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I am having surgury on wed. I live in north fl...

I am having surgury on wed. I live in north fl but, I am having my breast done in Dothan. I have choose to write about my experiance because i had a hard time trying to find things out there about recovery. I am so nervous. I am going from a 34 b to hopefully a 34 to 36 d. I am pretty active I do weights and cardio six days a week. I also live by weight watchers. I am 5'3 and 1/2 and I weigh 126. I want to lose about 6 to 10 lbs more after my surgury. I have two kids 10 and 6. I am really nervous about this but i have wanted it since i was 16 and I am now 30. There is nothing wrong with my boobs they are just small. Well I guess I will post again in a few days. I hope this will finally make me feel like a woman and not a preteen going through puberty.

I just want to say thank you to all the woman on...

I just want to say thank you to all the woman on this site for your post and pics. it has really made me feel a little more at ease for my implants on Wednesday.

Welcome to RealSelf! I was a 34A/B before my surgery, I am now a 34D. I am 5"2 and 125lb. I also love going to the gym and am glad after 3 months I'm finally back in full time. You will do just fine, sounds like you have a great Hubby who is involved. You will need to lean on him during recovery. Remember just take things easy don't push yourself and take your meds when you need them. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and please keep us posted on your recovery.
You.ll be fine 81. You.ll see! Booby girl to join the ranks! Will be thinking my best thoughts for you and your new way of life soon to be!

Okay so just one more day. I call today to get my...

Okay so just one more day. I call today to get my time for in the morning. I am scared about looking like an ailen afterwards. My kids have no clue why they have to stay with the grandmas for the rest of the week. And to my surprise my ten year old has not even asked. I am going to buy a bra today i think not sure if I should wait till after what do you all think? I will try to post some pics today for the before. No telling what the after will be lol!!

I got my surgury time of 5 am today. we are waking...

I got my surgury time of 5 am today. we are waking up at 220 and driving the hour and half to dothan. I m pretty excited now. Goodbye little boobies you have served me well for 30 years but, I am no longer going to be the pres. of the itty bitty titty club. I'll let you know how it all turns out!
Thank you! I'm getting excited!
Good luck to you tomorrow! You'll do great!!
Thanks soooo much for all your kind words. Really happy today but still a bit scared.

At the hospital now. Very nervous but can't wait...

At the hospital now. Very nervous but can't wait to see the outcome. The drive seemed very short to get here. But we madeit. Let u know how it goes soon.

OK so I can't sleep and I need to. I just ate a...

OK so I can't sleep and I need to. I just ate a whole Hershey bar hope it'll help me go to the bathroom. I don't feel to bloated. Just swallon in the Tara's. Are how long do they stay numb. Someone please please tell me. I'm still kinda not happy. About the size I wanted. Bigger I know my Dr. Did what he knew to be best though without thinning the skin and given a good natural. Look. They look good to me and they are better than before.

I really want to put up a pic but can't do it. I'm...

I really want to put up a pic but can't do it. I'm not seeing a option. Too. Earlier when it says Tara I mentioned boobs. He did 360on one side and 340 on the left. We were aiming for 370 but he said that would thin my tissue once he got in there we agreement it may be more are less. What size bra do u think ill need.
Thanks doing OK so far. I cannot sleep at all. Its driving me nuts. I'm tired but can't sleep.
How you doin 81 ? Happy boobie girl?
Hahah! I hope you're a "happy boobie girl" like Kim said! Hope your surgery went well and you're on your way to a swift recovery!

I'm so happy today. I feel great. Some soreness...

I'm so happy today. I feel great. Some soreness which I expected. I'm doing half a pain pill and the SOMA and rotating tylenol. I went to my prepping they look so good skittles swapping though. I'm real bloated. I have not had a bowel yet but zpected that. I'm just tired almost home going to talked a long nap. I'm so glad I did this
They look awesome and my right nipple is no longer numb. This happy boob girl is going to rest.

Finally got some much needed zzzz's. I feel better...

Finally got some much needed zzzz's. I feel better but pretty slugish. My sister in law called and my husband had to call her back because I could not even remember the converstaion. lol! I am very shocked at how well Im getting around and able to move my arms. I would love to do a walk on the treadmill or an ab viedo but, the Dr. told me not get my heart rate up for two weeks due to bleeding. AM I EVER GOING TO POOP AND LOSE THIS BLOAT? I feel like the girl from willy wonka who blew up like a blueberry. And if anyone reads this I strongly give this piece of advice before going in for your breast implants lift weights a few times a week and stay in shape. I know the strength training I've been doing the past few weeks is what is helping me to be able to get around and move my arms. I just hope the worst is not yet to come. I LOVE my new body. I feel like a woman finally. :)

Good Morning! Feeling pretty tired and sluggish...

Good Morning! Feeling pretty tired and sluggish today. Just when I think I can get up and move around I feel I need to lay down again. My mother and mother in law have been so helpful with my kids. I have not seen them since tues night but, i have talked on the phone with them many times. They are going back to my moms tonight and then they ll sleep here tomorrow night. My hubby has been pretty good. He got in the shower with me last night and washed my hair and the blow dried it.
I really can't wait for the bm to come. still has not happened I'm going to eat some plums. when my husband gets home I will try the warm prune juice thing. Thanks for the idea. Well going to put my ice pack back on and see if I can take a nap!

Okay so lotsss of soreness on my right side. That...

Okay so lotsss of soreness on my right side. That is the side that got the 360 cc. I seem to have more room to massage on the left and it already feels to be softer. All I wanna do is sleep my husband said it is most likely the soma. I am still waiting on someone in my family to bring me the prune juice. I'm going to put more food in my belly now. Soon I m going to look like Im having a baby. ugggh still so bloated.
Okay its been three days and I have yet to have a bm. Im not one to talk about things like that but its driving me nuts. I have drank prune juice, magnisum citrate and taken stool softeners and still nothing.
Hey 81! Good to hear you.re doing well! Indeed keeping strength is important for mobility and recovery! As for heart rate...very important to keep calm. Dr is right. The fourth day after my ba i took a "walking tour" to my gate at miami airport. I felt like i needed an ambulance after that. Truly was not sure if i cud make my flight. But after about half hour and resting i was good. Dum move on my part! As for bm.s try either milf of magnesia or warm prune juice. It took me three days! You will also feel bloated from the drugs, anesthesia, swelling, etc... it will pass tho. You.ll see!
But hey!! Welcome to the other side! I look forward to reading how you.re coming along!

"Well I was finally able to use the bathroom last...

"Well I was finally able to use the bathroom last night. I feel so much better. I still have the bandage around me and I am still pretty sore. I really hope I can get out of the house today. I have stopped my pain meds and Im just taking tylenol. How long does it normally take for them to soften. I had saline?
Yippee for bm.s after ba.s! Ha! It.s the little things that really mean the most !
Hey Happy Boobie Girl! The tough stuff is past now its time for patience. I am 2 1/2 weeks ahead of you and i recall the first five days is interesting in that you have a tightness at the chest. It will ease. The softness is very near. My right breast was soft about a week later and the left is still behind but soft to the touch. Just more owchier. I had 450 in the left so thats probably partly the issue. Anyway... each day will be that much better. You.ll see! A lot of times after a ba we get moody so that will also improve. Cheers! Welcome to the other side!

Ahhh! I feel so much better today. yesterday was...

Ahhh! I feel so much better today. yesterday was pretty rough on my tummy but, I woke up this morning not bloated. I weighed myself and ive gained three lbs. with the boobs. I feel great today. Last night was awful though maybe the worst yet. I was very sore under my left boob and at the top on the right. I slept with ice in both spots on my back and no ace bandage or support bra. When i woke up I felt awesome.
I am so happy with my new body. I have never felt this way about myself. I am so ready to go bra shopping. I bought one bra from penny's that zips in the front. I got a 36 D and it seems to be to tight still. I have gone out twice and both times the bra has lasted about 2 hrs without killing me. After that Im ready to take it off. We just got back from breakfast and target and Ive wrapped myself back in the ace bandage with ice in a washcloth on the left top side.
Also it is driving me nuts not to excerise. I know Dr. Owen told me not to get my heart rate up. but, between the no sex and no excerise Im going stir crazy. Im think of yoga. I have only done it once and Im not sure if it will get my heart rate up to much. Anyone familer with yoga. Give some advice here please.
Thanks kimboobs!

Today has been pretty uncomfortable so far. My...

Today has been pretty uncomfortable so far. My left side hurts pretty bad. I am hoping to go out and get a reg. bra today. I am still pretty stiff om my left side an dhope it will soften up soon. I am un sure at this point if I m happy or should have stayed with my lil b's. When do these things ever start to feel as though they are part of your body?
If i.m reading your updates correct you are at day 5. Thats was theeee worst day for me. Things will get better!
Well hey boobie girl! Thanks for thinking of me. Yesterday and today i.ve done well. Finally! I.ll post an update as soon as i have some extra time. But i.m 19 days out with good and bad days so it.s refreshing to say i.m doing well for two straight days. I read your update. Patience friend! Thats all i can say. Aside from the ba we had i really think it gives us wicked mood swings and messes with our heads. Your reactions that i read are very normal. I promise. Tomorrow will be a better day. Each day post ba your boobies will feel like you.re own. I swear they just felt like tennis balls plastered againstmy chest ! Ugh. Hang in there! Chin up! Do something for yourself to get you out of your funk. More later!
How ya doin kimboobs? Are you still pretty sore or doing well?

Hey BA gals! So we are on day 6 now and I am...

Hey BA gals! So we are on day 6 now and I am feeling better than yesterday. I swear everytime I take a deep breath without my ace bandage or sport bra on I feel the implant inside my left boob on the side. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe im nuts and its all in my head.
Hi 81 ~ Yeah... the implants don't really feel as though they belong or a part of you by day 6. I could feel them at that time. I really can't now as my skin stretched and is getting used to them. Not 100% of course but I'm only 20 days out. Be patient and do everything the doctor said to do. Definitely do light massage when you feel tenderness as it truly will help. Massage brings blood to the area and blood carries oxygen. It's very good for healing purposes.... Oxygen is imperative for healing !! Do light massaging as much as you can every day. ME?! Last night I rolled on to my boob and it HURT! For a good ten or fifteen minutes it was really owchie... To the point where I actually vocalized it. I don't usually complain about every little zing or ding or ping I get with these newbie boobies but Jeeeeez! Ok. I won't do that again. Promise! But I forgot I had new boobies! See!? You'll get there! Hang in there 81!!

1 week post op today! Feelin good! left still...

1 week post op today! Feelin good! left still hurts a bit. Doing my massage once an hour or so. I drove to the back road in my neighborhood today. I am still pretty sore on the left but I was able to turn the wheel with my right arm. I am hoping to take my kids to the Wimpy kids dog days moive Friday.I hope I am good by then I know they are getting tried of staying at home over thier summer vacay. Maybe we will walk to the park later.
I did not use pain meds or muscule relaxers last night woo hoo! I don't like pain meds much unless I really need them. Well Im off to start lunch. Hope everyone has a pain free boobie day lol!!!!
thanks so much for the encourgement kim!

Im feeling great today. A little sleepy though. My...

Im feeling great today. A little sleepy though. My tatas are softer the massage helps a bunch. My nipples are somewhat sore today but, I hope that means more of the sensation is coming back. That has been my biggest fear of this whole process. I really wanted to keep that. Overall I would say day eight is looking to be the best so far. :)
Hey happie boobie girl! Well yay and yippee for you! So glad to hear you.re feeling good! Now i.ll take this opportunity to say "welcome to the other side!" ~annnnnd~ you.ve joined the ranks! Hahaha! Woohooo for bigger boobies!
Hey, did that weird feeling that you explained that it felt like you could feel your implant internally....did that go away?

Well its only three days until my two week mark...

Well its only three days until my two week mark and I am doin good so far. My boobs have got a lot softer and feel like part of me now! woo hoo! I am very shocked at how well I am doing. The only time I seem to have trouble is when I bend over for a few seconds. I bought my first new boob swimsuit today and went to the beach! It really felt awsome to look good in a bikini. :)! I started driving two days ago. So far no probs. I plan on going out to finsh my kids school shopping tomorrow and hopefully have some summer fun. I have to go to court on Wed for my ex's non paid 13,000 dollar Child support. Wish me luck! I sorta can't wait for my ex husband I have not seen in three yrs to see the new me. LOL! I am sure he'll take a double take! I just plan to look at my husband now (who supports my daughter) and give a big smile! Good Luck to all you guys and your BA's!
Excellent to hear 81! I think like all of us you'll have good days and not so good days. Until we fully heal that's how it's going to be. Each day is a different little "hmm, what was that?" (hehehe) But NOW! When you look in the mirror it is awesome isn't it !?!
So glad to hear you're a happy boobie girl! And the x-thing.... kick his asssss! Flaunt those babies - wear a nice low cut sexy but sophisticated outfit - !
Hi kimboobs! Im feeling good still. I was a bit sore yesterday but, still doing good. I am better than I expected to be at this point! :}

I went to my two week check up today. doctor said...

I went to my two week check up today. doctor said everything was looking great. he said they were very soft for only two weeks. I am so pleased with my results. I can walk on the treadmill and wear a normal bra. Woohoo!
Don't worry kimboobs i sure did.
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My husband found this dr. after doing research on cost and board cert. we choose to go with him. I had one other consult with a local dr. but am more comfortable with this dr. i also want saline and the other dr. only did silcone.

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