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Wanted to target fine lines, acne scarring,...

Wanted to target fine lines, acne scarring, blemishes, sun spots, and overall tone of skin. Longer than expected downtime. Thought I could go back to work on day 3... Not!

Day 1---Swelling and tightness, a little pink. Stays this way for days 2 and 3 --but way worse. A lot of swelling around eyes makes u look like you've been beaten. No bruises though. Brown pigmented dots start to form and rise to top on day 3. Uglyyyyy. Tight and cracking. Puss bumps and some bleeding on areas hit the hardest like around corners of mouth. Don't have any plans for a week. Seriously!

Day 4---worst day because your skin is wanting to slough off but it's not ready. If u rush it, u will bleed and scab. On the 4th night I was able to put my face under sink with soap and cold water and gently exfoliate a lot of the brown dots with my fingers. Be careful though.

5th day better but swollen still. That's where I am at the moment. Hoping to have fully exfoliated face by tonight.


This is day two. I'm extremely red and swollen. Entire face swollen. Looks bad. Skin feels like leather and very tight. Not painful tho. This is totally different from my first laser. However this time I asked for a more aggressive treatment. My first one had minor results. I think the setting was too low and they do that on purpose so you have to come back again. More $$$ for them. Hopefully this one will do the trick. Good thing I'm off work. No way could I go to work looking like this. I work in retail. I'll keep everyone posted.
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I had my second Fraxil Laser today. Some minor swelling on upper cheekbones. I'm s bronze pink color and neck is redder. Feel vert tight. Not painful tho. I'm using Skin Medica Restorative Ointment and Skin Medica Cleanser and Mousturizer. She used more aggressive settings this time to address skin texture. I had mild results from the first treatment. I'm taking several days off. Last time day 4 and 5 were the worst for peeling.
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I believe I know exactly who you saw for your treatment. I sincerely hope you're more satisfied than what I was! The doctor has a great bedside manner and his staff -- at least when last went years ago -- are very accommodating and polite, but I just didn't get the results I expected from the treatments I endured. A word of advice...Aquaphor works well to prevent cracking and bleeding associated with case you've never used it, it has the consistency of Vaseline, but will prevent painful dryness and cracking. I've been required to use it for other laser treatments through other physicians, and although I HATE the way it feels and the fact it may cause some whiteheads, it works well in preventing that super tight feeling of dryness and itching.
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It is Almost two months later after my first...

It is Almost two months later after my first fraxel restore, and am using the obagi blender and retin a micro .04% to maintain results. Personally, I feel like it has rejuvenated my skin by five years. That's worth it to me. hope the retin a keeps my skin in good shape. Getting my second fraxel on dec 12. Might ask to turn it down a little since last time I was out of commission for five days with scabbing and major swelling. I'm still glad I did it. You have to be ready for a change because its very expensive and u look horrible for five to six days.


I had the fraxel laser 1 week ago today, please if anone can update on the results that they have, how many treatments you have had, and the length of time it has been! I am now reading horror stories and am scared to death I made the wrong choice! Please help enlighten me, Thank you and God Bless you all
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Thank you for info and photos, May I ad that is bit unhelpful to see photos during process of healing and than after results without seeing how you looked prior starting this treatment , there is nothing to compare to ?! see my point , so hopefully you can ad photo before you proceeded with this treatment for actual difference/change of appearance to be seen
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Had CO2 fractionating laser done yesterday - your results seem similar so far. My face is really hot - the ice pack is helping - plan to be housebound for at least 3 days. Hope its worth it!
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Okay so after 2 fraxel restores and retin a micro ...

Okay so after 2 fraxel restores and retin a micro .04 percent for 4 months I'm happy with my results. 5 yrs younger looking for sure


Whoa, think I am going to cancel my scheduled first ( and I thought ONLY) Fraxel treatment. I was blessed as a kid, no acne, no scarring. I just wanted to have my small lines diminished and get rejuvenated. Does NOT sound worth it...

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thanks Marilyn: what has your new dr suggested? are you happy with everything else besides the redness (and line you mentioned)? overall texture? what type of treatment did you undergo? I'm asking because I have just set up another consult with another dr with a different type of laser... I'M SCARED TO DEATH - it's been 4 weeks for me - 1st dr was dermatologist, this one is a plastic surgeon.
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Do not do anything. Go on the site ipl damage and fraxel damage. Look at the pictures. After the fact now. I have some on that same damage. Also there is some damage to my eyes. I am going back to the eye dr. Cornea can get burned. Don't do anything. They lie. I did not expect the terrible burn I got. I thought this was just a lite peel. Fraxel. It turned out to burn my face. Brown squares. I look at the pictures and now the damage. I want to contact the reporter mentioned in the damage website. Melanie woodson
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