BBL Part 1: Dominican Republic

Hello All!!! I am fairly new to the site and...

Hello All!!!

I am fairly new to the site and decided that I would post my story, as I see most of the ladies here have done. Its nice to be able to share this journey with others who are walking the same path.. Its difficult trying to justify this to family members who view you as being 'fine the way you are'. The only other person that is aware is my husband.

I have always had a complex about my butt. I've always been slimmer than most of my friends and it always frustrated me when guys would choose girls simply because of the way they were shaped versus their personality/looks. I've attempted wearing pads or lift support garment for my butt. It's not a flat butt, but it's no where near bodacious either. The lift support made me look like I had more, but I just couldn't wear the was embarassing and I felt ashamed. My butt is sloped (no butt at the top). I've always been regarded as beautiful, pretty, stunning and have received comparisons from Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett, to Amber Rose (when we shared the same cut). Thats neither here nor there. I get tired of hearing it sometimes when feeling like my body doesn't give me the complete package.

I am 5'4, 122 pounds presently. My measurements are now 34-27-38. I've already attempted to start gaining weight. I've gained 2 pounds to reach 122 and this was my first week of pigging out. I would like to gain at least 10-15 more pounds to achieve the results I would like. My wish pics will be posted soon, but I'm being very reasonable, IMO. I'm not looking to be the next J Lo or Kim K, however I would like something noticeable for the money I will be spending. I've known about the BBL for some time, but never researched it until like two months ago. I've already had two consultations with Dr. Markmann in Ellicott City, MD. Based on his reviews, photos reviews and my consultations, I'm totally confident in his skill and expertise, but mostly worried about achieving the results based on the amount of fat I'm starting with. At my current weight, he believes he can only inject about 200 cc's per cheek, so that really bothers me. I don't want to pay all this money and be left with something I'm not 100% satisfied with. He thinks it will make a noticeable difference on me, because I am tiny. Luckily, my surgery isn't until Feb 2013, so I have time to really focus on gaining some pounds. I would like to have a fuller butt with a small shelf, especially towards the top. I have small hips, which go with my small body and I want a butt that would compliment my small frame, not make me look like a cartoon with that being said, I have reasonable expectations. I believe this surgery will make me feel better about my shape and also allow me to wear certain clothes that I would never wear normally. I generally don't wear extremely fitted clothes (mainly due to my fashion personality and partly due to my shape), but I would be more open to wearing more fitted clothing if I wanted to, after this surgery. I may like a fitted dress every now and then, but when I try it on...I don't like it on me.

You girls who've had this surgery done, look wonderful...I would like to attempt to look like you all, but it's going to take a lot of weight gain, which also isn't very easy for me. My metabolism moves at the speed of light!!! LOL I would love to talk with some of you and see pics of before/after shots. I will be posting wish pics as well my before shots soon.

I wish all of you much success who have had the surgery and those of you on the bridge to BBL surgery. Would love to chat!!!!

Hey ladies!!! I just posted some pics. I have my...

Hey ladies!!! I just posted some pics. I have my wish pics and then two other shots of myself (sad). Do you think my wish pic is unreasonable or attainable? I know I'm small, but Im trying to put on a little more weight before my surgery in 2/2013. Would love to hear your thoughts.
OMG! You are NOT flat, some of us wish we had your booty. However I do believe you will achieve awesome results and get that shelf look you probably desire! Best of lucks!!!
@RawMou- Wow...really???? I'm not saying that I have a pancake, but to me it looks flat when I wear certain styles of clothing and I cant stand that. Adding a shelf along with a little more fullness would make a big difference, I believe. I appreciate the your thoughts and happy to hear that someone would possibly want what I'm starting out with. I just want more..LOL!!! Thanks : )
i think yoi do have a butt yoir advantage is that your butt is divided fromm your thigh my surgery left me withanice shape and he divided my butt from my back which is the only thibg you need im sure ull look great

Eating everything to put on some weight, so I can...

Eating everything to put on some weight, so I can achieve my desired results. Sometimes I feel like my stomach is telling me no more, but I also need to buy a scale to check my progress. I've been consuming as much as 4500 calories per day when I can. If you ladies have anymore weight gaining solutions, I am all ears. Thanks for reading : )
Hiii there! I too am going with Dr. M for my surgery! I'm excited to see another poster going with him. I looooove his work! Much luck to you. I've haven't set my date yet since I just decided to go with him. Cant wait to see your results!
Thanks, I will definitely keep these ideas in mind. I'm actually already drinking Ensure Plus, but I recently found this shake called Serious Mass and it has about 1250 calories before adding anything. By the time I add whole milk, two bananas and some peanut butter, I'm up to about 2000 calories.
Oh cool! Nice to see someone else going with Dr. M as well. Most people love his results, but don't love the price. I heard he is one of the best and he gets it right the first time....I'd rather pay for that and be happy the first time around. Plus he's been doing the BBL for over 15+ years and he does only one patient per day, so he can take his time which is probably why it cost more. He works smart, not hard!!

I'm getting worried about this SX. I'm having...

I'm getting worried about this SX. I'm having doubts about going through with it. I'm nervous about the possible unnecessary complications, having enough weight by my surgery date to add more fat, not knowing if I will be satisfied with the outcome, feeling guilty about changing who I am...etc. HELP!!! What should I do?? I've even thought about just doing lipo rather than a BBL, due to not having a lot of fat to.inject. Why pay extra money for the BBL if all I may get is 200 ccs in each cheek and the fat may not even stay alive???

I've even considered just a very rigorous work out...

I've even considered just a very rigorous work out to see what kind of results that can bring before spending all this money.
Hi PGS, Like you, I am slim, 5'8 and 136 lbs. I just had surgery with Dr. Markmann a little over two weeks ago. I was more interested in broadening my hips than augmenting my butt. He was able to harvest 2400 CCs, out of which Dr. M injected 350 CCs into each hip. So far, iI am thrilled with the change in the width of my hips. I've gained 21/2 inches. The important thing is to have realistic expectations. I wasn't looking for really big hips or a bigger behind. On the other hand, smaller amounts of fat can really make a dramatic diffrence in a small person. The liposuction makes a HUGE difference in your proportions because it makes your waist and torso look so much smaller.Even with only a total of 700 CCs I have a completely different body than I went in with. Dr. M is a MASTER sculptor. I also have found him to be very honest about what he can and cannot do. Good luck. PM me if you have any questions. You're in great hands!
Exactly! His price leaves alot to be desired but I cant go cheaper and risk not getting what I want..
I agree that the guilt and nervousness are normal. You start to think of negative things, but as yourself, if you didn't go through with the surgery, would you regret that? If that's a yes, DO IT. You only live once, and if having 2 weeks of pain or discomfort is worth having the body you've always dreamt of, then you have to do it.

I have decided after really giving it alot of...

I have decided after really giving it alot of go with Dr. Salama instead of Dr. Markmann. Based on the results that I would like, my weight and after reviewing alot of patients/pics of both doctors...I have decided that Salama would probably best fit what I am looking for. I am super excited, although I had to push the surgery back until August 2013...this gives me plenty of time to prepare. I did get on the waitlist to try to get an earlier date, if possible. I have seen alot of great results with Salama. I've seen some disappointments as well, which turned me off initially...but for a Dr. with over 300+ reviews, it is very likely to have a few people that are not completely happy. I think that Dr. Salama will give me exactly what I want. I will still have to gain at least 10 lbs, but there is plenty of time for that. I even will save some money by going with him as well, with more money to shop for new clothes for my fabulous new body...YAY!!! I am happy with my overall decision and feel better for some reason. Thanks to all the ladies that encouraged me to explore all options ; )

I also worked with a lady named Cynthia Perez!!...

I also worked with a lady named Cynthia Perez!! She was wonderful and very efficient. She was prompt in her return calls/emails, got my pics over right away and had a response from the doctor in less than 2 hours. Salama was very detailed in what he could do and that made me feel great!! I just hate having to wait til August 2013, but I believe it will be enough time for me to gain the necessary weight and be prepared.
Good for you;)
NO FREAKING WAY!!! Soooo happy & excited for you girl!!!
Thanks Fab!! I'm excited too...gonna be a long wait, but hopefully getting on the waitlist will get me in before Aug 2013. Besides, I do have some weight to gain, unfortunately I don't believe it will be that easy : (

After a bit more research on each doctor and the...

After a bit more research on each doctor and the BBL procedure alone, I have decided to stick with my original doctor. I love Salamas results, but Markmann has a much lower percentage of redos/retouch, plus Markmann is closer to me and requires many post op. visit and NO massages!! I also read massages are necessary only when lipo has left lumps, seromas and uneveness in skin. Also seromas are caused from aggressive lipo used by larger cannulas and there has been damage/removal to the lymphatic vessels. These vessels naturally remove any excess fluid from.your body. When aggressively using large cannulas for lipo, damage can be caused to these vessels and can no longer remove the natural fluid thus causing seromas (fluid build up). That's why the lymphatic massages are then necessary in this case. Hope you found this info. useful.
hello I can see why u have to. gain if u gained two pounds in a week if u start r hating that way u will keep gaining u still have enough time I know u can do it ur body is cute btw no homo lol ...nice shape already I can almost see ur results ur gonna look wonderful keep us posted on ur weight
Awww...thanks for being so encouraging!! I'm trying to eat everything. I just have to stay consistent with it. Feb. is not far, but it's far enough. I still have to go buy a scale, so I can monitor my weight.

Finally bought a scale to monitor my weight gain....

Finally bought a scale to monitor my weight gain. I started at 120 lbs as of 9/19, my first visit with Dr. Markmann. Decided to start gaining during the last week of September. As of 10/3, I weighed 122 lbs. I've been trying to eat between 3000-4500 calories per day. I weighed myself today and I am now at 131 lbs. I just ate, so I am probably at about 129, but I am making progress. I plan to try to gain at least 10 more lbs. between now and Feb 21, which is my surgery date. I have a few months to go, but I have to maintain this weight. It's hard to make yourself eat that much and that bad when you are not use to it, but I would like to achieve the first wish pic posted in my album. Dr. M said I would need to gain about 20 lbs., so I believe I am on my way : )
Thank you very much : )

So my doctor, along with other doctors with whom I...

So my doctor, along with other doctors with whom I consulted recommended that I gain more weight to achieve better results for BBL. So, I decided that I would gain weight. I have gained about 10lbs already and my surgery isn't until Feb. So I just happened to email my doctor about an aggressive lipo qestion and told him that was ttempting to gain wight. He decided to tell me that gaining weight was okay as long as it was directly underneath my skin and not in my abdomen (which is where I seem to be noticeably gaining weight). My stomach looks bigger, but it still feels solid. The fat pinch is the same as it was before I gained, IMO. I feel like this isn't worth it anymore. I am gaining weight and there is a possibility that it may not be the 'right' fat necessary for a BBL. This is suppose to be an exciting experience, but its actually becoming more stressful than anything. I'm worried about results, worried about gaining the right fat...too much!!! I think I'm gonna go exercise and see how that goes. This surgery is a lot of money and becoming way too risky to not get even half the results I am looking for, if I don't gain the right fat necessary. :(

Just want to clarify the difference between fats...

Just want to clarify the difference between fats.

The fat under the skin, that you can pinch easily is subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the only fat that lipo can safely remove.

The fat in the abdomen cavity is visceral fat. This fat surrounds the intestines and other organs in your abdomen. Visceral fat cannot be removed with liposuction and there are no known methods to safely remove it.

Education is key!!!
Oh my god I just got so upset I've been dying for this procedure , and we have almost the same bodies except you have a bigger bootey! You should deff only get lipo you have a nice curvy body no need to add a butt once you get the lipo and they curve your back a little more you will look so nice!
Btw can you please email me the quotes you've gotten so far and your doctors I'm sorry if I sound like a creep I just haven't spoken to alot of doctors Iam also very scared of the outcomes and remaining with this pancake ! Lol

I just noticed something. We ladies are here to...

I just noticed something. We ladies are here to support each other through the journey that we all are on. Through ups and downs, good or bad we support one another. I love seeing recent BBL ladies who show their first few weeks of surgery and even 2-3 mos. pics. We all comment, show love and excitement. What I have noticed, or maybe its just seems that after 3 mos. of post-op, our ladies just go MIA and no more pics or updates. Hats off to Nini Hernandez for allowing us to continue sharing in her journey after surgery for more than 3 mos. I feel like the after surgery journey is just as important as seeing pics and hearing stories fresh after surgery. I wanna see what ladies look like 8 mos after, a year after, 2 years after. I have followed many ladies diaries only to find that 3 mos or less after surgery, there isn't anymore updates or pics...nothing. That's sad :(
Have you all noticed this too? Seeing someone 6-12 mos after gives me a better idea on what I should and shouldny be doing or if the surgery really does provide long term results as doctors claim.
I need to private message you ASAP!
Just inboxed you chica!!
Yup noticed that so much, i think it will help us tremendously to those with upcoming surgeries, we will be doing that at one point for others new girls.

So ladies, hope all is well in your world. Right...

So ladies, hope all is well in your world. Right now, I am very thrilled to say I have gained 16 lbs. since September. I was 120 when I first visited my doctor and I now weigh 136 lbs. It has been pretty easy, but it hasn't only because I have to make myself eat even when I'm not in the mood. I love seeing the progress when I get on the scale. Although my surgery isn't until Feb., I am pretty much 4 lbs. away from my goal weight of 140. Once I hit that, it will be all about maintaining it.
I have literally been eating anywhere from 3000-4500 calories per day between food and one shake per day. Anyone looking for weight gain tips just hit me up. It is very hard for me to gain, so I am very happy with the results. The key is eating small high calorie foods and combining little things with the food to give it higher calories. (For example: eat 2 packets of oatmeal for breakfast(160 cal. per packet) and add chocolate chips and cranberries (120 cal. combined), drink an Ensure Plus (350 calories). An hour later eat a cup of flavored full fat honey greek yogurt and add a whole banana (390 calories combined.)
In 2 hours, you have consumed roughly 1200 calories already and the day is hasn't even started. Not only are you eating decent food, but also getting good protein. I have lately started eating regular Oreo cookies everyday as a snack. One Oreo is 80 calories, although once this package is gone...I'm gonna pruchase Double Stuff Oreos next!! Anyway, I eat 8 Oreos with 12 ounces of whole milk. Guess how many calories this is??? You ready for this.....1,025 calories. I know, thats terrible. Anyway, I am enjoying this now. After surgery, back to eating healthy, no sugary foods and more exercise.

Forgot to mention, that obviously there some pros...

Forgot to mention, that obviously there some pros and cons to this weight gain.

Boobs are bigger
Butt is bigger
Filling out jeans

Cellulite forming in areas I have never seen it
Huge gut ( need a gut buster)
Clothes are getting too tight
Always feel stuffed
Ok so my doc said not to worry abt all that.
Hey girly!! Thats great to hear!! I guess maybe my doctor just wanted me to be informed, so there wouldn't be any surprises, which I can appreciate. It does make me worrisome. I have another consult. with my doc tomorrow to review the weight I've gained and make sure it will be beneficial to my surgery. I've seen some instances where some tummies after surgery still look like they need lipo. I don't know if this is a result of poor lipo. or the visceral fat that exists deep in the belly.
Called my doc just waiting for a call back. Now I'm paranoid lol.

Lately, I have been so stressed out about weight...

Lately, I have been so stressed out about weight gain, wanting to be sure that I was gaining subcutaneous fat and NOT visceral fat and of course results. My doctor is brutally honest and tells you exactly what it is AND isn't. I like this about him, but then it left me wondering if the surgery would be worth it, if my doctor couldn't give me the results I was looking for due to my LACK of fat. My initial consultation resulted in a possible 200 CCs/cheek. This is nothing, IMO...but I remained hopeful. Then, after seeing other ladies with bomb results, I was really stressed out. I wanted this surgery so bad, but felt like it may not be meant for me. I began questioning if I was going to the right doctor. I was even considering switching doctors again after I thought I had my mind made up, but the lack of promising long term results that I'd seen from RS patients just completely turned me off and left me torn at the same time. Everybody has different genes I figured, so what may happen for one person, may not necessarily happen to the next. Anyway, I was still thinking of changing doctors.

Honesty, integrity, recovery and long term results are top priority on my list. I have to keep telling myself not to get caught up and 1- 3 mos. post op pics mean absolutely nothing. I have to keep telling myself that I want a doctor who only performs one surgery per day, so I know time is being taken to make sure I end up with the perfect body.

Well.....after my 3rd consultation with Dr. Markmann regarding my newly gained weight, I was so happy leaving the doctor's office today. All the weight I've gained has really paid off. My doctor says he can now give me anywhere from 750-1000 CC's per cheek which is great for someone my size. One thing I did confirm with him is: the weight you gain or lose for surgery has to be maintained to keep the results. You can't lose weight for surgery, then afterwards start eating like crazy again. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY WITH THE LONG TERM RESULTS!!!! Please ladies, keep this in mind.

Anyway, I have to determine how many calories I need to maintain this weight, find the right foods to eat after my surgery and then stick to it. I will be so glad when I can start seriously exercising again after surgery. I am so thrilled with the news. I will get my first wish pic now!! I don't want anything over the top, no video vixen booty, just much more shapely in my clothes and to feel good about anything I put on. I did pick up my vitamins from the doctor's office that I will need for surgery. It's the best thing, because every supplement I need is combined in one. No taking a hundred pills to get what I need. So glad for this and it only costs $80.

I will keep you posted ladies, no doubt. This has become more exciting for me now. I really have something to look forward to now. Best of luck to all of you and let's keep supporting each other from the 1st week to a year after surgery and so on!!! : )

One bad thing is that now that I've lipo is going to be a little more expensive now. Boooo!!!
Oh, I wonder why he says that weight must be maintained. I mean, ideally yes - obviously... but from what I was told, our fat has "memory" Which means that the fat which is transferred will act just like it always has, and whether we lose or gain weight, a lot of that would happen from the main fat supply (which would now be our ass). I don't think crash dieting or gaining 70 lbs would be a great idea, but I think there's a little room for fluctuation without destroying our results.
Fat cells get bigger and smaller depending on weight. At the time of surgery when they are injected, they may be at one particular size when they attach to the blood supply to survive. Should you lose weight, the cells will get smaller, therefore making your butt smaller along with everywhere else. If you gain weight, the butt gets bigger and so does everywhere else. This is what I interpreted it as. If you want to maintain your size at the 3 mos. mark of surgery (meaning all over body proportion), then you will have to maintain that particular weight by not losing or gaining anything. Again, this is my interpretation of 'maintaining the weight.' I don't think it destroys the results, but it will certainly modify the results when you gain or lose.
Thats great...the info you shared with us is very helpful. Well I'm 79kg now and i want to be at least 60kg no more than that, this is the biggest i have ever being in my whole so f**** frustating for me, but i'm going next year first or second week of march. My friend had a bbl in spain but she wont share drs name or anything and she still looks great after two years! She does a lot of squat and deadlift in the gym to maintain the figure...thanks for sharing yours journey, i will be following closely. X

Just posted new pre-op pics. I am wearing a butt...

Just posted new pre-op pics. I am wearing a butt lifter underneath my jeans that kind of looks like a surgical post-op garment with holes cut out in the butt to lift it. It is made of latex and helps smooth/minimize belly fat and gently lifts the natural butt. There are no pads of any type in this garment. You're just enhancing your butt by lifting what you already naturally have. This is really what I desire for my surgery. I want my butt to sit up higher with a little more projection and fullness. I really hope my doctor can help me achieve this.
Analizing your pictures and your wish pics, I think your butt is fine the way it is... Maybe you would benefit more from just a liposculpture maybe. Your butt is gonna be HUMONGOUS!!! Is that what you want? Or just more definition around the waist? Because if it's the latter, girl, just the lipo and then working out would definitely shape your figure beautifully. Lots of squats to lift the butt a bit more... You have lots to work with. Best of lucks!!
I would like more fat towards the top and I have some hollow areas near my hips, so I'd like those to be filled in to create more fullness and roundness. I would like more projection, but mainly I want to focus on the top part. It's flat towards the top and I hate that!!!
hey doll , I went to the supermarket but i couldnt find a high calorie greek yogurt, what's the name of the one you eat ? Also i bought some oreos. I used to be obsessed with them , like buy in bulk obsessed, but i could barely get two down my throat just now. So I have to find other cookies that can work. I figured thanksgiving food will help me pack on pounds too. (10 pounds in 14 days) I cant mess up , i just need to eat and eat and eat

I have read several reviews from a few ladies...

I have read several reviews from a few ladies today who overall weren't happy with their results. I just want to say I appreciate all of you taking the time out to post your journey day in/out, be it a positive or negative experience. None of us should ever be afraid or intimidated to the point where we can't let our voices be heard. That is the sole purpose of this site- to educate, review and let people know from personal experience, if any PS procedure is worth the money, time, stress, etc.

Anyway after reading the reviews, it just put things in perspective for me. I understand that I need to have lower expectations with this surgery and know that it will improve my overall body appearance, but the amount of CC's or a wish pic will not determine what I will truly look like. For instance, just because I can get 1400cc/per cheek, doesn't mean I will look like Yaris Sanchez. I need to go into this with the mind set that after surgery, I will have an improved overall shape than what I had before. These wish pics really don't mean diddly squat!! Most of them are photoshopped and majority of people really don't look like this in person. I am only using them to show the doctor what appeals to me and to show a pattern of what I desire. For example- If I have lots of wish pics where most girls have butts that sit higher up, this gives an idea of what I would like to see from my surgery. I can't expect to look just like it, but at least see an improvement from what I desire. I think the biggest disappointment I've seen from most of the ladies who have had surgery is projection. Everyone wants more projection!!! I do too, but again I need to tone down my expectations and at this point just hope for a better outcome than what I started with. Thanks ladies for sharing your stories, tips and knowledge about this procedure. I will continue to read and learn as much as I can from you, doctors, as well as other websites so that I can share with the next person.

Girl I love ur blog very informational, did u take ur pics down because I don't see any.
Thanks babes!! I recently had them removed since I can't remove them when I want. I will put more 'before' pics up once I get closer to my surgery date and then some after surgery. Thanks for reading my blog and Happy Turkey Day to ya!!
Oh ok got ya!!! Thanks so much Hun same to you!!! ;-)

Hey ladies!! I have a question for my vets. Did...

Hey ladies!! I have a question for my vets. Did your skin sag and/or become loose after surgery, or did it eventually tighten and appear normal again? I am concerned about this. Right now, I have good skin elasticity and I would like to keep it in tact after surgery? Is that possible or is there any type of precautions you should take to ensure skin remains tight and normal to the eye? After all, even though I am having this surgery..hell! I don't want to look like I have had end up looking like Tara Reid...ewww!!! Let me know ladies what the deal is on this matter. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, an I thank you in advance : )
Hey babes, good question if u look at my before pic I had a lot of left over skin after I had my baby boy. I had 2 consults for lipo and both doctors told me that I would need a tummy tuck to achieve the flat belly that I wanted. As u can see girl I didn't need that at all, at first after surgery maybe for the 1st week my skin looked horrible but as the weeks went by everything tightened up, I promise u girl my belly has never been this flat in my entire life!!! Lol, I'm so happy I didn't go with the tummy tuck I already have a scar from my c-section and I was dreading the tummy tuck scar. In the end it all worked out for me but I think it really depends on ur body and skin, as u said u have really good elasticity so I don't think you'll have a problem. The doctors told me that I didn't have any and voila it doesn't even look like I had a c-section, some ppl even think I had a tummy tuck I just tell them nope and keep it moving!! Hope this helps hun

For some of you who don't know about this old...

For some of you who don't know about this old method to get rid of dark spots left from scars- lemon juice!!! Yes, lemon juice helps to fade dark spots left from scars. The fruit acid is used in many glycolic products to help get rid of dark spots caused from scars. It's like giving the scar a glycolic peel and what it does is help shed the layers of dead/hyperpigmented skin faster to reveal the new healthy skin underneath. Hyperpigmentation is when your body deposits too much melanin to an area of skin that's going through the healing process. It's highly found in darker skin tones, as these skin tones naturally contain more melanin, however I am not saying that all darker skin is prone to hyperpigmentation.

Anyway, lemons (juice) are very inexpensive and will take some time, but it does work. I actually had a scar that hyperpigmented and I started applying lemon juice twice a day and in a couple months, the scar had completely faded. I already know I will have to do this once my surgery scars heal, because my skin is prone to hyperpigmentation. Like I said, an inexpensive way to do what expensive products promise to do. I will follow doctors orders and use what they suggest to help heal scars, but I know my skin well enough to know better. You can even go a step further in aiding the lemon juice by applying fresh aloe and vitamin E oil to the scar and this will speed up the fading process as well. Hope this helps : )
Thanks hun!! I am so surprised to hear doctors tell some of these ladies they need a tummy tuck. I'm not even a doctor and can usually tell when soeone really needs it. You def. didn't look like u needed one. Your stomach looks great!! Thanks for this info. I now have some hope in knowing that I'm not guaranteed to have a raisin stomach after! Thanks girly :-)
Bol.... Raisin tummy!!! That's funny, ur welcome Hun always here to help!! :-)

Hey BBL vets- My doc provides 3 compression...

Hey BBL vets-

My doc provides 3 compression girdle garments after surgery. How long should you wear the provided garments and when should you switch over to just a self-purchased waist cincher style garment?? After you make the switch, should you only wear a waist cincher or should wear something that continues to compress the entire waist/abs/buttock area? I read that alot of the compression garments help to reduce swelling, but they can also help reduce inches as well. That's great for your waist, but I don't think I would want to compress my hips or buttock area in this case. What do you all think???
Hi PGS, At 6 weeks I started wearing a Squeem Miracle Vest over my Marena garment. The Marena garments are very comfortable. I was told to wear mine for at least 3 months. I am currently between a small Squeem and an extra small. It's a good idea to purchase cinchers in two sizes to accommodate your shrinking waist. IMO Squeems are the best cinchers in the market. BTW, I didn't sit or bend for 6 weeks.
The Marena garment will not compress your butt and hips. It is an urban myth that a well fitting compression garment will ruin your results. No butt out garments! Ask Dr. M about this.
You know that I'm older than a lot of my fello BBL sisters. My skin is retracting very nicely. Even I am amazed! I have almost no loose skin and it is improving every day.

Just added pre-op pics!! I posted one pic at my...

Just added pre-op pics!! I posted one pic at my smallest size of 120 lbs. and a few after weight gain. I now weigh 137 lbs. and I'm 5'4. I may try to reach 143lbs., just to get a little more fat injected (around 1000-1100 ccs). Initially, I made 140 lbs. my goal weight, but now that it's been relatively easy to gain, I will maintain a weight of about 136 lbs. through December. Once January approaches, I am going to start eating more and drinking my shakes on a regular basis, so that I can gain about 10 lbs. by 2/21 surgery date. I had somewhat of a shape before I gained, but now what once was a bit of a waistline has turned into just a line of fat! I have a very high waist as you can see, at least I think so. It's so disgusting to look at me in this condition, but I know it's for a good cause. After surgery and complete recovery, I am going to get back on a high protein, low fat/calorie diet with normal exercise to maintain the new figure. Let me know what you think.
Thanks belle- You always come to the rescue!!! I had been hearing that these garments compress the buttocks/hips and have even seen some docs provide patients with butt out garments. I guess it varies from doctor to doctor. Do you know if Dr. Markmann has done studies with the two different garments to actually determine whether the garment really does compress buttock/hip areas?? I looked at the Squeem Waist Cincher and it says it helps to make waist 1-4 inches smaller over 30 days. I assumed that a complete body garment would do the same, don't you think or maybe the materials used for the complete garment are different on the waist and buttock areas? Help me understand. The Marena garment is what Dr. Markmann provides or is that something I should purchase separately?
The Squeem is a completely different kind of compression garment. Whether or not it really reduces your waist by itself is highly suspect. Just because a product claims to work... I can't speak for Dr. Markmannn and any studies he has done. but I made a decision when I hired him not to second guess him. Women fall in love with their post op swelling. If they had surgery on their leg or brain and saw how it swelled after surgery, they would hate the way it looks and want it to go away anyway that it can. but, because it's a swollen butt, they love it. Post surgical swelling must be controlled in order to facilitate healing. But you know me , I refuse to follow the lemmings into the sea. That's just me.
Lol...ur right belle!! 100% Yes, they all love swollen butts. : ) Yeah, I will stick with what Dr. Markmann tells me to do. These other docs don't have proven track records of lasting results. Do you have to purchase the Marena garment or does Dr. Markmann provide it?

Hey there RS ladies!! Haven't checked in for...

Hey there RS ladies!! Haven't checked in for awhile. Hope all is well in BBL world.

For a few days, I thought I wasn't going to be able to go through with my surgery. I work pretty hard for my money between self employment and a PT job. I only have a small window to get surgery done as my schedule slows down during Feb. Of course it's the holidays and everyone has a bunch of excuses as to why they can't pay you your money....because jobs got canceled, blah blah.... In addition, hours get cut on the PT!! Wth?? Who cuts hours during holiday?? I think only haters do!
You know how it is when you are trying to save up...always something to stand in the way. I swear I felt like punching all those responsible for standing in the way of my goal. I am now only able to come up with 10,500 of my own money. Luckily, I have a fabulous husband who says, 'Babe, don't worry about it! I will give you what you need to get it done.' I love him!!! He is one of many blessings and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Anyway, quick update- Weighing in at 139 and going strong. Would like to weigh about 145 for surgery, so that will mean 6lbs to go. I will start drinking my Serious Mass shakes on a daily in Jan., so I can get my weight up by 2/21. I am only drinking 1-2 per week right now, but it shouldn't be a problem. I am praying that Dr. M sucks all this added fat completely out. I will be terribly upset, otherwise. Hopefully, I will not have to report anymore obstacles/folks trying to play around with my money. If so, you will probably hear about them getting brutally attacked by a crazy woman on the!! j/k
Well, if I don't talk to anyone before then, do have a wonderful holiday!!!

I have decided after reviewing and researching Dr....

I have decided after reviewing and researching Dr. Azurin that I am going to schedule a consult with him. I've read that he injects fat deep into muscle which has been proven to last long and give better results. I'm guessing its more pain involved when dealing with muscle. Waiting to hear back from the office. Will let you all know how it goes.
Woops I submitted the previous comment earlier that expected. Anyway good luck with choosing your doctor. It really seems like you are doing a great job researching!! :)
Ahhhh I am trying to decide between Dr. Markmann and Jimerson!! Dr. Markmann to me is very safe and I would LOVEEE to be under his care. The problem is that I am looking for a dramatic result and this is where imerson may come in....idk anymore. sigh,
My thoughts exactly. I love Markmann's work, but he is very conservative on the!! I want more dramatic too! I have stressed it, but I'm still unsure as to whether its going to happen. I'm not looking for a video vixen booty, but I want something more prominent.

Just confirmed that Dr. Azurin is not a fan of...

Just confirmed that Dr. Azurin is not a fan of liposuction of the abdomen or fat grafting to hips. He actually does not inject fat into hips as he feel it doesn't last and will only do light abdominal liposuction, if necessary. This will definitely not work for me, because most of my fat is in my stomach, therefore I am no longer interested in having a consult with Azurin. Not taking anything away from him as he has produced some great results. Just not the doctor for me.

I also confirmed with my doctor that he too, has been injecting fat into the muscle for 15 years, so this is nothing new. It always seemed as if Dr. M's patients reported having much more pain than patients of some of the other doctors. This could further explain why, in addition to being 'under' much longer for surgery.
I hear markman is the best. Good choice. U definately get what u pay for.
Hey lady, I just inboxed you : )
Hello! I see you will be going to see Dr Azurin, you can check these ladies that had bbl with him her name is Zizi her name is miamimom her name is curvesappeal, these ladies look amazing!! I did my TT with Dr Azurin and he's wonderful in every aspect and so his entire crew, hope you decide for him he's the best!!! :) ...Good Luck!!!!

New pics using Plastic Surgery Simulator. If my...

New pics using Plastic Surgery Simulator. If my doc. can make me look like this, I would be eternally grateful : D
You right. I spent 10, 200 on my surgery with Dr. Jimerson but after hotel, air flights, and food it was about 12,000 or more but I didn't do my study on Dr markmann at that time but Im thinking about my doctor at John Hopkins to do my breast so again I'm not sure but definitely thinking about Dr markmann.
Hello missy, love your blog . Congratulations on your upcoming surgery , if you don't mind sharing how much is your surgery with Doctor markmann ? I live in Baltimore and he's very close and I'm thinking about letting him do my breast lift but I hear he's expensive.
Hey BodyPerfection2013- Thanks so much!! Dr. Markmann quoted me $14300 for lipo of waist/flanks/abdomen/upper back with fat grafting to buttocks. Yes, he is expensive when compared to other docs, but he has been doing this procedure alot longer than others too.

After reading 100's of blogs from patients, it...

After reading 100's of blogs from patients, it seems that throughout all of the BBL surgeries, the #1 concern is projection. It seems like 1 out of every 10 girls may get the projection they want. 7 are happy with overall shape, but feel the need to go back for more projection or better lipo. The other 2 feel like it was a waste.

For me, I have been researching doctors still due to doubt that I may not get the projection I want or waist size I desire. I believe that doctors tell you certain things in advance, so if in fact something isn't the way you expected afterwards, they can say well I mentioned that beforehand. I know that if I eat correctly, my waist can reach a size 24. It was that small just last year and I gained a little and it jumped to a size 27. Now that I have gained more purposely, my waist is like a 31. Basically, I know my fat cells are capable of shrinking down to that small of a size if I eat healthy.

I got off the subject a bit, but I feel that this BBL surgery is basically a hit or a miss. Some get lucky, some get better and some don't feel it was even worth it. Fact is, some have spent very little with good results and some have spent alot with little results. That has got me thinking. I'm not sure if I want to spend this much money ($14,300) for something that I may not be 100% pleased with. That being said, if I can't achieve the projection I want, I am not spending that kind of money, period!! I have now gained weight and still can't get the projection I desire. A waste of time, energy, and stress of dieting and not being able to wear clothes, because they are too friggin tight, IMO!! It's a blow getting dressed everyday. I also realized that gaining weight or losing has nothing to do with your long term results. If you are small or big, the same fat cells are being injected. So if you gain weight later, they will get bigger and vice versa. Gaining weight only helps you achieve close to your desired after surgery. Why is that?? Your fat cells are larger at that time.

I would rather spend less and be satisfied and not 100% happy than spend alot, be satisfied, and not 100% happy. I have realized that this surgery isn't gonna make me 100% happy, because I really can't get the results I desire (unless I gain a ton of weight). If I could get what I wanted, I wouldn't think twice about spending more to get what I want. My husband is in agreement with me as well. On that note, I think that I am going to probably find another doctor who can possibly produce results I can live with for less money, but still do great work at the same damn time. : )

200 ccs with markamn hell no grl dnt waste ur money some people can loose 200 ccs after fat dies!! u will be dissapointed and azurin told me he injects the fat deep near the muscke not in it or under ,,,can u imagine have fat injected into a muscle? one the pain alone wil not subside for a long long time bc ur muscle has been stabbed over and over two that can make ur body a buffet for fat necrosis or fat embolisms which can be deadly so if he injects under the muscle or in it he is not the dr for me thats too big of a risk i wonder which one he does bc lynn told me injects deep but not in the muscle or under sigh lord jesus i really wish salama can do my lipo and jimmerson do my butt lol god
Girl..don't you wish you could have all 3 docs working at I think it's deep into the muscle. I think. The muscle actually has a better blood supply and is more likely to keep the fat cells alive. If they are being injected underneath the skin, there's a higher chance of them not surviving. The supply of blood isn't as strong at the surface. As far as 200ccs, that was before weight gain. After weight gain, he modified that no. to 750-1000 ccs. Either way, the fact that I may not be 100% happy is enough to make me think twice about spending that much money.
Fat into a muscle??? Really, never heard that before....surely side effects are dangerous/tragic

Hey ladies, Happy Holidays to you all!! Just...

Hey ladies, Happy Holidays to you all!!

Just an update...after a few more consultations with some other docs on my top list, it seems that Yily is the best choice for me. She can work wonders for small girls like me, her sculpting is the best I've seen from any doctor, I've spoken to at least 7-8 girls that love their results AND her prices are much less due to her location in DR. I have received my quote of only $4215 which includes everything!! Massages, recovery, meds., everything!!! I still plan to take percocet with me for pain. I already booked my flight for $488 through Delta Airlines. All I need now is to get myself super healthy by taking vitamins daily, working out, drinking at least 64oz. water per day, and eating clean. I am really excited and very confident with my decision. I know that she can give me what I am looking for. She even told me she could make me look similar to Yaris Sanchez, just a smaller version!! Thats a good goal, so we will see. Anyway, I am now just preparing and getting my supplies together. HAppy Holidays to all of you and take care!!

Weight/Measurement Update Was 120 lbs./...

Weight/Measurement Update

Was 120 lbs./ 34-27-38

Now 140 lbs./ 36-31-40

Most of weight gained is in mid section.I don't think I will gain anymore at this point.
Good luck hun.. very informative Blog! Im also going to Yily maybe in Feb or April.. Depending on my school schedule.. maybe ill see you.. Good luck hun xo
Thanks lady!! The sooner the better, so hopefully Feb will be your month. Good luck to you as well. Keep me posted on your surgery date.
im leavin feb 28th and sx march 1st

Happy New Year!!! Lets pray for a great year of...

Happy New Year!!! Lets pray for a great year of new bodies, healthy recoveries and great results!! After really giving it some thought, I decided that I no longer desire a voluptuous body type. I realized today that I am more attracted to lean shapely sexy bodies than the over exaggerated voluptuous shapes. After looking through tons of pics, I noticed I was drawn to the more lean, shapely body. I love Rihanna's body. She is in great shape with small hips and a lean torso. I want a little more booty than what she has, but I love her body type. I am going to post a wish pic of what I desire. Lean shaply body, small hips, and bubble booty it is!! I think it will be very attainable for my shape and with a bit of toning, I will be where I want to be in no time. Yay!! I feel even more confident about achieving the look I want through this BBL surgery. I will stress to Dra Yily that I want to keep my natural hips in tact and focus on a more shapely torso and booty. I think this desire will fair a lot better in the long term and appear very natural.
I just emailed my post-op pics to Dra Yily. I am hoping I can get a surgery date ASAP. I have researched so many doctors and was about to go with Dr. Jimerson, but he can't get me a sx date soon enough. Now that I am financially capable I want my surgery done like right now! :-) It would be awesome to get a surgery date on the 19 Feb as well. Hopefully, she emails me back today to let me know where she can fit me in. *fingers crossed*
N that should be pre-op pics! lol
Yily usually responds in two days to emails. Don't be discouraged. I'm sure Yily can get you in. You could probably get in earlier than 2/19 if you wanted to. I know she is going to be super busy in March. I am so excited about this surgery. Feb can't get here fast enough. I'm keeping all positive thoughts. Good luck to you and keep me informed on your surgery date.

Hi ladies- I've chosen Dra Yily as my doctor. I've...

Hi ladies- I've chosen Dra Yily as my doctor. I've seen great results, but I also understand that she may have some issues in sculpting hips the way some girls want. Dra Yily tends to sculpt hips a little on the higher side. I have a short waist and longer legs, so high hips would look stupid. I am trying to determine if I should even ask her for hips or should I just ask for really aggressive lipo and sculpting. I have a small frame and my waist was about 24in last year. When I put on weight, I always gain in my waist and stomach giving me the appearance of no shape. Right now, I can grab waist and abdominal fat with my whole hand, so there is plenty to be sucked out. I have posted a pic using plastic surgery app where I only lipo'd my mid section area and left my natural hips in tact. In your honest opinion, should I ask her for hips? You be the judge.....
I agree with DashaD if your waist is tapered via lipo you will definitely have a more curvacious look and besides from photos and comments, it seems that's Yily's speciality sculpting.
The pic with your waist tapered in looks awesome. Based on that photo, I don't think you need more hips- you'll be rockin what you already have!!
hey prettygirlslim. I say take the percocets with you. While you are in the hospital don't take any,.. only take the pain medications they give you. I say this because sometimes they just come in the room and inject your IV with meds without telling you and if you double dose on pain meds it could have huge negative consequences.... like death! When you get there and consult with Yily you can tell her that you brought it along for after surgery and she will give you advice on it and the final yay or nay. Generally,.. for post op pain you can take 1-2 percosets every 4-6 hours. Start with only 1 tab, give it at least 30minutes to an hour to reach full effect, and then you can judge whether 1 or 2 tablets at a time will help your pain. But like I said,.. tell Yily first and never take them while in the hospital! (sorta like when there are two cooks in the kitchen,.. horrible things can happen,.. especially if one speaks spanish and the other only speaks english!! ) By day 4-5 or so,.. lay off of the percosets and switch to just the NSAID that they give you which is diclowal (or something like that).

Ladies..trying to get organized for my return trip...

Ladies..trying to get organized for my return trip home. I am setting up a series of massages with manual lymph drainage masseuse. She is charging me $60 for 4 or more. How many should I get per week and for how many months? Thanks

I think I will wait and ask Dra Yily about what...

I think I will wait and ask Dra Yily about what she recommends.
Mke sure ur ribs allow for this shape...mine don't so b careful I'm very short torso and my dr said I'd need hips to make it more hour glassy
Yes, I did. I didn't take much off my rib cage with that in mind. I only did the Lipo app on the waist area really.
Girl, u have no idea how much fat is on my midsection area right now. I would say from the 2O lbs I gained, at least 80 % is in the middle area. Incan pinch 2-3 inches on rib cage alone. It gets much worse in the abdomen area.

Feb is around the corner. Starting to prepare my...

Feb is around the corner. Starting to prepare my list of items to pack.

My List

Wife beaters
Maxi pads
Hiblicens Soap
Disposable chucks
Baby Wipes
Tape measure
Stool Softener
Water Pills
Weewee Pads
Epi Foam
Bio-Cell Pills
VitaMedica Recovery Kit
Marena Compression Garment ( back- up)
3 panties
3 maxi dresses
Big bulky sweater ( plane ride home)
Pair of leggings (plane ride home)
Silicone bandages
Cotton nightgown

My Snacks

Fruit snacks
Packs of oatmeal

If I think of anything else, I will add to the list in an additional post.
girl i am positive you will have great results. you are starting from a good point and your results are realistic to your natural body shape. in my opinion the women who aren't happy generally want something that's unrealistic to their natural body shape. doctors are not miracle workers. while their expertise plays an important apart. our bodies play they major part. the doctor can't tell you how much fat would be reabsorbed. also no one knows how the body will settle after it is healed. so we must be realistic.
Ugh! I've been trying to tell myself to b more realistic. My expectations r super high & think I might b one if those girls. It's just 11,900 is a lot of $ & I guess I expect great results. But u r right. Also prettygirlslim. Ur going to look hott hott hott. U already have such a nice shape already- luck duck lol.
What are the maxi pads for again? I read it somewhere but do nor remember. Btw you are going to have incredible results, you seem to have curves and a butt already.

Additions to list- Feminine...

Additions to list-

Feminine Wipes
Special Band aids
Daily pill organizer
Percocet ( if necessary )
Hey girly super excited for you!! cant wait to see ur results ur starting off with a good base lol. are u staying at the recovery house Yily recommends?? God bless!
Thanks lady!! I am staying at the JM recovery house that Yily recommended. It seems to be the most bang for your buck. God bless u as well in your entire journey.
Yes, I know. We all have to be constantly reminded of grounding our expectations. I think we all have been guilty of it at some point. I try to keep my expectations reasonable as I would hate to be disappointed by a doctor over promising and under delivering. Thanks for the good vibes before surgery. I am hoping for great results!!!

I'm curious as to when you can begin taking your...

I'm curious as to when you can begin taking your Vitamin E supplement after BBL surgery? I love my current multivitamin, but I won't be taking it two weeks prior to my surgery. I am switching to VitaMedica Recovery, however I want to start taking my multi. again as soon as I can after surgery.
I can't wait to see your results :D You already have a good shape!! Good luck on your journey!
Aww...thanks!! Good luck on yours as well.
I can't wait to see your results. Best of wishes!

Ladies...I posted the pic of Yaris only to give...

Ladies...I posted the pic of Yaris only to give all ladies desiring her shape now to see that ALOT of work has gone into making her look as beautiful and voluptuous as she does. Yaris didn't have just a BBL done to get an ass like that. I see a breast lift, implants, multiple sessions of lipo, BBL, and butt injections.

Didn't even realize, but time has been flying....

Didn't even realize, but time has been flying. Only have 36 days to go before my surgery with Dra Yily. Super excited and can't wait to get rid of the pounds I've gained for surgery. These last few months of clothes not fitting has been depressing and frustrating. Anyway, I am almost packed. Have a few items left to purchase for my trip and I will be set. Come on 36 days...
I can't believe we just have 36 days left. That's exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time ;)
So hard to believe...counting the days!! Don't let it wreck your nerves. Everything will be fine ; )
Good luck Hun...I'm preparing myself as well...this waiting game is killing me...:)

Ok, I heard so many horror stories about iron...

Ok, I heard so many horror stories about iron making girls constipated. I just started taking it yesterday and one today on an empty stomach with no-calcium orange juice as directed. So far, so good. No issues as of yet and still feeling normal.

Off the BBL subject!! I had the most awesome BA...

Off the BBL subject!! I had the most awesome BA consult today!!! It was a bit of a wait initially, but once the doctor came in, he focused all of his attention on me. He was very thorough, explained every detail about the BA surgery and answered all of my questions. He let me try on different size options and feel both saline and silicone implants. He explained the risks of both and based on everything, I chose to go with silicone. The Mentor implant line is FDA approved and made from hospital grade silicone. It feels far more natural than saline. It doesn't have to be replaced unless you develop capsular contracture, want to go bigger, or implant ruptures, so that made me feel better. Best of all, I do not need a lift!!
I was told I would need a lift by Dr. Azurin, when I had a virtual I kindly said buh-bye!! I knew I did not need a lift.

Anyway, I had planned to see Dr. Markmann for a BA consultant, but I liked Dr. Chiaramonte so much and was so overly impressed by his professionalism and skill, that I have made the choice to book him as my PS for BA surgery. He also does the most BA's in his area and trains others doctors on the procedure.

I will start a new review on that journey over on the BA board when I get ready to have the surgery done.

That's all for now ladies!! Thanks for reading : )
Can wait to see your new boobies and body LOL! ;o) Feel free to look at my pics/profile. I got 457 ccs .. easily hidden in clothes, yet looking hot when I want to wear something revealing. ;) xoxo
Yily gives good results...
Haven't seen enough results that impressed me....

Ladies, all this time I have been measuring myself...

Ladies, all this time I have been measuring myself incorrectly. I was originally using a traditional tape measure, but not exactly measuring in the right places. I recently purchased a body tape measure and looked up the correct way to measure myself. I also started out weighing 120 lbs, and now weigh about 143lbs., so that has also changed measurements as well.

Being as though I measured wrong at 120lbs, I would say my before measurements were:
36-28-39 (the fat I had then was in waist, flanks, abdomen...none at bra roll)

Measurements after weight gain are: 37-31-42 (most of my weight gain is in the mid section between bra roll, waist, abdomen, and flanks)
hey im for feb 20th im so excited i didnt start buying anything yet smh but i need to get on it
Girl, you better get on it!! Last thing you wanna be doing is packing the day before your trip. I want to be packed the week before my trip, so that I am not stressin' out and running around at the last minute. I am excited too!! I just want to get it over with.
hey who is the girl in ur pics is she on realself i would really like to see more pics of her work

We emphasize to all our patients that lymphatic...

We emphasize to all our patients that lymphatic drainage massages are of paramount after liposuction. Why? When the surgeon disrupts the fat cells by liposuction cannula he or she is does not just suction all the fat that has been disrupted. They leave fat in the vicinity that is without "home". If that fat and liquid surrounding it is not leveled by manual and machine assisted massages this fat might survive in a nodular fashion and the patient suffers hardening and irregularity of the affected area.

Patients undergo this post operative treatment for at least a three month period. Even if you don’t perform liposuction at Bella Forma Cosmetic Surgery Center you are welcome to have this treatment done for you at our Center.

The lymphatic system is an extensive drainage network that helps keep bodily fluids levels in balance and defends the body against infections. This system is formed by LYMPHATIC VESSELS that carry LYMPH – a clear, watery fluid containing protein molecules, salts, glucose, urea, and other substances.?The spleen works as part of the lymphatic system to protect the body, clearing worn-out red blood cells and other foreign bodies from the bloodstream to help fight off infection.?
One of the Lymphatic system major jobs is to collect extra lymph fluid from the body tissues and return it to the blood. This process is important because the substances are continuously leaking out of tiny blood capillaries into the surrounding body tissues. If the lymphatic system did not drain the excess fluid from the tissues, the lymph fluid would build up in the body’s tissue and they would swell. On the other hand, this system consist of LYMPH NODES, which are small masses of tissue located along the network of lymph vessels.? These nodes house LYMPHOCYTES, a type of white blood cell that fights germs and stops infection from spreading by trapping disease-causing germs and destroying them.

Working with Lymphatic Drainage
lymphatic drainage is a circulatory therapy, an ally against water retention, cellulite, and bad circulation, but it also functions as protection and defense of its own organism.?The lymphatic system is a physical therapy that stimulates the exit of wasteful liquids, decrease swelling, pain, and symptoms of circulatory diseases. This treatment is performed on the whole body, but with more dedication to those affected swollen areas (Edema) like the legs, shoulders and abdomen, as well as chest and back. This manual therapy sums up body wellness to eliminate toxins, and to increase the body’s immune response.?This treatment requires several sessions to obtain important results, which can be seen in the decrease of swelling, heaviness and pain.

*For Dra Yily patients!!
Dra Yily says you should have a doctor or nurse drain you when you get back home. This is probably nearly impossible as most docs in US won't touch patients who had their surgery abroad for safety reasons. Most of Yily patients complain of fluid build up in the first few days, but some have it for weeks. The best thing you can do is make sure Yily drains you as much as she can while u are there with her, get massages everyday while you are in DR, and then get continuous lymphatic drainage massages when you come back to the states. I plan to set aside a budget of about $850.00 just for these special massages. They are extremely important not only for drainage release after aggressive lipo, but for smoothing out those hard lumps that may occur after aggressive lipo.

This is the price we have to pay for aggressive lipo ladies. The only other alternative would be finding a doctor who performs gentle lipo, but the surgery would take much longer and would be much more expensive.
thank you for the detailed explaination this was very helpful!
I was sooo gonna do an update just on this and recovery. You are on point girl! I read everyday so many sisters spending 5, 6 7gs on this surgery and not making time for the recovery afterwards. I extremely urge EVERY SINGLE ONE of us to factor in AT LEAST 10 days after to dedicate to getting better. This is very important and to me not even worth getting the surgery if I dont have the time to take off after. I already know I plan on staying 10 days after surgery to recuperate at least 7 of these at a recovery house and then maybe 3 more days at my home in DR. I also have a spa I visit and the lady that does my waxing and facials will be giving me the massages, shes Colombian and AMAZING. Very good post prettygirl Thnax!!
Please still do an update. There may be more information that hasn't been touched on. We all need as much info as possible.

Ladies- be extra careful when sending your deposit...

Ladies- be extra careful when sending your deposit to Yily through Western Union. I sent mine online and the name appears to be correct, however when I called Western Union to verify, they had something completely different. This will definitely be a problem when Yily goes to pick up the money. Can I just say I hate Western Union and no one seems to know what the hell they are doing when you call or can answer any questions with a factual answer.

If anyone knows how to list Yily's name correctly, please let me know so that I can contact WU for the 5th time and make sure it is correct. Please tell me what her paternal and maternal names are, only if you know for certain and sent money to her with no issues already. This is how WU list the information, and if it is wrong, they will not let her pick the money up.

This is really starting to work my last nerve!!! I was fine, set and prepared until having to deal with Western Union. More than likely, I will not be sending anymore money through WU ever again. Customer service is some B-O-O-T-Y!!!

When you send your deposit via Western Union, you...

When you send your deposit via Western Union, you can set up an account online with Western Union and send it, or physically go to a Western Union location and send it as well. They will ask you for the receiver's name and where you are sending it. *The ID # that Yily provides to us is not necessary for Western Union, so don't get confused when you don't see a place to write it in. Again, you do not need it.*

When you enter her name, the form will ask you to list the First Name, Paternal Name, and Maternal Name. If you don't know this, you will be stuck on stupid and if you try to guess, there is a good chance that some letters will be cut off of her name if you are not writing her name correctly in the spaces. This is what Yily tries to explain in the long informative email (that includes how to send the deposit) she sends. Well, I just confirmed with Yily myself and here is how you should list her name via Western Union:

First Name: Yily Loramny

Paternal Name: de los Santos

Maternal Name: Rosario

If you write it in like this, Dra Yily should have no problems picking up the money you send. If you send it online, contact the Online Dept. of Western Union afterwards to verify that name appears correctly. Even though you write it correctly, verify with them after you send it. Unfortunately, there online system doesn't update properly and they could have something different than what appears online. It happened to me, so trust me on this!! The no. is 800-525-3403 and you don't wait long to speak with someone which is good. Hope this helps!!

It has been a pain in the butt dealing with Western Union for the last few days, but finally confirming with Yily allowed me to get this straight. The CS is terrible at Western Union, so the less mistakes you make in filling out your money transfer, the less you have to deal with Western Union in trying to make corrections.
You always provide such great info...luv ya for that doll!!
Thanks lady :)
Glad to have found your page! I'll be watching your updates :)

Ladies!! Please, please please send your deposit...

Ladies!! Please, please please send your deposit if you haven't already regardless of whether your date has been confirmed, you've been told not to worry, etc. Send that deposit to lock in your date. Yily is accepting deposits from everyone no matter the situation. COVER YOUR NEW!!!

Also, when you send deposit, follow up with Western Union on the status of your transfer from start to finish. Extremely important. Follow up with these jokers to make sure money has been picked up and transfer has been completed.

Send your deposit to Yily ASAP to lock in your already, previously confirmed date!!!
When is your date ?
2/19. I actually just checked with Western Union via phone and computer and they said that ,only has been picked up, so I feel good about that. I can rest now!!
* money has been picked up ( I meant to write)

Almost that time. All packed and ready. Oh, still...

Almost that time. All packed and ready. Oh, still have to buy a pillow for my butt, a 'grabber' to pick things up so I wont have to bend, and waiting on some dresses I ordered to come in the mail. After these few items, I should be all set and ready to go. Yay!! Can't wait!! Super excited....after a few months of healing, then I will be ready to get my BA surgery in July. : ). No more surgeries after that, I will be done.
Hey who is the girl in the photo? Where csn I see more pics??! Loving her shape! Thanks!
Just wondering do you set a date with Yily and once she confirms the appointment then do you send the deposit
You just tell her the date you want, and she will let you if its available. At that point, you would then proceed to send a deposit. Some girls, including myself have been having trouble with WU sending the deposit, so hold off until Yily gets it sorted out. They are accepting them, but then refunding the money back....

Hi everyone!! Just heard from Dra Yily. She said...

Hi everyone!! Just heard from Dra Yily. She said Western Union isn't allowing her to receive money again. She also said not to worry, she is not giving my date away. She said she is creating a Paypal account tomorrow. So glad she is finally doing this...hopefully, we will get an update soon about a Paypal account. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!
Good stuff thanks for the info you are a doll.wishing you great results and a speeedy recovery.
Ok thanks for that info, I was wondering what was going on
What day are you going?

Yes , ladies....she finally has a Paypal Account....

Yes , ladies....she finally has a Paypal Account. Waiting for her to claim the money and I should be set!! Than goodness!!

Sorry ladies for not responding sooner, which I am...

Sorry ladies for not responding sooner, which I am glad I didn't at this point. I went to go work out. At this point Dra Yily's communication is some bullshit and I really needed to clear my head. I'm doing everything I can on my end to make this a smooth process, meanwhile she and her assistants are doing just the opposite.

I sent her an email reply TODAY to the email that she sent yesterday about starting a new Paypal account soon. I told her when she got it up and running to let me know so I could send it. In the meantime, I would see her on 2/18.
Two minutes later, she sends me an email telling me she has a new Paypal account which I relayed to you all as soon as I found out. She gives me an email to use for sending the money through Paypal. I send it within 5 minutes and then respond back to her letting her know I sent it and please let me know she got it. No email back afterwards.

Three hours later, she responds to every email I sent her within the last week....EXCEPT, the most recent email about confirming that she received the deposit. In all the other emails, she proceeds to tell me that she has started a new Paypal account and gives me A COMPLETELY F%CKIN DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS TO SEND THE MONEY!!! I am pissed, because now I am confused about the email addresses, which is the correct one, and the fact that she responded to every other email, EXCEPT the most important one.

At this point, I am ready to cancel this surgery altogether. Its waaaaaay too much confusion, IMO. I don't want to tell you all the wrong email address to send the money. I wish I had better news. I like order, and this shit is way out of order! I'm sorry ladies to be using such profanity, but when I am mad....I am all the way turned up to about 10. Yily needs to get it TOGETHER!! I am getting off RS for a minute to just chill out for a few days.
Ladies we have to understand her side. She sets up appointments and people flake. SHE LOSES MONEY when people do this. So the deposit shows that you are serious as it is non refundable. :)
I think its her new assisstant. ever since the switch it seems like its been all hell. I'll try and contact her old assisstant to see if things can be straightened out.
Hey Laury...thanks. I did speak with her assistant Yira today. She confirmed that I was on the books and the first patient of the day which is what Massiel confirmed on the phone when I booked initially. I just started worrying a bit after getting emails demanding a deposit to keep your date. Especially when I was told no deposit was necessary and flight info. was fine. I'm not going to worry about sending a deposit for now. I'm just praying their is no confusion when I get to DR.

Ok, ladies. Excited again!! Got squared away after...

Ok, ladies. Excited again!! Got squared away after the email/Paypal fiasco the other day. I'm not worried about a deposit. Surgery is confirmed for 2/19(first patient of the day) and I will pay when I get there/or if Yily gets Paypal worked out prior to leaving for surgery. That's all I'm focused on.

Weighing about 145 now, and just started working out again. I don't want to be completely out of shape once all this fat is gone, especially in the abs area. Been doing some core training, leg exercises, toning and minimal cardio. Strangely enough, I have never had to work out my arms much in my life. My arms are ridiculously strong and solid, but still small. Without flexing any arm muscles, my arms are hard as bricks..crazy, I know. Even guy friends that I know comment on that. Weird, but I guess it's just genetics. Either way, I want to be in decent shape, not flabby after surgery.

Still have to buy:

Grabber (for bending to pick up things)
Large underwear
Insulated small freezer bag (for few perishable snacks like yogurt, lunch meat, etc)
Protein drinks
Applesauce cups
Juice boxes
Fruit snacks
Dried fruit

Hey ladies!! Finally my deposit has been sent and...

Hey ladies!! Finally my deposit has been sent and Dra Yily accepted the payment, so now I will definitely be sending the rest of my balance via Paypal. So glad I can finally put this situation to rest and not worry anymore!!

First time I sent deposit, she gave me the wrong email address, so I canceled payment. Second time I sent payment, Paypal processed payment via e-Check which put a hold on the payment for 5 days, probably because her account was new and hadn't been verified yet, so I canceled payment again. Today, I checked in with Paypal on status of her account and noticed the option was now available to send payment via instant transfer. I proceeded to send another payment, and she accepted it about 20 min. after I sent it. Whooh hooh!!!

The correct address to send payment is:

Feeling even better now!!!
Very informative, I'm happy she's opened a paypal account. It's so convenient...
Hey Hun..... So can I send 250 and it will be towards my deposit?
Yes, it just can't be under $200.

Ordered the Vitamedica Recovery Kit from...

Ordered the Vitamedica Recovery Kit from It has the essential vitamins that are important in preparing the body for surgery, and also aids in recovery and speedy healing. Day 1 of taking Vitamedica pills.

I will also be taking wheatgrass and kelp which are rich in other minerals and bioflavonoids. Wheatgrass is a great way to detoxify blood, increase red blood cell count, stimulate body's enzyme system by enriching the blood, and its high alkalinity balances acidic PH levels (I haven't been eating healthy due to weight gain, so this balance is necessary for me). Kelp helps to get rid of the worst mineral deficiencies in people. Bioflavonoids help to strengthen cell membranes, especially those of capillaries that are often cut during surgery. Doctors limit the intake of Vitamin E prior to surgery to less than 400mg per day since it is hard to completely avoid Vitamin E. I am also taking 65mg Ultra Iron twice a day and Bio-Cell twice a day which helps to regenerate new healthy cells.

I want my body to be able to snap back as quick as possible and hopefully all this preparation will help to accomplish this.
Good luck!
Hey girl, do you not like your results? I'm starting to worry because it's been a minute since you had your surgery and you still haven't posted pic.I hope Yily still goy it
Hey, were u talking to me? If so, I don't have my surgery until 2/19.

Hey ladies, When you all stayed at CIPLA that...

Hey ladies,

When you all stayed at CIPLA that one night, did u take your phone or iPad into the facility? I am thinking about the safety of my personal belongings and wonder what you all did while at CIPLA. Thanks :)

Hey ladies- I noticed after looking at a couple of...

Hey ladies- I noticed after looking at a couple of Yilys latest reviews, that she is using a different garment than she was originally. It looks like the less expensive Fajate brand in the $50-$70 range that's available on amazon and some other sites. This is the type Qurvacious referred to in her review.
I am not certain if she is in fact using a different garment, but it definitely isn't the same as the one that LBP, Superflyygurl87, or Laury130 used.

If she is using a different garment now, but the cost is still the may want to look into purchasing the original Fajate Columbian garment that was actually $142.00. For most, garments are extremely important in shaping after surgery. It's something to look into and research, but I may still purchase the original brand. These are said to be some of the best on the market. I'm not about to pay $140 to Yily for something that isn't worth it and only retails for $60 online.

If you ladies know anything about this, please share!!
Mermaid isn't wearing the garment Yily originally gave to her, she is wearing a medium She purchased from Vedette. Yily have her an XS after surgery. Yily sent me an email and said she uses the same Faja she has always used... I asked those questions a couple weeks ago.
I read in her review where she said they put her in medium. So you are saying the one Mermaid is wearing in the pics is something different that she purchased instead of the medium that they originally put her in?
Yes, dr Yily may have put her in arising but THAT what was in the pictures was definitely from vedette, I purchased the same one. Go check out my page also I just updated :)

Check in ladies if you are having surgery with...

Check in ladies if you are having surgery with Yily on 2/19!!
Your body shape is already amazing I can tell your results are gonna b stunning.good luck doll. You will b on my prayers on your sx day:)
I found some garments on says has micro vitamin E capsules. Try this does these look reL?

Hey ladies- Dra Yily emailed this morning and...

Hey ladies- Dra Yily emailed this morning and informed me that she has a new office no., it is 809-622-5720. She told me to let the others know. : )

I also confirmed with her that surgery balance CAN be paid via Paypal , so you don't have to carry ALOT of cash with you the day of. If you plan to stay at the JM Spa/Recovery House, then only cash is accepted here.
The original fajate, does it have holes or mesh for the buttocks????? I seem one for ,$115 but not sure what the back looklike
Reply has the correct one. It has clasps to hook and mesh for buttocks. It retails for $142 and is the one Yily uses.
Ok thanks sis....

Hey ladies- anyone been on their period around...

Hey ladies- anyone been on their period around surgery time? Can you still have surgery if you are menstruating? I'm asking due to blood loss from period and surgery at the same time. My cycle is wacky and comes when it feels like it and just my luck, it will come the day before surgery. Should I continue taking my iron up until surgery time to help?
Pls post after pics not a lot of ppl do and they leave us girls on realself curious about them.
So long as I'm physically capable, I promise to keep my BBL sissys updated with my progress. After all, you all are what helped me get to this point. It wouldn't be right to just leave u hanging.
Girl yes you'll be fine I'm pretty sure plenty of women have been on their cycle in the history of surgery. Lol Just double up on your daily iron and you'll be fine mama.

Ordered Faja on Thursday and a Squeem vest on...

Ordered Faja on Thursday and a Squeem vest on Friday(thanks to MissJuicyfruit) and both should be here in a few days

Squeem from ($79.50)

Faja from ($142.00)
hay there prettygirlslim im flying in feb 24 and im staying at the RH will u still be there?? my surgery is on the 25th
Was just going through your blog, and I see you and I have the same prob, with the high hip Yily tends to give.So are you going to ask for hips or not?? I am a lil skeptical about asking for hips. I might be having my surgery on the 20th, so hopefully I get to see you.
No. I am going to ask her to fill in hips if necessary. My hips are more slanted than round. I will ask her to make me curvy in the waist area and give me a really small waist. Good luck on getting the date and hopefully we will see each other.

Wondering if getting a root canal before surgery...

Wondering if getting a root canal before surgery next week will be a problem. I already emailed Yily about it and trying to reach Yira to find out as well. I believe I will have to take some pain meds. Like Tylenol, but that's probably it. Hoping they don't prescribe any antibiotics as this might pose a problem for my surgery next week. Waiting to hear back from Yily at this point.

Decided I would go to dentist appt for root canal....

Decided I would go to dentist appt for root canal. I will explain that I am having surgery and what my restrictions are with medications. If he feels he can do it without antibiotics, then I will go for it. If not, I will wait and do the root canal when I come back home. I decided I have been planning too long to possibly risk not getting surgery. It would be nice if Yily responded right away, but.......we know thats not going to happen. I think two more weeks shouldn't hurt.
If your not having any pain and the X-ray shows no current infection, then you don't need antibiotics. Just keep your mouth clean with strong original Listerine before and after procedure. Happy Thoughts!!
I had root canal done when I was in Bani, Dominic Republic and my dentist numbed the area before he started. All I had was some aching it lasted 12hrs, then it was fine ( only Tylenol was taken). No infection and no antibiotics were given. So you maybe just fine. But it doesn't hurt to take extra precaution.
I went to dentist for cleaning and that's how I found out.

So ladies.... I went to dentist, got root canal,...

So ladies.... I went to dentist, got root canal, and did not need antibiotics..whooh hooh!! However, as you already know if you read my blog...I had percocet already to take, but I was able to get the dentist to give me some Vicodine aka Hydrocodone. Another whooh hooh!!! I should be straight for pain meds, if I need them for BBL surgery. I here it's more discomfort rather than pain :(
OMG!! How exciting!! Good luck & keep us posted on how ur doing. Btw what happen to ur before pics
Good Luck wishing you a smooth recovery. Hope i get to meet you in DR.
Hey congrats sis, What's wrong with antibiotics before surgery?

Whole Gains Protein Shake (mango protein...

Whole Gains Protein Shake (mango protein powder/mix with water)
Wheat Grass powder ( mix with juice)
Lara Bars
Luna Bars
Cinnamon Almonds
Apple juice boxes
Pineapple juice boxes
Oatmeal packets
Apple Sauce
Fruit Snacks
Dried Fruit ( Banana, Pineapple, Mango)
Coconut Water

If I think of anything else, I will be sure to get it before the end of the weekend. I want to be relaxed the day before my flight. I refuse to be hungry and starving in between meals at RH.
Tomorrow is the big day yayyy.....I have 14days to go...good luck mama!!
Thanks Hun!! I have 2 days left 'til surgery, but I leave on Monday for DR.
Petitemami I have a ?...the day you fly into DR where are you staying....correct me if I'm wrong your not flying in the day of your surgery? I wanna know how am I booking my flight.

Alright ladies- tomorrow I fly to DR early AM. I...

Alright ladies- tomorrow I fly to DR early AM. I will arrive about 2p, so I hope to get settled in at the RH and get myself relaxed. Surgery is Tuesday and i a, the first patient of the day. For some reason I don't feel nervous at all. Maybe when I get there, it will all sink in. I am already sore since I started really working out again a few weeks before this time. I want to be in some kind of shape once she removes this fat. I feel terrible, disgusting and will be happy to get rid of this gut and back rolls. It's really not cute :(

One thing I want to tell ladies. If you have talked to me, I am a very positive person. I try to answer every question from anyone who sends one my way(if i know the answer). I don't treat anyone differently, unless you say or talk to me in a manner thats intolerable. I am very honest about the way I feel and never want to disrespect or offend anyone on this board, or just in life generally. I will tell the good, the bad, and the neutral parts of my experience. I ask that you ladies please respect my opinion of my journey. I will do my best to keep you ladies updated for my first 3 months and answer all of your questions. I will be following all instructions of Dra Yily, and will be off for 1.5- 2 months to heal, rest and recover. I found someone to continue holistic lymphatic massages here in my area after I come from DR.

My stats again for pre op:
5'4", 145 lbs.
I did gain 25 lbs for surgery, because I wanted to. My previous stats were: 34-27-39 roughly.

I am excited about seeing Dra Yily and hope that she can give me the best results possible as well as do the same for every other lady who chooses her.
I'm really hoping for a speedy and complication-free recovery and ask for all prayers and positive energy!!!

Hey all, I just reviewed my list again of...

Hey all,

I just reviewed my list again of drugs/supplements to stay away from before and after surgery. Get this!! Oxycodone aka Percocet is on the list. Geesh!! This one was hiding and I didn't see it before. That explains why doctors in US prescribe Hydrocodone aka Vicodine instead. Guess I will carry my Vicodine instead of Perc. Just thought I would share. Note: This list came from a doctor I was planning to have surgery with before booking with Yily. When I get a moment later tonight, I will post the list so you all can see it. Just thought I would share.
hey girly!!! very excited for u!! hope u have a good flight get lots of rest and dont worry we will all be here waiting to read ur wonderful experience! sending prayers ur way sweety!!
Thanks lady!! Please keep me in your prayers. I will talk to you soon!
sending prayers.... can't wait to see you!

I arrived in Santo Domingo about 2p. Took me about...

I arrived in Santo Domingo about 2p. Took me about 45 min to get through everything. Apparently the flights before were delayed, so my flight was packed. When I say everything that could go right, went exactly right. Flights were on time, chatted with folks on flight. The Dominicans are very friendly...even on my flight. Anyway, I landed at 2 pm, got my tourist card, exchanged some money, went through immigrations, got bags, and went through customs. No problem!! Junior was there waiting for me and he is sweet as pie!! I got to spa, got settled, paid my money and had lunch and dinner. It was also good!! Now, I'm sitting here chattin it up with some of the girls who have had surgery. They are all nice, so I am glad about that and they look fabulous for 5 days. Anyway, surgery in the morning. So far, I have no complaints and everything has been wonderful!!

By the way..for those who don't know. At JM Spa,...

By the way..for those who don't know. At JM Spa, if you have an iPhone, u can text for free over wifi only to another person with an iPhone. Didn't know this..just thought I would share.
all the besttt
good luck
Goodluck doll!!!!

Up already, getting myself ready and prepared to...

Up already, getting myself ready and prepared to leave the RH at 630a to head to CIPLA!! No food after 10p last night and no liquids after midnight. Can I say that I am already hungry?? :). I must admit that arriving the day before, staying at RH, chatting it up with other Yily dolls really helped calm any small nerves. I feel great and I'm ready to roll! So far so good!

I am gonna wash up, since I showered late last night and throw all of my stuff in a bag. I am carrying with me:
Maxi dress (for day after surgery)
Chux (pads for bed)
Maxi pads (to go underneath garment)
Bandages (for back incision especially)
Wife beater
Vitamins(for morning after surgery)

Meals yesterday were:
lunch-Black beans, rice and chicken

Dinner- Chicken with plantains

Ok ladies, I want to thank you in advance for all your prayers, support and encouragement. I will not be taking my phone or iPad to CIPLA, so I will speak with you again when I return to RH. Thank you all once again for everything!!

To read part 2 of my BBL journey, please click here.

I'm new here and I'm unable to see any pre or post-op pictures. You guys mention pic on profile but when I click on profile, it just gives me SX date, city, and comments. Am'I missing something? Do I have to friend request somebody to fully see profile? Lol
Love your page! I'm looking to gain weight too and yes, it is extremely difficult if youre not used to eating so much. I've basically been drinking heavy cream. Crazy, I know, but I want to get to my goal of 140. What are you doing to maintain the weight? Do you have to eat just as much as you did to gain? Does it get any easier? I just started and I feel like I'm going to explode every day. Dont know how people eat this much on a daily basis.... thanks for everything you posted. It's inspirational to us naturally thin girls ☺
Petitemami where are you it's been a while how are you doing?
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