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I am 42 years old, with 3 kids, 20,17 and 14. I...

I am 42 years old, with 3 kids, 20,17 and 14. I had a lot of loose skin and had a hysto last year, the dr. Cut me up and down and it left a bad scar. I have done alright after my tt and lipo. The only problem I have had is after he took the drain out at day 10, I started draining out of my bb, a lot, I woke up covered in blood . I went back to see my ps and he said that after he took the drain out I filled up with fluid and it ound it's own escape route, thru my bb. He cultured it and it came back infected, put me on 1500 mg of cipro a day. I found when I took a shower the water was going in thru my bb and when I got out I could push on my stomach and te water would come back out my bb, so had to find a way to bathe with out the water getting in my bb. I'm still sore and still can't stand up straight, but he told me that he made it really tight and it would take a while for me to stand up. I go back and see him Wednesday , so hoping he will let me start doing more. I still have a little drainage coming out of my bb, hope it is nothing major!


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Hang on and better days are ahead.  The first couple of weeks are the worst but you will then notice things ease up.  Wow that's crazy about the belly button.  I am glad you figured that out so you could get it under control.  

Keep us up to date on your progress:)

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It hasn't cleared up yet, thought it was better yesterday, but fooled me, woke up these morning with it oozing again. I go back and see my ps Wednesday , so maybe he can tell me what is going on. I am very satisfied with all the rest and my bb looks good to, but just want stop oozing, it's been 4 and 1/2 weeks now. Thanks to both of you for your kind words, hope you are both doing good also.
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Hope the infection is cleared and wishing you happy healing from here on out!!!
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I tried to download pics. dont know if it worked...

i tried to download pics. dont know if it worked or why they are upside down, crazy! maybe you can see.

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Oh my goodness, been sneezing all day, so sore...

Oh my goodness, been sneezing all day, so sore tonight that I had to take something and not moving a lot! That's what I get for living where there is lot of pollen! First time in a while that I have had to take a muscle relaxer! Hope it's better in the morning!

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My husband took me out tonight and bought me a new...

My husband took me out tonight and bought me a new red two piece bathing suit!! Lol!! After 28 years together , I must still have it! Lol


Thought I was going to get to try it out today, but woke up with it 70 degrees outside and the wind blowing like hell, it's been almost 90 degrees here for the whole week and then it gets time to go to the river and it's 70!!! What's up with that!
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Your husband's sweet! I love the red suit and you look fabulous! Hope you continue to heal with no complications.
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Thank you, he can be sweet when he wants to be! We have been together since I was 14 and he was 17..dated 7 years then been married for 21 years, so I think I have earned a little niceness for putting up with him or 28 years! Lol

Went back to the ps today! Said I could gradually...

Went back to the ps today! Said I could gradually start adding more activity. But I have one place on my pubic area on both sides of my cut that is really red! He said he did not know what it was, but if it got any worse he wanted me back and he was going to open it up, with a little hole and see if it would drain any infection out! Ugh!! Hope not!! Other then that said he would see me in a month! Hope everyone is doing good and healing well, and those waiting stay clam everything will be fine!


Thanks, des moines4911, I tried to wear it to the river yesterday, but got there with our new boat and something tore up in the motor, it's always something! My kids said I was bad luck, they have been three times on it and I go and it tears up!! But yes I have to make a trip to panama city beach and show off!! Lol
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You look great and I saw KEEP the swim suit!! Your gonna have to plan a trip to the Gulf to show off and strut your stuff!!
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Well, started back walking today! Yah me! I was walking 4 miles a day before the tt, but could only make a mile today, so that's a start!! Will try to do more tomorrow and keep adding more until I can do the whole 4 miles again. It felt good to do something, hope everyone else is doing good and the ones waiting time flys!!!
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Thinking about all the girls going in today! Good...

Thinking about all the girls going in today! Good luck and healthy healing!!

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Well, I am 8 weeks out today from a full tt and...

Well, I am 8 weeks out today from a full tt and lipo to the flanks! All I can tell you is that it does get better, most of the swelling is gone, still get some at night if I am up all day working, but for the must over it. Not to say that I don't still have pain every now and then, if I do to much or lift something. But mostly when I cough. The scar is already down to nothing. The only thing I have to get used to and did not even think about was my back bone, ever since I had the lipo when I bend over I can feel my back bone against the skin and it's been a long time since I could feel that, doesn't hurt just weird! Hope everyone is doing good!,


Kathy, I'm still the same way!! I cleaned out the show cow pens the other day and my stomach muscles killed me the rest of the day, but I can tell you it is way better then before!! I feel like I payed all this money and now I'm just supposed to sit here and gain it all back, because my ps does not want me doing anything, like lifting and pulling until I'm 6 months out, but can't do that!!! Started back doing some exercise and messing with all the show animals, but I try to be careful, not wanting to pull anything back apart!! Went to the river and it was sooooo nice that I looked as good or better then the 20 year olds there!! Lol!!! IT DOES GET BETTER!!!
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Thanks, I actually am in a size 12 now!! Was a 16-18 when in had the tt!! I still have some muscle pain, my ps said it would take 6 months from the date I'd surgery for the stomach muscles to be healed, so that you can't tear them back apart!! Only hurts when in do to much pulling and lifting around my bb!! Hope you and everyone is healing and making progress!!
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glad to hear from you tmama, im 3 1/2 weeks and have been doing good but last day or so seems like i am swelling more, i have been walking more but thought that would be a good thing, not overdoing anything, kind og ready to be "normal" again but have realized that may be a while, im very happy with the outcome, just wanting to do more and cant, any advice is appreciated, dont really know if im doing too much at times or not enough, was sick to stomach all night, diareea etc, not sure what that was all about, walked around a festival for a while, took it easy but walked alot, who knows...............

Well, girls I'm 13 weeks post op today!! I went...

Well, girls I'm 13 weeks post op today!! I went from a size 18 to a 10-12, I thought at first I would not get this size, because after surgery I was bigger then before the surgery, but I was buying new clothes and started with 16's and they got to big and then went for 14's and then they were to big and now 12's, I could get in a 10 but I don't think they will go over my butt!! Lol!! 12's are big in the waist but I wear a belt, I have always had plenty of junk in the trunk!! Now I am balanced out! If I have one more person ask me if I had a boob job I will scream, I tell them no I had a tt I always have had big boobs I'm a 36 D, they just are not sitting on my stomach anymore and you can see them!, lol!! So to all of you just having it done or 3 or 4 weeks out it does get better and the swelling goes down more and more, even after 3 months!! I still swell right above my scar, but it goes down at night, hope everyone is healing well!!


Beautiful results! :) Congrats to the beautiful new you!
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Hey Ana313' thanks I just weighed and I have lost 27 pounds so far, I just looked at your page and wow your results are great too!!! My husband has said the same thing, he can't believe my rolls are gone!! He was bad enough before my surgery and now I can't keep his hands off me!!! Glad you are doing good, I still have some ab soreness and numbness, but other then that I'm good, walking and going to curves, after my work outs laying in tanning bed, the heat feels good to my back where I ad lipo!!
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