What can I do here? Can I laser the black letters and also the pink ink so I would get my skin back to normal? My tattoo artist keeps on telling me that the pink would stay as is very soft so its better just to shade it but I just want to make it disappear...

I do feel terrible and I am avoiding looking at my wrist all the is so messed up now :(

Any advice would be great guys, thanks!
Hello shirleedaa, I also have a new tattoo on my wrist and I live in Dubai, could you please share any updates you have on removal?
Hey! I also like your tattoo and believe the font looks fine. But if you do not feel happy with the tattoo, laser is the way to go. I understand not being able to look at that area, but I promise you it will get better. Hang in there :)
aloha shirleedaa, Others here may say that your tattoo is beautiful, but what you think is more important. Have you had a consultation with laser removal? It made me feel more powerful and in control, yes I've had several sessions but the ink is a soft grey now and much more likeable. Ink regret comes with shock, disbelief and depressed feelings. You've wanted something for so long and then bam it doesn't turn out the way you want. You feel all sorts of emotions...all but joy for the ink. I suggest a consultation, they are usually free. I also wear pretty bracelets to distract from the ink regret on my wrist and hand. Right now, you're still in shock, disbelief and you need that glimmer of hope. It may come with a consultation. The other thing that I use are scar silicone sheets, they cover beautifully. Mineral makeup is also an option. You do have choices and options. Good luck, keep us posted. We're all in this. aloha...k
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