First Injection!

After years of competitive bodybuilding I noticed...

After years of competitive bodybuilding I noticed my face has become gaunt looking, even after putting in body fat everywhere else.

My body metabolised other fillers within weeks, so my doctor suggested Sculptra.

We used one vial and focused mostly on the temples and cheeks, with a small amount along the jawline.

Pictures are immediately before and immediately after. No bruising at all at twelve hours later. Face was quite frozen for about three hours after and it is pretty tender now.

Stay tuned for more updates!

After 8 weeks I'm very pleased with the results so...

After 8 weeks I'm very pleased with the results so far. While the differences are subtle I feel they add more symmetry and volume without looking "done". I'm tempted to get more after 12 weeks but my doctor doesn't think I'll need it.

Injections mostly to the temples, cheeks and some contouring around the jaw. All done with one vial.

12 Weeks

I've had a few other procedures done since my first picture and now this one.

A few weeks ago I had the PRP or Vampire Facelift done and almost two weeks ago got 3 syringes of Juvederm Ultra in my lips.

My goal is always subtle and I might have gone a bit beyond that with the lips ( horrible experience but not hating the results).

Some people on here have said they think I wasted my money and they are entitled to their opinion, however I notice a difference from the far left picture to the far right and have been getting tons of compliments.

People aren't quite sure what I've done, they just tell me I look great.

Will likely go for more Sculptra soon to even out my right cheek.

Keep you posted!

Months Later, Second Injection

Hello all!

Thank you so much for everyone who has commented and I apologize for being MIA.

After building a new house in a new city we're all settled in and I finally have some time for updates.

I, again, dropped about 25 lbs and, again, was really noticing it in my face. While my temples were still full and more even, I noticed it really in my cheeks this time.

I went for my second vial last Friday, and this time instead of diluting it and spreading out in many areas, we kept it more potent and focused solely in the cheeks.

Not the greatest after picture (I'm pretty tired after driving 2 hours back to my doc) so I'll upload some others.

My lips have gone down but are still slightly there. I definitely plan on going forward with the fat transfer to the lips once I start making money again in my new city.

I forgot how uncomfortable the injections are, and my face felt quite tender for 4 days after. I had no bruising and no swelling.

Now the waiting game begins and by 2014 I should have fuller cheeks again!
Karma Wellness

I see Dr. Khulbe for many different procedures and am always more than satisfied. She goes above and beyond, has an artistic eye, is a total perfectionist and very knowledgeable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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After reading your story I am going to see Dr. Khulbe tomorrow for a consult for prp. I have had 1 session done already but my doctor is still looking at another company to go with so she does not have the equipment right now. The doctor spent time on the with me today. Very impressed that she called and not a receptionist. Looking forward to meeting her. Thank you for posting.
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That's great to hear! Tell her to send me an email! I know you'll love her as much as I do. Let me know how it goes.
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My meeting with Dr. Khulbe was very informative. She talked to me about different procedures that my doctor never did. She takes her time in explaining everything and looks for the long term results not the short term( money ones ) that my doctor seemed to be doing. I told her that I had read your experience on real self and she pulled your pics up. I was going there about the prp but now will be doing the Sculptra first. They gave me a complimentary treatment around my eyes, 27 units of dysport free, and free foundation from her skin care line. Still in shock about that :) Once again Thank you for your story. I know I just found a wonderful caring doctor!
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I'm so happy you had a great experience! She cares more about your long term results than making money. :)
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It's subtle but you look fresher after. Not too extreme. Your lips don't look out of control but I am always surprised that doctors don't do it sparingly even at this point. Good luck!
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You look great prp worked a treat
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You look awesome!
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I think you look great! Very subtle but also notice a difference. My so suggested sculptra for me as well due to weight loss & loss of collegen. How long do the results last? I believe he told me a year. I have held off thinking maybe I could do something more " permanent "
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It's been almost a year for me I think and I haven't had much done at all. I used to.regularly get Botox, and now that my lips have almost fully dissolved, it's hard to say if it is the Sculptra that's gone down or just that I haven't kept up everything else. Will post some more pictures soon, but am trying to save my money for some bigger procedures in the next year.
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I am over a year on now...all the lumps are coming out now wish I had not done it :O(((
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I think you look great ..! The filler really softened and filled your face and it soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks very much! I'm 7 weeks post-second injection now and am noticing a bit more fullness in the cheeks again. Yay!
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Wow, what beautiful work! You look great. Don't underestimate the sex appeal of your lips without the filler. I think smaller, feminine, well shaped lips can be beautiful too. It's more in line with what the traditional Japanese aesthetic calls for and can give a soft, delicate look!
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Aw, thank you so much! I am feeling a little sad my lips are fading away and still looking into some fat transfer to the area for something more permanent. Really appreciate your comment!
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You look great - refreshed!
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You look amazing! Thanks for posting.
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Thanks very much! I'll be uploading some more pictures soon. :)
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You look amazing. Anyone who says you wasted money is crazy lol. I love that the filler gives such a natural look and not fake. You look so feminine and beautiful. Did you like the vampire facelift? Did it hurt? Your under eyes look more filled in too. Did the doc do anything there?
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Btw Your current lip size is perfection :) hopefully we will get to follow a review of the fat transfer if you get it..when you do haha :)
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Hey! Thanks so much. She hasn't done anything other than the PRP under the eyes once. I liked it and still feel my dark circles underneath aren't as noticeable. It didn't add volume though and would talk to the new doc about possible fat transfer there. They look more hollow in person. The Vampire Facelift didn't hurt much...not as tender as the Sculptra. If money was no issue I'd continue with them, but it's not top in my priority lift.:) Hope that helps.
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I definitely see a difference. It's subtle, the kind where someone sees a difference in your face but cannot pin pint what exactly changed. I like the the sculptra does not directly cause the increased volume but triggers more collagen formation to do the work. I find some before and afters using the types of fillers can cause the chipmunk effect if the doctor injects more than necessary and there is always more risk in asymmetry.
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You look great! I'm same way I metabolize fillers quickly from training and competing. I'm going to start sculptra in a few weeks. Your results encourage me that this is the right choice.
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Thanks so much! Please let us know how you like it!
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you look great! i like the lips too. keep us posted! thanks for the review :)
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I just have to comment after reading you post. You did not waste your money !!! You look different and so much more soft looking and younger and healthy!! I like the lips too!! I am happy for you .
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