1.5 months post op 34B to 36D/34DDs- Downers Grove, IL

Initially getting my breasts in was embarrassing...

Initially getting my breasts in was embarrassing to me i didnt want any. I was a tomboy growing up. Now 15 years later Im a total girly girl and after i had my second son in 2008 i decided i needed bigger boobs. i only breast fed a total of two months and my boobs are not flat they're about a 36A or 34B. just depends on the bra. Im unhappy with their size and one is fuller than the other as well as the areola. with a padded bra i look nice but w out Im just not full enough. in 2009 i went to my first consultation and just when i was getting ready to get it financed i ended up pregnant. Finally 5 years later its going to become reality. I cant help but feel like Im being selfish and that Im spending too much on myself..i keep feeling like theyre going to pop and ill end up spending so much only to end up with my own itty bittys. i had ny pre op today. i was excited now Im not sure how ti feel. going with mentor moderate plus silicone gel submuscular infra mammary incision 375 cc on left 400cc on right. have filled my prescription cuz Im not sure if its worth the extra cash going into it. i got tylenol 3 w codein and i had vicodin before for a fracture which only cost alot and didn't take my pain away. Im just confused now i guess. anyone else?


I feel the same about spending on myself. Its a good chunck of change. I know that when I put on my bathing suit this year..Ill be so happy I just did it. Lots of luck to you!
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Thank you! you too. I know it will eventually be totally worth it, just need to get it done already. :-)

Tomorrow is the big day! have to be there at 11:45...

Tomorrow is the big day! have to be there at 11:45. leaving to my bfs house tonight since its only 25 minute drive from his house and surgery is at 1. Omg i couldn't sleep all night just thinking of it and kept waking up from boobs gone wrong dreams. hoping this day goes fast and i can post pics of my new boobies tomorrow. i can hardly believe ill finally have nice boobs. no going back now!


I can so relate to how you are feeling. The anticipation is killing me. I have been having all kinds of crazy boobie dreams and can't concentrate worth a darn at work(come on Thursday-- lol). Good luck tomorrow!
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Omg Im so excited! thank u and good luck on Thursday :) Im eating now cuz come midnight no more food or drinks.

It sounds like you've wanted this for a long time, so try not to feel guilty. Good luck tomorrow and please keep us posted! Here's what Scrappy said about her first three days post-op.

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So i have boobies now!!! i got to the hospital at...

so i have boobies now!!! i got to the hospital at 11:50 signed sum papers n paid my anesthesia pregnancy test n clinic fees (1840). i was taken back to be prepped around 12. surgery scheduled for 1. filled out more papers n vitals were taken after i got undressed n put on a gown. i got put on the IV and hooked up w antibiotics. the Dr called she was running 15 minutes late. anesthesialogist came to greet me n asked medical question..all the nurses were very friendly n talkative. i was not one bit nervous at all. couldn't really believe i was there actually. they gave me zantac for my acid reflux and a patch behind my ear which ill take out in the morning for motion sickness. shortly after anesthesia guy left Dr peters arrived n apologized for being late..surgeon before her was running late so kt made everyone late. she asked if i had any further questions i said no. she went over what i was getting done and put in. she used a sharpie to draw on my boobies and measured the size of the incision. then she left and i was walked into the br then to the or. there i laid on a hospital bed that was pretty narrow. they hooked my fluids up n arm blood pressure band and everything else..the Dr for the anesthesia said ok now Im giving u a cocktail n laughed..n within seconds i felt drunk lol. then i looked at the clock it was 1:33. next thing i know Im in a diff room waking up n i have a breathing thing around my nose n mouth..i feel real tight on my chest. best way to describe it for u ladies w kids is like when Ur milk comes in and they're engorged and sore..kind of hot too. or like someone sitting on Ur chest or like doing a 100 push ups and waking up sore from Ur upper body. lol i was tired and sleepy but wanted to stay up..the nurses said i woke up fairly quick..it was 3:15pm. they let my friend come in to see me. i needed to pee but the bed pan wast helping...n i had to wait for them to move me into another room before i used toilet. i had sum tights on my legs that were like a blood pressure thing..i cant remember when they took those off. i got to see the tops of my boobies n nipples..i must be honest i think they're too small. oh no :( hope they get bigger. Im not in much pain..its just kind of warm and tight feeling but I've had 3 kids...two naturally and one w epi plus a broken ankle and a cyst in my belly that needed to be aspirated w a needle down my throat so this pain i feel is pretty mild. i hope i can say the same for the next couple days! lol i did feel very nauseous after waking up..i was given something in my iv before they pulled it out..i took two tylenol 3s at 7 pm it is now 10:45pm. hmm what else??? oh i slept the whole 1:40 mins ride home. wasn't too bad of a ride. i cant take off the bra until Friday and algo i can shower then. how long before ill feel ok to raise my arms? will the shower be painful? how long before the drop? i cant post pics from my phone for sum reason so ill try from my laptop tomorrow. thanks for reading!


Yay! Congrats! Glad to hear all went well. I go in tomorrow at 6:30 am. I am laying here now listening to my stomach growl and trying to go to sleep. Lol. Happy healing and rest well!
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thanks and good luck tomorrow!!! hope u have a fast recovery n are as pain free as possible. you will be hungry n thirsty but u will get some cookies or crackers and juice or soda right away when Ur in phase 2 recovery. i ate alot of food when i got home but my throat is dry n sore so it was hard eating solids it kept sticking. my stomach is still growling so good luck with that. cant wait to read your update :)

Woke up this morning 1 day post op. woke up with...

Woke up this morning 1 day post op. woke up with the famous morning boob. Not to bad it went away right away as soon as i got up and moved around. I took my pills on time even though im not in pain just to keep it at bay if it does come later. Still have not seen them and i was able to poop today so im not constipated although i did have to poop pre op and i was just too embarassed to tell the nurses. lol bad choice cuz i was pretty uncomfortbale all day yesterday and didnt poop til about 3:30 am today. but im much better now. I am bloated though i think from all the swelling that is traveling down and out my body. I gained 6 lbs. hope that goes away soon lol good luck to all the ladies getting boobies in today!


I need up with 425 mod plus saline. Still swollen so I'll take pics tomorrow!1
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cant wait to see em!
What size did u end up going with?
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Today is day 2 post op. was doing great the first...

today is day 2 post op. was doing great the first day and yesterday but then i got really sick to my stomach.took a zofran for nausea n one t3 then tried eating but couldn't so i just fell asleep all day. i couldn't sleep at night i kept waking up every few hours to ise the toilet.i went poop but i still felt dick to my stomach. took another zofran n laid down. i feel nothing while laying down it just gets painful n heavy when i get uo n move around..also all night n this morning I've been experiencing a lot of gurgling going on in my belly..but it could be in my boobies Im not sure. feels like animals fighting in there lol. so strange. im supposed to shower today but i might wait til tomorrow. Im in no rush to shower with these babies.actually afraid to.

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Im 2 days post op its nearly 10 pm and i havent...

Im 2 days post op its nearly 10 pm and i havent had any pain pills in 24+ hours because they were making me sick to my stomach..But i have been having diarreah since about 4 am. It has been more constant these past couple of hours and i literally have to sit on the toilet cuz if i dont it will get all over my pants with out warning. This SUCKS. I dont know if this is normal and i dont know what to do to make it better. My stomach is very upset and keeps hurting and making all sorts of scary sounds. Anyone else going or gone thru this? :-(


Congrats and welcome to the other side. Rest and meds are your friend. Take it easy and you will be fine. Can't wait to see updates and pics. Get some rest.
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I've been sleeping all day for 2 days. i stopped taking meds since last night because Im getting very nauseous and i think its from the meds. Im not in unbearable pain so i think ill be fine w no pain killers. thanks!
Thanks! I ended up with silicone. Can't wait to see yours. Lol

I slept pretty comfortably..only woke up once to...

I slept pretty comfortably..only woke up once to shift..i slept on my right side and felt ok. morning was still hard but i can move on my own better. felt good enough to go to work. I do book keeping so not strenuous at all lol. driving was awkward but if needed i was able to move fast enough. my left boob is still more painful than my right..although right is more bruised. i still get electrical shocks that feel very hot in my boobies when i lift my arms or reach for stuff. haven't looked at them today..they're very heavy n make my back n ribs ache.


You look great! The rib pain will probably only last a couple days - the "zingers" may go a little longer, but I think mine had pretty much stopped by about a week or week and a half. Glad to hear you seem relatively comfortable and are able to get some decent sleep!
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thank u! today is a much better day. ribs still get sore if i Dont lay down often. sleep is good. only wake up about once to use br. :)
They look so natural already I love your results! I want mine to be filled out like yours but I'm getting a smaller cc amount.
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Post op day 6. Woke up with very minimal soreness...

Post op day 6. Woke up with very minimal soreness today. Wow i cant believe how fast my body is healing. I can move my arms around alot better now an i dont hear anymore noises or feel that hot electrical shock feeling when i raise my arms or sit upright. Boobs look nice and they are big! BUT i do notice that fully clothed its very much the same look i had when i wore a heavily padded bra. Althought i have to remind myself that i am also wearing heavy hoodies cuz of these cold days in Chicago lol So when i start wearing less clothing im sure ill see a big diff in size. I love them so far. Also my left still hurts more than the right and i noticed my incision is bigger on the left side :-( YET i have bruising on the right and none on the left. how strange. My muscles are very tight still and i can feel them more when i move around alot and use my hands. I vaccumed my room today and it was ok not bad just a lil weird. Hope all u lladies are doing well.


Woah i'd kill for boobs like that!! 6 days out and they look pretty natural already, what a good result! I'm happy it has gone well for you.
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thank u! good to hear that..i still see them as very "fake" looking. recovery for me has been very good though. :)
Looking good! And I am glad you are feeling much better today :-). I noticed today that my boobies in clothes look very much like they did when I was wearing the Bombshell bra but that's the look I was going for so I am happy about it. You are looking great!
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Had my 1 week post op appointment today and Dr...

Had my 1 week post op appointment today and Dr likes how they look. thinks they're exactly how they're supposed to be. she said she thought they were a bit smaller than she thought they would be. but she loves this shape for me and said if i had gone bigger they wouldn't have looked natural like i wanted. I can start massaging them starting now and she said to expect lots of changes in my breasts over the next couple months. ill go back to see her in 3 months and she took some after pictures already. the massage technique she showed me didn't hurt at all just a lil weird.


Hey eceli84 your result are stunning. Happy healing to you. I can't wait to get my boobies :)
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thank u! Im really loving them more every day :) goodluck with your surgery!
Thanks eceli84..... I'm so ready lol

Today i woke up and saw myself in the mirror and...

Today i woke up and saw myself in the mirror and absolutely loved what i saw! Im on 13 days post op. I have been feeling normal and very good since day 6 and my twins are softer today..they may have already done some dropping. they create alot more cleavage too. morning boob is completely gone and has been for like 5 days. i haven't played dress up yet but my normal clothes fill out very nicely. Only discomfort i have is an occasional shock feeling that goes away very quickly. Also i notice that there a bit sensitive to the touch but its probably from massaging (squeezing and pushing in and up) twice a day. sometimes i forget i got nEw boobies til i feel them on accident or look in the mirror. yay for boobs..so far this has been a great choice! ill try to pot new pics from my laptop later. Im on my cell now. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op :) oh i forgot to mention my boobies start feeling a bit hard and "foreign" like Theres something on my body weighing me Down in the chest, after half the day of sitting or standing. once i lay back that feeling goes away and they feel mine. Im also not able to tell whats my implant and Whats my own breast tissue.


I love your breast! !! And I love How you put the 4 pictures together to Show us how u d and f!! I think the size is perfect for you! But you said u wanted to have them look bigger with your clothes on. Xoxo
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thank u. i love my boobies i think they look very nice and natural but Thats only naked..when i put my regular clothes on they seem to hide and i wanted a more noticeable look. since Im always clothed lol. Im not going around town naked so i feel i should have gone bigger just to be more noticeable in my clothes.
Well your up there in the Midwest im from Ohio and its in the 20s im blessed to move to Georgia. Im sure you will look cute in tank tops for the spring. And thanks I hope my look as good as yours do.

Almost 4 weeks post op!! i went bra shopping two...

almost 4 weeks post op!! i went bra shopping two days ago and i haven't worn the bras. i went out clubbing but went bra less w a corrset top w an underwrite. boobs were kind of sore from the material rubbing on my nipples. Im a size 34DD according to VS. but can wear 36 D. Im happy about the size but feel they're just not that big..something wrong w me! LOL.


Your boobs still look fantastic!! I'm happy for you!
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thanks :)

One month has passed and i really cant' believe...

One month has passed and i really cant' believe it! I have not worn any underwire bras yet except for taking pictures. I think i will try it out tomorrow and see how comfortable i feel. They still feel a lil sore when i hug myself. I hope they still have dropping to do and that they fluff some more. I really think if i had gotten a tummy tuck or lipo first id feel like my breasts a great size but i still feel like they are not as big. I thought i didnt want the fake hooker boob look but i guess i did. haha.
I just like that look of cleavage especially when u lean forward. Mine is still hard looking when i bend over..only way i can achieve that great pushed up cleavage is w a push up bra..which i thought i would never have to buy..boy was i wrong. I guess i have no choice but to accept it and just try to lose weight and tone my flabby belly down. Still massaging every day and applying scar gel although i feel the scar already looks great. Just feels lumpy! when does that flatten out?


You look beautiful and bras are very nice!!!
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thank u :)
Loving all those pretty bras at the end 8)!
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Finally the scars have smoothed out! yay! it all...

Finally the scars have smoothed out! yay! it all happened almost over night..they were lumpy still two nights ago then woke up almost flat..tpday theyre completely flat. oh and wearing underwire bras never hurt or bothered me since i was 4 weeks post op. only bought 2 bras..love how i fill them out. some shirts look much nicer but some still make them look very hidden. im tryimg to get on a weight loss path to get them to stand out more. i can now hug myself w out them being sore. they feel so good amd natural i cant tell the differemce betweem implant or real tissue..the lower half of my boob is permanently numb..kind of scary but its just a small area and my nipples are what i care about anyway lol


Looking lovely! I'm freaking out about losing feeling since I'm choosing my incision to be through the areola.
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Your boobs look great!
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Wow, you look great! I don't even think you need a push up - they look great as they are!
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16 months post op

Its been awhile since ive updated. Just wanted to let anyone interested know that i love my boobies. They still feel so real and i havent had any complications. I still wish id gone bigger or at least high profile. I still feel i need a tummy tuck cuz im just not happy w my body. Ugh. Here and there i feel a little bit of muscle spasms but it might be from the position i have my arms n texting all day lomg because my fingers get numb and tingly too. I noticed it doesmt happen when i take a break from my phone.


Your breasts look great! I had to chuckle when you stated how you felt you wished you had gone larger. I definitely did not want the stripper boob look but once I saw them right after surgery and they were so swollen and huge I was hooked. They have reduced in size some and will continue to drop and fluff so I know they will probably look even smaller and at times I wish I had gone larger. My PS keeps stating that the size he gave me is proportional to my frame and look natural on me. Ultimately that was the look I was going for. I was wondering if you got all the feeling back in your breasts? Mine have become super sensitive which is ironic because I was worried about losing sensitivity.
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We have very similar sizes. I'm getting mine done next week. I'm doing Mentor 375-400HP. I love the way yours look. Thanx sooo much for keeping us informed. ;)
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