Part One: My Story: To come Part Two:...

Part One: My Story: To come


September 11, 2012

I am crushed. Grief-stricken, in fact. I went to my pre-op appointment this morning, about an hour away from where I live. They called me yesterday to ask if I could come in 15 minutes earlier. After checking in, filling out a little paperwork, talking with my surgeon's nurse about my chart getting moved to the new system, blah blah blah... "someone" was supposed to have called me yesterday to cancel my appointment.

Not to just cancel my pre-op appointment. To CANCEL my SURGERY.


But... you asked me to come in earlier?

We don't know what happened. You should have been notified. Your Surgeon has broken his leg, and cannot do your surgery until late October, at the earliest.

But, I have 6 weeks scheduled off at work. I'm a hairdresser. A busy one. All those appointments?? My partner has a week scheduled off to take care of me. You can't be saying what I think you're saying. He broke his leg? ... Really? ... He broke his leg??

So, I guess, I'm no longer part of the "September 19th" club. They won't even be able to give me my new date until mid-October, and it will likely be postponed until January, since I can't afford to take off 6 weeks right around the holidays, the busiest time of the year.

It's like being pregnant, and having that due date first in your mind the whole time, and waiting for it and eating sleeping breathing it... then 8 days away, they say, "Oh, whoops! Sorry, you still have to wait another 3 or 4 months. Ish. We can't even tell you when exactly." Late December maybe, if the Surgeon isn't on vacation.

Grief really is the best word for it. Disappointed doesn't begin to cover it.


Part 3: To Be Determined

I am sorry to hear that Amanda! I too have to be postponed and it really does feel like grief when they tell you! I am a logical person but when I found out yesterday believe me all logic went flying out the window as if it had a rocket up its backside! I am trying to keep it together, all my friends and family are trying to help and I realise that I am not ill, but i am really devastated. I thought it would all be over with on Monday (8th). I also know the mess it leaves with regards to work life and the other half's too. He had arranged time off to help me out the first few days. It's all such a mess. I was postponed because I have colonised MRSA, an unfortunate bonus you get as a nurse, caring for patients with it for years. Many of us are carriers but it doesn't present a problem until you are having surgery. I was mad yesterday because I said I wanted my pre-op sooner to highlight and deal with any contra-indications to surgery. If my wish had been granted I could've been treated and continue with my planned op date. I really do know how you feel, it's a heartbreaking thing because the whole experience is such an emotional ping pong game already without these set backs! Keep in touch and come here for support. Just typing your thoughts and feelings down helps. xxx

So sorry, Amanda! I hope once you have a chance to absorb all of this that you can find some peace with it, and charge ahead until January! Keep in mind that you don't want a surgeon who is propped up on crutches or looped up on Percocet to be operating on such precious cargo, so you will absorb this blow, chalk it up to "there must be a reason" and get things ready to roll for when you date is here. Good luck!
Oh babe I'm so sorry this has happened to you , I hope things get back on track and your new life can start soon .

October 8, 2012 I have a new date! Finally. ...

October 8, 2012

I have a new date! Finally. January 7th, 2013. 91 days away. My first countdown was only 48 days, this time was more than twice that. BUT. In THREE MONTHS, the dream will finally come true.

One bonus to the postponement: Shortly after my surgery was postponed, we decided to buy a house! We started the pre-approval paperwork on September 25th, looked at our first houses last Monday, October 1st, and made an offer on the PERFECT house that afternoon!! We should close, as long as nobody breaks another freaking leg, on Halloween, and "take possession" that day!! Sooooo excited!!

Also, we had a home visit this morning from a dog rescue organization in our area, and we will be fostering some doggies soon! We initially were going to just adopt a second dog, but seeing how much good the rescue does bringing dogs to New England from southern kill shelters, we opted to foster instead. So we will have a rotating second (and third!) dog, and will be helping find more deserving dogs their forever homes!

Everyone said "there's a reason for everything" when my surgeon broke his leg and had to postpone my surgery. Well, I've got TWO good reasons! I'll be more than ready for my surgery in January, from the comfort of my new home, with all the four-legged love I can handle to help me recover :)

Chins up ladies! The universe never sends us the wrong direction. "It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy."
Well girl, I am still in your pocket, hope that all has worked out with your new home and new venture with the doggies.... I LIVE DOGS but as fate would have it I am severely allergic.... I am once again on shots three times a week to see if I can kick this allergy and quite a few others too - so I get two shots three times a week....but it will all be worth it if they work. As far as the BR, you will be so happy - the first couple of weeks you really have to take it easy and do all those things, the eat right, rest and hydrate is no joke... but then the third week for some is a bit yucky but I think it is because we get lax and start eating and doing things we shouldn't. That was it for me, I backed off the salt and went back to the hydrating and it improved. I documented what I did and when on my updates so no need to repeat here but it seemed to work well. I will will countdown with you again and celebrate with you when the time is here for you! hugs, margie .... I am also sending a PM.

January 2, 2013 I just got back from my Pre-Op...

January 2, 2013

I just got back from my Pre-Op appointments! Everything looks good, I'm all set to go! Monday! 5 days!! It's real! I AM SO EXCITED.

I met with my PS, the Nurse Anesthetist, and my lead OR Nurse. My surgeon took more pictures, since it had been a while (my surgery was originally scheduled for Sept 19, but my surgeon broke his leg). We discussed my general health, history, and the surgery itself. I emphasized that I want him to err on the side of SMALL. My biggest concern is that I'll go through all of this and still wish they were smaller. He said when I check in for surgery, he's going to mark me all up, and that's the most important part. That's his map, and once he gets into surgery, it's more or less "just" connecting the dots. He said to remind him before he makes his map that I want to be a SMALL C rather than a full one. I told him not to worry, I would certainly remind him! He says there is a 90% chance I will have to have full nipple grafts, and he warned me that the healing takes longer and isn't pretty, and if he can avoid it he will, but he suspects it won't be avoidable. I was already prepared for this so it didn't come as a surprise.

The Anesthetist was very nice and explained exactly how the sequence of events would go. When I get there, they will take a urine sample for a pregnancy test (I'm gay, so there's no chance of that! LOL!), it's a silly paperwork precaution. Then they will right away give me something to relax me, before I even get the IV in. Once the IV is in, my PS will come in and mark me up, then the party starts! He said they'll relax me enough so that I won't care what else is going on or what they do to me, lol. Then I go to the OR. I'll be in surgery 2.5 - 3 hours, but to me it will seem very quick, like I took a nap. I'll be in patient recovery for about 3 hours, then they'll get me ready to go home. I'll have drains in each side, and everything will be "wrapped up like a neat little package" under a surgical bra, and I'm to touch nothing, remove nothing, basically do not disturb, aside from the drains, until my post-op appointment in one week. So no showers for me! I had my hair cut extra short in preparation for this!

The OR nurse said that most patients right out of surgery say that it's more of a stinging pain they feel, and I'll be medicated generously as needed. She actually recommended that I get Arnica to take, she said it makes a big difference in bruising and swelling and that I would be glad that I took it. I had already ordered in on Amazon on the advice of you ladies, so I'm glad I did!

Before surgery, I have to wash for 3 consecutive days with Dial to decrease bacteria on my skin. The night before, no solids after midnight, but I can have clear liquids up to 3 hours before I arrive. The anesthetist actually suggested that I have some kind of sports drink at that 3 hour mark, for electrolytes and hydration, and that patients find they feel better after surgery if they do. I'm all for that!

It was so much information, I feel like I should have taken notes in case I forget something important! I think just writing it all down here right after getting home will help me remember. Now I just have to wait! 5 sleeps to go!!

I can hardly believe this is happening again. At...

I can hardly believe this is happening again. At 10:30 this morning, the office manager called. Right after I left yesterday, my surgeon resigned. No warning, no explanation. Nobody to replace him. My surgery is cancelled. He was the only surgeon I could find to accept my insurance.

He looked me in the face and discussed details of a surgery he knew was never going to happen. 4 days away. I just had my pre-op yesterday, I finally believed it was really going to happen, even after the last time it was postponed. I had the time off scheduled again. My partner and so many other people have rearranged their lives twice for this, and it's just cancelled. I am devastated. I have been crying for two hours. I don't know what to do, where to start, how to face starting the process over again. Depressed and angry and disappointed and sad. I'm scared to hope this will ever happen for me.

If you ever meet Dr Jeffrey Cole, punch him in the face for me.
I am so sorry this has happened to you , even when all goes to plan it's still a hard road . Clearly this is not a person you want doing your op . You need someone you trust not someone that singed the right paperwork coz they wanted the money and hasn't coincided your feelings at all . I wish you well and all the luck in the world xx
I am so angry for you as I know the sickening feeling of being cancelled. I say cry and cry and cry and cry until you have no tears left inside. That is so unethical of him. Good riddance I say, you do not deserve this!!! Being cancelled and having to wait longer is one thing but arranging all the things in life to fit in with your recovery is a total cow, I bloody wish he understood this. Once the anger has come down and you are thinking with a clear head, you have to complain. He may not appreciate what his cowardness has resulted in but the clinic should drag an apology out of him. You are a doctor for life, not just until you resign! Trust me honey, if you want this it will happen. I had years of hurdles to get to mine. Horrible experience fighting for something you want just to feel normal! Please keep in touch, PM me. I am sending hugs and strength your way and want you to know that you are never alone. xxxx
Totally.. What a dick.. Sorry, but he is.. How can you sit there and have an appointment with someone knowing full well that the next day you are resigning. He could have at least made an excuse to reschedule the appointment for the Pre-op so you did not get yourself even more excited and ready. I am wishing explosive diarrhea on Jeffrey Cole. LOL

I am seriously SO ANGRY. I'm a hairdresser. As I...

I am seriously SO ANGRY. I'm a hairdresser. As I said earlier in my review, it is a huge pain to plan around something this big. 6 weeks planned off inconveniences a LOT of people! I was supposed to have surgery Monday. I went back to work yesterday, Tuesday. Today is Wednesday. Every client I see knows that this has been in the works --twice-- and so therefore wants to know what happened, to commiserate and sympathize. I appreciate their concern, and it is validating to have so many other people angry at the situation on my behalf. But to have to tell the story, or pieces of it anyway, time and time and time again ... it's just making me so CRANKY!! Yes!! My surgeon is an unforgivable ass! Yes!! It was unprofessional, and I'm probably better off! But I am still very emotional about everything that I have gone through and continue to go through. Nobody can face their grief constantly and stay chipper all the time. People mean well, but honestly, I just don't want to talk about it anymore!

I called looking for surgeons today. There are none in my county that accept my insurance. There is one in the next county, but they don't accept patients from out of their local area (weird). So the nearest surgeon to me that does breast reductions and accepts my insurance is 2+ hours away. It's as if nothing I've gone through up to this point ever happened. I have to start with a referral from my doctor, who must again verify with the insurance company that I meet the list of criteria (I was already approved once, I don't understand why this is necessary). Then I have to wait for an appointment to meet the doctor for consultation. Wait for them to submit the application, wait for the letter of approval that isn't even a sure thing anymore, because they don't care that I was approved previously. Wait for the pre-op. Wait for the surgery. Drive two hours one way for each appointment. All without knowing if any of it will ever actually get me closer to my goal.

I AM SO ANGRY!!! I thought I was near the end of all of this. Life on hold. I'm not waiting for anything anymore. I'm just going to live my life as if a reduction isn't even a possibility. I'll just continue to endure constant pain and discomfort. I just wish I could get past the anger.
What a complete and utter arse! A pox on his loins, says I! No, really, how could he do that? Sit there and lie to your face like that. I would think this qualifies as professional misconduct. As bad as this is it could be worse still. He cannot be all there, pulling a stunt like this. Having him operate on you could have ended badly.

July 8th. Allegedly...

Third time's a charm? After two extremely upsetting experiences with cancelled BR surgery, I have a third and hopefully final date. I'm reluctant to be excited, and as pure self defense against a third bout of cancellation related depression, I hardly can believe it's actually going to happen. My pre-op is scheduled for the end of June, and I already have the post-ops scheduled as well.

My new surgeon seems to be a stand-up guy. It's a good thing, too, because this is my last option. As it was, because of where I live, there are few choices that will accept my insurance. I had to cajole the receptionist into even giving me a consultation appointment because I live 110 miles away from their office, and they have a policy against taking patients outside a 60 mile radius. He requested that I stay close (hotel for me) for the first 24 hours, to be on the safe side. It's only a 1 1/2 hour drive from home to the office, but apparently this policy evolved from distant patients skipping post-op appointments. I was lucky, and he saw how desperately I need this once I got into the office to see him.

The best thing I think about this new surgeon is that his method is completely different than the other guy's. The old surgeon would do a lollipop incision with drains. My new surgeon does an anchor incision with NO DRAINS! Also he said he has NEVER had to do a full nipple graft, whereas the old guy said he may have to. So, assuming it actually happens, I think I will be far happier with the outcome.

Cross your fingers and toes, hold your breath, wish on a star...


Oh my. What a time you have had.. Praying the tide has indeed turned
So the third time really has to be the charm. My ps died on 4/22. I was lucky enough to have had my surgery in Jan. I still wasnot discharged and now I need more surgery. I have a hard mass above my right nipple. I was supposed to have this removed one week after my ps died. I too had to find a new ps who took my insurance. What a pain. I wish you the best of luck and July will be here in no time. Keep us posted.
OMG you are so strong. I wanted to cry just reading your review. My op is in 14days (preop appointment is in 9) and I am TERRIFIED something like this will happen. I am very much a firm believer that things do happen for a reason and who know that last guy may have butchered ur lovely boobies or something. But I really and truly hope that this is your time! And I really hope that this is my time too lol!! Good luck!!

watch for pics on Instagram! follow me...
I am praying hard that thus is it for you. That other doctor wasn't the right person for you. God was watching out for you. This will happen and Im sure that you will be pleased with the results. Best of luck to you and please keep us posted.
We're you told to take 6 weeks off? I'm a hair stylist also and PS told me I could be back to work in a week, but to just start back light. I plan to take a week and a half an just book myself breaks between clients.
Both of my surgeons said a month minimum, 6 weeks is better if it can be managed. Too much too soon can raise your blood pressure and cause excess swelling, which can lead to healing setbacks. I want to make sure I heal properly so I can just get on with my life! Everyone is different, but personally I think 10 days is way too soon for the physical work we do! Your chest muscles help with arm balance, and our arms are constantly in the air. Read through several reviews of the women here, and how they have felt in recovery. Good luck and take care! :-)

2 weeks to go!

My pre-op appointment is this Thursday. I'm curious to see how it compares to the last one. Two weeks from right now, I'll be recuperating in a hotel room! I'm scared to talk about it. What if I get cancelled again? I'm trying very hard not to let myself go there, but... I'm afraid if I get excited I'll jinx it. I am SO READY FOR THIS TO BE OVER!!! I'm not at all concerned about the surgery itself... just whether or not it's really going to happen. I'm tired of waiting!

I will be staying busy though. Two days at work, then pre-op, then 10 days off. I wouldn't have volunteered to have time off before surgery, but the salon I work at is closing for good at the end of the week. The timing was good and bad. Bad for finding a new job and retaining clients, since I'm taking 6 weeks recovery time. But good financially, as I'll be drawing unemployment benefits instead of going without 6 paychecks! Not much, but something is better than nothing! I'll use that week before surgery to cook up some meals to put in the freezer (my partner can hardly boil water), and to get some summer fun in while I can! Keep your fingers crossed for me...

pre-op was today!

This time around was pretty straightforward and uneventful. They wanted to make sure I didn't have any active infections or viruses, and to sign consent forms and such. I asked again about the type of procedure, just to be sure. Since this was my 3rd go-round, I didn't have much to ask and the P.A. didn't have much to add. She DID, however, *PROMISE* that this one wouldn't be cancelled :-) 10 days to go!!!
Oh you poor thing!!! I felt terrible reading your review!!! But it seems like it's very legit! Please keep us posted, and I look forward to seeing the "new you"!!!! :)
I was almost in tears for you reading about your cancelled surgeries! I'm glad you only have a few days to go until you finally get your surgery. I'll be thinking of you :)
My dear sweet, i read this with such sadness, it is enough to go through this once...well you know your story....I will say a wee prayer that you get exactly what you want smaller lady lumps....x

Pre-op shopping and Surgery time!

I went shopping today for some stuff I've read from the other women here. I went to goodwill and bought a couple short-sleeved button-up shirts ($5 each), a great lightweight zip-up danskin hoodie ($5), a couple cami's with shelf bras ($3 each), and a couple comfy capri pj pants ($3 each) to lounge around in, everything cotton so it's breathable. I also went to Ocean State Job Lot and got an Ahhh Bra ($8). I'm going to go to walmart later for the front-hook bras that are recommended. I also got anti-bacterial soap to shower with, sensitive kind with no dyes or fragrance; sucrets for the sore throat afterward; and panty liners to use in place of gauze. I already have stool softeners in the cabinet, so I didn't need to get those. I think I have everything I need now! Just need to finish up cleaning the house and move everything I might need while my partner is at work to waist level so I don't have to stretch up or down to get anything.

I have my list of things to bring with me to the hospital/hotel: water bottle, easy-on shoes, prescription pills, wall and car chargers for my phone (we're 2 hours away from the hospital), loose clothes, sucrets, chapstick, and a pillow for the car ride home. Am I forgetting anything??

I called today for my surgery time on Monday, it is at 12:30pm, and I need to arrive by 10:30am. THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!!
Checking in, sounds like you thought of everything....I can only think of one more thing.... Whatever your wishes , I am sure I speak for everyone, these will be our wishes for you x
You sound like you're all ready!! Great score on all the Goodwill clothes and the $8 Ahh Bra! Good luck!!
Good luck!


Food prepared. Bag packed. Hotel booked. Checklist checked. Only 16 hours left to wait! :)
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!

4 hours and counting...

We are on our way to the hospital! It's about a 2 hour drive, I have to be there at 10:30, surgery at 12:30. I will have my partner take pictures of the surgeon's markings and anything else that seems relevant, but I won't be able to post them for a few days.

I haven't had anything to eat or drink since midnight, as ordered. I can handle being a little hungry, I don't usually eat breakfast right away anyway. But I am SO THIRSTY!! I normally have a glass or bottle off ice water wherever I am at all times. I'm seriously parched. Oh well, I will survive!

I feel like I'm in a dream. Is this really happening? I'm still paranoid that we'll get to the hospital to check in and they'll tell me I've been cancelled, or it's the wrong day or something horrific. I will feel so much better when we're there and actually admitted!!! I will post as I'm able to keep everyone updated!
Keep us posted! I'm so happy you made it there. Keep us posted on your recovery and new leading ladies! :)
Congratulations on finally getting this done! Hope all went well today, happy healing :)
I just saw your post and know that you are out of surgery and starting your recovery process by now! I can't believe you had to go through all that. My surgery got cancelled once, and it was so difficult! Maybe in your case you ended up with a better surgeon, which is worth waiting for. Keep us up on your progress! I am 2 weeks out, and have been helped so much by all the great ladies here with everything from what bra to wear to how to try to sleep.

night 1 - hotel

Everything is going great! Aside from general tiredness and thirst, I have absolutely no complaints. I'm taking vicadin every 4 hours... I think for me it is best to stay on top of any pain I might have since I have fibromyalgia. But the pain I do feel is really quite tolerable. At first it was mostly just a burning sensation at the incisions, very similar to the feeling of a new tattoo. Now, 12 hours later, I feel much less groggy, and really only a general sense of soreness and swelling. I'm sure as I continue to hydrate and take my meds and arnica montana, that will quickly improve. I can't wait to actually see them!! I can shower after two nights, but I feel no urgent desire to disturb the padding and bra I left in. I woke up taped and padded in a front-zip surgical bra that is not at all uncomfortable.

For those of you concerned about anesthesia, allow me to put your mind at ease. They gave me pepcid, antibiotics, and valium in my iv before taking me to the surgery room. I hardly remember being rolled down the hall! I took a few deep breaths into a gas mask, then woke up in recovery! Like no time had passed at all. No immediate pain or discomfort. Just exhaustion- but in general once I get to sleep I hate to wake up, so that was nothing new! My throat isn't sore at all like I was expecting. Still feel parched, but no discomfort.

The surgery took a little over 3 hours, and they removed about 5 pounds total. I forgot to ask exactly how many grams from each breast, but honestly I don't really care! Before going back to operate, my surgeon asked if I had any questions. I said the only thing I wanted to tell him was that if there was a choice between larger or smaller, smaller was what I wanted. He said he took me down to a B cup proportional to my body size. They are definitely lighter and smaller, but it's hard to tell how much with all the bandages and swelling. If I'm a B or a C I will be ecstatic!!! :-)

Overall so far I am completely convinced this was 100% worth it. Let the healing begin!!!
I am at two weeks post op today! No matter what problem you are having with pain, etc. just remember it will be better tomorrow. I actually still have quite a bit of pain, but it is much better and I think most women don't. And I think my little girls are amazing!
Congratulations and welcome to the flip side! I have been following your journey, and I am so happy that the third was the charm :) Rest well and happy recovery.
Thank you!!

First "after" pics!

For the first time in my life, my belly sticks out more than my boobs. Not crazy about this!! I knew it would be the case, but seeing it for real is disturbing. I'll be working on that as soon as I can!! My plan all along has been to stick with vegan smoothies the first week, that will help flush everything out... literally :)
Congrats, i know you are super excited, i hope all of the obstacles to get you to this point were worth it!
I am so happy for you. After all that you went through is now a memory. You are on the other side. Congratulations. You look great already. Happy healing and keep us posted :)
Congratulations you did it!

Day 2 Pics!

I have a lot of swelling. My boobs are hard, but not painful. My belly is FULL of fluid, and even though I have been taking a stool softener with every pain pill, my system is still sluggish. I took some milk of magnesia this morning to try to get things moving. I had a little bit of seeping at the T on the left this morning, probably from rolling over in bed. I'm not all that uncomfortable at all! I'm forcing myself to lay low and quiet and rest. Sleeping hasn't been a problem, I haven't had to do anything extra to get comfortable. Spending my days alternating between recliner, couch, bed, depending on how my back feels. I nap pretty often after I take the vicadin, which is probably a good thing.

I do have a question... those of you who have been through this already, what steps did you take after showering? I didn't have any specific instructions other than to let the water run down over them. I didn't scrub or use soap, just rinsed them really. Then dried them and put gauze over the incisions and put the surgical bra back on. I'm too swollen for the other bras just yet. I seem to recall someone saying that the incisions should stay dry, so I didn't dare but any bacitracin or anything on them that might soften the healing skin. Should I have?

Anyway. Everything is going really well so far and I couldn't be happier! I can't believe the difference already, and I know they're going to be quite a bit smaller once the swelling is gone! Yay!!! Happy healing ladies :)
You look great. You must be really happy that it finally happened!
Thank you! I can hardly believe it still. That could be because of the vicadin, lol.
If you're still plugged up, try some senna tea. When I showered my PS just said to use anti-bacterial soap and take it easy (no scrubbing or soaking). I would dry them as best I could before I put new dressings on. I tried not to shower everyday because I wanted scabs to form to help with healing. Third time is the charm! Glad you finally had the surgery, phew.

Days 3 and 5, pictures and quick update

I've been *trying* to rest... it's not easy! I know if I do too much too soon I will slow down healing. I keep reminding myself. I have a little seeping on my right side (my dominant side), and a tiny little blister near the bottom of the T on the left. Very, very colorful, not pretty to look at. Still a little football shaped, hoping as they settle they will be at least slightly more tear-drop shaped. But even if not, I don't really care! I have NO back/shoulder/neck pain. I am still in absolute astonishment. Those of you who are waiting for your day: IT IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD! They really DO cause all of that pain that you complain about!!

I stopped taking the vicadin yesterday because it was causing such discomfort in my belly... I did have to get up about midnight to take one because I couldn't sleep, so I took one tonight as well so I wouldn't struggle so much and just be able to rest. Trying to water water water hydrate as much as possible so that belly "problem" doesn't compound again! Honestly the constipation has been way worse than the surgery itself.

Tomorrow I am going to have a marathon TV day. Not. Doing. Anything.
Try lactose for BM ! I am always constipated due to bad thyroid, but since taking a large does of lactose before bed everything sorted ;) you don't get the cramping with it either !! A good tip for after showering, dry your girls off with a hairdryer helps with healing and makes sure you don't get dressed with damp spots! You could also try massage on scar with bio oil (I swear by it) Well done you, you've had a very long hard journey to get to this stage, but your here now so take care x
wow! you are healing so well!!!!! the incisions look great! Good for you :)

1st post-op done!

My mom drove me the 2 hours to my surgeon's office for my first post-op today. It was a nice easy ride, we chatted and listened to some tunes and had the best lobster roll with sweet potato fries for lunch!

My surgeon said everything looks great, exactly how he would expect them to look at this point. (9 days). He said in 2-3 months the swelling should be gone and the shape should be settling a little. At that point we can see if a revision needs to be done on the "points" of my little footballs :-) I told him I'm not worried about it, the weight is gone and that is the important thing. If a revision is covered by insurance then fine, but I'm not going to pay out of pocket for it, it's just not that important to me. He is so laid-back, such a nice guy. I asked if there were any stitches to remove, he said that I have a ton of stitches inside, but the external ones I have will dissolve, but there aren't many because he prefers to use dermabond. It's neater, causes less scarring, and you don't have to get assaulted one week after surgery to have sutures removed. Plus, he said, you're dealing with a lazy surgeon when it comes to suturing, lol! That is just fine with me! Overall I am so happy with his techniques. It was bottom-panel anchor, which is most likely to retain nipple health (mine are more sensitive now than before surgery). I had no drains to remove, no stitches to take out, and he didn't argue with me when I said I wanted to go from a 36J to a B if possible. I said SMALL and he said "sure". I would recommend him with no worries to anyone (including my mother, whose doctor suggested she have it done the same day I was in surgery, without knowing about me).

I am healing so well that instead of seeing him in another week, I don't have to go back for two! I have been taking 200u arnica montana every 4 hours, relafen (anti-inflammatory I take for fibromyalgia) once a day, and 1000g Tylenol as needed. Haven't taken any vicadin in a couple days, and only at night a couple days before that. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of vegetables, beans, vegan smoothies for nutrition and fiber. I think the more you can nourish and hydrate your body, the better and faster it heals. I'm certain the arnica has helped too, the bruising was pretty severe but has improved dramatically already (I will post new pictures later from my laptop at home). I told my PS that a few days ago it looked like somebody beat me with a baseball bat. He looked at me with a straight face and said "I did!" Lol!

I hope the rest of you are healing well and taking care of yourselves! :-)
Wow, well done you for not giving up! I'm really happy to read about other people who wanted a B or thereabouts - lets me know I'm not nuts!
You really do look good. I wish my doctor was willing to take me down to a D but he insists that he won't go any lower than a DD. Whatever your size is - it looks good on you.
What a lot of people don't understand is that you (or your insurance) are paying your surgeon to provide a service. It is the surgeon's job to make you happy. If what makes you happy doesn't agree with what would make him/her happy, that shouldn't matter. I was told that a D would be best for my body proportions - that's great, but it doesn't matter, because I wouldn't be happy with that. If I'm willing to accept that some random standard says I'm wrong, so be it. It's my body, I'm the one going through the pain and recovery, I want it done the way that I want it. If I were you, I would continue to insist that you want them smaller. You are the consumer, you have the power!


I'm due for my period on Sunday. I don't know if it'll happen on schedule bc of surgery, but here's my concern: usually my boobs get very tender and swollen along with all the other lovely stuff. This scares me a little with my healing progress, I'd hate to backslide. Anyone have any post-surgery period experience they'd like to share? I know the hormones are raging, cried today for the 2nd time in as many days, and I'm not prone to be tearful. Damn all this being a woman stuff!!
My period is super late since surgery on June 19th, it was due July 5th, Im not pregnant but still no period. I asked this question too, it seems that the surgery causes your body trauma so it can throw it off. Best of luck

Day 10 Pictures

Amanda 5376.... Girl you look great... Your story gives me hope and courage that everything will be good for my BR surgery on the 16. Thanks.
I am sooooo happy for you! Your are healing great. You look wonderful! You went through so much and for so long leading up to this. Your pictures are great. I can see the progress just in the days since the first one. It is now 10 months since mine and the surgery has changed my life completely...It takes a little while for the girls not to be the center of your universe, but the day magically comes when the new girls are really just "normal" you and you look at the pictures and can't believe you carried the old girls around for as long as you did! Best of the best is no more pain (neck, upper back or shoulder) and no sweaty under boob rash in the summer heat .... aaaahhhh! Days to celebrate ahead -- Hugs to you dear friend! :-) margie
Thanks Margie! Hard to believe so much time has gone by. I'm at day 11 now and soooo happy! I'm healing well with no issues, but tonight I am SO ITCHY!!! Went shopping for the first time today, was on my feet longer than I have been since surgery, and boot are the girls letting me know it! Bed soon and resting tomorrow, we're going to a concert tomorrow night! I'm living in my little shelf cami's, loooove not having big fat straps holding up all that weight! Fastest 5 pounds lost ever! Lol. I am a little obsessed... am I the only one who checks them over EVERY SINGLE TIME they're in the bathroom? :-)

2 weeks out!

I've been commenting on other's reviews and in the forums today, so sorry if I forget anything or repeat myself. I had a fairly busy weekend, was more active than I have been since surgery. Went grocery and clothes shopping (more shelf bra cami's!!), did some cooking and went to a concert last night (we splurged for seats instead of lawn tickets, expecting I'd still be tired). Today I'm a little extra swollen and tender, so it's a rest day with my son who is 9 and more than happy to be free to watch TV and play xbox as much as he wants :)

I can't believe how quickly everything is healing! The glue on my incisions is starting to peel off and loosen, some of the dissolvable stitches around my nipples are giving way, some of the dark scabs are falling off (which frightens me to death thinking everything is just going to burst open!), and the tight skin underneath the nipples is starting to peel a bit like a mild sunburn. They are a little "hot" today, but no signs of infection, so I'm thinking I just overdid it the last couple days and the girls are just unhappy. I also ran out of arnica montana 2 days ago, so that could also be affecting them. I'm expecting more in the mail from Amazon today, I take 4 of these every 4 hours, they're tiny, dissolve under your tongue, and don't taste bad: .

I'm now a day late for my period, more or less expected. I forget that this could also be contributing to the extra swelling. Oh well, off for more lemon water! Happy healing ladies :)

weekend pics!


hard to find "before" pictures! I was always in black or grey, almost always hiding my chest behind a child, dog, books, blankets... I hated those things!!

Tiny little setback...

Well, I must have really overdone it this past weekend. Yesterday the girls were more swollen and hot feeling, and I woke up with some oozing from one of the suture holes around my right nipple. I cleaned it up, dried and covered it, and spent the day resting. By bedtime, the redness and hot feeling had gotten worse in the right breast, but both were very tender (still are right now). I showered, washed them twice with antibacterial soap, and most of the glue and scabbing had lifted off. What hadn't come off already I easily removed, my surgeon said the skin was sealed after 48 hours so the glue could come off at any time. It was puckery and I was afraid it would hold in moisture, so I just took it all off. There were a few hard crusty black spots at the T junction, that were yellow and kinda gummy underneath. I didn't panic, just rinsed them off with peroxide and dried them really well with a hair dryer on low. Covered them, and went to bed. This morning, they looked and felt no better, no worse. They had moistened up overnight, so I took the gauze and bra off to let them air out. The heat persisted, so I called my surgeon for advice. I am 2 hours away, so after discussing my symptoms with his nurse, he called in more antibiotics (Keflex) to the pharmacy, and I have to drive down there tomorrow if I can't find someone to take me (mid-week seems unlikely) so they can look to make sure there isn't anything more concerning going on. I don't think so, but better safe than sorry. They said the bigger scabbed spots at the T were fine, nothing to worry about, it's the redness and heat they are concerned about. He had me draw a line marking where the redness is, so they can tell if it's getting seriously worse or improving. My partner just got home from work, she stopped at the pharmacy for me. I'm to take 2 doses now, and one more before bed, then another in the morning before I leave. I'm not super stressed out, just trying extra hard to rest and hydrate and let my body concentrate on healing. I hope the rest of you are soldiering on and taking care :)

setback pictures

Not great pictures, hard to get the redness to show up. But you can see the lack of glue, scabbing, and where the little trouble spots are.
Oh, sorry to hear about that! Just make sure you take care of yourself. Did you tell your PS that you'd need to drive yourself to see him? Maybe that wouldn't be good (or maybe it would, I don't know), but I would ask him about it. Hope it's all resolved fast for you x
I was able to find a friend to drive me! What a relief! And the antibiotics are already making everything loosen up and more comfortable. Whew!
Oh! Good news :)

No worries!

Saw my PS today. After 4 doses of keflex in 14 hours, my body responded rapidly. He said I did have a minor infection, and that antibiotics was the correct treatment. The "trouble spots" with bigger scabs he said look perfectly normal and are not anything to worry about. The seeping from the suture holes he said was probably normal too, once the dissolveable stitches start to go, the body rejects them (at which point I cut them off!), and some discharge is normal. So all in all, nothing to worry about! Woohoo!! I took my friend who drove me to Panera to celebrate :-)
Great news, glad to hear all is well! :)


Holy moly, my nerve endings are ALIVE. Lots of those "zingers" that everyone talks about, all over the inside and outside and skin surface. I walk around the house with my hands covering them so they don't jiggle. I'm not sure if that helps at all, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something at least. My girlfriend as I was getting in the shower tonight grazed my nipple on her way by, and I recoiled like she pinched me! Before surgery, she could have done that and I wouldn't have even known she touched me. So YES, the nipples are fully functional. Rehabilitated, I would say!

Roughly 72 hours after starting my 2nd round of antibiotics, the girls are looking MUCH better than before. The swelling has subsided, there's no heat or redness, and they're softer again (and smaller! yay!). Curious though, right after surgery, I was very comfortable with moving my arms around, reaching for things, etc. Now, I experience tugs and twangs sort of under my armpits that I didn't have before. So, I'm being more careful and not doing anything that feels like it's pulling at all.

All in all doing well, taking it easy, and watching way more tv than I normally would in July!! Happy healing :)

I forgot...

Oh! I started my period tonight. Only 6 days late. I suspect some (but not all) of the recent swelling and tenderness was PMS related. They do usually get very tender and swollen, I guess now I know that will still happen :-/
Glad your feeling better and a bit happier! Looking good! The zingers will cease soon enough im also 7 weeks and dont get them anymore. Before though when i got then id accidently let out a yelp, people though i was mad. Also i can go down the fridge aisles at the supermarket now too without feelibg like my nips were going to detach!
I am glad you are feeling better. I love the pictures of the shelf bra camis. I bought one yesterday and can't wait to wear it - right now my new boobs are too swollen.

Imaginary underwires...

As my healing progresses, the soreness has sort of migrated from area to area. They have really softened up since the 2nd round of antibiotics kicked in. My incisions along the T are getting steadily better, and aren't sore at all. What IS sore, is my ribs. I quit using underwire bras after breastfeeding my son (who is now 9), because the weight of my boobs was so heavy, the wires would leave me feeling constantly bruised. That's what it feels like now! I'm only wearing an "ahh" bra, which is very soft and stretchy and really almost not there at all, except to hold in the nursing pads I've switched to in place of gauze ($5.98 for 60 at Walmart), and to stop the little bit of jiggle. So the bra can't be causing the "pressing" feeling under my breasts/around my ribs. I can only assume that the bruising/swelling is being pulled down by gravity, and will eventually work its way out entirely. Also, the top/surface is very, very sensitive to the touch. Weird! I'm used to almost no sensation at all. Also, my right breast is slightly more swollen, but that's my dominant hand, and I've seen from the ladies here that it's pretty common, so I'm not concerned. I've been extra tired the last couple of days with the arrival of my period, which is generally exhausting on its own. I'm just taking care to rest/nap when I feel like I need it. I've got a couple of friends who are desperate for haircuts soon, so I may try that one at a time this week. And another friend is getting married this Saturday, and I'm doing her hair. But I'll have plenty of time, and her hair isn't long, so that shouldn't be a big deal either. Time is flying by! Half my time off is already gone, crazy. I can't imagine taking less than 6 weeks before going back to work full time. I may even work reduced hours the first week back, to make sure I don't overdo it. I'm lucky to have that option!

Before & After side by side

You look GREAT! I am so happy that you seem to have your little speed bump taken care of with the antibiotics.... super! Pain free is wonderful isn't it? But the added bonus is how good you look. WOOT!
What a difference! I'm glad you're doing we'll & definitely keep taking it easy :)
If it weren't for the tattoo, you would pass for a totally different person. What an amazing before & after photo! You must be so thrilled :)

22 days - pictures

3 weeks and a day! 3rd post-op tomorrow. The "spots" on the incision lines look worse in the pictures than they are. Nothing is open, it's just normal healing. That being said, I'm ordering some paper tape from Amazon to help flatten the lines. I don't want to use any scar "treatment"... I don't want to thin or weaken the skin, and aside from that, I'm lazy :)
You look great!!
I was too lazy to use scar oil or strips after I had my excess skin removed many years ago and you can hardly tell I ever had anything done. My surgeon said that breast reduction scars for whatever reason seem to heal really well. Also, a lot of the scarring is underneath where you can't see it. You look great. How do your breasts feel at this stage? Mine are still really swollen and I am trying to get an idea when they start to soften up like "real" breasts.

3rd post op done!

Everything looks good. He said bacitracin & bandaids for the bigger scabs. I stopped at cvs and got "sensitive" paper tape and gauze, trying that out instead of bandaids. Hopefully I won't have a reaction to the adhesive, as sometimes happens with me if there is latex in it. Won't take long to find out, makes me red and itchy pretty quickly!

He said I could walk all I want at this point, but higher impact exercise and lifting weights needs to wait until the 6 week mark, and swimming not until after everything is fully closed up and healed. I'm excited to start walking, but more so that I feel up to it! :-)
Yay! So glad you're feeling better!!! :) I have a latex allergy, and I never thought about the tape having latex in it!!! That would explain some stuff for sure! I will definitely make sure the surgeon and every one else in that OR knows that! I've gotten crazy itchy rashes after surgeries before. Even the little tiny incisions from laporoscopic procedures would get all itchy and rashy, even when I wasn't on pain meds, which would be the usual suspect... I suppose that could be a very logical explanation!
Yeah, the tape was a no-go after about an hour. Took all night and past of this morning for the redness and itching to go away! And it was latex free, I checked the package. Must be something in the adhesive itself. Oh well! Band-aids it is!
Oh man! You're kidding!!!! That sucks :( well, I guess ya know now! :-/ hopefully the band aids won't be a problem :) and btw, you look great! I'm really happy for you!!!

4 weeks tomorrow!

I'm more and more able to be out and about, walking, shopping, etc., without needing a power nap when I'm done. That feels good. Now maybe I can work on getting this belly under control! I haven't quite adjusted to this body yet... I'm not sure if my gut really is this big, or if it's fluid/swelling from surgery still. I do know that the pants I was wearing before surgery are definitely too tight right now! Idk if that's just from a month of severely reduced activity, or what. But I'm determined to get it figured out, asap :) I'm having those "bubble wrap" pops under the skin that I've read about, SO WEIRD. My first reaction is always to check and make sure I'm not oozing somewhere... even though my incisions are 95% healed, just a couple little spots that are taking some time to close up entirely. I used bacitracin and gauze/paper tape or band-aids for 2 days before my skin got really angry. So now I have that to care for too... but it could be worse. I'm just putting bacitracin on the spots and covering them with the nursing pads in my bra like before. Seems to be the best option for me.

I'm going to be adding activity as I feel I can handle it, I need to work myself back up to working shape! Only 2 weeks to go, if I don't get my belly to shrink I'm going to have to wear dresses or buy bigger pants!! :-/ Have been slacking on diet and water too, need to get that back where it belongs. Lots of work ahead, but soooo much easier now! I am in control!! :)
I can't thank you enough for your posts. You are two weeks ahead of me so I read your posts and know what to expect and what to do. I have a small opening in the same place you had and I am now doing what you are doing - if it doesn't get better I will call the doctor. I am also still bloated from the surgery - my pants are also tight and I haven't gained any weight - I have been super diligent about eating because I am so used to being active that I know I have to eat like a bird now not to gain weight. I can't wait to start jogging.

5 week picture

I need to take some recent photos when I think of it. This is the most recent picture I have available right this second. I am now 13 weeks (3 months) post surgery. I could say so much but it's the same as everyone else. LIFE = CHANGED!
They have healed beautifully. You look just great.
Awe, you look great, and you sound quite happy! Good for you girl! I still hold my boobs for every thing, don't know if it helps, but I feel like I'm doing something!
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