New Pics Finally PO 15 days

I'm a 34 yr old married mother of 2 beautiful...

I'm a 34 yr old married mother of 2 beautiful children ages 6 and 3. I'm 5'2 and weight 116 pounds. I gained 26 pounds with my son and the weight came off easy. I had no issues of concerns with my stomach and its appearance after him. My second pregnancy I gained 19 pounds but delivered her via c section. My first was vaginal. My Stomach never heal the same. My skin is loose, wrinkly, and is bigger than ever.

I tried to exercise but have never been consistent with working out. For me muscle memory has always been great. So if I work out for a week or 2 I'm usually good to go. Not in the case of my belly now. So I tried exercise and eating better. The stomach remains. Rectus Distasis is a what I have been diagnosed with. My stomach muscles are no longer together and need to be laced back together.

I started meeting with PS about a year ago. I met with 4 for consultations. I knew I would stick with Dr. Rosen but wanted to make sure all the feedback and projected results would be the same.

So after a wait and the right time financially my husband surprised me with a check for 10 k to get my TT. I was so excited and could not believe that the surgery was really going to happen. Since I had a meeting with my PS almost a year ago I was able to call and schedule my date for surgery on 10/10/12. I was given my script for bloodworm and then had a pr op appt on 9/26/12. All went well he answered all of my questions. I feel really comfortable with him and trust him. I met my PS 7 yrs ago when my dog snipped my face close to my eye. The hospital wanted to out clamps on the area. Luckily my husband knew of Dr. Rosen from a friends wife who had TT done. We called him and I met him at his office. My scar is barley noticeable.

I will be provided with a garnet to wears after. Expected to wear the drains for 7 days. No showering with the drains in. No driving for 7 days. No picking up things heavier than 5 pounds. I'm expectant to return to work 15 days after. I had my hernia doctor write my medical excuse note. I work in a school as a counselor so I had to tell my principal and HR. although I didnt have to provide them with my procedure info. I was comfortable saying it was for my hernia.

I went shopping last night for all essentials for the house. I'll do one more food run a couple of days before. I got comfortable yoga pants to wear during recovery. Medication has been filled. I will be washing with antibacterial soap on my stomach few days before my procedure and drinking lots of water. Going to try to go to the gym maybe 5 days to tone up. My doc asked me to bring in bikini bottoms to get an idea of how low the scar can be. I have to go shopping this week for that :)

I'm really excited and nervous but excited :)

Almost feel like my last weeks of pregnancy where I nested

Your stomach looks a lot like mine. I also have a small hernia but my PS said he will not be repairing the hernia but with the tummy tuck procedure it would make it better to be repaired at a later time. He said my belly button will still be an outtie after the tummy tuck because of it. At this point, whatever just give me a flat stomach already, LOL! Your surgery is scheduled 5 days before mine, Good luck!
I've been nesting like crazy. Can anyone relate?

Tomorrow is the big day! I 'm so excited and...

Tomorrow is the big day! I 'm so excited and nervous. I had a ton of water to drink today. Its 11:40pm and I'm finishing my last bottle of water before midnight. No food or drink after midnight. My procedure is set for 11:45am tomorrow.
Today was my last day of work. I felt like to was going on vacation and flew out of the building asap.

I'm going to get some rest for tomorrow.
Wish you the best and a speedy recovery!
You will be SOOO happy! :) Thinking of you wishing you the best
I know I can;t wait for the flat stomach. Oh no I hope I don't have an outtie!! I'll find out tomorrow and will keep you posted. Good Luck also

I had my surgery yesterday. I checked into the...

I had my surgery yesterday. I checked into the hospital at 11:45. Had a long wait surgery started about 5pm. I was in recovery at 11pm. I was so out of it from the medication. I stayed over night. Didn't expect to but my PS said it can be covered and paid due to my hernia. That was helpful!
This morning they took the cath outta 6am. I was up and walking. Took pain medicine every 2 hr by drip. I was released by 10:00am. I feel very tight and sore. I've plan to stay ahead of the pain by taking my oral meds every 4 hours for the next 3 days. I'm drinking lots of water and don't really have an appetite. I was encouraged to walk so when I use the bathroom I walk the short length of my house. The drains are not too bad to change but annoying.
My follow up with PS is tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait to see the results.

PO day2 went to doctors. Results look great. Saw...

PO day2 went to doctors. Results look great. Saw my new belly button. Stomach looks great I was really nervous but so far so good. Stopped the perks for pain. Was making my stomach hurt. Next follow up will be Tuesday. Drains might come out.
Omg!!! Your doing stopped the percocets at day two..good luck with your recovery and I can't wait to see the final results I know you will look astonishing!!!!
Good luck on your recovery journey! Relax and let others take care of you! I can't wait to see your progress!
Thank you! My mom has been super helpful with taking care of the kids. So lucky to have her. I tried to take a new pic but I started to lose my binder and lovely stuff inside. I'll have to take one on Tuesday at my next appt.

Ok ladies I keep checking out my incision. I...

Ok ladies
I keep checking out my incision. I will have a friend take a pic at my appt tomorrow to post. My PO says it hip bone to hip bone incision guess I really expected or wanted it to be lower. You think after the swell goes down the incision will go down or is that wishful thinking. My stomach looks great guess I will have to buy bathing suit bottoms that are not too low. Damn. Can anyone relate. I am thankful that is flat.
My private is soooo swollen puffy. Sure that will go down soon also.
How long we're you ladies told you have to wear your binder for?
From some of the other reviews I have read that as the swelling goes down it will lower some but how much.....time will tell. I can't wait to see updated pics! Sending you healing thoughts!
Oh yeah, I was at my PS today and the nurse told me three weeks....with my girdle contraption I have one that goes from under my ribcage to almost my knees because I had lipo on my thighs also but then I should transition into a spanx or another cg.
Best of luck to you. Hope you are resting today. I think today is your big day! Rest up

I got one drain out today. It was a pinch and...

I got one drain out today. It was a pinch and burning sensation. Once it was out and I took a few breaths WOW it felt great. Like freeing. I can't wit the second drain will come out on Thursday or Friday.
I think I might have done too much today: baked cookies, pies from scratch for Thanksgiving. Had to freeze them. Less to do later. A friend helped me reorganize some things in my house. I took Tylenol this evening and finished my antibiotics tonight.
Going to bed soon:)
Wow! There is no way I could have done all that as early as you are! I would just be careful with doing too much to soon. But you go girl....Thanksgiving pies already!!
I paid for it last night. I notice how long it takes me to get stuff done because I'm moving slower or tired easy. What I did yesterday would take me half the time prior to my surgery. Relaxing is not my thing. I like to be on the go. But I've been staying put and taking it easy.
I asked today about the binder. 4 weeks total I need to wear it. It's big not sure how I will hide this at work. It's not slimming. Guess I will wear a blazer. I asked about a different type of binder. Didn't get a straight answer from the nurse. I'll ask the doc at next appt

Hello TT Family As can can finally see my TT...

Hello TT Family
As can can finally see my TT outcome. My stomach is swollen but much flatter than it was. My PS told me that my muscle repair was significant and was surprised. I talked to him before the procedure about the incision and that I wanted it low. Well as you can see its not low on the sides. It HIGH! :(
We discussed my concern in great detail at my last appointment. Everyones TT is different depending on your body and your needs. The only other way my scar could have been lower was if he made an incision up and down from my belly button. We discussed that also and I said NO WAY! So it is what it is.
I did go to the mall and tried on bathing suits in California Sunshine and Everything except Water Nothing covered my scars on my hips.
Options: dermablend (its waterproof) just to apply to my hip area when in a bikini (not wearing a 1 piece)
I purchased scar guard from CVS 22 a box last for 7 days. Started wearing that today for 12 hours. Take it off and wash.
I will use vit. e oil at night until I find something else in between.

HELP: do you know of any bikini bottoms that would work for my scar? All I really need are 2 bottoms I can change up the tops. I really hate the high waist (granny panties :)
I wish I would design and make my own. Maybe I can. I think I need a bay watch babe suit. Like the 80's
Amazing results. How are you doing at two years PO? I had very similar before stats. Loving my TT
U look good! !!!
Hey oogiemoo I added pic please share your thoughts Have you gained or lost weight since the TT
Dr. Michael Rosen

I met Dr. Rosen 7 years ago through a friend. He conducted my breast augmentation also. Love him.

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