April 14, looking to swap with anyone in July or aug.

Hello all :), I'm in my mid 20's and a mother of...

Hello all :), I'm in my mid 20's and a mother of one. Ive recently become unhappy with my body. I feel like nothing is where it should be. I had my daughter 7 years ago and I feel like my body was at its best post pregnancy but now I feel as if everything is becoming sloppy. First I considered butt injections with working out. Working out n eating right 100% healthy, butt injections 100% dangerous. So the I considered weight lift with the squats deadlifts donkey kicks hip extensions and all that good stuff with cardio, fast forward 4 months later and I was losing my a$$ while losing waist Smh I felt defeated :(. So I researches and researched n did more research. I bumped into Salama on a google real self review n Fell in love with his post op pics, he forms the perfect shelf round perky booty. Then I bumped into jimerson who had very similar pronounced round Bootys to dr salama. Then came yily in DR. She can sculpt the perfect waist. My observations were: if I can get a dra yily waist with the dr salama booty then POW! perfection! I see that dra yilys butts aren't dramatic. My current measures meants are 5'1" 135 lbs 36-29-41(i do plan to gain weight for sx if needed) I feel like I have enough hips and if I get a dra yily waist I think my hips will speak for themselves but will she take everything and JUST add it to my Bootay n gimme the bootay I want. I'm really torn between dra yily and dr. Salama but if I can b guaranteed dra yily can deliver both mini waist n big bootay I'll b 100% sold.

So I've made up my mind after researching some...

So I've made up my mind after researching some more and noticing that dra yily can give u a donk. So my plan is to gain about 15-20 more pounds and go to Dominican republic to have dra yily work her magic with my waist giving lipo to my full abdomen, back, flanks, arms (maybe thighs but doubt it) n fat grafting only to the buttocks. I feel like I have enough hips to achieve the look I want. I'm so excited! Now it's time to save $$$ send her my pics and get my quote lock in my date n off I go. I have a lot of time cuz I'm looking towards end of the yr early next. In the meantime ill stay here for support n to educate myself some more.

So with much more research I finally had my...

So with much more research I finally had my consult and I chose to do it with DR SALAMA. I made sure to include all my stats and what I wanted along with my pictures and was very pleased with his opinion. I will be faxing all necessary documents and making my 10% down payment this Monday. I don't mind paying close to 10 thousand dollars because I kno I'm safer in the US and if any amount of money and pain is spent I want it to be well worth it. Thanks to me having family in MIAMI I will eliminate the hotel fee. I plan on renting my own car because I do plan to b active while recuperating. I know the first few days will be the toughest but within the week I plan on my own physical therapy to circulate and stretch everything. I'm ok with the wait being until next year that way I can have ample time to pay and prepare my mind set. I'm so excited to see my results!!!

So it's official and my date is booked for April...

So it's official and my date is booked for April 14, 2014!!! I'm super excited. I have time to save, pay, plan, buy, and book all that I need to. It really is no joke when they say he's booked thru march. Like literally no space. I was so comfortable setting everything up and Cynthia is a SWEETHEART! Extremely personable! I am a medical assistant so I understand what it means to be prepared, I had all my paper work filled out signed and ready to go. As I was on the phone scheduling she was receiving my papers to lock in the date. I recieved my confirmation email and I am set. It's way too early to book transportation and car rental but I will do that as soon as it turns 330 days to my date of surgery. For the meanwhile ill be researching my necessities and different ideas on how to heal. I will be pricing lymphatic drainage so I can book and pay for a package in advance. I'm obsessed with being prepared lol. I'll be back to update on my journey :).

Salama Prep for BBL April 14, 2014

Since my last update I've been doing a lot of research on pre op and post op care. I do believe in natural remedies, so I've been researching on skin elasticity for my butt region to reduce stretch marks and skin tightening for my stomach when lipo is done (don't want any saggy skin leading to a tummy tuck). I have slight stretch marks on my stomach (nothing that makes me self conscience) since I'm spending so much I might as well work on fading those. I want to try biooil and see how effective that is. I'll also be doing coffee scrubs and wraps on my stomach to tighten the skin. Making a paste with some olive oil and coffee grinds wrapping myself with Saran wrap and my size small squeem that I already own. Ill also be taking some vitamins now. Vitamin e and c also one iron tablet a day. And everyday use of cocoa butter on my tush to keep it moisturized. Lucky for me I can check my iron at work and get the results in seconds. Last I checked it my level was 12.3. So I just want to make sure it stays at that range or higher. Im also starting to buy supplies that have An expiration date no sooner then 11/14. My store of choice? Dollar tree. Yes everything is literally a dollar :D and every dollar counts lol. Anyone else have any ideas?? Anyone else going April of 2014??

Some prepping

So just bought some bio oil, a multi vitamin, and palmers cocoa butter. Bio oil will be used on my tummy to hopefully clear up my light stretch marks and help elasticity. The cocoa butter on my bootay to prevent stretch marks and helping its elasticity as well. I plan to take the multivitamin (which I never took before)up until october then add the other supplements like vit c + d iron folic acid etc up until I have to start my make me heal vitamins. I want my body to be as prepared and strong as possible.


So yes just like everyone else I am completely obsessed with seeing everyone's before and afters.but now I'm guilty of wanting more and more and more. After my bbl I'm already thinking about getting a round 2 if all my abdominal and flanks fat isn't gone and also a BA. I have boobies I'm a 34d but I don't feel like I'm a FULL 34d. I need volume. So just more obsession to add on to my addiction Smh. On a diff note I can't add pics from my phone for some reason and I refuse to use the computer that everyone uses grrrr I hope this changes soon.

Weight gain

So Ive been gaining some weight. I don't feel like enough goes to my stomach, mostly my boobs thighs and butt...im up to 143 measurements are up to 37 30 42. I think I'll go up to 145 max. I hope I'm not making a mistake :( I don't want to b left with much fat but I want all 4 liters too...ugh can't wait till my day is herrrreeee.

Been a while

It's been a little while since I've been here...I took a break because the obsession was crazy but now I'm right back to it lol....so I've gained weight I am now 145-146 my muffin top is real Smh. Ive never been this heavy before n it's pretty depressing. Sometimes I feel like losing it all but just to gain it all back doesn't make any sense. I hate shopping because everything I put on looks horrible but it's a sacrifice I'm making. My butt is huge now just not the shape I want. I've thought maybe I'll just do the lipo n lipo the crap outta my flanks n lower abdomen but I still think I need more projection and lateral injections. I had a list of everything i needed and one day it just disappeared off my iPhone. I was so pissed but now I'm building it again. Still thinking about getting my boobies done 6 months after just for volume and for luxury of not wearing a bra sometimes lol. This is pretty much my update for now...October is getter close and that's 6 months pre op when I'll start my official preparations (vitamins butt workouts ab workouts etc) just because I'll b doing ab workouts does not mean I'll lose fat, I'll just b strengthening my core and building muscle for post surgery...I won't be doing any cardio at all. I'll b back with a full list and a new update in October...talk to u soon :)

The journey continues.....

Apart from any interludes, my journey continues. My goal on this site is to find comfort and information as well as paying it forward. I'm many months ahead of my surgery and I am as humble as ever. when I do get to the bigger booty side I am here for whoever with the warmest of hearts because I know what it is to need a helping hand....with that being said I have moved along and continued my preparations. A few days ago I bought an oster myblender. Incredibly convenient can I say. Basically u blend and go in a cool sports cup in a cool color :). I've made a few smoothies that include fruits and spinach. I freeze my fruit so it can last longer and it takes the place of ice. I've also added my daily vitamin in it since horse pills are not my cup of tea. Since we take so many before and after surgery, I do plan on blending some and swallowing the smaller ones. I've also been looking into compression stockings because they are an important part of recovery preventing blood clotting and promoting the blood flow back to your heart. There is a system to them. U should of course by the proper size and the amount of compression does matter with the most compression starting at the foot and lessening compression as u go up past the knee. Everyday we learn something new :). I got some chucks Aka bed pads from work. I'll b putting everything aside in hopes of being done shopping by October so I can focus on paying off my balance and my health. I'm struggling with what garments I want to use. Butt in butt out thongs vests large medium small holy cow who knew it would be so confusing but as of right now (I'm sure I'll change my mind) I plan on using the 2 I get from salama butt out, buying a faja Salome butt in, and a vedette 113 (gidda thong back) for the 4 week mark. So yea that's it for now. I'll b back when I have more :).

Lil bit of shopping

So today I stopped by dollar tree to pick up a few things to get them outta the way such as cottonballs, waterproof medical tape, bandaids, alcohol, peroxide, dial soap(2 packs of 2) hand sanitizer, and a loofa. Not even $10 spent. I love a bargain. I also noticed they had anti itch cream and antibiotic ointment but I feel like I should invest the extra dollars in neosporin and benedryl. That's it for now. I'll b back soon.

Mixed emotions

Salamas results lately are bananas! It makes more excited than ever everytime I see his amazing skills but then I think about me actually going under n my nerves kick in. Am I gonna b able to do this? I'm not concerned about after n the pain, it's the actual going under anesthesia and knowing what my body will b going through. I made the mistake in watching the YouTube video my Brazilian butt lift surgery with dr. Cortes and I must say its a lil scary. Anywho I started my booty and leg exercises n some ab work too. I want my muscles to b prepared and my body to b strong post op. I haven't done vitamins yet which I shoulda started by now but I hate horse pills. I guess I'll b getting liquid vitamins. Soo I think I'm finally able to add pics. I'm gonna try and add some wish pics. I have so much time left in my journey that I'll wait to add my pre ops. I lost 5 pounds since my last post but I plan on adding them back on. So until next time ladies :) .

More wishes

Is he slacking? Is it a faze? Wth is going on here?!

I've been trying to touch this subject for a few weeks now but I gave myself a few days to get my thoughts together. There's a salama patient severely burned. I won't post her name due to her own privacy but if u know who I'm tailing about, yes imo she's severely burned. I'm pissed off for her! N I'm pissed off that he would even do work like this! I chose him because I felt secure that he was the best and he can give me what I wanted. Now I'm not too sure about that. What I want does not involve scars that can take months and years to heal due to discoloration and extra nonsense. His work lately has been kind of sloppy. Uneven and poor far grafting. I'm soooo confused. There are 2 salama patients that keep me holding on, lala85 and bigbootytinywaist, they're results are amazing and what I want. But the ratio scares me half to death. What if he is training someone on us ? Ughhh I'm just so messed up in the head now contemplating if I even want this anymore. I don't wanna live with burns all over or one butt cheek bigger than the other or one hip deflated or whatever messed work done on me. Not for $9000 I don't! I don't know what to do at this point.:(

Pulmonary embolism and DVT risks...

So I've decided to continue with the surgery. The details are yet to be determined. With that being said my research continues and whenever I read a frightening story I quickly look for ways that it can avoided safely...for example, blood count after surgery, I've researched vitamins, foods, smoothies, medicines, etc. to help elevate my blood levels to avoid any need of transfusion. I still keep in mind that the risks are there regardless of how much I do. I just read about one of the Duran dolls who suffered DVT and pulmonary embolism. This isn't necessarily the physicians fault so I will put no blame on dra Duran nor will I blame the patient herself because she was cleared to go home and our bodies have a funny way of doing the opposite of what we want sometimes. During my research I came across heparin shots, baby aspirin, Coumadin, warfarin, exercise, and compression socks. One thing that caught my attention were PNEUMATIC COMPRESSION BOOTS . They basically massage your legs and increase blood circulation which aids in the prevention of DVT and PE. I am not a doctor I am just sharing what I've come across. I thought it was actually a cool idea and I might add these to my list of things to bring.


I've been tryna get in contact with Cynthia and it seems nearly impossible -_- I emailed then I called twice and I guess she didn't get her message I left. Tomorrow it's probably gonna b a lil crazy.... I too work for 2 doctors and we have 2 different offices that I jump back and forth from so I do understand how hard it can be but I think 3 attempts is more than enough. Nancy will be my next attempt.

Finally spoke to cynthia

So I finally got in contact with Cynthia this morning. That was such a relief...I am going forward with Dr. Salama. She and I spoke for a lil while and she eased my thoughts and concerns. We also discussed me getting a breast lift with implants possibly 6 months after my bbl which I def want dr Salama to do. So I'm keeping positive I kno dr Salama can give me the results I want I'll just leave it all in gods hands and focus on my pre op and post op care. Thanx so much for being such a supportive bbl fam! Keep praying for 150mmlover!

Need a date in July.

Hello ladies. So something in my personal life which I'm not too proud of came up. I was actually expecting it to b over by this month but unfortunately it has dragged into April. And even more upsetting, it's the week of my surgery. I'm pretty pissed off because I've been planning everything around it for a year but I also feel like if it can't happen on that day there's a reason for the universe shifting it. The only next available time for me is July so if there is anyone who wants an earlier date or if u kno someone who would like to switch days pls let me kno. Thank you ladies u are the greatest support system. Xoxo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. SALAMA my last and final decision!

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Hey girly contact bbtw i know she was posting on behalf of some sistas that needed earlier dates
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That's right give it up to God, I think what ever issue with the burns have been addressed at the office by now I think maybe he was trying too hard or getting ti aggressive, I know he isa perfectionist so I'm sure he has addressed it and fixed it
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It is hard to talk to cynthia! U should try nancy she emails back quicker. Also i called her today but she was on the other line so she called me when she was done.
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i agree., nancy gets back with u asap . she has always been so helpful since the beginning .
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I'm looking for a Jan date with either Salama it Ghurani. Can anyone help me please?
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The reality is all of our bodies are different we all heal differently, the sis that got burned I feel for, it is almost impossible to tell whose skin can take the heat, I know all these surgeons are being asked ti be very aggressive with Their liposuction we all run risk I know in the many bbl I have researched salama success rate is way higher then most they being said if a surgeon makes an error what they do after I s most I important, do they take responsibility and offer to help, or do they blame the patient etc. .. I wish all future bbl sis success and safe sx I trust salama, my proof of that is I'm trusting him with my one of my most valuable possessions my husband who is going for liposuction in March
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Do u think just Lipo will b good for a flat tummy and do u have any hotel or apt info and any info on before surgery I should do I'm going n march
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When I'm March we are looking for a roomy you Would have your own room and Bathroom
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March 25 dr s
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The boots help if u plan on not moving around much or flying soon after sx. They are generally used on bedridden patients in general and after sx patients in bed. You can find them cheap on amazon. Be carful on taking any anti platelets they can cause worse harm after a sx.
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I was very undecided between dr salama and dr jimerson, i went with salama because i loved other results and because he is agresive with the lipo, but i realised that even if the docotor is not so agresive with the lipo, is better to have a tiny bit of fat left and be safe than take unnecessary risks. And after all surgery is just step 1 of the process, wearing the right garments and taking the apropriate care after the surgery can give you the tiny waist and big booty you are dreeming of. In my opinion we shouldnt take unecesary risks with our body because we only have one. Think very good what are the pros and cons and im sure you will take the right decision. Best of luck
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I'm new to realself. I just had bbl with meade who is not as known for giving big booties. I was torn between flying to Miami or whether to use Meade locally in Dallas. However, my decision to pick meade was based on safety and ensuring I stayed healthy after the procedure. I went for several consults. I looked up each doctor that I did a consult with on the state medical board sites to see if any of them had marks on their record for malpractice. One doc I went to for a consult in Dallas actually killed two people by leaving them under anesthesia too long or taking too much lipo out during a surgury. It really freaked me out. There are risks with every surgury of course. However, I chose a doc that may give me a smaller booty. However, I feel that I am safe and not putting life at risk or potentially being scarred severely. It is not easy to pick the perfect doc and I was very torn between having the biggest booty and my safety. I hope I get a big booty- but if it isn't as big as in my wish pics- I'm ok with that - I would look up your doc on the state board medical site just to make sure that you are safe. I was shocked what I found on a few. I have seen amazing work from your doc though. His booties are perfection
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Yes mam- well said- I agree 100
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Salama has been effin up lately. I don't know what's going on but you may want to look into another Dr. Staying in the US doesn't necessarily guarantee it's safer. And a lot of his recent patients have not been satisfied with their results and I haven't been impressed with his latest BBLs. Try expressing your concern to Salama himself or at least his surgical coordinator.
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Omg yeesss I made a post about the burns. A cple days ago now salama was my 1st choice but I switched to ghurani but I dnt understand it. It shld not be happening! Its fu**** up. I heard the stories about DR with the burns but now its really happening on this side:(
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Exactly. There's a reason y I stayed in America and there's a reason y I chose dr salama. I just wish those reasons were never contradicted :(.
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Yep me too tht might be part of my reason y ive been pulling tward DR ive been deally feelin like I shouldve went there but ny ways u shld bring this up to cynthia or nancy cuz its not cool or ok
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I too am scheduled with him an I saw the review with the burns to be honest I can't stop looking at it :( I do know that when you don't have enough body fat an a doc does severe lipo this can happen. Ugh I don't even know at this point what I'm going to do I'm not scheduled to go until August an have paid my deposit but ......I too have concerns.
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I'm glad I'm not alone with my feelings :(
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I have my surgery with Salama in about two weeks and I feel the same way that's not the first girl he's burned he used to be great and now all the sudden every single patient I've seen has to have a revision or something I don't want a revision a round 2 or anything. We're paying the highest price in south florida with the longest wait times. He needs to get it together. I think he's doing too many and he's not paying as much attention. I'm nervous bc my sx is a Friday afternoon I'm scared he will rush :/
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I'll keep u in my prayers. Keep us updated so we'll know that ur ok....
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Plz update me.on your new beginning and where did u stay I wish u nothing but the best
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i agree with you 100 percent , think he is getting overwork, def. not underpaid though . prices are going higher and higher so it should be his quality. even though he was very understanding about my revision i wanted to avoid that at all levels.
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It's true. It gets to be a routine when you do so much of the same sx all damn day. Lipo is something a monkey could do. We're paying for artistic quality. I think you look great Hun. Are you getting that dent fill in? Also I see RT in your name. You work in radiology ?
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