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I've Learn to Love my Body Now So I Can Now Love the Change - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm looking forward to getting my shape back after...

I'm looking forward to getting my shape back after my children nd I haven't been in a swim suit in years nd I'm so ready to get my sexy back;-) if you know what I mean Ladies!!! Just can't wait ladies I'm super happy just to finally do something about my Tummy I can't wait to make it to the flat side side from all the Pain I know it will pay off Big Time!!!

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Okay ladies.so I got my Passport today I'm all...

Okay ladies.so I got my Passport today I'm all packed nd ready to meet Dr Robles nd the ladies I'll be flying out this monday morning me nd ms jazz I will keep you ladies updated but so far I'm Hearing the Pain is a Pain in the bleep if you know what I mean okay ladies pray for me nd jazz nd I will keep you posted :-)


We're gonna be just FINE girl :)
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Okay ladies two more dayz I'll be at Dr Robles...

Okay ladies two more dayz I'll be at Dr Robles office nd three dayz into I enter the flat side mind is racing a mile a minute getting scared now that my dayz are closer but god is a good god so I'm not to worried on that note I'm ready nd not to mention I never took a airplane I'm so afraid of heights I live on the 5th floor nd don't ask me how I did with that because I don't dear look out smh can't wait until it's over nd I'm at home healing already this has been driving me crazy by the day I must say so okay ladies we will talk soon


Getting my balls ready to fit in my pants because as a woman I'm chickening out but I'm rolling out nd I'm ready now to just get it over with come on jazz we are on our way
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I will see you there!! We will in good hands and have many praying for us.
Yes we will be are you ready cause I'm so ready

Okay ladies it's 3/3/13 I will be in DR on 4/4/13...

Okay ladies it's 3/3/13 I will be in DR on 4/4/13 I'm having surgery on
The 5th so I'm happy even tho I know the Pain is no joke
But after looking at my Tummy tuck.sisters they give me hope
Ladies.I know this is a big change in ur life nd most of us
Are not ready for it but don't let no one dictate
How ur going to feel or look cause at the end of the Day!!!GOD
Has the final say just pray have faith nd you will be fine
We can't all go of every bodies post but out helps
Us get by Dr Robles is who I picked because I've seen nd I liked her work
Nd maybe cause she's a female also my thing is speak no evil hear no evil
Won't be no evil I just pray nd wish us all the best who ever we pick just be strong hold on because this is the beginning we have a long way to go
Pray for me my sisters nd imma pray for you best
Wishes on the new hot body nd I'm going be at the beach
Looking like a Bag of money nd for all the Haters
Don't nobody Got Time For That!!!!haha Lol.mynas for any misspelled
Words I'm writing this off my phone nd it's so broke
Right now I need to have this get a new body job too
Lol.okay ladies until I update you besafe nd happy healing All


I'll see you there Diamond mine is on 4/4/13!!!!!
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Hey Diamond, how did the surgery go??
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We out tomorrow girlie!!
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Other post nd she a 10 like Hello need I say more...

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