June 17th trade for 30th or early July inbox me :)-Dominican Republic, DO

Okay soo like most of you I have been stalking the...

Okay soo like most of you I have been stalking the website!! So many beautiful ladies I love it gives me a little bit hope that someday maybe I can achieve my dream body!! Now I am stuck between two doctors duran or Salama . Both doctors work is beyond great but I feel I like I don't see enough duran dolls and some what skeptic traveling to DR. although I heard nothing but great reviews??any suggestions?? I am looking to do my surgery sometime in June 2014 I have month long vacation so this is a perfect time for me to get BBL with TT done.
Hey! Just fyi, Salama is booking people for Sept and Duran for May. Unless someone cancels....... Spoke to both offices a few weeks ago. Good luck with your journey.
I will when I get the courage. Its hard to not like your body and than post it for everyone to see :-(
yea I don't blame just post pics after your procedure

Salama got back to me and gave me quote...

Happy New Year! Thank you for sending in your pictures. You are a great candidate for this procedure. Please see below for Dr. Salama’s Comments:

“Patient is an overall good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are abdomen, flanks, upper back. The abdomen will become flatter via the liposuction and the flanks will be reduced to improve her waist profile. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape. I’ll use all fat available to create a more projectioned fuller buttock region. We will also use available fat to fill in the lateral gluteal region. The waistline will be reduced substantially as this will create more definition to her back. All fat will be used for projection, volume and hips, transferring a minimum of 1000 cc’s per side. The lower back is also an important area for liposuction as it will accentuate the buttock line. The bra line area will get addressed via the liposuction. We can always address other areas of fat with liposuction as that is a very common request. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results

Quote at 8,999 I wish he was little bit cheaper I am young and don't have much credit so I know I wont get approved for any financing :(

Decisions decisions.. I am going to think about this I am going to give my self a couple weeks and plan accordingly and make sure Dr. Salama is the right doctor for me :)
Do any of you have suggestions???
Hey girl, I know how you feel I am still stuck between Duran and a doctor from my city. I am just not sure if I want to travel to DR. I know ive heard amazing reviews but I am stil skeptical. I really do love Durans work but when you add up the costs of staying in DR for 10days, air fare, medications, etc... Its not much of a difference than doing the surgery in your own city and then staying home. I think id feel a lot safer if anything did go wrong especially with the language barrier and any medical history that may interfere...I just dont know still torn!
I feel you and I felt the same way. Although, I liked the results I saw from the doctors work in DR. Than the results are saw at the local doctors here and the prices were extremely different compared to the work I want to get done. I'm so nervous I'm going next month, yikes! Time flies....
cant wait to see you after pics I wish you the best luck with your journey!

email from Jazmin

Thank you for inquiring about our services at Bella Vita!
I look forward to helping you in any way that I can throughout your journey.
I can help you with an array of different services which include obtaining your quote, confirming and securing your date, reserving your hotel and/or other stay accommodations, arranging for your car service, nurse service, cook (if needed), massages (if needed) and anything else you may want or need during your stay in the Dominican Republic - including tourist activities if you would love to see the beaches or experiences the town.
Please refer to the client agreement for any information needed regarding my services and how they may benefit you during this process.
If you are interested in moving forward, please complete and return the client agreement document along with photo's of yourself, if you are in need of a quote as well.
Once I receive the completed client agreement, I will forward you an invoice via Paypal.
Once the initial steps have been completed, I will begin working on your case to accommodate you during this process.
Please keep in mind, my services are universal to all surgeons in the Dominican Republic
Jazmine Navarro

I have thinking about contacting Jazmin but I don't wanna rush to fast yet I am going to wait and see if Duran contacts me soon I hoping I feel I should go team Salama however but I hear his procedures are out to September that will not work with my schedule at all. I am going to email Salama assistant and see dates available for June. Who knew this process could be so over whelming lol
Welcome aboard & good luck on your journey. Both doctors do great work and I understand your reason for traveling out of the country bc I had those same concerns but I decided to go with Duran bc she sculpts wonderfully & gets the waist tiny and her prices vs US doctors was much cheaper. I didn't feel like spending ( my baby's college fund lol) too much money having to pay for extra areas of lipo & BBl..But i heard that the doctors in Florida are starting to match the DR prices now so good luck on your choice.
Thanks I cant wait to see your results :) I hope Duran gets back to me soon! I am going to patient I just hope I am able to get sx done in June.
Thanks Hunny! & you should be able just be around 180lbs & healthy. Give her about a week before sending another email. Good luck Hun!

Quote From Duran

So Duran contacted me and gave a quote of 4800 with TT,BBL and Lipo. I am little confused I never told her I needed/wanted I TT. So I guess that means she is saying I need one?? I am not sure so I am going to email her and ask. I don't want to a TT; I wonder if Duran will still accept me as a patient if I decline TT. I have seen other ladies who are bigger than me and they only got lipo and looked amazing. Dr. Salama said he would just perform Lipo but I know he doesn't get the stomach flat as Duran. I am still undecided about which doctor every time I see a new post or review I want to switch. Lol So I don't think I am ready yet but I know I need to choose soon and but wisely.

pre op photos


From the side you look fine she may think from the front that once she does all that lipo it will leave loose skin so perhaps that's why she added it in the quote. I will say seeing the Duran dolls she doesn't just give a big butt like most docs she actually molds an shapes you which is why I switched . If you don't feel you need one do get it Hun go with your heart best of luck on your journey mami
Thanks sweetie, I am think I am going to wait on the TT, I don't think my stomach will be that loose were I wouldn't be satisfied. Best luck with your journey I am going to secure a date sometime this week :)
There is no way you need a tt your stomach is smaller then mine was And salama worked mine out

Duran contact info

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran
The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,
jazmine@bellavitaconsultants.com - She can help you get in contact w/Duran or other DR doctors and help set up arrangements for transportation and stay. 150 charge for her services
Hope this helps ladies. Good Luck with your Journey!!
Hey girl have u decided who ur going with?
Yes I am going to go with Duran. I was nervous about traveling to the DR but reading other ppl reviews I feel better. In general I m just nervous about the surgery. Tomorrow I am going to place my deposit.
Best of luck hun!

June 17th confirmed Duran

Confirmed my date for June 17th with doctor Duran plan on working with Jazmine for places to stay since I am traveling with my boyfriend and want info on Nurses and so on. Super excited will purchase plane tickets at the end the month. #durandollyinthemaking

can anyone switch dates??

hey ladies how is it going?? Well I currently have a little issue I started a new job and my new school is all year round so that means my date in June I will still be in school so I need to switch my date for the end of march early april. I am planning on calling the office this week to see if any cancels have been made. But if not is any willing to switch dates schedule for June 17th or possibly given their date away??? Praying that this all works out

Any one wanna switch dates for June 17th for end of June or early July ???

Hey ladies, So I am not able to go June due to switching my job. So I am going to call Duran office tomorrow Morning and switch dates for June 30th if there is a opening. But if any one wants to switch let me know I will also except the first week in July

Buddy needed june 15th to june 27th

I am Looking for a buddy who is traveling to the DR this time june 15th to 27th ?? I haven't decied on a recover house but looking into them now :)
hey hun...Did you keep your surgery date for June 17? I am scheduled for that day as well :)
I wish I was going around that week!!!! Good luck to you, it will be here b4u know it!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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