Added more pics! Concerned about my "HUMP" lol!

Hi BBL sisters! I'm in love with this site and I...

Hi BBL sisters! I'm in love with this site and I Iiterally stalk it daily! I finally decided that this is something I want done but I can't find the right doctor. I see Jimerson and Salama results and they are fantastic but Jimerson is alittle on the pricey side and I dont want to wait a whole year for Salama! Since I will be paying cash (cant get approved for a loan) I want a doctor who is reasonable but does a great job. Most likely I will have to travel so that would be another expense. By the end of January is when I am looking to get the procedure done because I should have all the money I need by then. So ladies, if you know a doctor that has done you other than Jimerson or Salama please let me know, Thanks Ladies!


I've Heard That Dr.Salama Located In Miami,FL Is An Excellent Choice For The BBL I've Also Seen Some Of His Work And He Is Terrific Im Planning To Have My BBL Done .. HopeFully Before Xmas And Im Choosing Him To Do It I Love His Work ..HopeFully This Helps U
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After weeks and weeks of research I do love the...

After weeks and weeks of research I do love the work of Jimerson and Salama, but I really don't want to travel. So I found 2 doctors in my home town that I'm considering. Dr.Stein and Dr. Weiner are two docs I am interested in and both are offering specials at the moment. I really want the Salama results so I really just got to tell these doctors EXACTLY what I want, even bring pics if I have to. I just feel if I'm paying cash, thousands of dollars, I should get what I want, right? So I have consultations with both of these doctors on October 24th so I will keep you ladies updated, especially the ladies who stay closer to Illinois than Florida!


i'm in Chicago too! Couldn't find any Drs locally that could touch any of the other Drs in the southern regions work. I'm not wanting to travel either but I don't want just ok results.... I want to be impressed for what I am spending. Good luck to you!
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Welcome! I'm from the Midwest too I'm glad to see someone so close to home. Also we are shaped very similar. good luck on ur journey and please keep us posted..
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Hi, BBL sisters! Even though I have 2...

Hi, BBL sisters! Even though I have 2 consultations with Chicago docs, I am still keeping my options open. I actually spoke to Dr. Afifi too because I had a phone consultation with her October 2nd but no one called. So thanks to a fellow BBL sister, I was able to get in contact with her and speak with her personally. And might I say, she is the sweetest person ever, and she kept calling me honey-bun! Even though I'm a Grown ''A'' woman she still made my day lol! But anyways she examined my pics and told me to send my wish pics and then we can move forward. She is very helpful and answered all my questions and was completely HONEST! She told me my stomach can get real flat BUT because I had a kid, I will have a little loose skin around my belly button but its fine because i wasn't planning on wearing belly tops 24/7! So these Chicago docs might have some competition, because if her price is right then i might have to make that flight! But I'm not giving up on my Chi Town docs yet......


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The surgery in MX was 4100 that included everything (meds, garment, surgical facilities) there was no language barrier at all. The flight for me on southwest to fly into san diego was 250 for round trip. my daughter was coming from school so her flight one way was 110 on virgin american (she was coming from the east coast) the recovery house picked us up at the airport and took us across the border. We did not need or have a passport. I had our birth certificate and drivers license. The recovery house for both of us all inclusive for 7 days was 950.00 so all in total it was less than 6000.00 and again they did a phenomenal job on her. I will upload pics at some point today or tomorrow
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@tmarsignings, thank you

Well ladies I am here for an update...I had called...

Well ladies I am here for an update...I had called both offices between Weiner and Stein and both doctors told me that based of the pics I sent them I'm looking to pay over $8500! So I'm going to save my gas money and not go to the face-to-face consultation just to here the same info. I'm paying cash so I just can't see myself paying that much when I can use that as a down payment for a house. Plus their work is GOOD but not Florida or Atlanta GREAT. Now thanks to a BBL sister @Redbonez I am considering Dr. Afifi. I was just quoted $6500 and if I paid all the money up front they would take $6000! Sounds great to me but I still have to get airfare and hotel together. Also I'm still waiting on my quote from Dr. Cardenas...I know I have been alittle skeptical about going to MX but her work is amazing and her prices are even better! So between these two ladies, I will be making my choice. I already have majority of the money saved, but my goal is still to have the surgery in January. Sorry my Chicago ladies but I just cant pay maximum for minimum! So for any ladies who had Afifi or Cardenas, please let me know your experiences, Thanks!


awww I know you havnt made a choice yet but im happy youre even considering Dr. Afifi. She told me the same thing and I told her the same as you did. I dont plan to wear my belly out. In the future ima get a tt but for now I just want a shape and a booty. She did tell me if I were the waist cincher for a longer time then normal my stomach can go in more.
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Yea she is very sweet and priced reasonable so thats why she is one of my top choices now. I really dont want a TT because of the scar or in case I get pregnant again in the future, I'm like you I just want the nice body again!
Keep in mind that Dr. Cardenas will recommend you get a TT. I bet she will. She says it for everyone, although she will do a bbl without it, it makes me dought her skills if she doesnt do a bbl. But lets just see what she tells you.

Ok ladies, I FINALLY got Cardenas quote for the...

Ok ladies, I FINALLY got Cardenas quote for the procedure! It actually was a great price for everything she has to do. She said I would need an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo to the flanks, upper back, lower back and waist for only $5900! I am ready to book my date but my only downfall is that she wants me to stay 14 days in MX! For some, it's not a problem but I have children and it will be so hard to find someone to watch them. I had a few family member that would have watched them for a week, but 2 weeks? I was also told that if I wanted to lock in my end of January date, I gotta make my first deposit by friday! Im so confused and this is what I really want and I know Im not taking them with me so pray that I can find someone who can watch them for me but so far, Cardenas is my doctor but still waiting on that quote from Campos...hopefully I hear from him by Friday before decide to make my deposit!

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Oh yea the BBL is included in the price, so the...

Oh yea the BBL is included in the price, so the tummy tuck with all the lipo to the areas with fat grafting for $5900! Not too shabby!

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One more suggestion for you ladies...for the best...

One more suggestion for you ladies...for the best deals for flights, always check rates on a monday or tuesday. is the best site for the lowest rates with the name your own price deal. I was researching the price range for the flights around the time of my surgery and most of the sites were ranging about $353 and up for round trip. On Priceline, I named my own price and they gave me the lowest price they would accept and it was $294 for round trip! In my book, that's a huge savings! I didn't book anything yet at least until I get my surgery date but I will definitely be using!


Hey there. Good luck on your journey. I am in Chicago too and am torn between Dr. J and Campos. Now I am throwing Cardenas into the, decisions, decisions
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Well if you do decide on Cardenas, let me know...we can be traveling buddies! And we can go half on the beauty care room to save some money girl, lol!
Sounds good to me. I will let you know.

Hello Ladies I got my quote from Campos: Your...

Hello Ladies I got my quote from Campos:

Your Estimate will be as follows:

Extended Tummy Tuck 3000
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1800
Fat grafting into the buttocks 600
Discount -900
S. Facility 1100
Anesthesia 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op medication 125
EKG 80
Total 6425 usd
Dr. Campos

That's a good price too but I think I will be sticking to Cardenas!#TeamCardenas!


I will be going yo her in December
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When are trying to have the surgery? I was targeting Jan or Feb. I am flying to San Diego in two weeks to have a in person consultation with Campos. Dr. Cardenas will be out of town, so I couldn't get in to see her. I am also visiting club med and beauty care recovery houses to get a feel of how they really do things in MX. Hopefully there will be some recovering patients at both locations so I can talk to them and see their results.
Im hoping for the end of January or the first week of February...I wanted to wait until after the holidays and I know I will have all the money by then. Its good that you will be checking out both recovery houses and please keep me updated with that especially with the prices. If you send Cardenas your pics today, you could get a quote by next week. I just called a few days after I sent the pics and they put it on file so I guess I got the quote quicker. But even if you go to Campos thats still close by...Im still waiting on my quote from him...

After contemplating on which doctor I was gonna...

After contemplating on which doctor I was gonna choose...Dra Cardenas stood out the most! She has been very honest with me and gave me the best quote of all. Even though she is in MX and I was alittle worried about going there, I have spoke with females who are there or been there and had no problem. I changed from Jan to Feb because it is more convenient for me and for my children because I cant take them with. Plus it will give me a few more weeks to prepare and save. If only I can get in contact with Ronnie at beauty care then I will be good...I have sent emails and calls and still no response! So if any of you ladies know the average prices of a 10 night stay or 12-14 night stay please let me know because I want to start making payments on both, thanks!


Ronnie sent me a quote. If you are Dr. Cardenas patient, then it is 170 for the 1st five nights, the it drops to 160 for the next 9 nights. For a total of $2,290 for the 14 days.
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wow thats alot lol!
Don't quote me but I think if u stay 14 plus days it's 1400 even. I'm here 7 nights and i paid 1070. I'm here now and it's wonderful. Def couldn't do it by myself. There's nothing to worry abt coming to mx.
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Hi Ladies, I am stuck with yet another dilemma......

Hi Ladies, I am stuck with yet another dilemma....I have to have lab work done but most of the clinics I've called said I have to have doctors orders to get them done? But Im not sure if Dra Cardenas office will send out some type of orders to get them done or is there any other place that you dont need orders? This is what I need done (sent from email)....

Please have the following lab work performed 8 weeks before your
surgery and have the results faxed or emailed to our office: (1) CBC,
(2) Routine urinalysis, (3) H.I.V. (4) PT,PTT and INR, (5)Hepatitis B
and C, (6) Chem. Panel, (7) Pregnancy Test (8) EKG. We must have the results 8
weeks before your surgery.
It is very important to have your lab results as soon as possible,
that way we can be sure that you are in perfects conditions, otherwise
if there is something to improve we have time to do so.
If Lab results has not been sent and the day of the surgery when we
perform them here there is something that keeps you from having
surgery is under your responsibility and refund wont apply. If any of
the labs requested is missing, we will perform it here and the patient
will have to pay for it before the surgery.

But when I went to my usual doctor, he said I needed the doctor's orders to get it done so I'm confused! How am I supposed to get the labs done without the orders? Do I email Cardenas office and ask for them? Should I wait until I get to MX to have them done and pay extra for them? Fatimeh told me if I had them done out there and something wasn't right with the results then it would post pone my surgery 48 I need advice on any other BBL sister who has had there procedure done in MX and how did you get your lab work done, THANKS!

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I would appreciate all feedback and advice!

I would appreciate all feedback and advice!


I am in Guadalajara I fly home tomorrow I had a tt bl and lipo the care is amazing in mx I am 12 days post op and very happy good luck on your surgeries and keep us posted
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thanks i will and i hope you have a speedy recovery!
hey, i foind out that you can order your labs through, then take those orders to lab corp and they do the tests for you
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Well I been doing my research and I found over 5...

Well I been doing my research and I found over 5 hotels in the area close to Cardenas office that are nice and CHEAP! I literally can spend only $250 for 8 days compared to $1300. But are you required to stay at recovery house to get over the border? Or can a taxi take me over the border? I'm all about saving money but I dont wanna risk booking another hotel then have no way of getting to the doctor...need some advice please!


if youre traveling alone then it's definitely necessary to stay at a recovery house so that someone can watch over you. Some girls who travels with someone might even stay at recovery house for a few days and then switch to a hotel. btw which hotels did you find that charges only $250 for 8 days? I wanna jump on that wagon!
  • Reply then search hotels only...there are some where you only pay $29 a night! Great if you have someone with you!
Hello. I am scheduled for Dr.Campos on 2/25/13. I was thinking about ClubMed..I think they offer buddy discounts
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I was just checking out my pre surgery pics on...

I was just checking out my pre surgery pics on here and was wondering if I should lose about 10 pounds before surgery? I want the best results possible but I dont want to lose too much fat. I want that nice shape with the tiny waist but Im also getting a tummy tuck so wont that do the job itself? I havent gained any weight from my pics so ladies, what do you think, lose a few pounds or I should be fine?


Hey girl, after my trip to Mexico this week, I decided to go with Campos. I really, really liked him. I did not see Cardenas, as she was out of town, but I did go to her office and met with fatimeh. She should me her tummy tuck scar. Cardenas did it for her 8 weeks ago. It looks ok, except has a small pucker of skin in the left side. Could be keloid, I guess. They did not have ANY before and after pictures. Only what's on the website. I was rather disappointed in that, but their recovery house looks great- clean and well equipped.
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Ok thanks for the info and congrats on your journey!
I think you should ask your doc for an opinion on the weight..since he's experienced patients with different weight he will know what the best options are for you. Compare yourself to his patients that were near ur height and weight & how their results came out. Regardless everyone will look different but that's my advice, and like what the other ladies said
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Hey ladies, since I'm not scheduled until Feb, I...

Hey ladies, since I'm not scheduled until Feb, I had alot of time to think....I am considering NOT getting the TT with the BBL! Just the thought of the extensive surgery with the long cut is starting to make me reconsider. People know I have kids so if my stomach is alittle wrinkly from the loose skin, thats fine because I dont plan on parading my stomach out. Plus it would save me some extra money so I can spend for the holidays. But at the same time, I dont want to hate the fact I didnt get it...Any ladies who have kids who had the BBL without a TT please let me know how your result were and if you were satisfied. My hubby told me to just get the BBL and get a TT later because he plans on having another baby in a few years(easy for him to say,lol)! So confused but Im going to send Cardenas an email and hopefully she supports my decision and doesnt refuses to do my surgery but I need all advice and opinions and I will respect all opinions! Also check out the before pics to see what would you do in my situation....


I need a tt too n at first I was like no way, I dont like the scar or the new navel and it always seems to have a pucker of skin on one side of it .My sis got one and Im truly not a fan but I since decided that if im not happy with my stomach after bbl only then will i consider it good luck with your decision because ultimately you have to be satisfied with your results noone elses opinion really matters.
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Hi, I got a tt a year ago and let me just say that I was miserable for 2 weeks. I'm sure you already expected that but another thing you should keep in consideration is that with a tt you will be hunched for a month. Because I was hunched I HAD to sit down all the time. I even slept sitting down on a recliner. I tried laying on my side several times but your stomach muscles hurt so much that it's so difficult to attempt to lay on side..... I hope you decide on which ever you believe is best for you. Good luck! :)
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Thanks and I am fearful of hunching over for weeks lol but I will do it if I have to...honestly it will make my stomach look better but im still indecisive!

OK BBL Sisters, I have my ticket booked, deposit...

OK BBL Sisters, I have my ticket booked, deposit paid, all my supplies and bag packed lol but I need to find a recovery house ASAP! I almost have all my money for the surgery (should be paid in full by end of January) but I need to start paying for the recovery house. I have heard all good with the recovery house "beauty care" but I would be paying over $1300 just for 8 days! My hubby is tripping saying I should not be paying that much for 8 days but I feel I wont have a choice because I will be alone. I wish I could have someone travel with me so I could just get a hotel but I dont. So if any ladies have any ideas to save me some money or any other recovery houses please let me know. I also heard about club med but I dont have much info about they get you from the airport, have nurses, 3 meal, etc....please let me know ASAP ladies before I lose my mind lol!


Yes, ClubMed has nurses, 3 meals per day, take you to your post-op appointments, shopping, walks on the beach as they are located on the Beach. That amount of money for having a nurse to care for you 24/7 for 8 days is a steal girl!d I almost rode my ass to Mexico for surgery just because of the after care. Here to stay at a recovery house, if you are lucky enough to find one is $500 - $1,000 per day!!! You cannot beat that price. I would recommend club med, they seam to be very attentive and caring and they are by the Beach! So consider it a mini vacation, while you are recuperating. Much love...
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Thanks I had emailed them last night so hopefully they return my email. Do you know how much they charge per night?
8 nights 1050 9 nights 1175 10 nights 1275 11 nights 1395

Ugghhh I am so pissed to the core right now! My...

Ugghhh I am so pissed to the core right now! My Surgery is in exactly 8 weeks and I need to get my labs done but when I went to the hospital, they told me I needed orders from the doctor. The receptionist talked to Fatimeh or the receptionist (im not sure) and the said they were going to email them to her. I waited 20 minutes and the recptionist called me back and said they didnt send the right orders and they need one from the doc herself with a signature. Long story short, I couldn't get my labs done because I dont have any orders and I cant find a hospital near me that does the labs without them. I have insurance and I dont want to have to pay out of pocket and Im getting so frustrated to the point I just want to say fuck it. So this question is for the Cardenas patients, how did you get your labs done? Im so confused and I emailed Fatimeh so hopefully she emails back soon and I really want this done but Im also getting to that point that I want to just get my money back and forget it. Please help me out BBL sisters!


I ordered my lab work from Blood was drawn at labcorp where I had scheduled an appointment through I got my results within 24-72 hours via email. You do not need a doctors order or anything because they are doctors. I think all my labs were nor more than $230. Also, many many many many women adviced me to take my iron pills and I did not and my levels came back low. I didnt know I had low iron which is the #1 deficiency for women of childbearing age. So, I strongly suggest that you take an iron pill with b-12, and folic acid after breakfast or dinner with orange juice. In two weeks my iron levels shot uo from a 11.7 to 13.2
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Hey hun how r things going? Did you get your labs done? I hope all is well!!! Kp us posted praying for u on it journey
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Well with everything going on, I am so paranoid...

Well with everything going on, I am so paranoid that my tax money wont come in time for the surgery! That is my BIGGEST fear right now! I talked to the Patient Coordinator for Dr. Cardenas and she said because of the taxes situation, they are giving females the option of paying cash the day of the surgery. Hopefully the money comes in time so I wont have to do that but that would be my last resort! I already invested everything into this surgery, my ticket is paid, recovery house, supplies, bags packed, childcare...and I just need the last few thousands to pay for the surgery. Pray ladies that everything works out with the crazy-ness of the tax season and I receive my refund before my surgery date!


Girl, I hope your taxes come on time, I'm so excited for you. I'm sending it out in the universe. :)
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You only need lipo, you have ass for you already look great, so wait til you get the lipo, you are going to be amazing....damn...
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Lol THANKS! I know I have a lil somethin' somethin' back there, I just want it to be more shapely and defined! Im only 3 weeks away and get more excited by the day and I will be sure to post the after pics as soon as I can! :-)

I feared my taxes wouldn't come in time but they...

I feared my taxes wouldn't come in time but they came earlier than expected! So I will be paid in full on Monday! And before you gals start flooding me with messages I did my taxes with and I filed on the 26th of January! I am sooooo happy now and all I gotta do now is count down the days!


Congrats on getting ur taxes in on time!!! I'll be goin to Tijuana for surgery on March 4th with Dr. Pantoja....just got my lab work back and everything was normal, but was advised to start taking some Iron pills so that I won't be anemic....I understand what u went through with trying to get the doctor's orders for ur lab work, it was very stressful but I got it the same day though.....good luck with everything I can't wait to see ur results hun!!!!
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Thank You and good luck on your journey too!
Omg your so lucky!!!!
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Hi ladies, well I inquired to Dra. Cardenas about...

Hi ladies, well I inquired to Dra. Cardenas about getting a breast lift at the same time as my procedure but she said it would be too much in one day. I just wanted to come off the table completely FAB without having to get another surgery. I wonder if there are doctors who would do everything at the same time. I know it is probably her own personally decision which I understand, I just really want my boobies done too lol! I love Dra. Cardenas and her work and its way too late to switch doc (I wouldnt anyways) but I wonder how much do other surgeons in MX charge for a Breast Lift. I am considering getting my breast done a few months after this just want to get an idea of how much its gonna run me...


I know dr's that will do all three, TT,BBl, and BL?BA, that is a lot to go through in one shot. Your levels should be up there for that. But, if Cardenas doesn't want to do all three I respect that because her TT from what I've seen are good. I know someone that used her and have gotten good results and her aftercare is truly amazing.
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yea I respect her honesty too, i can see she is not money hungry because I have seen docs who will give u a full body makeover in one session. but i will just have to wait until i recover from the TT to get the breast done! thanks girl
Campos did my lift and bbl along with lipo in the same day! Glad cause I do not wanna go under again!!!! Well maybe. :). GL with your surgery
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Ok ladies, I am so ready for this now, I am paid...

Ok ladies, I am so ready for this now, I am paid in full, bags are still packed lol, and my flight is set. All I have to do is finish paying for the recovery house and I am good to go! I am still nervous about surgery but its too late to turn back now. Im just hoping she gives me the body that I want. I know she is the when it comes to TT but can she give me my Donkey Booty lol. But if any of you BBL vets have any advice for me like what is a must to bring, what to expect, anything that will be beneficial to me, please let me know!


Im so happy you found your doctor! Ups and downs are a part of the journey im learning. But good news- you gonna look GRRReeaat!! Congrats and good luck. Happy healing! God bless :)
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Flight leaves at 12:09 pm and I am so ready to get...

Flight leaves at 12:09 pm and I am so ready to get this done! I will post as much as I can and Post pics as soon as I can Ladies, so please keep me in you prayers!


Wishing you an awesome experience and Recovery at its finest!!
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Praying for you!!!
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You are uplifted in prayers during your surgery and recovery. Best wishes on becoming a Big Booty Diva.
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No doubt about it ladies if you are having surgery...

No doubt about it ladies if you are having surgery in MX, CLUB MED is the place to be! The view of the ocean is incredible, and the staff is AMAZING! The food is pretty delicious too and they instantly connect with you as soon as you arrive! Surgery is in the morning so ladies, continue to pray for me :-)


Good luck and happy healing :)
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Praying for you Sister... Good Luck!! Speedy recovery!
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Good luck n god bless! See you on the other side!
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Hi Ladies, today is my 2nd day post op and I am...

Hi Ladies, today is my 2nd day post op and I am super stiff! The pain comes and goes but overall i am really tight from the TT! I did have some fat grafting to the hips and butt, not alot like i wanted it. I have been sitting and sleeping on my butt since day 1 so it is what it is. Overall everything looks great from wat i saw so far and i cant wait for the swelling to go down and now i see why women go through the emotional roller coaster. One day u feel fine, then the next day u have regrets. All the girls says its worth it afterwards but i just dont like this feeling so far. I do have a tiny waist now and an hour glass shape with the swelling so i know ima be good in a few weeks. I am trying to post some pics but its not letting me do it out here but i will post pics as soon as i can! keep me in your prayers ladies!


I hope your recovery goes well :) I'm booked with cardenas on May 30th and Ive been trying to book my stay at BCRH but haven't been successful at contacting them... Do you know if their quote includes the transportation fee of $120? Can't wait to see your results.. I'm sure you look fab :)
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Hey, sorry for butting in but with BCRH I believe you get free transportation if you stay longer than 5 nights. I just got all the forms from Ronnie so its fresh in my mind. Lol anything shorter than 5 days you have to pay the fee. Hope that helps!
Oh hey! Thanks :) it helps tons. I'll be staying a total of 5 nights at BCRH including 1 free night before my surgery and the overnighter at the clinic post surgery so I'm guessing the transportation fee will be comped??? Lol I'll take the extra $120 juuuust in case ;) lol thanks again @Bessleal. I hope all is going well for you. Ill be going to Cardenas may 30th. :)

Hey Ladies, sorry it took me sooo long to post, I...

Hey Ladies, sorry it took me sooo long to post, I haven't had much time since I got back home. My kids went crazy when I got back but I was in so much pain and discomfort from my flight I couldn't interact with them. Well I can do the day by day like most women, but I can sum up my experience alittle.

-Surgery went well, all I remember is that I went into the operating room, layed on the table, woke up for 3 mins during the surgery, went back to sleep, then woke up in recovery. All I can say is for those ladies who are getting TT with their BBL, be prepared! Having a TT feels like wearing an extra tight corset that you cant remove. And the first 4 days are the roughest! I didnt have any nausea at all which was good, but everything from my arms to ass was stiff and achy. Also, I highly recommend you staying at club medical, because they took care of me like a newborn! All of the nurses are super nice and helpful, and Marvin and Susanna are the BEST! And the food is so delicious and good, every meal I ate there was amazing!
-Getting back on track lol Dr.Cardenas did an amazing job on me. She took off 5 pounds of skin, lipo'd the heck out of my whole back, flanks, and bra rolls, and made my scar as low as possible. she did put fat in my hips and some in my butt, but not alot. She said I had a booty already so she just filled out the dents alittle. Plus I knew I wouldn't get a donk anyways because I have been sitting on my ass since day 1. When you get a TT you really cant help it. So ladies who want a donk with a TT, be prepared for a round 2 because you will be sitting alot. You might get a booty still, but it wont be a donk. I am 12 day PO now and feeling so much better...I am walking around more and my swelling went down some, but I am still in swell hell lol! Also, I took my drains out on PO day 10 because my hip drain wasnt draining much and my front drain had gotten alittle infected and my body was sucking in the stitches from the drain. My hubby had to pull out the drain like 1 1/2 inches just to cut the stitch. The drains did not hurt when they were pulled out, at least to me! My incision is healing with no problem but they are starting to itch alittle. I am still swollen but you can now see my banging shape tho lol! Even with the swelling my body look amazing! Well I gotta go for now but if you ladies have any further questions, please feel free to send me a personal message and I will answer them the best that I can. I also added a few pics and will post more when I can!


Go to Club Med if you can, their quote includes all transportation! I stayed for about 7-8 days and paid $925 with transportation included and it is so nice there. You wont regret it!

Hi ladies, Im 13 days PO today and feeling pretty...

Hi ladies, Im 13 days PO today and feeling pretty good. Swelling is a big fat B*tCh but overall, im good! I noticed today that I have a "hump" on my right side next to my waist. I dont know if it is just swelling or could it be fluid built up. It is hard and tender so it might be swelling but Im not sure, I need advice. And even with me sitting on my ass since day 1, I still have some roundness and projection! Also, make bromelain and arnica your best friend! I feel it has helped significantly with my swelling. Other than the "hump" near my waist, my swelling has decreased about 30% since last week. Oh yea, I took out my drains on PO day 10 because my hip drain wasnt draining much and my front drain was getting sucked in by my body and it was looking nasty! So far so good, and the "hump" was there before I took out the drains. Body is still sore, Im walking 95% straight and my pain level is like a 2. Please feel free to ask questions or give me advice through my private message especially and the "hump" lol!


I just had my surgery with Dr. Cardenas and I have that same hump. Did you use the arnica tablets or the creams?
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I'd say that fluid.
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it was swelling, but its gone now:-)
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