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I was scheduled for lipo to the flanks, abs, lower...

I was scheduled for lipo to the flanks, abs, lower back, thighs and a bb transfer in Birmingham at Hedden Plastic Surgery under Dr. Schaffer. I arrived at 9: 02 on the morning of May 31st, my appointment was set for 11a.m. I didn't get waited on until around 2:30p.m. once I went in the back I sat there until 5 something. I don't feel I got the proper care are treatment that I paid for. I got off the operating table and had to go straight to the car. The lights and everything was already off so I feel my surgery was rushed and not done correctly. I got charged for my lower back and it wasn't even touched. I overheard the nurse saying how much I weighed and one of them was pregant (the anesthesiologist)so they wasn't gone hurt themselve trying to turn me I guess that is why they didn't remove any fat from my lower back. It looks to me if you didn't do all the areas I would at least be refuned that portion of my fee which was nearly $10,000.00. I left with no garment, they said they didn't have one to fit me ( but they knew before they did the surgery my size). I look worse now than I did before I went in for the procedure. I have this hurting in my stomach on one side everyday since the surgery. Dr. Schaffer does not appear to be friendly, I should have followed my first mind of the impression he gave when I went for my consalation and made an appointment with Dr. Hedden. He even told me the next day during my follow-up that they couldn't turn me but he said it was because he didn't want me to stop breathing but I had already heard the conversation between the nurses and I know they was talking about me because they said the had to take one of my nails off to put the monitor on it and when I held my hand up my nail was off. My advice to anyone planning on during this is think lonng and hard. I researched the doctor but he did not give me good treatment. The little pre-op nurse I have to give it to her she was really really nice that's it. By the way instead of me going down a size in clothes they fit the same.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

He was not friendly to me. The 2 people who went with me as caretakers also seem to think I got poor piss treatment.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
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It's been 8 months and I still have lumps. The pain is much much better but I really and honestly still look the same. I read mostly good reviews also which made me go ahead and give him a try him but my treatment was horrible. I will give it to the one nurse that was very nice that did my prep. I woke up hearing the 2 that was with me during the procedure talking about me.
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That's awful. I'm sorry. I have read that their specialty is augmentation. Other procedures don't seem to go as well there. I hate that you had to learn that the hard way. I wish I knew which doctor to go to now but I've already paid. :/
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Yeah that is a lot of money to just give away even though I get mad every time I look at my account because there's a lot I need to have done with that money but I was trying to treat myself. I really do hope and pray that all goes well with your experience, keep me posted.
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Thank you! Its just I work with patients everyday myself. Going to a doctor s office is never fun, and I think clinicians should do everything possible to make the patient happy and comfortable. So it upsets me that you were treated as less than the queen you are!
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Hi Alabama, I'm suppose to have a BA with him in May. He was wonderful in my consultation , but now you have terrified me. Do you have any updates or more information. I will show him this post when I go there. Everyone else sings him praises so I'm confused.
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That's really really F-up how they do ppl in these Doctors offices smfh I wish you all the luck healing
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Thats a damn shame how they did you. You need to have your attorney give him a call. He needs to refunds you at least 3k of your money. Make sure you post this review all over the net too. Doctors like this should be allowed to perform surgery on ANYONE, nor should they be allowed to get away with stuff like this. Him & the whole staff sound like a bush of lazy careless a-holes.
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I don't want to hinder his business but the truth is the truth and the pain that I have in one side of my stomach is nothing nice .I just want others to get the best treatment they can if they decide to do it.
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alabama 111, I am so sorry (and upset) to read about how they treated you. After all of that, I'm wondering why you seem concerned about his business? Would you feel good about sending a friend or loved one there to him?
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Before My surgery I was telling my friends about this facility because I called myself during the research on Dr. Schaffer and I was recommending them. After my experience I would not recommend no one to go there because I now know first hand the treatment I received. My two friends that went with me also said that would not go there for anything and they both were considering having some work done but they saw for themselves my treatment. One of them said before I went back after having to wait so long before being seen that something didn't seem right there but I said this is one of the number 1doctors that preform lipo. I've wished numerous times since then that I would have listened to her. I at least would still look the same without a big fee behind it and pain.
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