BBL Part 2

I had a Brazilian butt lift 5 months ago with dr...

I had a Brazilian butt lift 5 months ago with dr Salama and I am not happy with my results at all so I am going for part 2.
I am still in the process of choosing my doctor for part 2 and after the burns I got from my negligent doctor and from the bad job he done with my surgery I will be very careful choosing my doctor because my first BBL was a very hard experience, very hard and long recovery and my life was in danger because of a negligent doctor.

Possible doctors

1. Dr Jimerson in Atlanta, i love his work and from all doctors he gives the best shapes, only problem with him is that being a celebrity doctor he sometimes he picks who he is doing a good job on and who he doesnt.
I prefer him because he is not so aggressive with the lipo and i really dont want burns for a 2nd time, i just cant go through all that again.

2. Dr Hugues LA
3. Dr Salzhauer Miami
4. Mathew Shulman NY
5. Dr Bruno LA

I see more and more amazing job from the last 4 doctors and im more and more interested in their work, not beeing so popular as jimerson or salama i think they are more careful when performing bbl because they want their work to be advertisement for them.
Salzhauer doest use drains and i personally prefer a doctor that uses drains to reduce the chances of seroma.
In my next update i will post some photos from all this docors.

I was considering for a moment going to Dominican Republic but no plastic surgery is worth risking your life.
I know the risks and possible complications in this kind of surgery so i am not taking any chances, this time i will be very careful and no way am i having surgery again with an uninsured doctor.

I forgot dr dass

Dr Daniel dass it's al a doctor I've seen great results.
One of these days I will post some profile names of the work I've seen with all of them.
In the meantime I am searching to see which doctors are aggressive with the lipo to remove them from my list, more and more girls get burned or have all sorts of complications so i am trying to avoid that as much as possible.

I prefer to have a little fat left than to get burned

Denis dass

Sorry for the mistake, I wish realself would let us edit our upgrades so we don't need to write a new update every time we make a mistake

Wish Photos

Measurements now
Waist 26'
Hips 41'

I would be happy if after I get fat and do round 2 my waist would still be a 26 or even 25
And my hips I want at least a 44-45 '

New wish pic

This is exactly what i want, i love the hips, the waist, everything

Dr Duran

I have contacted a few doctors and went to a few consultation for my bbl part 2 and after consultations and looking at doctors works i realised the shape i am looking for only Dr. Duran can give it so i have contacted her and she just answered my email.
She is by far the most honest and in my opinion the best doctor i have been speaking until now.
She told me that the risk for a secound surgery (liposuction on the same areas) are even higher to get burns and that she doesnt recomend it.
She is a very nice person and wouldnt put my health in danger just to get payed. I wish i would of went at her for the first surgery because we stay in USA to avoid complications that happen in the DR (burns beeing one of the most serious) but i got burned by Salama way worst than ive seen any doctor in the DR.
I recomend dr Duran with all my heart, she is a wonderful person .
I will always be grateful for her honesty and from stoping me getting an outcome from a second surgery as bad or even worst than my first experince.
I have attached a photo with my scars now.

Scar revision

Lots of peopl ask d me how did my scars on folve, i posted 2 photos, the first one about 7 months after salama burned me the 2nd one is after my first surgery to remove the scar about 1 year after i got burned.
Its improved a lot the size and i have been treeting the scar with silicon and its not so red anymore
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