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Do not go here! He ruined my body and lied to me...

Do not go here! He ruined my body and lied to me about what he had done. His liposuction is the worst. My body is ruined and other surgeons are shocked at the poor surgical plan, scarring and work. When I raised my concerns with daryl - he was very dissmissive and patronizing, denying that he could see what I complained about. Instead of reassuring me, he raised his voice at me telling me that he had other patients to see and that there was a point when he had said enough. He removed too much fat leaving crater deformities and my skin became adhered to the underlying muscle. His poor planning has left my nipples sagging below my pec. When asked about why everything caves in, he simply lied that it was because of my ribs.
Do not go here.
If you do don'tt trust him when he says he will do a good job. He will lie about his experience and whom he has worked on. Make sure you go through each possible complication with him, and as to what he will do about each one of those if one should arise. Also check that it can be corrected. Chances are he'll lie about it anyways.
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Darryl lies and is extremely dismissive and patronizing when his work has failed. He will deny that it has failed and keep saying that you need more time for your final result to appear. He will further try and get rid of you. I'll never forget what he put me through and how he treated me.

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I'm sorry you had such a negative experience.  Are you planning on seeing a different doctor to discuss correction, or are you okay to live with the results?
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Hey Jill - thanks a lot for your comment. It's not something I can live with - I've been down about the whole thing the last few years. But slowly I've become more positive about it. Sydney surgeons aren't too sure how to go about fixing the mess Darryl created. I feel like I'm being such a burden to them - hoping that they can repair me. They aren't too sure what to do as yet and are consulting overseas colleagues. For the time being they want me to concentrate on leaning out and building my chest muscles more / so that they can see exactly where my chest sits under Darryl's poor work.
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It would be interesting to know when the liposuction was performed. If it was recent, then you would probably want to allow more time for everything to settle prior to intervention. If it was some time ago, then there's no point in waiting any longer before attempting some correction. I would have thought your corrective process would involve a combination of subcision to tethered points and fat transfer to reaugment lost volume (assuming you have some accessible and redundant fat elsewhere).
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Hey John - thanks for the advice. I can always come and see you for a consult about it if you like. The reason why the other surgeons I've seen aren't too keen to go ahead as yet - are because they cannot adequately see the lateral or lower borders of the chest muscles / as the lipo is so poorly done - the pinch thicknesses are all over the place and the skin hasn't contracted adequately. So loose skin and poorly sculpted fat lead to this soft mess. If they fill Daryl's crater deformities now / they weren't sure of what would happen to their fat grafts as I lean out overall. The grafts might look off. Also there isn't enough fat left for them to do a nice fat flap graft - as daryl has ruined any chance of that with his dodgy lipo. They said the fat injections might not look as good on movement and flex. Also as the nipple is below the chest wall now (again from contouring being done in a wrong area and direction by darryl) - there is no point filling under that - when I would want it sitting over my chest in the end. So I am on review whilst I workout with my trainer to lean out and build a bigger chest - see where the nipple sits as the chest stands out more - and then go from there. I had a separate surgeon suggesting to just liposuction around the mess that's there to even it out / but I don't know what to think / as the other set of surgeons say that won't lift the nipple at all now.
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I forgot - but it was done a few years ago now as well.
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