Swollen Lip 2 Days After Silicone Injections - Holland, NE

Last friday I had my augmentation done with a...

Last friday I had my augmentation done with a docter in Holland. 1ML PMS was injected. No pain, not feeling hot. Only very swollen and bruised. Is this a normal reaction after treatment? I am really afraid this wont dissappear. Hope somebody can answer my question. I cool it every hour with an ice cube now.
I don't know how to add a picture! Angie???
Tess, note Angiemcc's comments below!
Thanks sweets!!! Swelling is all gone now, but they are still uneven. 4th of August I may come back to my docter. How can I upload photos??

12 days after

Swelling is all gone now. Right under my cupids bow there are 2 'balls'. Both sides are un-even. 4th of August i can come back. When smiling I am happy, in rest I see difference.
Tess, Thanks very much for sharing!!
I didn't want a radical change; I didn't want anyone to notice, and now I've had 3 ml, total, injected, and a couple girlfriends have noticed something different but they can't put the finger on it. Mind you, I had a horrendous Skin Cancer Surgery that could have altered my appearance horribly, but my Surgeon is a Genius!! People come from out of State for him; and one celeb that I know of. I'm very pleased. My brilliant Surgeon just told me not to do anything for 6 hours, post-injection. You can ruin his "molding"! So, I sat still for 6 hours and boy, was THAT hard!!!


Sunny day in holland, First day getting happier with the result. What do you guys think??
Tess Tess; looks great!!
Dr. Janssen

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