Swollen Lip 2 Days After Silicone Injections - Holland, NE

Last friday I had my augmentation done with a...

Last friday I had my augmentation done with a docter in Holland. 1ML PMS was injected. No pain, not feeling hot. Only very swollen and bruised. Is this a normal reaction after treatment? I am really afraid this wont dissappear. Hope somebody can answer my question. I cool it every hour with an ice cube now.
Dr. Janssen

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Funny, I had lip augmentation, also, yesterday; but it was a "tweak" of an augmentation done 2 months ago, so it was a lot easier. My Surgeon uses Restylane, and it is said if you have a follow-up before the 1st injection completely dissipates, it will last longer. Since you had Silicone, I can't speak to how soon the swelling will go away. But at one-two weeks, you'll love them!!
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Thank you for sharing! What does your surgeon say about your swelling? Some doctors recommend cortisone injections to help with swelling after silicone augmentation. Please let us know how you're doing as you continue to heal!
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