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I was thinking that having a double eyelid will...

i was thinking that having a double eyelid will make my eyes look bigger, hence less sleepy. Maybe prettier too, so i went ahead to do it.

i do not know what are the pros yet cuz i am not sure if the eye will look symetrical after the swelling goes off, and with the double fold i'm experiencing, its worrying!!!

cons will be the downtime i guess

i just did my double eyelid(incisional method, and epi as well)last week, today (30/7) is my 10th day. After the surgery, i realised there is a double fold on my left eye at times or when i open my eyes big which make it very ugly, but i thought was the stitch at cause the problem so i waited until yesterday for the stitch to be taken off.

After the nurse took off the stitch i realised the double fold was still there and i told her about it, she ask me to consult my doctor.

While waiting for the doctor, i realised the second fold disappeared and thought it was really the stitch that has caused it, and the doc appeared to be very busy during our post surgery consulation and i didn't bring that up.

But till today i still find a double fold on my left eye at times or when i open my eyes big.

May i know what is the cause of the double fold on one of my eyes, i'm very worried. Is it a normal? will it go off after the swelling goes down? ( my eyes are still a liitle puffy, but i can go out without getting stared at) i have read somewhere that problem is associated with (1) inadequate deep fixation, (2) damage to the levator muscle complex, and (3) excessive fat removal.??? is that true? worried.


which clinic performed ur surgery?
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I want to cheer you up too. In Korea they have super professional surgerns to perform the upper lid surgery. It's just the reaction of your body. YOu'll finally be allright. I'm not Asian, but I got my lower eyelid surgery 10 days ago in Korea too. You may see my pics in other posts. I scare ppl all around, but I still believe I'll look amaising afetr!
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Hunny, for only 10 days after the surgery, I think your eyes look great! I had my surgery for double eyelids on Sat. 9/5 & I'm still so swollen, that it's hard to open my eyes at all. But I am still hopeful that with proper care my outsome will be fine. I also did my research on the doctor I chose & the procedure itself - not to mention I also interviewed some people that I knew who had it done already. ***You should ALWAYS DO THE RESEARCH PRIOR TO ANY SURGERY related to your face (especially your EYES!!!)
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Hi, i'm back to update my review after 1+...

Hi, i'm back to update my review after 1+ years. For those who thought i was impatient cuz it was still to early to tell bla bla bla...i can comfirm that i WASNT! Cuz after close to 1 year into the surgery my eyes was still like that. droopy on one side! so i emailed my doc and he agreed to do a revision for me FREE. so i flew all the way into Korea to get my problem "fixed"... and guess what? 3 months after the surgery my left lid drooped again and the stitch cant seem to hold on ( but it was better than after the 1st surgery), i emailed the doc about my condition again and he said this is his exact reply " some skins have strong strength to be returned. That is the reason the eyelid are getting droopy on the left eyelid again" and he needs to take a look on what can be done. i'm wondering if anyone has that problem and why is it not happening to my right eye but just the left since it's "a skin problem"??


which clinic did you go to? Thanks ***@hotmail.com
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I am so sorry you went through this. did everything work out in the end?
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It looks like too much orbital fat has been removed during your surgery, which has resulted in the sunken and hollow left upper eyelid. You also appear to have developed multiple skin creases above the left double eyelid which is common after unnecessary fat removal. This can be fixed by fat transfer from other part of the body or using a substitute, such as fillers. It's not a skin problem, your surgeon is obviously not very educated. I'm not a doctor, yet I can easily see the problem. If I was in your position, I would go for revision surgery with another more experienced surgeon.
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i'm unsure if i can get my eyes looking normal :(

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