27 Years Old , Mother of Two, Breast Reduction Last Time Measured 32h/32j - Downey, CA

So I have been hearing " how big are your breast?...

So I have been hearing " how big are your breast? Does it hurt/it look like it hurt... I never seen someone with such a small frame and big boobs, You look like a mini Dolly Parton...name calling "Jugs" ..All your weight gain just go to your breast uh? I am tired of the looks, feeling uncomfortable ,pain!!!

It happend so fast!!!

I'm sort of driving my self crazy Ha! I have been researching on BR for about a year now and getting approved and picking surgery date all happen within a week! Seen the doctor June 25, 2014, without taking off any clothes or giving my story that I had worked so hard on lol. The doctor show's me pictures , ask me if I was having any more kids, told me how he does the surgery and told me to pick a date and call the office back. THAT WAS IT!.. After working it out with my job to be off work for up to 3months I had my date set Sep 4th 2014. With a little under two months I don't know what to do with my self. Everyday I go to the mirror old my breast up to try and imagine what I will look like with smaller boobies. Also I've been working on the stomach cause reading and watching videos of other women who have had BR say you now see it lol and its bigger than you thought!
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Hi, are you really planning to take 3 months off work? what do you do?
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Hello, No not gonna use the entire three months but I have the option through my job Family Medical Leave for surgeries, pregrency. I work in a warehouse, desk job mostly but I do have packages that come in and I don't wanna have to lift anything before I could heal good enough. I'm thinking 1 1/2 months will be good enough. But just wanna keep my options open with my job.
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Welcome to the community.  Glad to have you here with us and I look forward to following your journey.  
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Thank you!
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