375cc Mentor Moderate Plus Silicone for this Mommy DONE!!!- Doylestown, PA

Hi Everyone, I have lurked for a while and this...

Hi Everyone,

I have lurked for a while and this site seems like a great place to get answers about plastic surgery expectations. I am a married mother of three who is feeling like my body has lost 90% of its life since my last two children. I feel extremely disproportionate and have been dying for a better body. I have worked out and done my best but because of my build I do not think I can obtain my goals without surgical enhancements. Over the next few years I plan on having breast augmentation, BBL, and thermage on my stomach. I have been to several consults and settled on Dr. Marchant in Doylestown for my BA. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used him.

A few questions. Currently I am a 36 A cup. Most of the doctors I have seen have told me I will feel and look much curvier after surgery. Do any of you ladies feel that to be true? Then what do you all think of the order of my surgeries? For my butt I would just like a better waist to hip ratio and slightly more projection. Im not looking for a kim k booty. I want look that will grow with me so that as I age and get my grown woman weight it will all appear natural. In regards to the stretch marks I have a few white ones on my tummy plus loose skin. Im hoping the thermage will tighten and reduce their appearance significantly. I do plan om posting pics and I do plan on setting my BA date this week. Looking forward to this journey.
Msulyss27, Just wanted to say hello and that you will find yourself totally hooked on this site . Lots of information and great women to communicate with. You an really come up with a good starting point as far as size too. If you have a good surgeon they won't steer you wrong either. Good luck to you .
Thanks. I really want to pick a good size. I want to leave the surgery feeling like I picked the right size for my body. So exciting! Thank you for the support!

Going to see Dr. Dimarco about BBL as well....

I really want to spend 2014 getting a whole body redo. As much as I would love to go overseas to Dr. Yily because I looooove her bodies I just don't think its practical with three kids. If I can find a good local doc to help me achieve the waistline I want that would be great.

In regards to my BA I plan on setting my date soon. My goal is June 13. Will post before pics soon.
I think I got a pretty good idea from the sizers. I felt like you didn't want to be too big. They say you lose some volume going under the muscle but I really don't think it is huge. I just felt more comfortable with one size more than the next step up and went with that. If you think about it you could one size your self up to wherever lol. They say it is about the difference of a shot glass, example the difference between 339 and 371. Your Dr. should be able to help if they know what your final goal is and play with the sizes. Best of luck to you !

Pre Op Pics

Here is a pic of myself pre op. As you can see I am pretty straight up and down. I nursed all three of my kids and lost all my volume.

More Pics

Sorry still learning how to use this thing. Hopefully the doc can work with me! Even if i cant get BBL I would looooove/be grateful for body contouring. Anything to look curvier! Well not anything I should say but if I can get contoured nicely I would be happy.
Hahaha!!! I had no idea Melanie was Dr Marchant's wife! Melanie is awesome.
I had BA on 1/3/14 Dr Marchant was my surgeon. I went on 4 consultations & canceled my 5th. Dr Marchant was 2nd & I knew them that he was the surgeon for me. I'm 5'2" 114 lbs I went with 425cc mentor moderate plus gel implants. I am 5 weeks out & love my implants! I highly recommend Dr Marchant !!!
Nice!!! Thats the size he reccommended for my frame. Do you have pics up on here?

This Site is Giving me Motivation!!!

So I think I am ready to set my date officially with Dr. Marchant! I am thinking June 13, but wondering if I get a job will he be able to get me in sooner or if there are any change fees. I guess those are things for me to address with Melanie.

For the working ladies how much time did you all take off from work? Do you think a long weekend would suffice? Maybe if I do get a job offer I could let them know I need to take a long weekend. Let me know what you think!
Thinking it will depend a lot on what your job would be. Some PS's don't want you to lift more than 5-10 pounds the first couple of weeks. Everyone recovers a little different too and depending on our procedure etc. Also if the medications effect you, think each case is different. Sorry that probably didn't really help you lol.
It is thank you. I do desk work and have no problem giving a supervisor the "look" face. Im here for you but not for any heavy lifting. Lol

So im a bit bipolar buuuuutttt....

I just sent in pics for an online quote with Vanity in Miami and if the price is right I may do the BBL first. I really want some shapeliness! I feel like I will be happier with my BA if my bottom half is right. Now as I said I am not looking for a super donk, but after three kids two being irish twins I'm convinced there is no hope for me to ever get my grown woman shapes so why not buy it???

I keep seeing all these great bodies coming out of vanity so maybe those docs can wave their magic wand over my boyish figure! I will keep you all posted on what the quote comes back at. The idea is I am 27 going on 28 by 32 I want to arrive. Lol. Sounds insane but Ia m the type that takes no issue with credit but I try not to over do it. So I want to pay off each procedure before moving on to another one. i hope I get a good quote!!!
Lol , well then you shouldn't have any problems :-)

Long time no talk to

After some hard consideration I decided to hold off on my breast augmentation for a moment. My son got into a really good private school so I want to try and funnel as many fund as possible that way. He would need scholarship money to go but until I get word on whether he gets some I decided to hold off. Since I still want to do a little something I decided to do six sessions of endymed on my tummy. Its skin tightening. Hopefully that can hold me off until I can get my dream boobs. I start my sessions april 14 and will most definitely post pics. XOXOXO
Best of luck to your son. Such a great opportunity. All the best in your future journeys!

Breast Aug finally scheduled

So I did it! I scheduled my breast augmentation for July 11. I am super excited! Hopefully all will go as planned and I will have a new rack for my bday. My pre-op apt is 6/16. I am really looking forward to this journey in my life.

Feeling a little down

So i guess i have worn out my welcome talking to my friends about BA. I was basically told that I will look unnatural with breast. Im not going to that stung a bit. My surgery is almost a month away (switched date to Aug 1) i guess im just excited! I decided to ex them out my BA journey. They dont have kids and they have breasts. They dont understand what its like to go from a 36A to a deflated A. I hate looking in the mirror. I hate my rectangle shape. I have a very muscular build even when I dont work out and I want a more feminine shape. Trying to shrug it off though. My one friend has a few kids like me so she gets it. The rest our cut off! Lol

As i approach my surgery date im really debating size. At my consult we discussed 400cc silicone POSSIBLY 425cc. But as we get closer Im scared that may be to big. Im 5'4" and my weight ranges anywhere between 140 and 150. I call 150 my happy weight. Most of my weight goes to my legs and butt...in that order. Typically what goes to my stomach is easily strapped down with a spanx of some sort lol. So im thinking of possibly even suggesting 375. I dont mind playing them up when needed. My biggest concerns are them not looking huge or even big for that matter but also i dont want that huge gap between my breast. So i feel like im treading a fine line. Any help would be appreciated!!!
MsReady2, congratulations on your surgery date. Don't let the nay sayers discourage you. You obviously have your priorities where they should. Your son first. Now it's your turn. Our stats are different so I'm not sure how much it helps to look at my pics. I did silicone under 425 with high profile. I'm about 6 weeks out and in a full C cup. You have a lot more breast tissue than I did so I think you will be bigger. Not sure what you are going for in terms of size. But I can tell you this, when in doubt, go with the bigger choice. It's the one common regret "I wish I had gone bigger" I know your surgery is in August, but you can visit the forum for June/July surgeries. The August forum really hasn't picked up yet. There are so many wonderful, beautiful women there who would love to encourage and support you through this journey. Good luck.
Thanks! I definitely realized i need to keep my concerns, questions, comments on this site strictly. One I'm not big on the let's complain about what we don't have I'm more of a let's figure out how we can get what we want. Two they have no idea what it's like to be prego and watch what you once had descend lol. I love this site and all the positive. I looked at your pics and your 425s dont look big at all so maybe i should stick with the doc's suggestion and not worry so much!

Wish pics

More wish pics and pics of me

As you can see i have on a bra and im flat as a board! My arms are pretty big so i definitely feel i need some balance. A part of me knows I will appreciate my defined arms as i age but right now i hate them especially with no breast. I feel all the attention goes to my muscular arms and shoulders!!!

OAN these women have waist to hip ratios that are just perfection!!! Hoping next year to get a little lipo to achieve that look, but thats a whole other thread lol
Girrrrrl u did not have three kids! Look at your bod. At least breasts are an easier fix I think ahaha I'm so excited for you! Only a couple if months away! Don't worry about everyone else, just remember why you're doing it. After three kids and the headaches that come with them we deserve to spoil ourselves! And people will talk and judge you no matter what you do so f them and do what makes you happy. It just sucks that after everything we go through to have babies we don't get to keep out pregnancy boobs dunno would take that stretch marks and all lol or at least let us go back to our pre pregnancy boobs right? Anyways keep your head up, and just take it day by day! Good luck!
Lol I totally agree I ♥ my prego boobs and had to remind myself that there was a time that I had boobs and I did not look unnatural. So I would def take my stretchies possibly a few more if I could have that rack back!


So its a rainy holiday and the kids and I are slumming around the house. I am still thinking about sizes. I know everyone says go bigger but i don't know I am still really apprehensive about that. I am going to post a fellow real selfer's before/after pic. (Hope you dont mind just really love the result) We have similar stats and she went 400ccHP and I actually like them! I feel so bi polar about this. I think all my wish pic boobs are huge then I turn around and say I don't want that lol. I just don't want to look top heavy but i also don't want to go to small and fit a small river in between my breasts. I need to make my mind up! I also took some more pics and noticed one of my boobs is a little saggier then the other which I need to ask the doc about. Cannot wait until my pre-op appt....july 17th cant get here fast enough.

More Wish Pics

Pre Op Today!!!!

Hey guys Well i am officially EXCITED! Pre op was today. Got my script, my day of information,left payment info, and signed my consents. This lil lady is getting a boob job! I decided to play it safe and do 375cc. Doc thinks this will take me anywhere from a mid to full C. Diameter wise doc thinks they will fit well. I know everyone says go bigger, but I would rather be safe then be bigger then expected and out of my comfort zone. I told the doc my major concern was correct spacing and he believes 375 is a good target. I tried on 350cc mod plus i looooved the look but it was to narrow for my frame. If all else fails they said I can change my mind, but I dont think I will. :) Aug 1 here we come!!!
Good luck! Dr.Marchant was my PS! He is the best ever! I did not know Melanie was his wife! Because her last name is Kahn.... That's great to know! But he does the best breast implants!
Yes his work is totally amazing. Its making me feel better to interact with people on here who have had positive experiences with him. Thanks!

2 days until Surgey

Surgery is on friday and I am definitely excited. I cannot believe I am finally getting this done. It makes me happier that my family is starting to get excited for me. I am feeling the support for sure. I am still holding on to the 375s. If nothing else there will be room for improvements/enlargements down the line. One more day left of work and then surgery friday. I still need to pack a bag and fill my prescription. Frankly I have been so tired at work! Regardless, I will be ready to go for friday.

Night Before

It is officially the night before surgery. I a, so excited, but also tired!!! I genuinely cannot wait. My bag is packed. My hair is straightened and i took my antibacterial shower. I honestly do not have a whole lot on my mind. I told my kids i love them A MILLION times today because you just never know what could happen. Also I drank alot of water. Looking forward to my new body. I took some pre surgery pics lol. BYE BYE FLAT CHEST!!!! I doubt that I shall miss you.

My last set of pre pics....

Morning Of....

Well im up, dressed and waiting on my ride. Still not feeling any nerves more so anxious to get it done. I feel extremely excited and happy to know this day is here. I am looking forward to recovery and getting to enjoy my new body. I really hope 375 was the right choice, i think thats the only thing even halfway unnerving about this process. Anyways see you on the other side God willing.
Best of luck girl! Your body will be out of this damn world when you're out!

Made it to the other side

Hey guys I made it to the other side. I am finally alert. Surgery was quick, my surgeon and his staff are super nice. I am already in love. I will definitely post pics pics, but today i have no energy. Thank you for the love and support. I am finally team boobies!

Day 1 post Op

Hey! The day after is much better, but still hard. I know the doc says move around, but honestly my moms recliner has given me life! Plus the vicoden makes me a little loopy/nauseated so I can get up here and there but i think i'm down for at least another day. Still feeling happy. I have 0 boobie blues. That may change after the first bill especially since i discovered theres a leak in my stack! Niiiice but you know what life happens so screw it! I had my mom take a few pics of me. Im bloated as hell, but i know you guys dont judge here. Cannot wait for the drop and fluff!!!


Anybody keep getting hiccups??? Mine have been non stop!

Nauseous and Tired

I am trying to give my parents A/C a break but any amount of heat seriously makes me want to barf. Im getting up, im moving, heck even took my mandatory shower but I am so TIRED, like literally exhausted. I am switching to tylenol during the day and vicoden only at night because I am mostly just sore. When I finally took my bra off I officially understood why people go bigger. I was hoping my support bra would be at least a D so after swelling I would be going down to a C but my bra says 38C??!!! Does this mean I will be a B cup? Jeez I really hope not lol.

I definitely have frankenboob which is not cute, but i get that its a process. I hope that these settle to a nice full C cup, but I don't think it will be that :-/. Otherwise no sign of droppage or swelling going down. But hey its a marathon not a sprint....i get it. O yea before I forget i really hope the space between my breasts does not get any larger. Right now its the perfect size so I am praying it stays that way!

Still Riding High

I think i can officially graduate to Tylenol only for discomfort. Post Op is tomorrow and I really hope he gives me the band to help push these puppies down. The swelling definitely has me irritable. I don't mind that they look crazy but I hate that you can feel the swelling!!! Also I still am feeling super tired. Ready for that to go away as well. I am returning to work tomorrow and need my energy back. I understand its a process, but I am definitely ready for the light!
You look amazing!! Can't wait to see more pics and your progress ..congrats!! :-D

1st Post Op and Breast Massage can we say Wooo Saaaahh

I had my first post op appt today. The doc examined me and said I am in a good place to have had surgery on friday. He showed me how to do breast massage and well lets just say lefty is not having it! Righty was a little pressure, but nothing crazy. Lefty was shooting stabbing pains in the side boob plus the incision site for HOURS! I was supposed to go into work today and could not bring myself to do it! I took a nap and found that the pain had subsided. O yea when she removed those steristripes...wth man?? It was like fire!!! Lol. Needless to say this wasn't one of the better days but I know things will get better even if right now it doesn't feel like it! So upon doctors orders I am bra less until further notice. Fun times. O yea with a shirt on you can barely tell I had an augment, per my moms words I look like i have my football equipment on. Lol this should be an interesting ride!

More Pics

As an AA woman incision scar is very important to me. My PS did an excellent job. I look forward to these healing very nicely.
Are you using a bra band to keep your boobs from "shifting apart?" They look really good. Ugh, I love rel self, so many great reviews!! :-D
Got the band yesterday. Was told to go braless and keep the band on. Also started my massage. Lefty is the worst!!!

First Day Back to Work

By the power of Dunkin Donuts iced tea and a bowtie i made it through my first day back at work!!! Actually i think moving around helped a lot. Lefty doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did yesterday. I still get that tightness if I am sitting or standing to long, but I am trying to stay positive. Its only been a few days but I am soooo ready for the frankenboob to go away!!! Gosh this is scary. No one could really even tell i had work done, which was a relief. Overall tired from the work day, but happy to be creeping out of that sleepy phase.

Funny note I pressed down on my chest today and could actually feel a "slosh" sound like liquid moving!!! Crazy right??
Lol! I chuckled when I read that you could hear everything, thanks for the heads up. And my coworker got one, she said the same (to go bra less) Also to squeeze at the top of your breast so it will open up the muscles and allow your implant to drop. Anyways, thanks for the review! ❤

Getting Better (Pain Wise)

Well today i can thankfully say my worst pain was in the incision site. That's something.....right??? Lol. No but as much of a pain in the butt this strap and massages are if this is what's helping with the discomfort I am beyond grateful.

I finally came home and am own my own today. Its crazy how much finangling you do when you cant lift over ten pounds!!! My kids thankfully werent being to difficult. They are toddlers so climbing is fun for them. I found this great video scouring the net and other mesageboards. It was really helpful and hopefully it will help anyone else depressed about frankenboob, like me :(

I love your story! You really walked thought how you felt day by day. Meeting my PS next week. :)
Thanks! I am not a great writer so i just try to give my quick thoughts each day. I really hope to have this as a keepsake so I can look back a year from now and really appreciate the ride for what all its work! Goodluck next week!!!!

This darn incision!!!

Ok. So my left incision is so annoying! My left boob has finally gotten to the point of being relatively pain free. That throbbing shooting pain is all but gone. The only time i feel any discomfort is when a do the massage and that is very minimal. As a point of reference this is the first day i didn't have to take a tylenol a half hour before massaging. So that was exciting!!! Ironically I didnt need the tylenol for breast pain, but ended up having a headache so I took it anyway lol.

Though it is not as apparent it feels like the swelling has gone down. I have been wearing my band faithfully 24/7 except to massage and i think its working. I say it every time, but i am soooo excited to be fab!!! Im still in love with size and if the cleavage spacing stays the same or gets smaller i will be a happy camper. I plan to upload some pictures but I need to wait for my older son to go to sleep lol.


O yea forgot to mention earlier this BLOT is real LOL!

Had to share....

Cant wait to start corseting again.

Birthday Weekend

Hi everyone. Ive been neglecting my page. Friday was my birthday so I have been pretty much wasted LOL. So much fun!

In terms of my breast I have bern doing great. No pain or tightness when walking, no morning boob, and no pain in the incision sites. My right is dropping nicely and looks soft and pretty. Lefty is still looking very scary. Its definitely not as soft as righty. I am still massaging daily. Havent had one ounce of booby blues. Im a believer!!!!

Birthday Pics

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Sure let me know and thanks!

One month Update

Time flies when your having fun!!! I legitametly cannot believe we made it to one month already. I have 0 pain and discomfort. Lefty still has me worried as it is much higher and tighter than righty. There is also a lack of nipple sensation in lefty but I feel it slowly coming back. Im just praying she drops because I would hate for her to be stuck high and tight. This is not my imagination either it has been pointed out by friends lol. So at this point those are my only worries. Not gonna lie I have been struggling with the band. Not because it bothers me but I just have so little of summer left I would hate to ruin it with that funky white band! Arrrg!!!! At the very least I try to wear it at night. My breast do feel squishy but they definitely dont bounce or jiggle when i move. Im a slightly ready for that because sometimes I feel like a robot. Other then that all is well I am still very much in love with my decision and I am woman enougn to say as conservative as I am I wish I had went bigger!!! LOL

Feeling Great Happy, but could see myself bigger!!!

I have been very late in updating, but I am feeling great! I love my new size and think I made a great decision. You cannot really tell I had an augmentation in certain outfits, which is nice at times. Also my scars are healing very well. I defintely think in a few years I will go back under the knife and go bigger, maybe 425/450.

Lefty is still a little higher then I would like. I hope she drops!!! Otherwise no soreness or pain. I can even sleep on my belly., lol.

A few Pics

As you can see one hangs a lil lower. Its not the worst but in certain things you can tell.
See, I love the size of yours! I'm getting silicone as well, 400ccs. might need to get 425 in the right because of asymmetry but I think if you get them done again in a few years just get high profile because they didn't fit your frame and chest wall well. Your doctor did a good job. :)
Dr. Marchant

Very nice office and nice quiet location. His presence was quick, but Dr Marchant is nice. His wife handles the majority of the consult but they were both warm , friendly. Melanie definitely takes her time she asked questions for me I didnt think of and I really appreciated it. She is really helpful and a great guide. She understood what I wanted as a mother who still wants a little "umph". She answered all my questions and took her time which I appreciate. You leave feeling very confident in your decision.

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