Renewed self

I am about to turn 40 and is been about ten years...

I am about to turn 40 and is been about ten years that I've been thinking and researching about this. After reading countless of posts and research I've decided that its about time... You only live once and people are always going to criticize your decision, but I am happy with it and will ignore those negative comments,,,

I am so excited 3 weeks to go!! I am ready for the...

I am so excited 3 weeks to go!! I am ready for the new me,, I still have some stuff left to buy but the luggage is almost full

The day is getting closer!!! I already have most...

The day is getting closer!!! I already have most of the supplies for the trip!!! Mammogram is done, blood test on may 2, I can't wait!! Sad to leave my kids but my husband will take great care of them..., anyways now I find myself waking up in the middle of the night and first thing I do is get my cell phone and look at more before snd after pictures!! I hope this is normal to be this excited and anxious!!!

The time is almost here!! I am soooo excited!!! I...

The time is almost here!! I am soooo excited!!! I can't stop looking at before and after pictures.... 7 more days for my dreams to come true!!
I am working on some before pictures!! Trying to get some courage to post pictures of my body, but I will:)))) seeing the great results of the ladies on this site helped me make this decision to finally go for it!! I Thank you all for inspiring me to do it

Well today I am posting-some before pictures!!!!...

Well today I am posting-some before pictures!!!! It took a long time but finally did it!!!
Well now I only have 5 days to fly out to the Dominican Republic !!! Excited as usual!!

Today I finally fly to Dominican Republic....,...

Today I finally fly to Dominican Republic...., surgery is tomorrow, I am so happy

Well, I am at the airport DR bound!! Will post...

Well, I am at the airport DR bound!! Will post pictures as soon as possible!!! Super excited!!

Awesome results!!

Hello ladies:)) sorry for the delayed update, there is no wifi near my moms house in dominican republic. The surgery went well, the first 3 days were the worst... I am now 14 days post surgery and loving my new body!!!
I still have the drain on until it drains 50cc or less in 24 hours For two days . I think it will be out soon because today was less than 50ccs.
I love the super low scar on the tummy tuck.. Below the previous cesarean scar, I love it! So far every post op appt Dr. Robles is happy she says everything looks perfect. OMG I really love my breasts I went with 400 ccs silicone implants and they look sooo good..
Dr. Robles did an amazing job on my body, I am still a bit swollen around the tummy tuck incision but it looks amazing!! I now have a tiny waist courtesy of Dr. Robles
I will stay in the Dominican Republic for 10 more days to make sure I rest and recuperate properly..
I will be posting pictures soon!!
Thanks for your support LADIES!!
Happy healing

14 days post op

I've decided to add these two before the drains were out... But I ll add more after all is done

3.5 moths post surgery

Hello ladies,, sorry I've been busy
I feel great and loving my new and improved body.. My confidence level is sky high

5 months post op

Hello ladies, sorry I've been busy lately, but I will post updates monthly with pictures so you can see my progress..
I feel great no pain but a little discomfort while laying on my tummy, it is still hard to stretch, I also feel some weird sensation while I am touched in the waist.. I guess it is still healing... Anyway
I love the way my body looks now, I tell you, my confidence is so high right now!!!
I now officially can wear s two piece bathing suit snd feel good.
Best decision ever!!!

Before and after picture

Excited!! I made it to Dr. Walkiris Robles page

Before and after

Really happy with my results!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

The positive review from ladies on this site have helped me make this decision. I have realistic expectations on the results of the procedure.

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Ellie, just had to check out your profile, and you look amazing and great in your swimsuit. It was totally worth it ! It is much less expensive in DR than here . Congratulations on your new self !
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You Look great
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Ellie you look fantastic!!!
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Thanks.. You look great too
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You look sooooo good!
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i want to seeee lol xx
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New pics
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You look great! Wow love how thin and flat your tummy looks and you don't have much of "frankenboobs" so awesome!
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Thank for sharing your picture. A sexy 40 fabulous lady is transformed;) Recover well
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Aww! You look great and your breast are awesome!
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Thanks for the complement, your tummy tuck incision looks great!! Now you can rock that body!!! Keep looking fabulous and recover soon
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Thanks!! You look awesome as well.
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You look FANTASTIC! Nice hourglass shape. Teeny tiny waist. BAM!
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Hi Ellie, I saw you posted on my blog! Thankx for your compliment, but I have to say that you look fantastic!!!!! Your PS did an amazing job!! I just came from 2nd post op appt w/ PS. He left my drains in as I'm just over 50cc daily as well. As much as I would like them out, I'd rather wait so I do not bloat and have a waterbed effect in my abs. I guess that having them for 3 weeks is a small sacrifice for the return!
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I agree, I want to be as safe as possible. I go to see the doctor tomorrow and its been two days of draining less than 50ccs:)) I am super excited about this drain removal!! I wish you the best on your recovery!! Happy healing
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You look GREAT!!!!!
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Great to hear all went well and ur happy so far :0) can't wait to seeur results! Happy healing (((hugs)))
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Good Luck!! Have a safe journey and speedy recovery.
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What are you having done? Either way, your in great hands with Dr. Robles. When your done with healing after surgery, you will look like a 20 year old guaranteed! Good luck and be positive!!
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I am having a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and liposuction on the waist snd possibly arms snd back!! I am 5'4' and 160 lbs
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40 is the new 30 hun.........and after your surgery 40 is gonna be the new 20!!! Good luck!! XXOO
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Thanks!! I appreciate your support!!
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