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Rhinoplasty Patient Review - Egypt

I was a revision patient of Dr. Hossan Foda...

I was a revision patient of Dr. Hossan Foda.

To begin with, I do not think that he is a bad doctor but there are certain things about his service which put me off.
When I first met him he was a gentleman.

After Dr Hossam Foda 's surgery my nose has improved. However, I do not like the fact that Dr. Foda did not fully discuss with me certain changes he made to my nose. He also promised to improve particular parts of the nose and now after his surgery they are ‘worse’-in my opinion.
At first Dr.Hossam Foda promised to perform some other changes, but I believe he did not perform fully-perhaps he did not have the time to do so during the surgery.

After surgery Dr. Hossan Foda told me that certain parts of the nose will improve/change. After months I could see very little to no changes.

I am extremely annoyed when Dr. Foda asked me for $7,000 to revise my nose after his grafts he inserted on my septum merged sideways and made my columalla large and hanging.

Furthermore, surgeries in Egypt (where he performs his surgeries- Alexandria Egypt ) are way too cheaper than I paid him. Even few dollars would be extremely expensive for the most complex surgery in Egypt, let alone the fee I had to pay.

After moths post-op, Dr. Hossam Foda never returned back to me asking how healing is going.

On the other side, breathing has improved.

He used cartilage from my ear. The cartilage removed from my ear went down the drain since I am planning to have another surgery, plus I have a scar in my ear. I also feel that not all the cartilage removed from my ear was used in my nose.

My opinion about this rhinoplasty practitioner: he is not a bad doctor, although I think that he could be more ‘advanced’ in his approaches. He is a gentleman, although his aftercare should be improved. Money for him is important. He should discuss every change to be done to the nose with the patients before surgery.

Hossam Foda M.D

My opinion about this rhinoplasty practitioner: he is not a bad doctor, although I think that he could be more ‘advanced’ in his approaches. Dr. Hossam Foda is a gentleman, although his aftercare should be improved. Money for him is important. Dr. Hossam Foda should discuss every change to be done to the nose with the patients before surgery.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I did have a revision surgery with him for 30 thousand egp and pretty devastated by the results. terrible and raised uneven scar (that looked bad from day one and I could tell the stitching was done badly) on the columella, uneven nostrisl, shape and size wise. From a long nose with a slight hump on the bridge to a terribly short and broad nose showing too much nostril. Graft on the left side is clearly not put right, resulting in a bulb-like mass on the left side of my tip. For that much money, I could have done it immacultaley in Lebanon, which I wish I did.
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Hi Maria,,,it s been quite some time since last surgery with this doctor. Nose have nt changed much since surgery w/ Foda. However, although I think that some parts of the nose are not up to 'optimum' w/ foda, I still think that he did a good job. I went for a revision with Foda and after it I think that there is need for another surgery...to improve it and it will be fine. After surgery w/ Foda I felt better because I needed a revision-but as I told you in order to achieve a desired goal I need another revision. However, the nose is ok in my opinion- and another surgery would cost money, time consuming and requires energy so I d rather stick to what I have until I really need a surgery in the future;example: when the grafts slide more sideways, as it is currently happening-and people will notice them, or when I really feel the need of giving definition to the nose, and the columalla pisses me off more. I think that Foda did a good job after all and for the time being I d rather stick to what I have rather than having to pass from all the surgery nd expenses again...
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Thanks for answering Blueflames. I am dedicated to the world of image and to me it is very important to be completely fine nose. As you know, I have two bad trades nose and I want this look good to 100x100. I need to find a doctor who can trust him. If I operate a doctor, I will need to know if a touch that it is not quite right my nose (only paying the operating room). So I have an appointment with Dr. Foda in skype before traveling to Egypt. I need to ensure retouching if necessary, because for me the most important thing in life right now, because I can not work with my nose now, I need to look good. Forgive my writing because I am Spanish and use a translator. Sorry, but .... I do not understand why you do not get a touch with Dr. Foda, if already paid for the surgery. Greetings and good luck.
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Hi Maria,,I just red your private message...So,,,to make it short. I had a revision with Foda costing about 10,000-11,000 USDollars, because in my opinion I needed a revision. I had a surgery with another doctor before Foda and Foda operated on my nose after the other doctor to fix it. After my revision surgery with Foda, I feel that the nose improved both functionally and, in my opinion, aesthetically. Some people tell me that the nose is ok but they say that it can be improved aesthetically-I also feel that a retouch is needed. When I asked Foda to have another revision/retouch with him, he asked me for 7,000 USDollars. As you can see, rhinos are complex and at times there is the need of more than one surgery, especially when dealing with revisions-and even the best doctors may not fix it right in just one surgery. Having said that, I am not saying that Foda is a bad doctor because to be honest I feel better after mny revision with him. Just at this moment I do not have that money for a revision with him, especially since I am scared that the results are unpredictable, and I may end up wasting 7,000 if something goes wrong...I asked him for the price of a retouch 1-2 months after my surgery with him, and ever since our communications stopped there. ...Dr Foda DID NOT give me a destroyed nose to be clear... ...I also red another review from a patient of his who wrote on this website, try searching for her posts (but I do not where on this website she posted), she did not seem to be very happy but she said that her nose improved ... Take Care amigos! :-)
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Hello Bluefames. I know that for some time of your nose surgery with Dr. Foda. Just wanted to know if he had done any retouching you to correct your nose columella. I am a Spanish girl I operated on secondary rhinoplasty with him too and I have much fear of getting sick again because I've operated on twice in the nose. I'd appreciate if you could answer and end call if he made ​​you the final touch, as it is very important for me, because I work with my image. I leave you my email in case I want to write: ionares@hotmail.com. Regards and thanks in advance. Maria
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hi, im considering a rhinoplasty with Dr. Foda soon can you brief me about your experience and the if possible can I have a before and after photo? thanks
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hi, Um Saif i was wondering if you went through with your rhinoplasty with Dr. Foda (as i am considering it as well) if so, if you dont mind sharing, how did it go?
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Dear Angiemcc,

I am not saying that the results were botched but I think that results could have been better, and I certainly need a retouch. I am just not happy to pay him another $7,000 for this. Overall, after surgery I felt that the nose has improved.
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Thank you for posting your experience here on RealSelf! In that photo, your nose actually looks pretty good. Do you have other photos, perhaps from a slightly farther distance, to post?

I'm truly sorry your results are not what you'd hoped. I know how frustrating and draining that can be. You might want to check out RealSelf's Rhinoplasty Revision community to read about others who've been through similar circumstances.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do and thanks once again for sharing.

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