Don't Have Restylane Injected into Wrinkles Under Eyes

Restylane works very well for me in my lips,...

Restylane works very well for me in my lips, marionette lines, nose to lip lines, hands and neck.

I've always looked much younger than I am (56 now) but this year developed some under eye wrinkling which troubled me greatly. They were more like 'sets' of wrinkles than just a new ageing issue.

Because I trust my practitioner, who is good, I sought his advice. I think despite his professionalism and my realism, we both got carried away, because he injected Restylane into the wrinkles - both above and below the orbital bone.

At first I looked great! Within a week I had eye bagging and the wrinkles looked much worse because they'd been bunched up. I was offered a refund which I refused. He declined to use a filler disperser on me and said the filler would be gone in two to three months.

Three months down the line I still have eye bagging and emphasised wrinkles from Hell. There are very early signs that the filler is beginning to break down, but there's clearly a long way to go.

Ironically, filler breaking down can look worse than if you had left things alone in the first place and I'm now aware of creams that could have treated this area which I was not aware of at the time.

The product is good but has its limitations. Please, everyone, check all your options before you allow anyone with a needle near you in areas where even Restylane don't suggest you should go.


SOLUTION!!! I know its a bit late but i went through the same as you! My last year was a disaster!! I visited a lot of doctores,but i have found a doctor who was offering a some kind of a lasergiving a big light, adressed for skin tightening!! I only had one treatment, but know during one week, the hyarulon filler significantly reduced!!! So I am looking for the next treatment the following week!! She was saying that because of such a big light it will hit. I did not belive it but it did! The other thing that i was offered is to do electric stimulation machine for face. But anyway right now it is a bit too late for me too, i have couple of more wrinkles under eye, so after the whole filler is gone i am going to have a lower eyelid surgery, because the profractional laser DId not help either!!
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Hi, Just to all who had bags and wrinkles after fillers/other injections - I had a treatment under my eye (hyfracation for syringoma - litle bumps) and it was for vanity reasons really but conducted by a dermatologist at a private hospital. However after applying some cream my eye reacted and swelled up going down after 3 days but left me with a small bag under my eye and a big wrinkle i'd never had before! At first I thought it would go down but it is clear that is permanant and it is causing me distress because it's such a big change (I think) so sudden and preventable. I am 42 so I was gonna get wrinkles round my eyes but hadn't up til now. I guess it is the lack of collagen in older skin and so if it gets streched it just doesn't bounce back, hence the bag/wrinkles whatever the cause. Anyway I can identify with those who find it hard to look in the mirror/get used to it, it is really hard and the more so I think becasue it results from something we did to ourselves rather than naural ageing.
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I'm so glad I read this! I had my tear troughs filled a year ago and they are hollow once again which was expected. What I did not expect was the resulting bags below the bone that were not there. After asking the individual who performed the procedure, she implied that I just have bags! I'm a little confused though - would this filler not be gone completely? How would the bags, which are unusual for me and have never been an issue, be present if the filler is gone? Do keep in mind that I had under bleph about 5 years ago, I'm 51; however, I've lost 45 lbs. So many factors to consider so don't know whats what. Nevertheless, if others have reported bags developing after the fact, it does make me wonder if that is the case with mine.
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It takes two to tango. I consider myself 50% culpable for allowing the treatment

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