Medial Thigh LIft - Tijuana, MX

This procedure is going to be done along with my...

This procedure is going to be done along with my Lower Body Lift that I am having done next week! I don't have much to say about it at this point other than it is greatly needed. Not looking forward to a long scar on the inner thighs, but my arms have healed so nicely they are not really noticeable so I am hoping the thighs will be the same. I have never been able to show my legs in public my entire adult life, so either way anything will be a improvement. Even though I have lost 100 lbs and have gone from a size 18 pants to a 10 currently, I still look the same in my pants. What I mean is they may be a smaller size but they still look like they are squeezed in to them. All that extra skin does not look good even hidden in pants. My knees still look fat. Hard to describe but I look like a gel has filled out every ounce of my jeans...


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your surgery, I hope it goes well and you have a smooth recovery! I will be needing this surgery in a little while myself, so I know what you mean about squeezing the extra skin into clothes! Hopefully after this you'll have the body you've worked hard for.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!
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Thanks, just 5 more days!!!

I leave in 4 days!!!

Pretty much all packed, still need to buy a few more items on my list from the Doctor and all the items I copied form everyone here. Today I was thinking maybe I should not do the thighs that it's so much to do at once, but if not now then never, since this will be my last big surgery. Still planning on a brow lift and maybe a eye lift, since the rest of the face and neck have all ready been done. I so wish I would have already done those with the face lift, but was afraid of doing too much at one time and this time the PS said doing those also would be too much so I have to wait...Hubby is pretty much over me having all this done. So much time in the planning and then SOOOO much time in the healing it really cuts into life. I'm not sure how those movie stars are able to get so much work done and still have time to make the Anyway I will take pictures of the after, here are some before's


I am so excited for you! My thighs and saddlebags look very similar to yours and can't wait to see your outcome. I'm very torn on what to do :( How long is the recovery for you? I'll be sending you positive thoughts and prayers for a great surgery and fast recovery! Good luck honey!
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Hopefully the recovery time will be cut down considerably since I am having 10 one hour hyperbolic treatments starting when I get home. Many PS's send their patients to these centers as it helps you avoid infections, promotes must faster healings and helps with scaring. It's very expensive but hoping I may get insurance, depending on how they send it in, they are going to list it as wound care, so it may just get covered! There aren't a lot of these centers, I just am lucky to have one in AZ that is across the street from where I work so that's how I knew about it. This is the only treatment that works on people that have that flesh eating disease, so I thought if it works for them, it should do wonders for me an my healing...I've seen too many of examples of infections here and especially with the thighs so that's why I am taking these measures...So the short answer to your question would be hopefully a few week recovery!
I've also heard that the hyperbolic treatment is great for infection and healing. How lucky you work across the street! You're healthy and this is not your first rodeo! You'll do super!

Made it to the other side...

I am feeling great, no pain what so ever. My surgeon told me I would not feel any pain, but I really didn't believe it, as I have had plastic surgery before and know what kind of pain you can be in after. Well I was wrong, there truly has been no pain, I was a little slow moving at first but each day it gets better, I'm feeling pretty good today. Haven't seen my results as of yet as I currently look like a mummy but will be having that cut off and placed into my garment today I believe.


Can't Wait To see Your results... I am thinking on doing this too and have to have a vein stripped out as well.... Can you tell me how you go about it???
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I first went to a vein specialist who closed all my veins with a "detergent solution". It wasn't painful but did take a good amount of time having to have several sessions. They no longer "strip" the veins as he told me it's too barbaric, so they basically cause these non working veins to close up and shrink. As far as surgeons go, I found this site to be the most helpful of all as you get the whole truth from the patients themselves. I personally went with my surgeon based on the great reviews and personal phone calls from his patients. So glad I did, as I found a great one. Also, you will find it is very common to travel to find just the right fit. Most of us seem to use PS's in different states or countries, as PS's usually seem to have certain things that they specialize in, thus the travel, but so well worth the extra mile you may have to go...
I hope it all works out great for you AZ. Please keep us up to date, with your pictures, when you can. People sharing, as you are, is so important. I think these surgeons would have many more patients, if they would show photos of their work. I look forward to seeing the new you. Good luck!
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Two part procedure

I had a medial thigh lift in the front part of my thigh. At a later date I will have a lift of the rear thigh into the lower butt portion that will lift the thigh from the back and also help build the lower area of the buttocks. My rear was my biggest problem, literally Lol I always have had a very wide flat ass, no matter what my weight was....So when I learned this would need to be done in two procedures, I was not surprised. Not sure at this point when the second part will happen....


I see you put "worth it" for your review....have you had a chance to see your thighs yet?
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There is a good change and the incision line looks fabulous....I was told this would be a two parter, The back side the lower butt will be pulled up and the extra tissue will be added to the lower part of the butt to add definition and to pull up more of the thighs. My lower half was so bad especially the rear (hard to notice where the butt ended and the thighs began) so for being part one it is definitely worth it! Of course I am not going to see the kind of results a long thigh lift would have given but I was not a candidate for that...
Take care and thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your results.
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Healing Nicely

Drain removal, thank God and, incisions all closed with the exception of a area that was being bothered by the support garment, so I have changed garments and put some steri strips on it and I am sure it will be closed soon too. Scars look like a pen line, sure hope they stay that small. Feeling so much better without those drains...


When Will you share your result! Are you happy with your knee?
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The cut lines look really nice in the groin, when I am out of my garment I will get the hubby to take a picture (he's a little baffled why I want him taking nude shots of me...haha) For me I was unable to have lipo due to my bad veins in my thighs so my surgeon said he would do a aggressive lift...hoping that did the trick...things look pretty smooth right now, I do know of course I have a lot of swelling....
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Sounding so positive! Can't wait t see ur results. Did he lipo ur thighs b4 d medial thigh lift?
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4 weeks post op.

I do have to say the medial thigh lift is the slowest part of the healing process, since the area is a area that doesn't get much light of day. Hope you can see the thigh lift in this photo I will post a better one soon. The stomach area is more swollen than the rest, but the inner thigh incisions are very thin and should finish healing very well...


Hi! Was just curious if you went home immediately or if you stayed at the surgery facilities after your procedure or at a Hotel for your initial recovery?
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Awesome transformation. I just contacted Dr. G about an arm lift (it's where I'm starting, lol). May I ask, did you go by yourself or with someone for some/all of the procedures?
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Nice faint line...

Here are a couple pictures of my inner thigh scar at three months...Looks nice and thin, and light in color...


AZ it looks so good already..i just spoke with the someone from his office i am interested in getting a thigh lift and butt implant, but on his website i don't see that many butt implants :( so i am skeptical, does he have a in-house clinic for us to stay after the surgery? thanks
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Thanks Azdee. I'm hoping an inner thigh lift will tighten up the loose skin from thigh lipo. I never would have had lipo on my thighs, if I had known I wouldn't be able to wear shorts or bathing suits anymore. Very upsetting. Good luck with the rest of your procedures.
Don't let his website mislead you,there are a lot of procedures that ate not listed there. They didn't even list LBL when I had mine done.
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