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Finally TODAY I got my braces on! I will see what...

Finally TODAY I got my braces on! I will see what reaction I will get, since I've only told a few people and I am 48 years old! It was good to see some adults in the office today in my situation, and yes there were the other adults looking as to Maybe why was I getting them at my age... But I don't care people forget this is a medical treatment and shouldn't be frowned upon only cause I'm not a teenager! I've felt pressure but no pain yet, we will see how tomorrow goes :$


Good luck. The braces look nice!
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Thank you
I love your picture, they're so cute!

2 months / rubber bands

Well past two months is here not bad two gaps are closed!!! Yippee !!
On this first visit back I ended getting on the front teeth two wires they called it eight they hurt when she was placing them she says it's so they don't open again..and I also got rubber bands which I'm suppose to wear 24 hours, except for eating and brushing... I've had them on onw for a few hours and I'm sore..


Wow!  I keep forgetting how fast progress with actual braces can be.  That is a lot of movement!  I'm sorry you're sore :(.  Has the doctor recommended anything for that?  My seven-year-old daughter just got braces on Monday and the doctor recommended warm salt-water rinses and pain-relievers if absolutely necessary, but nothing other than that.
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I heard about the warm salt water rinses, I will probably wait til they are really sore before I do anything, lol...yes I think the movement was fast for 2 months! I had braces before and it wasn't like this, but I'm not complaining I didn't know you can get braces so young That's great. I hope she doesn't suffer much!
I think little kids are pretty resilient like that.  She only mentions it when she tries to eat something a little harder than usual.  We haven't done the rinse either.  We don't eat salt, so I don't want it to kill her taste buds, LOL!  But if she were complaining of pain I'd definitely do it.  She has sensory processing issues so if it were hurting she'd be a wreck, but she's totally not :).  And it is unusual to give braces this young.  Our ortho sometimes follows a phased approach, where the first phase (now) is just making room so adult teeth can come in (there isn't currently room) and then later, hopefully, in phase 2, there will be less work to do.
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