Drooping Tip and Notched Nostrils After Rhinoplasty

Unfortunately the options for those seeking ethnic...

Unfortunately the options for those seeking ethnic rhinoplasty in the uk (at least in the london area) is very limited. Therefore, the ethnic patient must 'make do' with the available choice of surgeons, regardless of their faults. I had rhinoplasty to reduce the alar bases and to provide definition to the tip.

It has only been 15 days post op and swelling has not yet subsided. I sought to add definition to the tip and to reduce my alar bases. However, its concerning that my tip now droops and my right nostril has an ugly notch. My tip was rounded before but it was certainly not droopy. Has this been noted before in cases where the nose has turned out alright after the long 12-18 month waiting period? or am i correct in thinking that i require secondary surgery?

Where did u get ur nose done? Was it in Scotland?
Ladies, after massive research, my pick is Dr. Sunder. After asking over 15 doctors hundreds of questions, i realized that they all have a crew answering my questions... The trend seemed that I couldnt get near any Dr. Unless I paid some hefty deposit without even knowing what I was getting myself into...

And then I found Dr. Sunder. Not only was she very attentive and answered all of my questions via email, she did so directly an within 24 hrs! The only reason why it takes her a little longer to respond at this moment, is because she just had a baby. So I am amazed that 4 months later, she had not become annoyed with me and is still being accommodating.

Check her out. She gets my vote and I'm as picky as they come:


I choose her because Dr. Sunder cares and she seems to be very knowledgable about bulbous noses. Ive been contemplating rhinoplasty for the past 7 years now. She is the ONLY one that I'm letting touch my nose.

All the best, ladies.

Have you have rhinoplasty? Which doctors would you suggest? Are you African American? I had my nose done along tinme ago and my tip is too projected. I'm looking for a revision doctor.

Please African American ladies give your reviews and doctor recommendations or stay away froms!!! It is very difficult for us to fine doctors who really knows anout our noses.
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It is early at this stage, my final results are unknown. but at the moment i am unhappy.

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