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Hello RS ladies, 29 yr old mother of 4, seeking...

Hello RS ladies,

29 yr old mother of 4, seeking a body make-over. Ive always wanted a rounder and perkie butt. I wouldnt say that i have a flatt butt but i seek more prejection. I would really love to go to Dr Matthew Schulman in NY its not far from me and i love his work. I'm seeing that he is the go to guy for BBL! I'm also loving his SMOOTH TUCK procedure, after having for kids i have some loose skin i would love to remove, so i'm also considering a mini tuck. So he is the one for me!
Just submitted my consulation request. I know he is more expensive than others but hey his rep allows him to charge a little more right?!

I would love feed back and advice! I'm Hispanic (PR) - 5'4 180lbs i currently wear a size 11-12 pants. Sorry i havent measured myself.

Thank you RS ladies!!!


Hi Molove! As you can see I'm a Schuman angel and will be 1 year post op next week. I love what he does and him and his staff are great! Post before pics of your problem areas that you'd like to improve. How old are your kids? (If you don't mind me asking) Who will be helping you with them while you recover?
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Hello, you look great!! I have four kids 13, 12, 5, and 2. I will be posting pics soon. I bAsicLly want a round booty and a flat tummy( who doesn't right lol) i would say I have a big tummy but I do have loose skin. My son"s father is being very supportive so he'll take over while I recover.
Oops I wouldn't say I have a big tummy. Sorry typo

5"4 180lbs and four kids later...BBL

Hey ladies,
Updating my status and adding some photos of me, what I would like to look like and some wish pics!!!
Stay blessed!

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Financing the SX

So has anyone considered financing their procedure? Has anyone used CareCredit or those others financing companies? Is it worth considering? I personally would like to have it paid off and out of the way! I recently purchased a home and don't need more debt to pay off. Just curious on how others are going with the payment process.
Thanks ladies!!!! ;)
BTW I'm aiming for Dr Schulman! BBL king


I too am a Schulman doll. He did his biz ness on lil ol me. Good luck!
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Hi sweety, I also had bbl and breast lift w Schulman. He is the best. I have delt w other ps and believe me he is by far the best in every way. You are making the right choice with him. I know he will give you great results.
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Sorry forgot to mention...if your looking for January date for surgery u need to get on the consultation app his calendar fills up really fast. If you call now you mayb able to see him upend of October.
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