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Well I'm 16 days post op from my breast lift and...

Well I'm 16 days post op from my breast lift and augmentation and I'm experiencing things that I have not found anywhere online. Four days post op i developed a blood blister/pocket on my right breast at my incision line at the bottom so i instantly called the dr and went to see him. He was glad i came in as soon as it happened other wise it could be a lot worst ( i don't know how) My doctor even said out of all his patients he only sees this once or twice a year so lucky me(NOT). I fully trust my doctor and have been doing everything he has told me to do. He compared it to a severe sun burn and i have been treating it with silver sulfadiazine cream twice a day as directed and have seen an improvement over a weeks time although it still looks horrible. I also have a small area on my left breast but its not as bad so I'm not to concerned about that. Another thing is my right implant has not settled in its pocket yet so it looks a little weird but i can not massage it yet due to the wound. I'm really concerned about this because my husband and I are moving to Guam in Sept( due to US Navy) so I really want things to be in place before we go. Right now I'm going twice a week to see my doctor so he can make sure everything is going good which he feels confident about. Although this is happening to me and probably going to be left with a bigger scar than my original incisions i know it will be worth it in the end, i just need to stay come and let time do its thing.


Ksjsublime I got 390cc moderate profile. And no it's not an allergic reaction. My PS said it mainly happens when skin is pulled to tight during the stitching up process but he told me he didn't have to pull my skin tight so he didn't think this would happen. It's just making the healing process for me a lot longer than most and of course I'm going to have a scar from this too. The scar is the least of my worries right now. I just want this to go away and my right implant to drop into place. And thanks
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What cc and profile did u get? Did you have like an allergic reaction or something? Hope it gets better for u =)
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Hopefully you heal before the move!
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Day 19 post op

I have been an emotional roller coaster these past few days. Went to see my PS yesterday and he cleaned things up a little more and said things are improving even though to me it still is just as bad but I trust him and he has takin great care of me so far. He gave me a band for the top of my chest so it will help my right implant drop bc it's still riding high. Going back Tuesday to see how things look then


Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Looking at your photos, I can see that your results are going to be amazing. You are doing an excellent job of documenting your journey. Glad to hear you are seeing your PS on a regular basis. Praying you heal quickly. Please keep us posted!

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Thank you so much. I decided to start documenting things because its a really difficult to go through something like this especially when time is not your friend. It's nice to read stories and know that everybody heals differently.
I really hope your PS gets you all taken care of before you move. I'd he mention if you need to go back into surgery?
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23 days post op

Went to my PS yesterday for him to clean things up. He removed more dead tissue an told me that everything is heading in a positive direction. Although is looks really raw he says it because its all healthy tissue. So hopefully by next I will be finished with the silver sulfadiazine cream and onto another cream to help with the healing. I'm still wearing a band to try and get my right implant to drop but he has noticed a difference since Friday. I'm definitely feeling more positive about things more than I was a week ago. I just want to heal so I can get back to my normal mommy housewife duties instead of my husband doing it all.


So what was your end results. I am going through the exact thing you are :( your pictures look exactly like mine
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I'm in the doctors office as I type this and it's been 8 weeks since surgery an I still have open wounds that have slowly been closing. My ps says that it's should all be healed within 4-5weeks then I will have to do scar revision which he is covering 100% for me. Right now I am using hydrogel(medline brand from twice a day with clean bandages. It helps keep the wound moist for the new skin cells to grow. I will try to post some updated pics tonight so you can see. It's very discouraging but keep your head up it will get better just give lots of time. How long has it been since surgery for you?
It's been three weeks... I actually made an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow to get a second opinion. It all started with a small blister full of fluid and it just went chaos from there. I am just so scared that it may turn to staph infection or something more serious. I've been keeping it clean wit hibicleanse and using triple antibiotic ointment three times a day.. I did a breast reduction because of back problems but now I wish I would have just kept dealing with that instead of this :( . What PS did you use? What state?

8 weeks and 1day PO

It's been a while since I've posted on here so here's an update. I'm still dealing with open wounds but have seen major progress in my skin regrowing. I have been using hydrogel twice a day which helps keep the wound moist to help skin cells migrate and grow over the wound. This is still an on going process but its getting better.


How you been doing?? Did the wound healed?? Sorry you had to go thru that. Good thing you had a good PS ..take care
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So I went to see my dermatologist and she gave me hope! :) She said the same thing my PS said that it is caused due to skin cells not wanting to cooperate after skin has been stretched. She said it looks good, looks like it is healing and skin is starting to grow back. I was a little concerned becaused it looked a little yellowish and she said that the reason it's like that is because new skin cells are growing. She said she has seen several cases like mine and has seen where it heals good and just sees a skin discoloration. She advised that I do not remove scab because it will take longer to heal and may leave an ugly scar. She said it will take 3-4 weeks to heal if I continue to take care of it like I have been. I'm updating this through my iPhone and can't find a way to post pictures. I also have an appointment with my PS tomorrow as a weekly follow-up. My derma gave me a little hope and put me at ease.
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Glad to here she put you at ease. Everybody is different and so is every doctor. Just do what It is your ps is telling you to do because it is their responsibility to see you all the way through to the final results. My husband is in the military so we are moving to Guam this month and I'm not going to be able to see my ps any more but he has it set up for us to do phone appointments and emails until I'm completely healed and them do my scar revision when I come back for free. I have read up a lot about necrosis and most of everything I have read they have the patients go through the debriding process to remove that dead tissue in order for new skin cells to migrate and also keeping the wound moist with either hydrogel or saline soaked gauze. I hope you have a quick recovery though which ever step your doctor takes you in. Keep me updated. I will try to post pics as I go.
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