Don't Get Fraxel Lazer for Treatment of Basil Cells

NOT WORTH IT. (Cancer treatment )Too much...

NOT WORTH IT. (Cancer treatment )Too much money, too much pain and 2 years later, still have cancer cells on my face and even needed surgery.  Also, now my neck looks worse than when the fraxel lazer was done. My neck looked better before. It was Dr. recommended too.

I wasn't looking to get rid of wrinkles, but was told that would be a plus. HA HA. I have more now than I did then.

I absolutely would not recommend this procedure. I also think the lazer or the numbing solution caused my eyesight to worsen. Don't do it !!!!!!

Kathy G

Kathy Hope the cream is working for you... I saw another doctor this week about my issues and asked about aldera.. Another women who Iv'e been emailing with is using it to help with scarring she developed from fraxel...She doesn't have skin cancer.. He said they use it off label sometimes to prevent scarring....So it's probably a good thing you are using it after as well.. Did your doctor work with you to find more treatment options?? How long have you had skin cancer?
Kathy Dr.Oppenheim is an excellent doctor with the upmost skill and integrity...I used to see him years ago before I moved.. I developed skin cancer after Fraxel Restore and had a squamas cell removed as well, the scar it left isn’t pretty and I went to a plastic surgeon… This is not unusual.. 72 ERUPTIVE SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA FOLLOWING FRACTIONATED CO2 LASER RESURFACING OF PHOTODAMAGED SKIN Whitney D. Tope, Edward Szachowicz, Whitney Tope, Facial Plastic Surgery, Advancements in Dermatology, Edina, MN I am considered very low risk for Skin cancer and believe this laser had a lot to do with it.. I am 39 have olive skin, Indian in my heritage, never burn. And I’m diligent about sunscreen.. I was getting ti-silc sunscreen from my derm years ago and had a friend bring me Anthelious from Canada before it was even available in the U.S.. I’m not sun worshiper..And actually work hard to keep my skin light because I lighten my hair…. My family doctor actually warned me that I may have a Vit D deficiency because I am so diligent about avoiding UV exposure.. With the olive skin I’m prone to hyper pigmentation with any skin injury so I’ve used retina a for 18 years on and off to avoid it as well as the best cosmecuticals from my derms office on the market… You need to ask for your money back at a minimum she needs to give you a credit for the appropriate treatment… In case Dr. Oppenheim doesn’t see your question I’m attaching a link that is good resource regarding available treatments for skin cancer..Fraxel is not one of them You should have had the LEVULAN PDT first line and then If you were going to go thru a resurfacing procedure it should have been regular CO2 that is proven with multiple studies...
The levulan therapy is not expensive I've never had it but I would guess it's 100-600 for a treatment and would probably be covered by most insurance policies Look at your policy and see what they cover if your doc thinks the treatment is neccasary insurance should cover it... This is cancer not a wrinkle.. You need to get your money back ASAP
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It just seems like it was a lot of pain and money for disappointing results.

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