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Hey so I am 29 yrs old and a mother of 2. I had...

Hey so I am 29 yrs old and a mother of 2. I had been wanting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation for a few years and finally it was financially feasible. My surgery was on April 30th. So today I am Post op 5 days. I am doing very well pain wise. I haven't had anything since yesterday morning and that was only one muscle relaxer. I am walking around a bit but not straight up and that is really annoying. My back kills and I think if not for that I would be doing much better. My first po appointment is tomorrow so I will try and update on that.

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I am currently on post op day 11 and feeling...

I am currently on post op day 11 and feeling pretty good. The main thing right now is swelling and just getting tired easily. I am really looking forward to this whole swelling stage to go on feel pregnant sometimes and I feel like I look like it. Even with all of this I know I did the right thing and am still looking forward to flatter days ahead. One more exciting thing, I got my drains taken out on day 8. My goodness I felt 10 times better without those things hanging outta me.


Hello. What is your weight and height? Your belly was pretty flat to start with too, already looking awesome though. What type of implant did you have and how many cc?
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I'm 5'5 165. It was decent standing up but I've lost over 100lbs and bending/twisting would leave me with saggy hanging skin from my ribs to my nether region. Thank you! My implant is smooth round silicone gel. I don't know exact cc amounts, I'm going to my PS tomorrow for my 2 week check and stitches so I'll ask him.
You look great :). I will follow your progress! My swelling is driving me nuts. It's worse on the right and pushing my bb over so its not centered... :(
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Had my 2 week po app. Everything is healing...

Had my 2 week po app. Everything is healing beautifully doctor says. I'm actually really noticing the change in swelling, I just have to remember that I am ONLY 2 weeks out so just give my body some time and it will end up good. I squeezed my butt in some jean capris so I'm happy I can wear something other than yoga pants. I hate wearing yoga pants BC the garment I wear is like a topless bathing suit and it gives me this weird butt cheeck ripple thing. Haha I'm doing pretty good, I just notice if I've been going all day, very tired like right now.


You look great!
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Yes time will heal!   Hang in there and start thinking about all the shopping you can do in a while:)

Nearly 11 mos po!

I'm feeling great, living my new body. I've been going up and down with my weight unfortunately but the results are still fantastic. My ps keeps saying "dang!! I've done a real good job with you!" Lol can't say I disagree. I have a little big of a dog ear on both sides and actually had a date a couple of weeks ago to fix it but I backed out bc I would be unable to exercise for 4 weeks. Nope, I've got summer to worry about. I'll fix that next winter, I can live with it now.


Why do you have your review as "not sure"? Just curious as to whether or not there's something that bugs you? I think you look great and that you chose a really natural size implant. Your results are very good.
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Hmm, that's a good question. Haha I've tried fixing it, but it's not working. I'm 100% for it all though. Thank you.
You look awesome!! Your scar healed so nice!
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Dothan Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Baker is absolutely wonderful! He is a perfectionist and it shows. He was so patient with me and answered all of my questions.

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