Want to Operate my Nose Tip/ my Nose Tip is to Round or Long

My experience is that Norwegian surgeons are not...

My experience is that Norwegian surgeons are not experienced enough to give me a good nose tip. I want it smaller and less dominating. I guess i have to find the best surgeon on nose tips in USA or other countries. Im looking for other people who have done similar surgery or looking for similar. And really appreciate your honest opinion about what I should do with my nose.

Thank you :)
hello, I haven't had my nose done yet but I am planning too some time soon. I think the best thing to do is check out plastic surgery apps or cosmetic surgery stimulators. The ones I have used on my iphone are NoseJob and DR.90210 which helped me get a better idea of what I wanted. I think your nose is a bit simillar to mine but I have a small hump and a rounder tip. I would think your tip just needs to be "refined" nothing too drastic. There was another site I used also which was really good because it measures your face's Symmetry and it will tell you if you nose is too long or too big for your face and or too big for your mouth. I believe now a days doctors should have this type of sytem too. Hope it helps! Good luck!
Thank you so much for your great tips Tigerlily! I will try it straight away, especially the face symmetry thing is a very good idea, haven't thought about that. Im also curious about your process, so let me know if you are posting some photos or choosing a surgeon who is good at doing nose tip. I have the impression that nose tips are the more difficult area to do for surgeons, at least thats how it is in Norway were I live. Have not yet found a surgeon with before and after photos were they have refined the nose tip that is similar to mine. Let me know if you have discovered some surgeons who seem to do nose tips well :) Look forward to hear about your process, if u intent to share it:)

Facial symmetri test

Don't know how reliable this test is, it was interesting and might give me some idea on my nose in relationship to the rest of the face.
That facial symmetry test is fascinating! Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Good luck and please keep us posted on what you decide to do.
By the way, just found a Surgeon called Denenberg and his photos are amazing, a lot of beautiful nose tip results. Im happy to have found at least one at the moment.


Just wanted to add some photos of what i believe are great results from nose tip surgery and also added som inspirational photos
I had a nose similar to you with a higher bridge..I did a surgery 15 years ego at the age of 18,, then it turned out a polybeak. Three month ego I did a revision to correct the poly beak..and the results are disastrous.. I came up with a short asymmetric, piggish nose with a retracted columella.. I had asked the surgeon for a small retouch but he cut my nose in half. In wish I had never did a surgery. I was a pretty woman before now my beauty is gone. You are beautiful don't put your beauty at risk.
aww, Im so sorry for your bad experience :( :( Thank you for your kindness and consideration, maybe i won't do it or maybe ill have just a refinement…. But thank you!!! Best wishes to you Mika, Im sure your beauty is not gone. xxx
You are pretty the way you are...do not touch your nose. Focus on other things in your life..

Some more photos of my nose (before surgery)

Photoshoppet photos of how my nose could look like :D

A surgeon gave me a photoshoppet version of my ideal nose! let me know what u think and if u recommend any surgeon that would done a good job!
Best of luck with your decision. I understand how you feel. Everyone tells me I'm pretty, my nose is fine but I am not happy with my nose. I'm 35 now and felt this way since I was 14. It's time for a positive change. :)
You're very pretty regardless. After morphs look good though. Only do this if it's something that REALLY bugs you and only of you're ready to be patient for months after surgery. Tip can take the longest to go down from swelling so you need to be mentally prepared to look worse actually for a little while after. If you feel like all that is you then maybe go for it. Otherwise, enjoy your natural beauty!
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