35 Year Old W/ 3 Kids...Ready for my TT & BBL...5'11 &190lbs....Dominican Republic, DO

Ready to be a Duran Doll.... Want the small waist...

Ready to be a Duran Doll.... Want the small waist & big booty. I been stalking RS for a year now & I'am ready to go to DR for the results I want. At first I was scared to make a trip to DR because you here so many stories about people going to other countries dying from cosmetics procedures. On the other hand I see a lot of beautiful stories too, so DR here I come!!


Hey RS..... I want to go with Duran so bad but I keep hearing about these two females, that got sciatic nerve damage from their BBL, one got an infection from a TT, & one death from her that Duran said it wasn't her fault.....

Soon to Be a Duran Doll!!!!2015 Here I Come!!!

I will be going to Dominican Republic in Feb. 2015. I will be getting a BBL revise & TT. I'am looking for a sx buddy & will leave from LA on Feb 1st?? I here a lot of people on here saying bring cases of water out there or have it shipped because their water can get you infected. My question is would it be better to buy a case out there? Does anyone know a good nurse, driver, & massage out their??? I'm thinking of Daisy RH or Silhouettes. Any suggestion or info please let me know!!

Not going to be a Duran Doll!!!

Well here I go again with this yoyoing Dr's. I'am canceling Dr. Durans sx appointment & forgetting about going to DR period. My health is more important then trying to save cost. I was trying to give Agustina Hilario Duran a chance but after damn near two months of stalking every social media site to get a quote & sx date (too unprofessional ), how is she going to do post op if she can't even respond for a quote or date!?, reading about CokeBottleBarbie85 last month sx date w/ Duran, reading about the two ladies that Duran damage their nerves in their butt that lead to them being peralized in one leg, a death that I asked her about that she said was Not her fault, necrosis on one that I know of, couple of infections, her clinic being shut down 3 times, & so much more. She needs to go back to school & brush up on her anatomy because if you doing a BBL how the hell do you rupture a breast implant? I will stay in the USA..... Bye for now!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Out of many surgeons, Dr. Durna is one of the most reputable ones. If you directly asked a doctor about all the cases that went wrong of course they are going to avoid you and possibly not want to respond to you. You need to remember that whether Dominican or USA, they are humans. I had my tummy tuck done here in the USA and did nothing but brag about the doctor, next thing I know one of the girls here on realself gets a tummy tuck with him and lone behold she has major issues. There will always be risk with any surgery you do. I had a C-section with my last daughter and cannot feel my left thigh right above my knee at all. It has been two years. Nothing my doctor did wrong, but it can happen. ITS SURGERY! Also from previous friends and clients of Dr. Duran's she gives amazing post op care, but because of her amazing work and how popular she is it makes it very difficult for her to respond to emails. She probably has hundreds of people emailing her on a daily basis just for quotes. So give the woman time. I also know that she has an assistant that works for her and you can email or call her directly which is a faster time response. I emailed her and I was patient, waited a week then called and they gave me a quote by the end of the day...
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I meant to say Duran...Sorry
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@LaurenMO I did receive a sx date & quote from Duran. Even though it took 2 months which I thought was unprofessional. If you are an amazing doctor then you should have some level of organization to where your patients should not have to track you down on social media sites for a surgery date. As for surgery I decided for myself that I didn't want Duran to do my sx based on my research. Of All the amazing doctors I have researched she was the only amazing one that I know of who has hit the sciatic nerve while preforming BBL on two of her patients, which left them paralyzed. I know doctors are human that is why I ignored all the after care treatments (can be different depending on person) and infections. Not to mention she punctured someones saline breast implant while doing lipo. If your such an amazing doctor then you better show me you know the anatomy like you should. I don't care what you say any doctor that specialize in PS should know things to avoid and those are it. this is my life that I love not your so good luck w/ your Duran sx!!! she is not the only doctor in DR that do amazing work.
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You'll be going right after I get back home from DR. Good luck to ya. Best wishes :)
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yep...my feelings exactly, *scared to go, but plenty with excellent results*..... welcome to RS!!!....keep updates, and posts pictures with your journey to continue to help those who are new!
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