27 Years Old , Mother of Two, Breast Reduction Last Time Measured 32h/32j - Downey, CA

So I have been hearing " how big are your breast?...

So I have been hearing " how big are your breast? Does it hurt/it look like it hurt... I never seen someone with such a small frame and big boobs, You look like a mini Dolly Parton...name calling "Jugs" ..All your weight gain just go to your breast uh? I am tired of the looks, feeling uncomfortable ,pain!!!

It happend so fast!!!

I'm sort of driving my self crazy Ha! I have been researching on BR for about a year now and getting approved and picking surgery date all happen within a week! Seen the doctor June 25, 2014, without taking off any clothes or giving my story that I had worked so hard on lol. The doctor show's me pictures , ask me if I was having any more kids, told me how he does the surgery and told me to pick a date and call the office back. THAT WAS IT!.. After working it out with my job to be off work for up to 3months I had my date set Sep 4th 2014. With a little under two months I don't know what to do with my self. Everyday I go to the mirror old my breast up to try and imagine what I will look like with smaller boobies. Also I've been working on the stomach cause reading and watching videos of other women who have had BR say you now see it lol and its bigger than you thought!

Dream size!!!

So my dream size would be D/DD am I crazy? I'm just about 6 weeks away from my br and I'm excited!!! I still want breast, I still want cruves . Just don't want the pain, bruising,big heavy boobs.

Back & Forth

I am exactly 1MONTH from my BR surgrey!!! And I have all types of feelings going on. I've been working out like crazy and I have noticed that I have slimmed down. Even in my BREAST. THey don't seem as full but still BIG Idk. When I put on my bras there is a little room but when I take them off I just don't like what i see. Can you say confused..... Still sticking with my decision just got these crazy thoughts! TEAM BR 1 MONTH TO GO!!!!!!

Side view

Yea lookin @this photo keeps me on track.


So today was my pre-op! This just makes me even more excited!! Got some blood drawn, asked lots of questions. Gave me all the paperwork for work ,instruction and stuff. Also doctor isn't giving me a surgical bra he says bring an old bra and they will take the wire out for the next day when he removes the drains. "I guess" Also I'm scheduled for the first BR that day 7:30am.:-) So two more weeks!!!! :-) :-)

1 WEEK!!!

Hello! I have one week Sep 4th!!! So can you ladies help with some things I will need or what might help with recovery any info is helpful. THANKS

All Marked Up & Ready To Go!!!!

Got my markings today. Was a lil uncomfortable because since they have grown so much I am usually the only one that handles them :/ and the doctor handle them like meat lol. With care but like he was about to go to work ha! BUT I'M EXCITED AND NERVOUS.!!! I go in tomorrow @ 7 am.


First I would like to thank you ladies for you encouraging words it's means alot.:-) So I arrived at the hospital@7 am checked in around 745. Anesthesiologist came around 9 and asked if I wanted to get this fairly new numbing medicine that's goes straight to the nerves in my breast he said this would help with the pain up to 16 hrs after surgery so I said why not!!! So got that done made me a lil drowsy. Waited another 45 min another anesthesiologist came in asked if I was ready and if I was sure I wanted to do this. Next thing I remember was my hubby rubbing my hand asking if I wanted water it was done I blinked and that was it. My husband said they took me back around 11 Dr said I should be out @ 230 but didn't come out until 330. It took me 4 hrs to wake up good enough to go the restroom. It was so hard. But finally made it home around 8.


I've been taking my pain meds every 4 hours so I feel no pain. I pray this continues. And antibiotic every 6 hrs. I go get the drains removed today. So far I am happy with my decision.


So here is before and after I can't believe it, I did it ,I did it lol.

Day 6

So I just had my stitches removed can you say ouch! And Ps like ok lay down and I'm moving so slow lol. Then he's like ok sit up let me see and juggles them! Yes I said juggle. I wanted to die. But he's says I'm all good. Don't have to wear the pads underneath. And for itching only to take a shower and put lotion on them. Also says I can start a mild workout 5 mins or so. But I'm still gonna give it another couple of days. I'm doing good pain level 1~2 and that's mostly from itching. Haven't took any meds since Sunday. Omg sleeping is so bad on this couch/recliner I just wanna lay on my STOMACH.... Other than that I'm ready to get dress and show off my girls :-)

Day 9

Hello All! It's been 9 days!!! Each day gets better really! These last couple of days I've been sore under my arms & breast nothing extreme but noticeable. It's been hot lately and guess what no under boob sweat :-)!!! I still find my self with my shoulders hunched over gotta get my posture right. But attached is my update photos my girls have dropped alot looking natural. I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!!!


Hi ladies so I have a lil scare here I don't know if I should call my PS or not. I don't wanna wait till it's worse or something and I don't wanna over react. So I think I have an opening like the stitch or something came out its really small but what if it opens ??? See picture
Matsuba ,Howard Mitsuyuki (M.D

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Doesn't look like an emergency to me - looks like you are splitting a stitch. Welcome to the (unfortunate) club! Call your PS's office tomorrow during business hours. They'll probably want you to come in so you can clip it. In the meantime, make sure to not lift anything heavy or stretch too far. You don't want it to become worse. I've been dealing with this since week 2 and it's not fun at all. For some reason, my body isn't a big fan of the stitches and it looks like neither is yours.
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Edit- so that THEY can clip it, lol. Don't attempt it yourself!
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Ok thank you I've been taking it easy I thought :( I'll call tomorrow. I pray it doesn't open more...
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Np. I know it's nervewracking!
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Any updates? What did your Dr. say?
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So I didn't make it to the doctor yesterday. It doesn't look like it's getting worse or infected. I think it's scabing up if that's a word lol. AND I didn't want to pay $25 copay for them 1min of your ok :/ :-) but thanks for checking I really do appreciate it!
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Wow! You look awesome at 7 days out! I'll be happy if mine look that nice 7 months out! :)
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Thank you very much!
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They are gorgeous! I pray mine comes out like yours.
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Awww thank you!
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Your figure is going to be amazing. They look SO smooth and nice! Mine are only now softening up - your surgeon must have had a gentle touch. So happy for you xxxx
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Thank you I do love my results!!!! Yea the crazy thing is my PS never even looked@my breast till the day before surgery to do the markings. I kinda was worried like I hope he knows what he doin. But turned out her was great. No surgical bra,no tape just natural healing.!!!
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Really??? Jeez, mine are taped up and bound 24 hours a day! Nice to know they won't actually drop off if I left them to themselves,! ; ) Ha ha! My PS is pretty easy going and despite the Mike Tyson like bruising I think she did an ok job so far......your scars already look perfect.....darn your youthful skin! ; ) Xxxxxx
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Lol youthful skin. Right I still hold my posture when undressing like the girls are going to drop haha.
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That is awesome glad to read a smooth recovery! Are you back driving? You look great!
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No, no driving yet hubby driving me around. I'm sure your more than ready. The day will be here before you know it.
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U look great. I cannot believe they still use stitches these days. My doc used desolved stitches. I went home with no drain. No itches what so ever. Im only on Tylenol and feel great. I was 40c now 34c. Loving it.
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Thank you! Yea I do have the desolveable stitches he said the six he removed were emergency stich. But glad you doing good.
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Wow you are doing well to be only 6 days. Can't wait for my post op journey.
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you can take an anti allergy pill for itching and you may well sleep better in bed using 5 pillows, 2 under head and shoulders, one wither side to rest your arms on and most importantly, one under tour knees to prevent back pain. sounds like you are doing great
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Glad you're doing well. How much did they take off? Did the PS what size he was taking you to? I was a 32H, and I am about a 32C now.
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He said he took 1.5 pounds each side idk if that alot or not. He says they don't really go for size but would make sure I was around a DD
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Good looking result, hope you feel o.k.
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