Full Tummy Tuck, Lipo & Breast Lift- Atlanta

Hello Ladies, I am 33 years old with two boys (13...

Hello Ladies,
I am 33 years old with two boys (13 & 10) and I am 5'9' weighting 197lbs. I have been so self conscious about my body since I had my second son. My friend and her sister had procedures done by Dr. Yily in February 2014 and they love it, so they’ve help to make my decision to go ahead and get the procedures done. I'm hoping to get an appointment in December. Congrads to all the Yily Dolls and best wishes to all the future Yily Dolls!
Congrats to you as well!

Full TT, Lipo sides, back, arm pits, and Breast lift

Hello everyone,
I never heard back from Dr. Yily, so I've decided 2 go 2 the ATL an let Dr. Movagharnia take care of me. I go for my consultation on 2morrow (7/1/14). I've been saving an looking 2 have surgery in December, wish me luck! I'll continue 2 update.

Dream Tummy!

Thanks hun! How did ur surgery go? I originally wanted Yily to do my procedures but I never got a response from her assistant.
It went well. .so far so good! She was Great! And the recovery house was great (upscale)..

I'm so ready!

I'm so ready to get my procedures done, but here are some before pics to give ya'll an idea of wat I'm working with. It's gotta go!

Lipo inner thighs

I made the decision to go locally to get my inner thighs lipo on July 25th. Dr. Movagharnia doesn't like 2 operate on ur upper & lower body at the same time due 2 infections may occur, so I'm getting it done by Dr. Baker here in Memphis b4 tha main surgery in 5 months. I'll post b4 pics soon & keep my RS family updated.

Lipo Inner Thighs

I'll be getin my inner thighs lipo at Nubody Concepts this Friday (7/25/14) instead of goin 2 Dr. Baker. I'm excited!

Lipo thighs!

Hello RS friends,
So 2day is the day I get my thighs lipo, and I'm so ready! Here are some b4 pics.

Lipo thighs!

Hello RS friends,
The procedure (lipo inner thighs) with Doctor David Conner went well. I'm sore but very anxious 2 see the final results. Here are some pics.
Dr. Movagharnia

My consultation visit with Dr. Movagharnia in Atlanta was awesome! My first impression of him, his staff, & his office gave me so much comfort that I can't wait to get my procedures done in December 2014.

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