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On 12-28-13 I went for my first consultation to...

On 12-28-13 I went for my first consultation to the LSL Center in Downers Grove Illinois . I was so excited because this was after all going to be what they call " A life changing experience " and indeed it was but in a horrible way . The assistant Monica Alexander convinced me that this procedure would transform me into a younger looking woman and she stood behind me as I sat looking at myself in the mirror and demonstrated how the doctor would pull up the skin on my face and eyes during what she called "procedure" . I asked her if I would meet the doctor and she said " oh no ...not today ! You will meet him on the day of your procedure". she made her sale and she told me I can have the procedure done very soon a matter of days ,but I had something planned for the next few weeks and agreed to have the so called procedure done on 1-22-14 . The biggest mistake of my life ! I arrived on 1-22-14 on time . My appointment was for 1:00 pm . They told me the doctor would be in about 1:30 because he was running late . So I waited and waited and after a few hours I was worried . 

Dr. Kagan arrived 5 hours later and there were still 2 patients waiting before me . It was so brutally cold that day in the Chicago area that I considered myself lucky to have made the trip to Downers Grove with all the snow , ice and the freezing temperatures . When the doctor arrived 5 hours later I wasn't even sure if he would have the time to do my " "procedure". He did the 2 patients in front of me and I was the last one to go . It was almost 7 pm by the time they took me to the back . The doctor came in for a very brief consultation and spent approx . 10 minutes with me. I could see that he looked tired and agitated . At this point I was nervous . The assistant then started giving me the 25 mg of Valium in what I believe were either 3 or 4 increments. I started getting a little drowsy when the assistant brought in several papers for me to sign . There was a camera pointed right at me so although I was already getting drowsy at thetime I knew that it was important for them to see that I was reading the papers before signing them . I looked over each page and signed them all and moments later the assistant came in to make sure the papers were all signed and then she came back for me. I followed her into a small room and was seated in a recliner . The doctor came in and started injecting me with about 20+ needles . ....into my face , neck and behind my ears . The pain was horrifying ! 

Then the cutting began. First one side and then the other . During the entire surgery ( I don't know why?) he had his forearms on my chest and I found it difficult to breathe comfortably. He had my eyes covered with something but I was still able vaguely see him from different angles . The LSL is a very invasive and painful surgery . This is not a procedure ladies and gentlemen . This is a very rushed , invasive and extremely painful surgery , not in a hospital setting but in a small room sitting in a recliner . No one monitors your blood pressure or even asks how you're doing / feeling during the surgery and overall very little interaction with the patient during the extremely painful surgery . No one should ever have to feel the amount of pain which I felt . Not with the medicine thats readily available today . And I know this is done to cut corners on theand save huge amounts of money . There is No regard for the patient whatsoever! Afterthe doctor was done with me his final words to the assistant were " I'm out of here"! And out he went through that back door like a bat out of hell ! 

It's been over 2 full months now since my horrible experience and I can see that I don't have good results . My eyes are so much smaller and they swell up each day and they hurt so bad . My face us numb in certain areas and the scars around my ears are so large and have developed into keloids . I know for a fact that if this doctor had taken the time and done the surgery with more precision I probably would have been lucky and have good , maybe even great results . I will never know because this doctor that only met me for 10 minutes ruined my face and eyes . I have cried my eyes out because I was planning on going to Europe this summer . I'm not sure I want to be seen looking like this ? I've become so depressed because of my horrible experience . And the lesson I learned from this is to never, ever settle for less when it comes to your face. Don't be fooled into believing that they're so affordable because they're not . The $10,000 they took from me was a lot of money...and for what ? What did they give me back ?

A nightmare !!! To anyone reading this post , please learn something from my experience and go to a good plastic surgeon who will operate on your face in a hospital / outpatient setting where you'll have the right kind of anesthesia / conscious sedation so you don't feel the horror that I and countless other patients felt . Don't fall for their lies because that's all they are is lies . Because after they're done with you , you will be me , and the countless others who have gone through this horror .
Good luck to you all !

Here I am now ! from this :( to this :)

It's true that I didn't have a positive experience with my life style lift but I learned a great deal from this endeavour .
Anger never resolves anything and makes most matters worse . I took a positive approach and its working . I learned that my scars and my eyes can be revised and I'm extremely happy about that . Dr. Kagan is a good person and perhaps I took out my anger on him too harshly but it is only because of my face . If this was a part of my body I can easily hide , I wouldn't dwell on it as much , but the face is different altogether. Every woman wants to look and feel her best . This is why so many of us have these procedures .
I recently spoke to Dr. Kagan and he is a good person, and I understand that he is only human.
I'm hopeful that with the revision everything will improve and what started out as a negative experience will become a positive one . The staff have been very wonderful and very supportive and I appreciate that so much because it does make everything so much better .

I'm very disappointed again .

Back in March I was seen by a different doctor and was told that I will need some revision done to correct the thick scars and my right eye . Then in April I met for the first time with the doctor who performed the life style lift and he was very upset about the review about him I put out on this site .
He told me that the problems I am facing can be fixed and I couldn't agree more , however I decided that I wanted them fixed by another doctor and at a different Life Style Lift location . I'm still waiting !
And wondering why I have to wait so long to get this problem corrected? The scars around my ears hurt but my eyes hurt even more , and on some days they swell up quite a bit . My sister (who also had a life style lift the same day I had mine ) and I are leaving for Europe in mid summer so I would hope to have this corrected ASAP .
I've become very depressed lately.
Nothing has been or is being done whatsoever.
Elk Grove Village Plastic Surgeon

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Martuska, I am so sorry. Your story sounds so much like my very own... I still have nightmares of that day and even though my surgery from LSL was redone, I wish I had never heard the name! Too many women tell the same story. There do seem to be a few good ones and for them I am happy that they are not suffering through what many others of us have had to suffer through. Hopefully you will be able to find a surgeon that will work with you to redo what LSL has done. Have you tried to contact the office or surgeon to see if there is anything that they would be willing to do for you? I feel for you, I know how much it means to look in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back. Best, Chrystal.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf!
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Very sorry you had a bad experience. I had my procedure done in Tampa by Dr. Jason Swerdoff. I had a lower face & neck lift, plus a laser demabrasion on my face, except my nose & forehead. Those needles you mentioned were injected to numb your face. If you felt any cutting, you should have told the doctor to stop. A gauze-like drape was put over my eyes & the doctor talked to me thru the whole procedure. The needles were a bit painful, but I knew it was a temporary thing. I felt no pain at all during my procedure. When he went on to the laser dermabrasion, I smelled "something burning" but that stopped quickly. I am 5 1/2 mo. post-procedure & I am very happy with my results. My saggy neck & fatty jowls are gone. I just turned 65 & I met a man recently who guessed my age as 52! The numbness in front of my ears is 98% gone. I have scarring at the base of my ear lobes but the scars are not noticeable. They are a bit sore but nothing major. It took a full month for all the redness to go away after my laser procedure. I have had many people tell me that I look fantastic & one asked if I had a make over. One friend who was with me thru the whole procedure tells me my skin looks like a 10 year old's. Dr. Swerdoff had excellent credentials & I felt comfortable with him. I met him the afternoon before my procedure & he explained everything to me. I suppose things can go wrong if you get a doctor who doesn't have enough experience doing these type of lifts. I was told by my consultant that I would have good results because I never get a tan on my face & I don't smoke. Those are all factors in how successful your procedure will be. The area under my chin was quite numb for a while, but now it is just about gone. I consider this to be one of the best things I could do for myself. I'm very sorry you didn't have the same kind of experience that I did.
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Thank you for sharing your experience . I'm so happy for anyone who has a good experience especially when it comes to one's face . There is no room for error and yet there are countless horror stories . I haven't been on line that much because although this site is very real and informative it makes me depressed when I read about the unfortunate victims who had a horrible experience . I believe I have fallen into a depression . My face is ruined :(
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I believe you can have the keloid scars near your ears lasered away by a good specialist. A friend of mine had thick keloid scars in front of her ears after a facelift, and her dermatologist lasered them off with an erbium laser. You would never know they were there. But you need to go to someone who uses lasers all the time and is very good with them.
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It would be wonderful if the life style left center I had my botched job at would kindly pay for a qualified doctor to correct and fix the damage done to my face . Is that asking for too much ?
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