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Excited - Istanbul, Turkey

Hi, im new to this so dont know where to start...

Hi, im new to this so dont know where to start from. I have booked my operation for the 2nd of september in turkey, i am travelling from melbourne australia to have my surgery in Istanbul as it was so much cheaper then what i was quoted in melbourne. It costs 2500 euros. I am very excited to do this and i cannot wait as i have seen soo many great results on this website.

I will update more closer to the surgery and after. Right now im enjoying everyone elses beofre's and after's.

3 days left for my surgery

So the day is getting closer and i am very excited. The hospital is very good as they keep giving me updates till the date gets closer.
Cannot wait for monday.

Some photos before my surgery

Would love for the hump to disappear.


More photos

Surgery done

So ive had my surgery done and the only thing that hurts right now is my new nose but otherwise everything else is fine. Just a little scred to sleep as i have to breathe thru my mouth which im not really good at.

Had my sugery on the 3rd of september

6th day and the bandages are off

I had my bandages taken off on the 6th day and they have put tape over my nose for a week.
Very happy with my results.

Day 14 no bandages

So ive taken off the last bit of bandages off on monday and there was a bit of swelling.
The tip of my nose and the nostrils still feel sensitive, i am having trouble breathing through my nose and feel like i have the biggest cold ever, i am using my sprays but they dont help as much.

1 month post op.

So ive started breathing again but have a bit of swelling inside the right nostril other then that im quite happy with the results.

8 weeks post op

Hi, just thought id add another photo selfie, love more new nose more and more everyday. It still feels stiff and swollen at times but other then that i have had no other issues.

10 weeks post op

Hi just a little update, 10 weeks post op and totally loving my new nose, it is still swollen around the tip, the sensitivity is gone.

12 weeks post op.

Nose is still swollen from the front but loving my side profile. Ive noticed inside my nose is abit reddish, not sure why but i may give the surgeon a call soon.
Other then that happy as larry!!

12 weeks post op

3 months post op

Everything is going wonderful, cant complain at all, i love my new nose and i am so happy that i went with the surgery. It still feels numb and a bit swollen but im sure in time it will go away

4 months post op

Hi, not much to write about as my nose is healing well and im loving it more everyday.
Here is a new pic.

4months post op

Not much to say anymore as my nose feels and looks awsome, couldnt be happier

2 weeks before my 6months stage

I had a little infection on my stitches but it lasted a day so everything is fine now.
My nose is getting smaller day by day, nostrils are evening out. Ummmmm im just sp happy :) nothing else to say. Very happy i went ahead with this.

7 most post op

Well not much to. Write other then my nose is still abit numb and i can see itgetting smaller.

7months post op

Fatih dagdelen

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Maybe go fix your face first before you leave stupid comments on peoples profiles. Dont need stupid people like you telling me i have a big fore head.
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Does the doctor decide how your nose should look or do you explain what you do and don't like? And is he English speaking? I am most likely ringing end of this month
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Hi, he decides the nose. I guess i trusted him, im happy with the results, im 7months post op and my nose is still getting smaller. I think he can speak english, not all patients are turkish in this hospital. Where are you travelling from?? Apparently he holds seminars in germany.
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Hi, I now live in Istanbul and im meeting with dr, your review was really helpful thanks for sharing, you look gorgeous! Did the doctor speak good english? Also, was there any computerized preview of what to expect? thanks
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Hi, well i couldnt meet with dr as i live in australia, when i arrived in istanbul it was sort of full on for me and unfortunantly my surgey was rushed, fatih dagdelens father passed away on the day of my surgery and i had to move it forward for few days, one thing i was unhappy about was i wasnt shown a image before hand, i did see a image right before my surgery but i was ok, i had trust in him so i didnt mind at all, im so happy woth my nose, its been nearly 6 months and its getting smaller each day. Just to be sure to ask questions and book a appointment before hand, he is a lovely person, he is such a charmer, i think he speaks english. He is a extremely busy dr, very popular in turkey. I dnt have anything bad to say about it him, if i did i would have written that here and let people know. But i would organise a appointment and talk to him about what you want. Let me know how you go. Would love to hear from you
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Hi how did you go?? Any update?
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I loved reading your review of Dr dagdelen! I am deffinately considering Turkey and would love to arrange a consultation with Dr dagdelen if possible, how did you go about arranging it all? I have visited the Dora hospital website but cannot manage to work out how to contact directly x any help with email address or website would be hugely appreciated xx
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Hi yolanda, i called them as i couldnt get much info online, its a very busy hospital so yeah. Im from australia so i wanted to speak to someone over the phone and confirm everything. I actually didnt do any research on the doctor, all i knew was a friend of mine got her nose job with him and i absolutely loved it and im glad i got it with him bcoz everyday im loving my nose more and more. The only thing is that you dont get to choose your nose with him, he does this himself and i trusted him. If you have anymore questions just ask.
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Quotes, well they have a set price i believe, i was charged the same $$$ as my friend was. Its 2500 euros which is $3700 australian dollars for me, it was cheaper to have my surgery in turkey then in australia.
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Thankyou for your reply :) I may have a go ringing as I haven't yet received a reply via email, as you say it is very busy hospital. Regarding not being able to choose a nose do you mean he goes with what he thinks/wants or do you explain what you would like changing? X
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Your nose is so well proportioned and looks so natural I am sorry I did not go to Turkey.
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Nawww thank you. I feel the tip is still not so small but its still sort of numb so maybe it will go down more, only 5months post op now.
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You look amazing! Thanks for updating!
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Thank you :)))))
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Your nose looks natural and beautiful. happy for you. thanks for sharing with us.
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Thank youuuu :)))
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Lovely! Your nose was nice before from the front view now from all the sides it is really nice. You are pretty
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Thank you. Hated my before side profile but now i love it so muchhhh xoxox
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Beautiful results. Congrats!
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Thank youuu :))))
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Hi Issy86. May I ask how did you decide to go on with Dr. Dagdelen? did someone recommend him? I am also considering Turkey and have contacted Dr. Dagdelen but I don't see much before and after cases from him, neither on his Facebook channel.
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Hi, there really isnt much out there about mr dagdelen, i used to see him on celebrity morning shows in turkey and a friend had surgery done with him and thats how i decided to go with him. To tell you the truth i really didnt do much research regarding rhinoplasty or the doctor, i made the decision to have this done 2 months before my boliday to turkey. He is a extremelyyyyyyyy busy surgeon, he works at a private hospital in istanbul called Dora Hospital. If you want to know more and want to see more photos of my nose, feel free to ask. I basically love it and it is quite affordable to the quotes i got here in australia.
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Thanks for the information. I am actually in contact with him and some other Turkish surgeons. The price is affordable as you mentioned and varies between 2500-3000 Euro. I live in Denmark and he is visiting Copenhagen this weekend for some seminar. I will use the opportunity to see him and show him my nose :) I know you said you haven't done much research but do you know these doctors from any probable celebrity shows: Cemil Tugay, Naci Celik, Nazim Cerkes, Emre Ilhan, Yakup Avsar ? I am still deciding :) Thanks for your help.
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