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I love this site. I've been stalking everyone for...

I love this site. I've been stalking everyone for about a year. And decided only now to finally make one. I should've made one a long time ago. Anyways here's a little about me. After having a child my body isn't exactly where it used to be. I look pretty good in clothes but I don't like how I look naked. After losing the baby weight, my breast lost a lot of volume. So they sag. Right now I'm 115lbs, my measurments are 34DD, 26, 34. My dream body is to be a curvaceous vixen. I want perky breasts and a big round butt! Lol. No but seriously I do. I know I'm going out of the states for my surgery. I'm still looking around for Drs. But as of now I'm favoring dr.diaz. Yilly and Baez are pretty famous for their perfect body skills. But they have so many negative reviews. It makes me scared. Where are the best recovering places in dr??

Ok here's some pics of me. Bbl might just have to wait.

My breasts look a lot better in a bra. Now I'm thinking about going to dr. Armando soto in Orlando. His before and after pics of breast lift are phenomenal! Barely any scar. But he's just so expensive. And I still want a bbl, but that'll be around 12k!!! Aiiii the heartache for my pockets.

I've been MIA

I've been so busy researching everything that I think would help me with these procedures. I came to conclusion that I really don't like how breast lifts are done out of states so I'm going to hold on that for awhile. But now I have support from my husband for the BBL!! I showed him some before and afters, boy was he impressed lol.
I've contacted Dr.Cabral, Dr.Yilly and Dr.Diaz for quotes.
Dr.Cabral was the hardest to contact! OMG it was like trying to catch Carmen sandiego! He didn't reply to whatsapp and my emails till at least a month after. He did qoute me 4200 for the bbl but that is just for the procedure. His results, I think are the best. He gives that perfect shape and curve. He's aggressive with the lipo too, but what keeps getting me is the deaths he has under his belt :-/. Very scary.
Next was Dr.yilly. Her responses were like copy and paste. She takes a week or two to respond. I felt like she was extremely busy. Eh I don't think I'm going to go with her.
Last is Dr.Diaz he was very fast at responding! Answered every question I had (even if it was dumb) very nice man. Very attentive. Didn't feel like I was just a number to him. He quoted me 3000 for the bbl. And 3800 for a 8 day package, everything included! So as of now he's my number one pick. Please looking for a good RH, if you ladies have any recommendations I'm all ears.

Wish pics

Definitely going with Dr.Diaz!!

Oh man! I'm a little lazy and knowing that Dr.Diaz does majority of the work, just makes me one happy camper! Lol. He has an amazing package for $3800. Which includes 3000 for the bbl, a 8 day stay at their recovery house with 3 meals a day, 10 massages. All medications included. I'm still going to pack some heal me meds.

Gaining some weight

I really want a big nice round butt and dr.diaz said I can have a moderate butt with 600cc-800cc with my current weight. So now I'm on a mission to gain weight for that big ol booty.

Weight gaining

Here's some pics if myself after gaining some weight. It's not much weight but it's a start. When I gain weight I usually gain it in my belly and arms. So I'm thinking about getting arm lipo too. I want as much fat into my butt as I can.

Manuel Diaz, MD

This is the doctor. I can't change the doctor name

Trying to set a date!

I've been trying to set a date for dec 15 and I haven't heard from him for 2 wks. I wanna drop this deposit already! Here's some more wish pics. Her waist is a 23inch.

.........Wish pics........

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He answered all of questions very quickly and treats me like an actual person and not a number. Manuel Diaz, MD

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What month are you looking for?
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Welcome Diaz Doll, if you have not reached him already try to via gmail or Whatsapp, you look great, he told me, or request I can at least 10lbs, so ive gained 6, it has taken me alomst 6 months to do it lol. Ive started back beating red meats, decreased my workout regine, and started taking prenatal pills. Also make SURE YOU TAKE A IRON SUPPLEMENTS! !!! FERRORTS, SULFATE FERROUS 325mg, Pur-absorb everyday 2x a day with a meal. Again congratulations DIAZDOLL
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I started on my iron yesterday after reading your comment, I completely forgot about my hemo! Thank you so much. I got in touch with whatsapp and I'm going in December. I'm so excited and congrats to you too!
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Bottoms Up
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Hi OneChild, I've been trying to get in touch with Dr. Diaz as well it's been a week how did you contact him and I'm trying to pick a date in Dec. have you found a recovery house
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Girl I wish I looked like you do now!! You bad! After surgery you are going to be killing them!!!
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:-D Thank you!! I sure hope so! I just want that curvaceous bod that will boost my confidence. Thank you!
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Glad you're finding RealSelf helpful in your research. It's great you're also looking at a variety of doctors. Have you had any consults yet? Just in case, here are some important questions to ask your doctor during your visit. Do you know if you'll be getting just a lift or implants too? It appears that you have plenty of breast tissue so perhaps just a lift will be perfect! Let us know if you decide to go for the BBL too as we can move your review to that community if need be. :)
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Hi! And thank you Beth I had no idea what to say to the surgeon, that link is so helpful. No implants for me just a breast lift. And yes I'm Definitely going to get a bbl. If you can move my review to the bbl community that would be sooo awesome!
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Glad the link was helpful. I think you're going to love your lift. I've moved you to the BBL community where I'm certain you'll get plenty of wonderful support. Wishing you awesome results!
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