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I'm having a TT BBL BL with implants

Hi guys im new to this triying to get some info...

hi guys im new to this triying to get some info on Dr contreras, Im 31 years old mom to 5 kids i have loss over 65 pounds and im looking to have a mommy make over.
my husband aunt had a mommy make over by Dr Contreras and she looks faboulus if any one can please help me with some information please im looking to get in contact with him. My hubbys aunt lives in Puerto Rico and i live in New Jersey so is hard to get info from her she work nights. My plan is to be there second week in june

before and after weight loss

My weight loss pictures

more before pictures

More before picts

got a email from contreras

So I send Dr contreras a very very long email he answer back later that afternoon but he really didn't answer all my questions he pretty much send me a price with extra procedures I dint ask. I also call him on a number are found here he puck up but was to busy to speak to me...

please help????

I was originally looking to have a tt breast lift with implants an little lipo on my abdomen. DR Cnotreras send me a respond to my email but im a little scared he is offering bbl which obviously requires lots of lipo (makes me nervous) plus a tt and breast lift with implants. I love tgd idea BUT as a nursing student and also working on tge field im nervous that's alot of things in one shot, plus I had a DR here in NJ tell me that is not safe to do tt abd bbl and the sane time abd on top of it my breast how im going to sleep? Any advice please.

ok Guys so im super excited

after doing some homework a was looking at Dr Duran i saw so many reviews of her and a lot of before and after pict of her clients here on real self, that i decided to email her i found her on facebook i inbox herthere and i was she gave herreal email. so i email her last night and with in one hour she answer back with some questions i reply of course and she also reply back with in one hour i guess i feel really lucky because some girls said she never answer back i email her to ********@*****.com i got a quote from her plus she ask for pictures of me s email me my date june 16 and i got in because another lady cancel. on her detail email she mention all the things i need to do before surgery and some items i need to bring with for before surgery as well. Im so excited i cant beleive it (lol). shes also requesting i email her my bllod work with i dont have a physical eschedule till feb 22 with my doctor. Im so exicted i will be sending my $250 deposit just wamted to see if any of you ladies out there who are schedule with her or had surgery with her went to the same process. please advice and thank you

ok so is really happening

i call Dr AGUSTINA HILARIO DURAN office im on their schedule omg shit just got real lol.

ok so I got some of my supplies

I made a decision to go through with this. Im not turning back so here I go getting my vitamins and some other items ready , I figure little by little. I also check on some old blood work I had back ladt year to my suprise my hemoglobin was 12.6 I like that but I want it higher. Im going to see my regular Dr on the 22nd of this month for physical.

hello ladies let me updated.

After long nights and really thinking about it I spoke to my hubby aunt in Puerto Rico she is the one that recommend dr Contreras from day one. Shes had multiple surgeries with him so I already seen results and she looks fab. My mind was going back and forth back and forth I was lucky enough to get in contact with Dr duran on sunday I had a quote and I was on her schedule all with in 12 hours I was happy I couldn't believe it that I actually got a quote plus I was on her schedule (still im on her schedule).but here comes my trouble after speaking to my girl my hubby's aunt and my husband I got more confused. Because my main goal is a TT with BL with implants not a bbl it was dr contreras who offer it a mommy make over from doing my research it seems like Dr Duran is a miracle dr about her bbl with a tiny waist but some of her breast surgeries and tummy tucks don't look all that on the other hand dr contreras does beautiful tt and bl but some girls are not happy with their bbl.thats was issue number 1 second was after taking to contreras and emails it look like june was no good he wanted me to come in july but I can't so at that point I said well I guess is Dr Duran because im on her schedule anyways. Sorry I know this review is long so tuesday my hubby's aunt call to tell me she can't come with me im like what but wait im scared now because I was counting on her she's a icu nurse she nows her shit lol, so that night (tuesday) I couldn't sleep in my head is to complicated now I have to pay extra money for a recovery house plus nurse care on top of that duran wants 6700 plus 150 for hospital transfer in case there's A emergency.and that 6700 only include one night stay at the clinic on the other hand dr contreras wants 5000 plus 500 for all exams faga and medication that includes 2 day stay at his beautiful clinic plus 240 for 10 massages and another 320 for 4 extra days at his clinic thats 6060.00 still less then dr 6700.. but remember dr contreras toll me no for June. So yesterday I check my email and contreras had email me 5 times lol we when back and forth and for the looks of it I am in june 16..... he email me back with confirm lol so im going with contreras im not looking back or researching anyother dr because honestly it was driving me crazy haha I know what I want how I want it I done enough homework and I feel confident in my decision. Another thing I like with contreras my husband is staying with me at the clinic for a total of 6 days after that we are staying at my hubby's aunt apartment and his cousin will be there as well will have transportation. So it seems like the air is clearing up thank god.

just checking in

so i purchased my husband suprised me on valentines day with our palne tickets to DR we are leaving June 15 coming back june 25 we are staying at Dr contreras recovery house the entire time im ecixted also nervous and i fell like june is nerver going to get here lol. especially after looking at some ladies dates and it seems like everyone is going in march or april june sounds so far away hahaha. I aslo been purchansing some items little by little so it dosent add up and the end.

im 58 days away

so its been sper crazy this week not only did i had to change my dr but alos find a new recovery house i was going to Dr Duran 1st then dr contreras email me back and he was cheaper so i schedule with him.
well i found out some things that made me question his work and my safety i rather keep that to myself.
i call dr Duran and i was on their schedule already so i confirm everything and im ready i book mt recovry house im so happy. i will be staying at the dream barbies recovery house with Gianna columbo im very exicted 58 more days
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

How can I change my dr please not sure how to do it Dr edgar Contreras

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I had surgery with contreras on 3/24
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Good Luck!
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I guess I should make a RS page. I'm confirmed with Contreras too! But I'm going in August for A BBL TT LIPO BL with Augmentation. I chose him bc his Boob jobs are ridiculous! That's my main concern. I want my girls sitting pretty! And as long as my tummy is flat with a little contouring on the sides I'm good! And if I get a donk?? Even better lol Now I have to start buying supplies. I heard arnica pills and gel is good for bruising and pain and silicone strips for a nice scar line. Ughhh, Everything just got so real! lol
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I had surgery with Contreras on 3/24 and I'm estatic with my results. I had breast implant revision and he did an amazing job. Check my pics out
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Good Luck doll you are goin to be fabulous and SEXY!!!!
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Good luck on your journey. I am on my 2 weeks post opp. Loving it :)!!!
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Great job on the weight loss. You look great n the best of luck and hope for the best on your upcoming surgery.
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Thank u love
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You look great now and even amazing after your sx! Good luck and happy healing!
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Hi, am getting mommy makeover with duran june 16 also maybe I'll see you there good luck
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Hi love I change mr doctor
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Oh did not read last post good luck am sure you will end up looking amazing, I also lost 60pds in the last 6 months and this is my last step to get the body of my dream congrats you are almost there
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Hey doll...i plan on going around that time :)
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When in june are u going let me know. I decided to go with my original dr Edgar Contreras
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Hey doll. Good luck on your journey. I to have the same problem as u. As I love Durans butts and tiny waist. Her tt is just mediocre. If u dont mind my asking. How do u get in contact with dr. Contreras? Thanks in advance.
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Hello love u can email him at plasticacontreras@yahoo.com
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Hi I emailed Dr. Contreras and he returned my quote and answered all questions Iam having my surgery March 26 and i cant wait to be refined!!! Im excited this is my bday present to myself I will be 43 and deserve this
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I changed your doctor for you! :) Thanks so much for staring your story on RealSelf. The next four months are going to go fast!
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Thank u so much love ;) Angiemcc
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Can you change my doctor please to Dra duran
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i guess things are diff..im down with duran also but she did not ask questions or ask about blood work...congrats hun
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Thank u love when us your surgery. I call her offica as well im so shock because peop likee have been saying she never answers lol I try dr contreras and his said I dont have time to speak with u right now it turn me off a little haha
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Ok wow thats almost here what are u having done
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