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Don't Trust This Stuff - It's Not Even FDA Approved

This product disfigured me, caused lumps, constant...

This product disfigured me, caused lumps, constant inflammation causing pain and distorted appearance, made me physically ill (it is a synthetic) and consequently had very negative effects on my life.  AND, my doctor was a NYC "trainer" for Sculptra.  So, it's NOT about finding the right injector, it's about finding an injector that cares enough about you and your health to not use this product on you.  No one knows the long term effects of this product on the body.  This product has caused allergic rx when used for dissolvable sutures.  Do your research!   The FDA has not even approved this product for cosmetic purposes, and over 50% of the initial test subjects developed adverse effects ala nodules, granulomas, constant inflammation (for years) etc.

I am not alone, there are many people who have been severely harmed by this product.  Please be careful.


Just posted on the FDA MAUDE database is the case of a person who experienced painful inflammation 4 years after injection and the injector states (s)he feels the late onset reaction is directly due to the sculptra. It is not the same thing as resorbable sutures. there are many types of galactic acid. the most crystalline, resistant to hydroloysis (hydrophobic), and long lived in the body is the poly l lactic acid. This is not a "natural" product. There is nothing natural about the way I look with my painful and vigorous immune response to the microparticles my body is attempting to rid itself of but can not so it encapsulates the product. Encapsulated plla is the most difficult to get rid of. I have been told that it takes at least 5 years for the 100% plla to be broken down and absorbed. It make take more like 10 years. So people with health immune systems can and do develop serious adverse events years after injection.
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njgirl responds to dusty,s post but didn't realize that it is from dusty,NOT FROM KEITH.I had one treatment of sculptra so far.it has been 4 weeks.I am so scared after reading all the post that daily many times I search for lumps on my face.I think in a sense it is good because if I will develop any lump,I will discover it early and may be able to get rid of it.My heart goes out to the people who develped lumps due to its use.
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I have been injecting Sculpra for about 6 years, and fortunately I haven't had any serious complications. I can't speak for the the HIV positive population but the results I have seen (non HIV positive) have been wonderful. Sculptra has lost some popularity in our office due to other long lasting fillers, primarily Radiesse, because it takes multiple applications and delayed gratification since there is not a gel carrier. I have seen only bruising, and papable bb size bumps on occasion, but not a visible lump. Any Sculptra lump can easily be treated/melted with a Kenelog shot, so please don't live with a disfiguring lump and find an experienced injector.
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