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Going in Tomorrow for Meso on Chin - Draper, UT

I am 5'4 and 138 pounds. I cant lose my double...

I am 5'4 and 138 pounds. I cant lose my double chin though ( darn genetics) I am a little worried after reading some reviews but I don't swell easy, I am not obese so loose skin will not be an issue.. I will post my before and after phots later!

We have very similar profiles, so I can completely sympathize with what you mean about the double chin despite being thin. I can't wait to hear how this goes for you!! Thanks for starting this early so we can hear all the details!

Wishing you the best for tomorrow!!



Well. today was the day. Injections did not hurt...

well. today was the day. Injections did not hurt at all, but no I'm wearing a facebra and it hurts. Not like unbearable, but for sure does not feel awesome. Dr. gave me some "Acina" is a natural homopath anti-inflamm. I'm not leaving the house for 3 days, and also not taking off this face bra thing. Photos to follow

Thanks for posting your update! So glad it didn't hurt too much. Very interested to see what the heck a facebra is!! Hope you continue to feel ok, and that you are well stocked up on yummy food & movies. ;)


Day 2 and I can tell you the worst part is in the...

Day 2 and I can tell you the worst part is in the morning when you have been laying flat all night, you wake up sore, stiff, and more swollen. But, I must say it's only been 2 days and i am starting to feel much better. I wear my little chin compression thing constantly ( which helps A TON) Not sure if it worked yet ( still swollen ) but I should know within a week

DAY 4... I have become addicted to me chin strap...

DAY 4... I have become addicted to me chin strap thing ha ha, I did P90X ab ripper tonight without it and swelled up again UGH!! So, I put it back on.. So far I will say the only negative is the idea that "you can go right back to work" well you can if you work in a cave where noone sees you ha ha ( like I do) other than that.. So far... not that bad... I'm excited to see the results!!!

On a side note.. i had NO bruising, no weird...

on a side note.. i had NO bruising, no weird bumps, no lumps, and pain wise... Ya know when you work out super hard, or go snowboarding and your neck muscles hurt from pulling your fat butt up all day.. it's like that... SORE.. thats it... so I think the other reviews had really bad doctors?

Love reading your updates! Thanks for taking a picture of the compression thing - always nice to have a picture in your mind of what things are really like.

I can't wait for the week to pass so we can see how much of a difference this made for you!!

I hope you are able to sleep ok despite the discomfort.


Day 5, I will have to say it's been TOTALLY...

Day 5, I will have to say it's been TOTALLY worth it!!! My chin looks great! Only after one treatment.. After photo to follow once swelling is 100% gone!!

Oh my gosh - YAY!! So happy to hear things are looking good! I can't believe it only cost you $300, that is a great price for that kind of change...feeling very tempted myself now. Can't wait to see more photos!


Good for you for jumping right back into your workout routine! Your chin does look more defined. If I was just shown your before & after photos I would have guessed you had a chin augmentation. What do you think of the results?


Well I am on week 3, and I leave for Vegas...

well I am on week 3, and I leave for Vegas Thursday, and I must admit... The more time passes and the fact that I am still sore and numb, and now I did develop that lump thing, I wish i just got lipo. I still have to wear my face bra, my chin is still swollen. It looked better 3 days in then 3 weeks...SIGH oh well

Ok wait.... i just took off my chin strap thing,...

ok wait.... i just took off my chin strap thing, and it looks better ha ha ha ha, maybe I just needed to sleep on it.... Oh and I woke up not sore

You mentioned in your update it looked better after you slept on it - maybe if you checked it in the evening right before you went to bed it was a bit swollen(??).

Have fun in Vegas & please keep us updated - I'm really curious to hear how it holds up in the next month or two!


Ok 2.5 months later it totally worked!!!! My chin...

ok 2.5 months later it totally worked!!!! My chin looks great. It was ALOT MORE painful than I thought it would be, but 2 months later my waddle is gone.. PATIENCE is the key with this one...

As you know, I have LOVED reading your updates! So glad it worked for you! Now I just need to get brave enough to do something about mine. ;)

If you think of it, I would love to know how long it lasts. Would love to hear from you every few months to hear how things are holding up. Its always nice to know how things work in the long run.


one year later and happy as a clam.... except..

So my double chin is totally gone a year later.. but.. i also last almost 20 pounds.... doing Insanity so who knows if one was not connected with the other.... the only thing now is.. i lost the chin.. but gained a little flap of loose skin under my chin... uGH... now I have to deal with that :)...

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