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So hi everyone im really not on here a lot but im...

so hi everyone im really not on here a lot but im going with dra baez everyone has nothing but positive things to say about her and im impressed from photos i saw of her recent work she makes you look normal with a phenominal shape not to take credit away from the other drs but after i come out of surgery i want to look natural not like a stripper some women like that look and thats cool but i dont want it because of my profession so ladies what suggestions do you have as far as supplies and rh i want to be well prepared


Is there anyone on here that have a date in January with dr Baez and need to reschedule? I'm in DESPERATE need of a date in mid January but I spoke with doc and she's all booked for January : (
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I know how u feel no.response
Is there any other way to reach dr baez besides her email. a phone #
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Getting a little discouraged

So....ive priced out a flight made contact with rh but no date from baez maybe its because im so excited to finally have it done and reading posts from the other ladies I but im so ready to get this done especially after seeing some after pictures omg.....


for those of you that are going to sx real soon inbox me i found a very detailed supply list in case u dont have it
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hey there...i would love to have that supply list. good lookin
im thinking if DR Baez too! but for DEC! and Jan.. omg shes booked?? Sigh
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switching to salas miami

Well ladies, I switched to dr salas in miami fla reason being by the time I pay for passport recovery house flight......its more money so to me it just makes since to stay here and since im from miami wont need a hotel and since ill be driving there traveling expenses are cut down next to nothing so for me its better however, I still think dr baez is a great choice to whoever picks her as a surgeon is making a good choice give me your thoughts


Have you had your procedure
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Stay away from South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery they have a lot of bad reviews
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The swelling is slowly going down.
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being vain....think not.....putting yourself first sometimes

Just out of curiosity ladies....i hear of everyone talking about the surgery but what about obstacles how do you overcome negatively from family friends.....i mean they are the ones we confide in the most and we trust that they care enough about us to support our decision i had one of my friends tell me i am being like really??? Vain when im a single mom of three no help and my life revolves around my kids everything i do they come first im even taking on a part time job to pay for my surgery so i dont have any additional debt coming out of my budget so it doesn't interfere with me taking care of be perfectly honest im not even going to start saving until ive put enough money away for their needs for a few months so just want some input from ladies who.may have had similar issues


Check your inbox
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Each state do vary from state to state on the amount of fat that can be lipo. Florida can't take much at all.
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Gd luck u deserve it:-)
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saving for a change

So i started a new job today to save for my procedure i dont want financing no extra bills so i took a part time job i want a professional job so i decided no short cuts i want the best results possible im not doinh this a second time so ill pay one time only i have my deposit thank god im so excited


Hey!!!! What's up????
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Baaaaby! I'm glad to see that you are still moving forward with investing in yourself as an important member of your family. Kudos! Your happiness matters just, ask your babies and the woman in the mirror. None of them want to see sadness, regret or neglect reflected in your eyes or spirit.
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I loved your post! You examples of dressing inappropriately at work and the replies had me rolling. High five to everything you've stated. "Girl, BYE"...get the t shirt and hat. Lol

dr i come

Well ladies its official....drum my dr of choice is dr fisher....ive heard nothing but positive things about him....but ive also heard bad things about the office far no issues but im keeping my fingers crossed i put a deposit today and im working a second job to pay for my surgery cash ive gained 20 pounds but i will have time to work it off for my bbl i plan to do squats to firm.the area weight goes to my stomach so he has plenty to work


Congratulations on finding a doctor that can serve you well! When do you plan to have your procedure. I'm shooting for October.
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Gd luck honey bunch dr fisher is great but staff as per a lot of RS sisters...they suck:-(
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up 29 pounds

Well im up 29 pounds and im so unhappy about it but being upset about it isnt going to get my weight off im going through a seperation and ive been stress eating so im back to the basics my high iron and protein smoothies with greek yogurt and almond milk i refuse to have surgery and my weight is up like that....the only thing i despise is when i gain...i gain all over and when i lose...i lose butt breast everything but i want to.look good after surgery so im definitely going to work extra hard to get it off


Sorry you're struggling with your weight and having a challenge in your personal life. You're bouncing back though! High five. Worst case, more fat for your doctor to plump your butt! The doctors in the DR seem very adept at wiping out unwanted fat so your weight gain mat not spoil your plans. ((HUGS))
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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