Hello everyone! I am a 24 yr old mother of...

Hello everyone!

I am a 24 yr old mother of two who has worked out to lose baby weight, and ended up losing weight everywhere else! smh. So as a result I am seeking a bbl with lipo from abdomen, flanks, waist, back, and thighs. I really want my thighs slimmed down. I also want a BA to correct what breastfeeding has done to me, and lastly a mini tt. My stomach has abs that are hiding behind loose skin. It is impossible to work out with exercise. Unfortunately I have stretch marks too but I will figure out what to do about those later.

I am 5'5" and I weigh 149. I have been lingering around 146-150 but I ultimately want to be 140-145. But I am wondering if I have enough fat for transfer because I want a GIANT BOOTY lol. I have a 29-30in waist now but I am shooting for 24in once she is done. I have faith! I have communicated with Dr Yily through email and I am waiting for a estimate now. I'm too excited! I am getting married in May so I really can't gain weight now but once june hits I will try to gain maybe five pounds but I really don't want to.

Do you guys think I need to? Also if anybody has had or planning to have the same surgeries as I want if you can please inform me on what supplies I need. I want to get my list together early. I am looking into a August date right now.

Well...... I am getting a little frustrated with...

Well...... I am getting a little frustrated with the communication issues. I would really like to get the ball rolling and pick a date. And I might be switching to Duran guys. She seems more personable and gives bigger butts:)

I removed my before pics because I realized my...

I removed my before pics because I realized my tattoos were showing. I will put them back up once I cover them up somehow.

So I have decided to officially switch to Duran! I...

So I have decided to officially switch to Duran! I am excited and I can't wait. I have also decided to push my date up. I am hoping for a May date now. Right after my wedding! I just have to figure everything out. Can someone please help me with a list of what I would need for a tt, lipo with fat grafting to butt, and a breast lift/implants.

So I have switched to Duran awhile ago but I don't...

So I have switched to Duran awhile ago but I don't know how to change it on here. So I might do another review. But I didn't confirm a date with Yily, I just received a quote, so I don't feel bad. But now I am patiently waiting for a confirmation of date with Duran. I am shooting for May 22nd. I really need it confirmed though because I need to get the ball rolling. I am also getting married in May, so I am really really busy.

I don't know how to update this review to change...

I don't know how to update this review to change Drs. So I am starting a new review under Duran.

Got my date with Duran and it's May 22nd!!! Now I...

Got my date with Duran and it's May 22nd!!! Now I need to send her a deposit so I know it's real. Lol But I'm guessing she has overloaded on new patients recently and had to hire assistants. I hope she isn't overworking herself because she sounds so sweet. But anyways now I need to find someone to go with me. Traveling alone isn't sitting well with me. Oh and I have already ordered my pure absorb iron, vit c, and b12. So I'm going to start taking those asap. My vitamedica kit is on it's way too. I'm too excited .

So I have starting buying my supplies. It's next...

So I have starting buying my supplies. It's next month and I need to get my shit together. My issues I am having right now is communication. I'm the type of person that needs to be organized and have everything planned ahead of time. So the fact that I feel unorganized is getting to me. Let's be real I have three major events in May that I am trying to focus on. My daughter's birthday party, my wedding, and then four days later my surgery. So I believe everybody can understand and agree with me being stressed out. I guess I really don't have anything to complain about when it comes to communication with Duran because let's face it, she is good at what she does and now she has become a hot commodity. It really isn't her fault. But that still doesn't change my stress level :/ Well I guess I will make the most of it and continue gathering my supplies. So far I have

Vitamedica pack
vitamin C
B 12
Pure absorb
female urinal(funnel)
foam mattress pad(to cut out hole in for new booty to sleep on)
lipo foam
silicone sheets for tt scar
arnica gel

And that's it for now. I know I need a lot more but I still have a month and a half before my surgery date, so I'm good. But I do need to get a passport asap. I have a question... what did you ladies sit on while flying? I don't wanna smush my new badonkadonk.

I haven't been on here much due to the fact that I...

I haven't been on here much due to the fact that I am throwing my daughter's birthday party, getting married, and getting surgery in the same month! I am stressed out beyond words. I feel like my anxiety is gonna cause me to have a nervous break down. But I am trying to pull everything together. But as far as my surgery goes everything is in order except me buying my passport. I need to get it asap because I leave in 24 days. I am still buying supplies and packing, but like I said I am focusing on so many things right now. But I will update this blog with actual pertinent information the closer I get and when I can actually focus on just my surgery.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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How are you doing???
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Hope your surgery went well!
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Good luck.
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Hey Floridabeauty, cant wait to see your results; and hear details about how the whole experience went
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You should go apply for that asap. Mine took just about 3 weeks to come in.
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Yea I'm going to have to expedite it.
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What recovery house did you book?
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Angela's I have heard great things about her. So I am excited and I feel pretty safe going with her
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I have too and her food looks amazing!! lol How did you contact her? What are her rates? I sent her a friends request on fb but she hasn't responded :(
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There is a group on fb called Angela's Recovery House. But the best way to contact her is by calling her number is 809-595-3109
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Thanks girly!
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no problem
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How much is Angela's recovery house ?? Do they provide pick up from airport ??
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65 a night and they do provide transportation to and from the airport for $150 and this also includes transportation to and from cipla.
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Did you feel your bowling inca were Safe while u Left to surgery ? My MarĂ­n worry is having my stuff stolen
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Your time is coming how exciting.
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I know!! It is exciting
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Are you ready? Do you have all your supplies?
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Good luck On your Booty journey. I hear Dra Duran is a great Dr:)
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Thank you!! I'm excited
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How long did it take for you to get a respond from Duran, i have been waiting 2 weeks
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When I initially emailed her for a quote it only took a couple of days. She really responded quickly but now while trying to ask questions and ask other questions it is taking awhile. I heard she has over 500plus emails unread. But she did hire two new assistants. I actually confirmed my date with her through Facebook.
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her email is down, you have to go to her face book and message her. Dra Agustina Hilario Duran. She accepts you pretty quick, you will also be able to see pics.
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U r starting out with a nice size, so I can't wait too see..also that's good u r preparing ur body, and I hope u find a partner in crime
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Thank you Ice Cream. I just need the front of me(my stomach) to be pushed to the back.lol
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