It started a disaster with the hotel...

It started a disaster with the hotel accommodations that were a hot mess.....Thank God I got in touch with Healing Haven she had Cecil her driver call and he came to get us, took us to eat, and then took us to the recovery house. OMG soooooo comfortable, clean, smelled great, and sooooooo accommodating. The
nurse Lucy is jazzy in her lil heels but know her stuff. Ms. Betty can cook het butt off. You feel like you are at home with your family recovering. I'm not telling anyone to
go to Healing Haven cuz you have to pick what's good for you. What I will say is that a recovery house is the best way. I messed up and stayed at the Aquarium (horrible place, customer service disastrous, food not good, lizards crawling on walls etc.....) Spending more had I just gone to Healing Haven where you have the nurse, massage therapist, housekeeper, cook, and driver. You will need all of those no matter what you think or say. After sx you will need help.especially if you have lipo (the devils child)....overall it was great. Having my girl njbeauty come in a take care of us, and the support of realself was great.....a tin more to say and pics but a tad tired so update soon......wanted to post since a lot have asked....


Wow! looking fabulous!!!
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Girrrrrrrl Yily did that, she snatched that waist huntay. Looking fab sis.
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Thanks boo

2 weeks 1 day postop

Well it's healing pretty good, as soon as this devils 2nd child drain (1st child Compression Garment aka.choking garment ) comes out I will start scar therapy.....


Nice. U look great
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Thanks luv appreciate it

an unexpected turn of events..

Tuesday(worse ever), and late tues and wed morning i started running fevers that would get as high as 102.4, and headaches. I thought a cold or I wasn't drinking enough water to flush toxins after massage. I go to my primary they got nervous, and
gave me an antibiotic shot and a 14 day supply. I went home fever was dropping and headache was gone.. They said don't hesitate to go to ER if you aren't better in 48hours. Well that was Friday come Saturday my temp was in seizureville so i went to ER wet, pale, and clammy. After being admitted they said everything sx related looked great. There was however a cyst on my lower left side of my back that was radiating heat, and extremely red. Many shots of morphine, antibiotics through IV, and pills i was dx with cellulitis. So I'm home taking meds fever still goes high and low but i can tell it is,getting better. My body has,soooooo many antibiotics I can't wait to detox. The antiboticd my primary gave me weren't strong enough. they were so concerned they called two surgeons and a Specialist that advised that i needed stronger antibiotics for this particular infection. I'm taking strong as hell bacterium two twice a day. My daughter told me I stink cuz I smell like a medicine bottle. The upside is they took out my drain hallelujah praise baby Jesus and I took a shower ...OMG better then sex.....THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PLASTIC SURGEON this has been a PSA and I approve this message. Happy healing and know that the best is yet to come.....


Wow! Yily did her thang! Ur look awesome. Sorry to hear about ur bumps in the road. Is cellulitus bad? Any event ur waistline looks amazing!
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I hope you feel better soon!
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looking good!
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4 weeks and 1 day...

I am feeling a whole lot better who knew time would be the tell all ....definitely not out of the woods but closer to out then in ...

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4 weeks 1 day.....

Forgot to add this one


Healing Haen doesn't provide 3 meals a day?
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Girl she really did her thing with you - you look amazing!
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Awwww thanks boo

5 weeks in now

Out with sister and friends and we had a good time and I made it through the night.....feeling pretty good for now. I've learned to live in the day of...... :)


Great results! You are gorgeous!
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Thanks boo appreciate u....
Hey baby cakes! I know your doing just as great as u look..Im glad your healing process is going well..YOU LOOK DOPE Yily has struck again she's made you a goddess as she will do the same for me in 5 days!!! See you on the other side soon. Muah xoxo
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ok officially 6wks

I have some good days some bad,days.....the worse are this damn lipo pain this burning feeling is the feels,like someone has a,match to my back at times. I love all the great compliments though..


You look amazing!!!! WOW!!
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Awww thank you. I am feeling better...
I love your outfit. It really looks good on you. I cant wait to wear normal clothes. Lol im 7 wks po but experiencing technical hopefully will heal soon.
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6 weeks and a couple days...

The bad days do get fewer and fewer but please don't get it twisted they do come.....


OMG ahhhhh u LQQK fukn HOT! The waist is freaking tiny as SH** Wen u started to put the strips on like rite after sx n did the scar lighting yet I WANA C MORE PIX bitsh!! Mwahz I love it u look incredible god blessed u in Yilys hands!!! N yes to all the DUMN ITCHS out there stupid face whores LOLZ yily did my grls surgery yea!! HPPY HEALING BABE N OXOX
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Awwwwwww boo you know I love me so,e u....i tried posting my update four times and it didn't upload. I got new pic love and my waist is even smallwe....good thing but .nothin fits.....
Ahhh no way thts craziii check ur pm mwazh

7 week and getting better

Ok so I am convinced that we who go through this have got to be complete soldiers and tough as nails...I am loving the results and it is getting better and better. Clearly not 100 percent I still swell, I still have a few hard spots, I still get sharp pains sometimes, I still have a back that burns from time to time, sneezing is still not cool, and every now and then I have a hunch back if i'm do too much.
So I still take my arnica, turmeric and bromelain, multivitamins, skinny fiber, an occasional Aleve if i'm going to be trying on garments at store, an benedryl if the itching gets too intense.
Overall at week seven i'm looking foward to getting to eight, nine and etc...


Meahz look fab huney!!!!
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Hey girl! Love your transformation!!! That Nov 3rd outfit is hot! I'm looking for a new RH right now, the place I was going to is closing for the holidays. How much was healing Haven per night? And transportation? What's included and how far from Cipla? Is there a nurse? A million questions. I see you enjoyed your stay tho
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You look awesome!! Happy for you:)
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9 weeks and counting

Sooooooo it is truly getting better didn't think the day would come that I feel like I'm almost home
It's truly a process everyday. You go on thinking you have arrived then darn if you don't get hit by a ton of bricks.
I have been diligent with my turmeric and bromelain, vitamins, my skinny fiber, good eating habits, and the memory of what it took to get here. I think that alone is a deterrent to not get back to where we started.
For some reason i still itch like crazy in know it's the healing process and my low back still feels like a box of rocks but all and all I feel pretty good.
I have gone through several garment situations. I've had to get them altered i go to pick up two weeks later and damn if it doesn't need it again. I am also using the lipo board always at night (every now and then day also),and still haven't gone garment free unless bathing just don't feel that comfortable yet.
I hope all are healing well, and those who are up and coming great success. .

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ooops don't know why all pics didn't show

Trying again...


You look effin't hot!! Love your waist!
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Hey girl, I texted you yesterday was just checkin on still look fab of course.....I know about that vodka....especially Absolute!!!! LOL.....Glad things are going ok for you and I am definitely looking forward for my surg on Jan 31........I can't wait for us to get 2gether....I will be visiting ATL sometime this summer visiting you and family.....after I heal of course......Call me when you get a chance.....ttyl.
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Looking fierce lady...Tt scar is coming along nicely..
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wheeeeew 10wks and counting.....

Soooooo ladies I've been looking forward to my birthday and the holiday season to be on the flattened side of the world. So I am doing tons better. I am officially out of recliner.  I held on to it for security
I laid on on my stomach,  slept flat on my back without any major issues.  I do still have swelling, have some numbness in belly, and some low back patches of hardness but better as each day passes. Still on the journey and trying to get over a frickin cold. Hope all healing well and the ones coming up are excited. xoxoxo

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all pics didn't post

Trying again


Great results. What type of garment are u wearing now?
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Smoking hot!! U look so great:-D x
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Thank you. Soooo appreciate you

11 weeks

Whoa i'm sooooo much better never thought i'd be here...... :)


first of all... the black and white boots... killin em!!!! forgive me im a shoe results are amazing and I love your review!!!
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Thank you. Girl i'm a shoe whore also... :-)
wow!What a transformation!You look amazing!
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12 weeks. :)

I'm sleeping in bed full time now. I can lay flat for long periods of time without discomfort, i slept one night without faja (hated it), incision healing nicely. Still have itchy spells and even a few hard spots in the low back area the upside my waist is still going down...i remember thinking I would never be out of the woods but thank God it's getting better each day....


Looking sexy girl
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Girly u look gooooooood! I go get mind done March 3..What's is the skinny fiber do? Where do I find that's at?
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you look so Goooooooooooooood!
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almost six months in whew.....

Things are great.  Still have some swelling from time to time in lower belly. I do feel my abs more and though i'm addicted to my garment i do have times I'm without it. I will admit that I can't get away from wearing it....I have don't wear it when I go out, and didn't sleep in it last night.
I know we stalk this site forever before sx and even after because you're laid up for what seems like forever. I know once you get back to the swing of life you find yourself here less and less. I am working full time now, back to dating, back to hanging with my girls regularly and working out.  Start boot camp back Feb 10th so life is good. Good luck to all my lovely ladies...

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not sure why all didn't post....

Trying again...


Looking good :)
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Still looking good
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Thank you


Woooooooow I've have gone through it trying to add pics....

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i think this is it.....


Hey gurly when were u able to stop wearing the faja
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Actually i still wear it around the house but when i go out i don't.... i think i'm
Congrats! You look great!!!!
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Woooooow soooooooo love Yily

I have always wanted to wear a high waisted skirt with a crop top and finally hip hip Yily all the way.....

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forgot this one

Didn't attach for some reason.....


I almost had an anxiety attack reading your review! My date with Yily is on June 12 and I can't wait! Your results are amazing and your review is very informative. Thank You for continuing to document your progress. It helps me to understand what I'm up against. Thanx again and God Bless:)
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Yes she is/was very helpful. I have actually read her review a few timesto to help me out. I'm going June 16th
Love your results!! I will be going in June! Thanks for all the info!
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seven months and counting...

Never thought i'd be at a point of not remembering that this was such a process. Seems like it was just yesterday i was stretched out in that damn recliner hating to move.... it does and will get better i promise.
Happy Healing to all recovering, lots of success to those coming up, and healing angels encamped around you all....smooches ladies

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i never know why all pics never post together....

I think they will now hopefully....


Can I say you look Fabulous, I love your journey and you always sharing and posting thank you for sharing god bless
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Awwwww thank you, and you're welcome.
You look fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing your story as it has truly empowered me :)
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almost a year September 20th

Well ladies it has been forever for many reasons. I couldn't get logged in, started my business, new relationship and tons of other
Soooooooo I do still wear a garment at night if alone, and when i do massages cuz it feels better. I do still swell a tiny bit. Over all all is great though. I loooooove the results, the looks, the way i feel, and motivation to keep it.....Sept 20, will mark a year and i want to wish everyone well on upcoming sx, and thanks for all the support, and beautiful words that have been said...

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not sure why pics not all posting......

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U look great.
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Thank you
Great transformation! Thanks for posting. I really appreciate that you continued to post well after your surgery date so I could have an idea of what to expect.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily has gotten a bad rap but everyone will have their own experience, perception, interpretations of what's done or not done....Yily was professional, informative, and honest. Her staff was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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