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Hey everyone I am Begining my journey ! I am...

Hey everyone I am Begining my journey ! I am shooting for a Feb or March date. I've been looking at DR docs Yily,Duran And Gary Ortega. I have read those DR horror stories of waking up during surgery which has me terrified there I also recently researching some Miami doctors. Has Any one breast imants and bbl all at the same time ? Did one compromise the other ? Does anyone have any further info on Ortega he is at Cipla in Dr

Update chose a doc!

Okay peeps so I have chosen Dr.Salama of Miami to perform my breast aug. I just felt very comfortable doing my implants in the states and being able to speak with a live person . I chose saline after feeling my friends boobies. Everyone says silicone is more natural feeling but I didn't get that impression when I felt them. I hear stories about ridges etc but I have a lot of breast skin they are just empty after breast feeding so maybe over filling will combat that. Dr Salama does the nipple incision. Any thoughts on saline vs. silicone? Btw u have to wait for the BBL because he doesn't perform both at the same time and not to mention hai price is Kray! Compared I DR. Maybe I'll go to DR for that idk yet!

Boob measurement

My measurements are 34 Empty C
Looking to go full C or small D

In progress

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Thanks BethanyAnn22 : )
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I'm excited for you. And I know you will find the right dr just trust your gut! I am and I'm hoping that my dr will do a fantastic job. I've looked at a lot of his previous work and everything looked fantastic. I haven't found a bad review on him either!!(: good luck!
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Hey BadChick, welcome to RealSelf. So glad you started your journey with us. Yes, many women opt to get their breasts done at the same time as their BBL. The healing process may be a bit longer but it can be nice to get them done all at once. Of course this would all depend upon your doctor's recommendation. Check out the BBL Community where you can see a variety of procedures being done along with a BBL. Keep us posted on your research!

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