Cannot Wait; Rhinoplasty Scheduled for May 9th

I have wanted a nose job since i was at least 15....

I have wanted a nose job since i was at least 15. I am not comfortable with the nose i have even though everyone always tells me there is nothing wrong with my nose. I know that after i get a nose job, i will be so much more comfortable with who I am and not be as paranoid that everyone is staring at my nose. My dad's side of the family all have a big nose so i feel like my dad will not take it well and im not sure how to bring it up to him that i am getting a nose job. any suggestions? what supplies should i get before my nose job?


I am still in the beginning stages of scheduling the procedure. Does anyone have any recommendations on a doctor near the pottstown/reading area?
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My story is almost exactly the same as yours! I have my dad's nose as well, and it looks fine on a guy, but not so much on a girl. I was also a little nervous to tell my parents. It was hard enough for me to make the decision, and I didn't want anyone to try to talk me out of it. I called my parents, and they were so supportive! It really surprised me. They didn't once tell me that I "didn't need it", and even though my dad joked that no one will know I'm his kid anymore, he was still understanding. My advice is to be honest with them. Tell them that this is something you've been thinking about for a long time (so they don't think that getting a nose job is a snap decision), and that you feel that it's something that is going to make you happy and confident in the future, for the rest of your life. Tell them that you've really looked into the pros and cons, and that you want to do something that looks natural, and that you still will look like yourself, just better. You never know, they may be totally accepting and supportive! Good luck...I think that if they realize how much it means to you, they will totally be behind your decision.
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Good for you for making the decision that is right for you, even if you aren't sure it will please your family. As for how to approach them...I can understand your apprehension. Being that I don't know them the best advice I can give is to just be honest with them. Hopefully they will be understanding and accepting.

This might be a great forum for you to check out:

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Here is some info that you might find helpful as you prep your surgery:

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Be sure to keep us posted on how things are going for you!

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I have recently told my family about my procedure...

I have recently told my family about my procedure and suprisingly, i got their full support. now the question is what is the next step? i was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of plastic surgeons near the pottstown or allentown area?


Go with Pontell, he's the best.
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I am glad you were able to make a choice that will, in the end, make you happy.
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Thank you! i have a consultation December 27 so hopefully that works out so i can schedule the surgery!

Consultation is scheduled for February 12th. Soo...

Consultation is scheduled for February 12th. Soo excited :)


That's awesome you have your family's full support! Good luck on the consult! Make sure you see a lot of before and after pictures from the surgeon. :)
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Good luck at your consultation! Can't wait to hear how it went :)
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All the best!
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Surgery is scheduled for May 9th :) I'm super...

Surgery is scheduled for May 9th :) I'm super excited! I cant believe my biggest lifetime dream is becoming true.


Congrats! :)
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thanks :)
My surgery should be just a few days after yours! I'm scheduling it for when the semester ends. I'm excited for us both! :)
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Only 40 more days! I'm so nervous but I know this...

Only 40 more days! I'm so nervous but I know this is what i really want. Does anyone advise anything that they wish someone told them before their surgery?


You are going to be so happy afterwards! If I can offer any advice it would be to try to come to terms witht he fact that a good indication of the final results really could take a while; and taking 1 million pictures of yourself every other minute does not speed up the process..... hahaha just my experience :)
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Thanks so much! That is good advice & that is something that I can see myself doing
Thanks so much for posting the front view picture!! You look beautiful and look amazing!! I cannot wait to see the final result!!
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Only 30 more days!

Only 30 more days!


I just had my 1st consult with Dr. Pontell today. Who else did you consult? The price you that including the surgery center costs?
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I will look forward to the days leading up to your procedure as I SHOULD be healing from mine:) I have learned that it's just as exciting for the girls on here...and I'm TRULY happy for you!!
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I have pre-op in two days :) time is just flying...

I have pre-op in two days :) time is just flying by and I CANNOT believe there is only 28 more days till my surgery date. it has been great hearing from everyone on this website. Every single person that I have talked to helped me so much and I look forward to hearing about everyone's experience.


aw congratulations :) I consulted with a surgeon in Doylestown but he was not what I was looking for. yeah that is including the surgery center.
awhh that's so exciting, I have been looking for someone who has their surgery date near mine! I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to hearing how your surgery went. thanks so much :)

I am getting really frustrated. Every price that...

I am getting really frustrated. Every price that Kate, the secretary, has given me so far has been wrong. When I go to pay the price we have discussed there always turns out to be more hidden prices that she hasn't informed me about. Has this happened to anyone else?!


Are you as excited as I am? I'm sure you are. No turning back now. This is our tome :) WHOO HOOOOOOOOOO
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yeahh im really excited and anxious!! I cant wait, goodluck & be sure to update!!! :)
You all set? Just a few more days!!
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Ahh, I am still in disbelief that this is...

ahh, I am still in disbelief that this is happening tomorrow! Im so nervous but im more excited. I can't wait for the procedure to be done and over with so im on the road to recovery. My surgery is at 11 tomorrow...wish me luck


Hope surgery went great!
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Thinking about you. Keep us updated with how you are doing...
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Wishing you the best!
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Surgery went well. Im so sore and didnt sleep much...

Surgery went well. Im so sore and didnt sleep much. Trying to get some rest. Ill try to update late


How are you doing? Did you get the cast off yet?
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Keep up the great healing work. You are well on your way to having the gorgeous nose you desire. Rest up!
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I hope you are taking it easy mama. It's already looking so good and its barely been one week. Keep the updates coming!!
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SO happy with my results!

Sorry I have not updated in awhile, I have been so busy. I am currently 2 weeks post op and I absolutely love my nose. Dr Pontell gave me so much confidence and gave me the nose that I always dreamed of. I highly recommend Dr Pontell!!


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No after pics yet?
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I am so happy for you honey! I have not updated either. I also love my nose. I am still not breathing unless I use afrin. I feel like I will never breath again.....ugh it is so good to have an update!
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