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I received my lifestyle lift 16 months ago. The...

I received my lifestyle lift 16 months ago. The doctor told me that I would have a round face instead of a long face I had before the procedure.

What I didn't realize was that he had moved my lower jaw over about 3/4 inch. This caused increased pain and my teeth are eroding from the offset jaw.

I am in constant pain.

I tried to contact the office several times to help me but I never received a call back or email.

If I had know what was going to happen for the amount of money I spent, I would have not had the procedure done.

Name not provided

The physician evidently had problems and did not make a competent judgement to assure my safety.

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Please provide the name of the doctor.
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MY Doctor is Doctor Young. Is that the same one you had? I remember the appointment before the operation I was concerened on some cutting. He was frustrated, and he lifted my cheeks and said that is what he will do. It looked pretty to see the lift before operation, but I look at the photos and I went from beautiful in photos to a hag looking in many photos. My side profile is the only good looking photo I have. Dr. Young can do reconstructive. But what charges would he charge to fix what he made a mess of. I went to his office a few times to have the stiches removed. Dr. Young always said he is sorry with a smile on his face.
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I had my lift done three years ago. I signed off a release about if I do not keep my stiches clean, they can come out and scar. I cleaned them every two hours, but I am a bleeder. After one half year stitches begin coming out. Face is scar. Now my neck has stiches coming out. And lumps all over and in the chin area where the doctor chopped me up without trying to not scar. I tried over and over to have lifestyle life do something to remove this mess and pain. So far maybe help is on the way in the future appointment at the seattle office. The doctor that did this to me is not there anymore. But he did remove the stitches in my face smiling to me as he said he is sorry. It is not good.
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Better yet go to a real good plastic office. If I could turn back time I never would have gone there.
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Who was your Doctor? I'll bet it's the same one. He told ME that he was "sorry" too, which I am sure he is, as he is no longer with LSL. LSL is butchery, plain and simple.
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I had it done almost 2 years ago. I still have tingling all over the sides of my face, and I had 6 so-called "permanent" stitches ( which had been lumps before, for almost 2 years) work their way out in the last few months!!! I had specifically ASKED (before the procedure) whether there was a chance that my body might reject these sutures because i am highly allergic. I was assured not, of course!

I look all right, but at What Cost. I would never do anything like this again!
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Was your doctor Doctor Young? I often wonder if I will ever see a lawyer add on t.v. for personal injury. I have gotten the run around for two years over these scars..

I remember everyone was so nice at LSL until I got problems. Three calls last week to those people, and then it was me who had to do their job and call the Seattle office.

I know I will never again recomend LSL to anyone, and I hope anyone I told about this before problems begin never had an operation.

I believe Dr. Young had used dirty stitches. I believe Dr. Young did wrong to me. I believe Dr. Young can do a good job if he wants to.
e-mail me if you wish to, and I can send you before and after photos. I told Dr. Young that there is no way LSL would have me on their t.v. commericals.
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Yes, it was Dr. Young.

I have talked to several women (who had asked me to email or call them) and convinced them to definitely NOT get LSL under any circumstances!!!

Dr. Young is no longer with them, as you know, but I still hold him accountable as well as LSL for all the problems that I have had because of this awful procedure; after all, he did perform it and he is well aware now what he did to some of his patients. He does, to his credit, seem sorry, and he is willing to help and to do what he can without trying to charge for it, as some of them do.

I hope that he'll do all he can for you and that this nightmare will end. You and I must have had this done around the same time!

xoxo B.
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Have you contacted Doctor young to fix what he messed up on you? Is he willing to do it Probono?(no charge) I will go see him after going to LSL in July. I am sure LSL will offer me an outragious amount due if they do any work to fix Dr. Young mess. I forgive Doctor Young, but it is me that has to see the scares everyday, and my photo as my dead mother would say (WHEW)
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Oypgyr, I am sorry you have had such terrible results - how long has it been since your surgery Please take the initiative and go into the office - don't take no for an answer - sitting home and complaining is not going to get your problem fixed. Best of Luck.....
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Welcome to the forum. I am sorry the for you and how LSL treats their patients. What they do not realize is it is not only the money they are taking from us, it is our pride, dignity and self-worth. I hope you can find a doctor to help you with your problem. Best, Chrystal
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