Hi, everyone. Although I have replied to several...

Hi, everyone. Although I have replied to several people's reviews, I've yet to post my own. I guess now is as good a time as any. I'm a mom of several children (more than 6) and you probably know that my bod is jacked! Thought about doing this several years ago, but it was out of my reach, financially, so I just dealt with how I was. I now have he ability to fund what I need to regain my self esteem and confidence back. So, I started researching on RealSelf, and fell in love with Duran's handiwork! I am trying to schedule for early December, so I can recuperate while my kids are home from school.(winter break) and that way, I will be ready for the summer months, with the killer bod!!!! Her work almost seems surreal, it's so magical. She is truly blessed at her craft!! Anyway, I've been trying to connect with her for the past week and it seems almost impossible.
I called her cell number. She answered on the first try, however, she told me to call her office number. Called them a million times, kept getting disconnected, then they told me to call back in 10 minutes. Called back NO ANSWER. Then called again, this time someone tried to get me to talk to another Dr. (Dr. Cabral) I believe she said. I told them no, I definitely wanted duran, then she told me to hang up I called the wrong number! So I called the cell phone again, she answered again, I told her what I wanted, she told me to call her back in 10 minutes. Then, I called the office number again, and the girl told me, that I would have to wait until Duran got back to me. I told her I sent several emails with pics and wanted to schedule for early December and needed to plan, so she told me to call her back at 2pm.today and she would try to help me. Don't know what's gonna happen then, but I guess I have no other choice, huh? Well, will keep you updated. I can see why some people would say the heck with it and go with their second choice because it's frustrating not being able to get through, but after seeing DURAN'S work, No Way! Im hanging in there.Don't care how long it takes. They may wanna have me arrested for STALKING!! lol! Well, once I get a reply and a date, I will add my BEFORE photos, since I will know that there will be an AFTER photo. But right now, I'm not sure, and don't want those horrible pictures to be the only lasting image that you all have of me. LOL!!! I love this sight. Everyone is so positive and inspiring and supportive. Thanks so much!


So as everyone knows by now, I am a duran stalker!!!!! OMG, it was bad, really really bad. Anyway, I hooked up with someone on real self who already had a surgery date, and wanted a buddy. So we corresponded with each other and then we spoke on the phone. We vibed, and so we decided that she would call duran and see if she could get me in on the same date. She explained to duran that she didn't want to travel alone and expense wise, having a buddy would help us both out, and VOILA! I'm in!!!! She just needs to email me over my quote and instructions! ladies, I am going to become a duran doll. Although, I said I would post before pics once I got a date, I think I am going to wait until surgery is done. It's bad really really bad, and I would really hate to just be hanging out on real self looking like that until Dec. So from the moment after surgery, I will post before and after!!! Good luck to all of you that are waiting to become Duran Dolls. Just like someone posted earlier...you will literally have to stalk her!! the," this is harassment, go to jail type stalking"!!!! LOL! Trust me, I know, cuz I did it myself!!!

Starting eating regimen to maximize results

Hi everybody,
Ok, well Im still waiting for my quote, even though I have a surgery date already. In the meantime, I am starting a new eating regimen to lose about 20 -30 pounds before my surgery date. Im at 217 right now, so I guess 190 will be good. I havent weighed under 200 in the past 12 or 13 years. thats kinda where my weight plateaus and just stays there. And actually 200 doesnt look bad on me cuz i am pretty tall. (5'8") Its mostly legs. Well at least it used to be before my midsection started expanding and made me look like a short troll! LOL!!! When I expanded width wise, it made me shrink length wise. So, anywho...when I lose the weight, I will hopefully get the appearance of length back in my legs so when I get the surgery everything will fall into place and I'll have that lean/thick look from years past!! So, ladies, wish me luck on my new eating regimen: Breakfast- 2 oz lean protein and 1 cup of fruit. snack-2 oz lean protein and 1 cup of fruit. Lunch-2 oz lean protein, 1 cup of veggies and 1/2 cup of carb. Snack- 2 oz of lean protein, 1 cup of veggies. Dinner - 2 oz lean protein, 1 cup of veggies, 1/2 cup of carb. No salt, No oil and no Dairy. This is taken from the 6-week diet makeover. I've done it about 3 times in the past and I've lost the weight!!! You are guaranteed to lose 30 lbs in six weeks and I must say that it delivers!! However, in the past the loose saggy skin, made being overweight look glamorous!!! But now that I have a surgery date, with, whom it seems, to be one of the BEST in the business, I don't care what the skin is going to look like, but don't want to lose alot of the fat, cuz I need it for the BBL!!!! And with Duran around to "tighten" things up, I am going for the gusto! However, I have to remember that once I lose the weight, I will have to maintain that number on the scale, cuz, 6 weeks will only bring me to the end of September, and then I will have to MAKE SURE THAT I DON'T REGAIN BECUZ I WILL STILL HAVE 21/4 MONTHS BEFORE MY SX DATE. sO WISH ME LUCK!!!!! When I do lose the weight, I have decided that I will put up my BEFORE the weight loss and sx pics, then I will put up the pics after losiing weight, but before the sx, and then I will put up the AFTER weight loss and sx pics. I think seeing the transformation will be kinda nice, and hopefully will inspire or encourage someone else to take that giant leap into being ALL that they can and wanna be PHYSICALLY! We all know, or maybe most of us, know how we can get to the point where we are made to believe that since we made a mess of our bodies, thats it, we just have to live with it. And go thru each day feeling worse and worse about ourselves, watching, wishing, envying others look good in their clothes, exude enormous amounts of self confidence while we just sit and wonder, "what the heck happened". Well now hopefully as people follow my journey, OUR journey, we can impart into them with our stories, hope and the realization, that....IT AIN'T OVER, TILL IT'S OVER!!!!! GOD BLESS LADIES AND GOOD HEALTH, SPEEDY AND SAFE RECOVERY TO ALL!!!!!

December 6, 2013 Will Truly Be the First Day of the Rest of My Life!!!!!

I have a sx date, but not a quote yet! Go figure???? But, nevertheless, I will still show up on my sx date, because that day will be the first day of the rest of my brand new life. If only you knew what I have recently been through, and to know that I am still standing and able to take this journey...Wow!! This is truly a blessing, and I will treat it as such! To reiterate Lolajae..."God is Good!!!!!!!!!

There's no time like the present!!!!

Ok, I am posting a before pic. (yuk!!) I'm either the bravest person I know, or the dummest!!(lol!!) Anyway, I decided to put up my pic becuz I believe that I am really going to inspire someone, letting them know that none of us are beyond hope, help or repair! If they(ps in DR) can do it for me, then they will be able to do it for anyone!
And those of you with a weak stomach! Sorry....lmao! (had to be done!)

I will also post another pic in 6 weeks. I am on a new eating regimen, because Duran says I need to lose anywhere between 30-50 pounds by my sx date. September 23 I will post another pic, of my weight loss. And 6 weeks after that, which will be December 4, 2013, two days before I leave for DR to get my sx.

So to all of you out there that think you look horrible, disgusting, etc. etc. remember, there is someone out there who may look worse, or be in the same boat as you, but just remember, that there is hope for us all!

Nothing But Hope

these are my wish pics!!!! That is my goal. If Duran can get my body to look anywhere near any of these pics, we know that she is perhaps one of the baddest ps on the planet!!LOL!! Here's to hoping.

Weight is coming Off!

Hi everyone! Its been a few days since i last wrote in my profile. I did post pics, but i was sooo self conscious of them that i took them down almost immediately, And my kid's responses didnt help me keep them up! They were horrified and scared that someone we know would recognize something in the pic to give it away that it was me! You see, I wear my clothes well and hide my shape and size extremely well also. So none of the people i know have no idea that i look like that under clothes! So needless to say I gave in to children pressure, vanity and just plain old fashioned embarrassment! However, I hane lost 12 pounds since getting my quote and like previously stated, about putting up weight loss pics on Sept. 23 I am going to put my pics BACK up and the ones showing the weigh loss. im going to do one today. i really need to stay true to me! after all, thats really all we have in life is our love for one another, our love for Christ (directed to my Christian RS believers), (all others no offense intended, my own personal beliefs)and our honesty to oneself! Nothing major, but, hey 12 pounds is 12 pounds, right!:) Its an accomplishment to me!
Now on to another subject. Does anyone know why/how quotes are given from the DR doc? Im asking cuz, I saw where someone is getting the exact same thing Im getting and she got quotes from the exact same two drs,but they were extremely different! TT BL, Lipo, BL. My quote from Yilly was $5200 and Duran is $5000 and thats without the BL. Her quote was Yilly $3900, and Duran $3800! I was thinking that it may have to do with size, but my sz buddy is a small petite person and her quote, (for the same thing) is $4800. So I was wondering how do they come to the prices they quote us(and I realize that they are EXTREMELY AND CONSIDERABLY, lower than their American collegue prices)of which I am grateful, otherwise, I wouldn't even be able to participate in this journey, but it does make one wonder, doesn't it? Anywhoooo....It's not enough to make me change my mind, that's for sure! lol!!!! Well, it's time for me to go and worship Him that has sustained me and brought me through this extremely trying week, and has kept me from falling, kept me of all hurt harm and danger. Thank you Jesus for being all that you are. Lord of Lord, King of Kings and the High Priest to this fallen world! Amen!!!! Everyone, have a blessed day and an even more blessed week!

Addendum to the weight is fallinf off!

In my last post when talking about the prices between patients and drs, I stated, "TT, BL, Lipo and BL, when in fact it should have read, TT, BBL, LIPO AND BL. Sorry about that. However, the story is exactly the same, just needed to add another B to one of the "BL's" :). Need to be accurate.

Beginning to stockpile

Hey everybody. As time goes on, this journey is becoming more and more real. Especially as the things that I have ordered, (based on other's reviews) start coming in through the USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Im still waiting for my fajae's. I ordered two, which I wasn't aware of. I guess I pushed the send button twice! Dang! But I guess it's ok cuz, I can have them taken in while I am in DR. I've been trying to get in touch with Dra Duran, cuz I wanted to get a quote for either an arm lift or aggressive lipo to the arms. Has anyone ever had the dreaded "bat wings" lipoed where they look good(at least decent) or is an arm lift the only way to go? I'm losing the weight, but everything is just starting to "hang 10", which is why I just wanted to get the dang procedure done without the weight loss, cuz now im turning into mush meat! But I guess the weight loss is more for the safety of surgery than anything else. Right now Im quoted 5g's for the BBL, TT and lipo. But doesn't lipo come with a BBL anyway? So, what do they lipo for a BBL? do they lipo undermeath the upper part of the arm where that big "turkey neck" hangs underneath? If so, maybe I don't need an "extra procedure". But all I do know is Im gonna look pretty funny with a nice BBL, a nice TT, and arms that look like grandma's. Any info, comments, (bad or good)and suggestions will be welcomed! Ok, ladies, enjoy the rest of your evening. To those of you healing, I wish you speedy and painless recoveries! God Bless all.

Misery Loves Company.......

Hey ladies,

Its been a while since I've updated my review. There's been plenty of reasons why,(time, what to say, doesn't seem relevant, who cares...etc) Im sure most of us have been there with some of, if not all of thse thoughts. However, my main reason for not posting lately is because while reading other people's blogs, there seems to be a lot of naysayer's and "bullies" with their own little cheering squad going from page to page just popping off with negative, derogatory comments and just plain ole' fashion "nit-picking" as my grandmother would say! lol! But after giving it much thought, I realize that those two or three people who get off doing that, have their own issues and demons they need to deal with and since they can' don't, or haven't a clue as where to begin to deal with their own shiz, they stay miserable, and become these like little knats around the fruitbowl and start bugging everybody else, becuz, as we all know, misery loves company! But, I have decided I am not going to let them disrupt me and my review because this was the sole reason for me to participate in this website: to share as well as gain knowledge! I am not going to allow a few bad apples to spoil the wealth of information that I have the opportunity to gather for my protection, peace of mind,health and safety before and after sx. And from the words of a very wise mature RS Sistuah, people who conduct themselves in that way must have pitiful lives and should be pitied. So now to that end, and after having got that out f my system, lets get on to what's really real.......and important!!! ME!!! LMAO!!

mistery loves company.....

**like these little***

Murphy's Law.......Arrrrgh!!!!!!

We all know the saying.....whatever can go wrong.....always seems to, and then some. I live in a single family home, no mortgage payment, single parent, dont really deal with credit, (credit cards, no checks, no debit card attached to my bank account, no financing or loans{aside from the student loans i still owe for that master's degree}, no car payments, etc.) I have the one credit card needed for online reservations, emergencies etc. Either paying for everything in cash or saving for whatever it is so there won't be any bill or payment coming out of the woodwork to bite me in the butt later on. Well, so much for that. Since I decided that this sx is what I want to do, Ive been putting money aside for it! Since about August 6, 2013. Hold up, wait a minute!!!!......I know you think that it hasnt even been that long, but, i make decent money at my job, and I've been throwing anywhere between $500-$1000 per payday aside to save up for my sx! Well, wouldn't you know it..any and everything that could come up out of the woodwork to start knawing and chewing at my stash, has!!!!!!! ?Stupid little things that were non existent for years, just suddenly appeared. Well maybe not non-existent, maybe I just forgot, becuz....my mind has been elsewhere!!! RS, DR. LOL!! well my car registration is due...now!!! my car taxes are due....now! and emissions testing is due...NOW!!! And I have 3 automobiles, so we arent talking a mere $150-$200. No.....lets try $600. Then the real shocker. My $721 cell phone bill. Wasn't even thinking when I saw the results of Dr. Duran on RS and literally lost my mind and started calling to the DR like it was my next door neighbor! lol! And not even talking to who it was i was calling for...Dr. Duran! just talking to random people in the cipla building, being transferred to this one that one for at least 4-5 days and now I have the bill that needs to be paid. OMG!!!! If it wasn't for the fact that I have 5 lines on my contract, (my kids need their phones) and needing to keep in touch with my RS sx buddy, i would say the heck with that freakin bill(which could pay for my RH)(you see, everything sx!!!!) I tell you I would just go get some Go Phones!!! LMAOROTF!! But ladies, since I am a woman of Faith and Grace...All things decent and in order, (ho hum)I am going out as soon as I finish writing this to go pay the phone bill! So needless to say my little stash is greatly depleted and it might impact my ability to go in Dec. (OMG, i hope not)!!! The timing in Dec. for me is perfect(not to mention I already have my flights coordinated with my sx buddy and reserved RH) because my kids will be outta school for Xmas break and from college, (i have three in college) who will be able to take care of me and the household when I return from the DR. So I gotta make this happen RS sistuahs!! So Everybody that prays.....to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob(not being funny, but some people do pray to idols, and trees and deamons and that's cool, to each their own) but for me please pray for a financial blessing so abundant that I won't have room enough to put it!!! I wanna go in Dec. I believe that it will happen. I have faith and I will use it to counteract murphys law.....No weapon formed against me shall prosper!!!!...YEA!!!!! DR here I come!! happy healing to all those that had sx recently! Peace and Blessings to all!!!!!!!

What's with all the Waking up During Sx...Getting Cold Feet!

Hey Ladies,

Hope everyone is doing well. Pray for all those still healing...wishing you all a very smooth speedy recovery, and those in sx as I write, and those up next, wish you a safe, healthy and "sleep till its over" sx!

Hey, I know that may sound like something from left field, but it's not. In the past few days, I have read TOO MANY DR reviews where the girls are waking up during sx and granted some have been feeling just the pressure of what was being done to them upon awaking from their slumber, however the majority have actually felt the PAIN of being operated on. A couple were put back under, and some were told they couldn't because it was too close to completion! WTH is that? I'm trying to understand why, A. we aren't being "knocked completely out from beginning to end, and B. is this why the prices are extremely modest because we are running the risk of being 'present' during our sx? This is extremely scarey and kind of neanderthal-ish to me. I'm starting to contemplate whether or not I even want to continue this journey. I would hate to wake up and they are still working on me. That alone, the physiological, psychological, and mental anguish would probably cause me more harm than them performing any physical mishap! Does anyone know WHY they don't use general anesthesia in the first place? Is it something we can request, or is it out of our realm of options? Also can we pay EXTRA (lol) for more of whatever it is they give us to ensure we will stay out for the duration of the procedure? Shiz, I'm starting to think about saving for another 6-12 months to pay 10-12 thousand dollars for the "in my own country sx", just so I can get KNOCKED THE F*&%$ OUT!!! LMAO! The only saving grace is the fact that the DR doc I am going to happens to be "a body make-over extraordinaire" and the fact, that I guess I'm vain. :)
And maybe, because I have only about 75 days till I'm in the air on my way, perhaps that is contributing to my anxiety and cold feet! NOT!!!! I'M SCARED OF WAKING UP, AND DAMMIT, IF I'M SCARED, IMA SAY I'M SCARED!!! (lol) At any rate, keep me up in prayer, as I will do the same for all of you.(Both those having sx at home or abroad) Remember ladies, make your sx as safe as you possibly can. Build up your immune system, strengthen your bones and joints with the recommended vitamins and nutritional supplements. Exercise your bodies to the best of your ability. Keep everything limber and mobile. Lose the recommended weight and get your BMI's within that acceptable range and try and make sure you have the time off of your daily personal lives to take off the necessary needed time for recovery! Especially, for those having their procedures in DR, make sure you can stay the allotted time in the country to give yourselves the best possible chance of the healthiest quickest recovery and comeback! Stay blessed ladies, stay prayed up, and hope to see all of you on the flat side(both yours and mine) very soon!

The Clock is Ticking, and the Countdown Has Begun, But Will I Cross the Finish Line?......

Hi Everyone,

Its been awhile since I updated. You know how it is. Life happens and then you just lose track of time. Although I haven't updated, I've stopped by and made comments here and there, stopped to see how dolls were healing, how they made out and to see pics of their results. I even read some crazy crazy outlandish comments that would cause one to ask"where'd you get that from?" and keep your B.S. to yourself AND I got to read about the "Grandmother Takeover Diva" and how she had a successful sx and made it to the flat side. Mostly, aside from, worshiping and praising my God for all that He is and Has done in my life, working, taking care of my children, looking for a pt time job, saying Adios to one daughter as she flew away to study abroad, I've just been biding my time and counting the days until It's time to fly out, ( which at the moment is about 58 days). And the ironic thing is, I may not even get my sx.

The last time I updated, I was telling everyone about all those things that could happen, did. Well, it happened again! One of my other kids in college (I have three in college at the moment, 2 at Universities and one in community college) and I just received a bill that I thought had been covered with the numerous scholarships financial aid and money already paid, however, there was an offset of about 3 stacks($3000) and guess whose money has to pay for that? Not the bill money, not the kids birthday money, not the "turkey day" money.....yep, you got it! My sx money. It basically came down to.....do I pay the tuition or let my daughter wait, which would mean, she couldn't register for classes in November when she would be entitled to preferred registration or register in January and get whatever classes may be left over, or do I say, the heck with it she can wait and I can use my money and get something I've wanted for a lifetime(or so it seems). Well, needless to say, my daughter will be sitting at her computer in November clicking on her first class choices! As for me.....that remains to be seen. And the ironic part to this entire adventure, journey, saga, misfortune, or whatever name one would give it...is that I went to the Dr. today for my clearance checkup...And, I passed with flying colors. I had an EKG and an Echo in August...Results....Perfect! In September I had a sleep study and a Pulmonary Function Test and the Results....Perfect. I am a candidate for any type of anesthesia they want to give me. My Iron is 14.48, Blood Sugar...Perfect. Blood Pressure...Perfect! My doctor is agreeable to following me P.O. when I return (as long as I stay long enough to get drains out) and he's willing to write scripts for all of my meds plus some! And now...I may not have use for such wonderful gestures and servitude. But then again....anything can happen between now and Dec. 5, which is why I'm not offering to give my slot up. I originally thought about it, but then decided that I serve a God of miracles, and I am believing Him for a Miracle.(And it will definitely take one to replace all of the sx stash I have had to pilfer from :) But it's all good regardless, bcuz sx or no sx, I agreed to be a buddy to another RS sistah, and that I will be no matter what. I've already bought the plane tickets, I've already secured a RH, so I'm going to be her companion, as a friend...(hopefully as a buddy, cuz I want a bootay too!!! LMAO) I mean the reason for the whole buddy situation is so we don't have to be alone, so she's not going to be alone either way. And if I do have to reschedule it will be in February 2014, and she's agreed to accompany me then, so I wont have to be alone either. So, it works out either way, except for the fact that I'll be sitting there watching everybody else get beautified, and I'll be coming and going...looking the same. I better ask my doctor for a script for some ativan or effexor or something so I don't breakdown while watching PLAIN JANE'S emerge as BIG BOOTY JUDY'S! LMAO! ROTF! Well, ladies. It has been Real(no pun intended :). I will definitely keep you updated as the saga continues.....will I? or won't I?....does she? or doesn't she?....Get a Bootay and make it to the flat side! Stay tuned........................Peace and Blessings!

24 Days In the Countdown To A New Me!....NOT!!! :( But It's All Good, Cuz It's All God!!

Hey RS Ladies, Chicas, Mommas and Friends! Well it's 24 days and counting till I board a plane to D.R. Unless, God performs a last minute miracle, (which he has been known to do so many times in my life) I won't be getting my sx. There just isn't enough time to recoup all of the money that I have had to take out of my sx stash for emergencies and unforseeable necessities.(My daughter's miscommunicated college tuition).

For those of you who haven't read the entire review, it's all in there. Too much stuff to rehash here! But nevertheless, as I stated previously, I'm still all packed and ready to go to be right there for my sx buddy, NATURALLYCURLEE!!! I'm so excited for her and for a few other RS DR dolls that will be getting sx around that same time. At any rate, I will at least be able to meet some of the them, and help others that may be staying at the same RH we will be at. So chicas If my miracle doesn't come through, I will be available to help any of you that need it if you are gonna be at Dominga's. Ladies, do not get me wrong…I am in no way a saint, cuz if you asked me if I am disappointed or perhaps a little angry about my current situation…the answer would be an unequivocally YES! But, due to the life I have lived, the situations and obstacles that I have had to encounter in my life and the hand that I was dealt, you kinda learn to go with the flow, and roll with the punches…that is…until you have your Emmasus Experience and meet God face to face…after that, you learn to just Rest in Him who is able to exceedingly above all that we may ask and then do what you need to until your situation changes…AND THAT’S WHERE I’M AT NOW. (spiritually) Naturally, we all know the cliché, when life hands you LEMONS, you make ORANGE JUICE! ROTF….nah….you make lemonade!!!! SO……………………

At the very least I will be able to do an in person consult with Duran and reschedule another date...To me that's a plus! I will get to meet the Dra in person, get live feedback and answers to questions without having to wait for emails and waiting for “ a good time” to call and MAYBE catch her (which we know with Dra Duran there is never a good time to call LOL!)...and I can give her the remainder of my sx stash in person as part of my deposit without having to go through the hassle of transferring funds(in the hopes that it goes through) which will cut down on me having to travel with stacks of cash when I do return and I will have already formed a repoire with the Dra.
There are always two ways to look at a situation. Negatively and positively. And because I want the best outcome to my "murphy's law" sit-chi-ation, I am looking at all the positives and count it all good!!!!

So, chicas on the mend, I wish you speedy recoveries....chicas in the surgical procedural process as I update....I pray for safe sx, God guided hands and minds, and those on Board...I pray for peace that surpasses all understanding to permeate your minds and spirits so that your upcoming sx will not cause any of you to be unduly filled with anxiety and stress!!!!(especially you!!!!! :)

I can't wait to see you on the flat side in Dec. and I will keep you updated as to when you can expect to see me there as well!!!!!!!(ON THE FLAT SIDE THAT IS!!)

Peace and Blessings to all my RS Ladies, Chicas, Mommas and Friends! MWUAH!!!!

Leaving in 8 Days, 10 Days till Surgery Date!

Hey Chicas,

Wishing all of my RS sisters a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Time flies! Its hard to believe that in 8 days I will be boarding a plane to DR. this journey started in August and what a heck of a journey it has been, and continues to be...continuously evolving! The anticipation and excitement is overwheming at times...just as the disappointments are equally ever present. But be that as it may...it is what it is.....and what it is....is this...ITS TIME TO GO GET MY BOOTY ON!!!!!! Will update again when I touch down in DR. Everyone enjoy your turkey day!...Peace and Blessings!

Dominican Republic

Hi everyone. As you all may know, at least those who have read my review, there was the possibility of me not having sx. Well, that possibility became reality. My sx didn't happened due to many financial setbacks that I was able to regroup from in the necessary time frame. however, I am still in DR with my sx buddy as promised. We arrived on Wednesday. She had her sx today, and is doing well. I'm sitting with her now as I update. In addition I was able to have a face to face consultation with Dr. Duran, and have rescheduled sx for April 9th. Believe it or not that was the next available appt. She is booked up from now until then(accept the possibilities of cancellations)which elizabeth said to call each month to see if someone cancelled. Other than that I'm returning in April with my daughter who is Fluent in spanish(Spanish major in college) because it is VITAL to be able to speak and/or understand the language. I know un poquito espanol and that is not enuf to make it! It's like being the only deaf person in a hearing world! Extremely frustrating! Duran is Gorgeous! Absolutely chic, beautiful and stylish! And Elizabeth is such a nice laid back pretty girl, with Legs for days!! Lol! Anyway didn't want to leave everybody hanging and in suspense so I'm letting u know what's going on. Other than posting a few pics of DR, CIPLA and condo we r staying at, I probably won't post again until it gets closer to April unless I get someone's cancelled date! Take care RS dolls and happy healing and recovery to all! Gotta go, Buddy is going thru it...duty calls!!


*was NOT able*

Face to Face Consult with Dr. Duran

Forgot to let you RS ladies know, that I had a face to face consult with Dr. Duran! She is, as everyone has already pointed out, extremely chic, beautiful, impeccable dresser, and very soft spoken. However, something that I haven't really read was just how humorous she is! She is very funny. She makes little subtle jokes. ?Anyway, she had me disrobe and went to work, pinching, tugging, observing and she told me that I had a lot of upper abdominal visceral fat; something she said she sees with quite a few African American woman from my country (USA). She said that's not fat that can be lipo'ed, and to do a tummy tuck, she wanted me to know what when she does the muscle tightening, that it wouldn't be completely flat, and was letting me know, so that I wouldn't have other expectations. I told her that anything would be better than what I'm starting with. Once I told her that, she was like, ok then...I could do this here, do that there, take this down, and suck this out, put that there and you would be great. I inquired about a lift vs. a lift with implants and she told me that surprisingly, after having nursed 6 kids, that my breasts didn't need implants, just a lift! Yaay! I asked her what incision she uses for the lifts; she said that when she was training in Venezuela they taught the anchor lift and she tried it on some of her patients, but she prefers the "j lift", so, "when the woman wants to be sexy she can wear her shirt open with no bra and the scars won't show, I like better". I hear you Dra Duran. Can't be going braless, trying to look sexy with 2 anchors showing! LOL!! So, she suggested that I lose 30 pounds and I'm all set! And like I posted when I was in DR, my date is April 9....and I can't wait!!! I got my daughters' tuition bill today, so I'm getting that out of the way right NOW! Spoke to the Bursar to make sure, there were no HIDDEN OR FORGOTTEN FEES this time around, and everything is what it's supposed to be! So, I'm knocking things outta the way, that could potentially be a detriment so this time around, NO ONE, NO BODY, NO ENTITY IS GETTING MY MONEY: FIRST GOD;(GOTTA PAY HIM THAT SUPPLIES THE MEANS AND THE ACCESS FOR ME TO WORK AND MAKE MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE)! AND THEN DURAN!!!! I will not fall victim the second time around! LOL! So, whoever is going to Duran in April, I will see you there! I'm bringing one of my daughters with me cuz she is a Spanish major in college and speaks fluent Spanish, so she will be my translator and also to make sure I'm good when I'm at cipla. In all honesty, when I was there with my surgery buddy, they were on point with the pain meds, with checking on her, they gave her blankets, ice when she asked. They were cool. I have to admit, that they did the damn thing with her post op care! But....wanna make sure I get the same treatment, so I’m bringing daughter with me. I more or less know what to expect procedural wise with this surgery, but everybody heals differently, and I won't even begin to try and say I know what to expect based on my buddy's recovery. Cuz watching her recover, I was honestly expecting a lot more Pain and discomfort from her than she actually was in. She also said she had prepared herself (as best as one could) for the pain she would endure, but was pleasantly and thankfully surprised! Well, that's all I have until and unless something SUPER important comes up. Until then ladies, stay blessed, healthy and happy!

My Stats

Well, RS is asking for an update and I really wasn't going to update until the time got closer. But I guess I will now. I guess I'll update on myself. I realize that throughout my entire review, although I may have given a piece of info here, a piece there, I've never really indulged anything about me, except that I have a "lot" of kids and my body is "tore up, from the floor up" lol! But, I am in my early 50's....young 50, so much so, that when I go out with my kids, they think I'm their sibling, and not their mother. I'm carded at the restaurants and at the package stores and I always seem to have to give a 2nd form of ID just to verify that I am THAT person! Just recently ended a 10 year relationship (not on a good note, I might add) which didn't help my already declining self-confidence, due to my "body issues", which in and of itself may have been the catalyst for accelerating the decision to get the surgery that I've always dreamed about and "wished" for, but thought was never within my reach until I happened upon RS. (I guess the breakup is the proverbial silver lining in every cloud). :) So in retrospect, I am a single mother of "more than 6" kids. Started young...."looking for love in all the wrong places"....yada yada yada, (you know the story....variety of relationships, which produced a variety of kids) of which I have been and continue to be the sole caretaker of. And when I say SOLE, I mean sole. No help from anyone. Family, friends, enemies, state, etc. Me and me alone. (Notwithstanding, that God has always and continues to be there) but I'm talking fleshly, tangible help. So, you end up doing what you have to do to survive and provide.( But to the credit of the one and only true love of my life, if he wasn't murdered, we would still be together and I probably wouldn't have "more than 6" kids, but if so, at least they would have all had the same daddies", because he was murdered about 2 months before we were to be married...yet another setback in 'mi vida loca') anyway, as I was saying....you do what you must to survive and provide, and for me that meant going back to school, furthering my education and becoming employed in a job that would enable me to care for these "more than 6 kids". It was a long hard haul, but I've achieved my Master's Degree, passed the LSATS, dean’s list, various certificates, awards, honorable mention in school, within my community and now I'm passing the torch of education onto my kids. I have 3 kids that are currently in college, one who has self-published a book at the age of 19, one who is fluent in Spanish, one who has been offered an opportunity to attend the Culinary Art Institute of New York, (don't think she'll go, cuz she has her mind set on being an Early Childhood Educator for which she is currently attending college for now) but ANYWHOO....After having spent my life and still am taking care of my kids, doing for my kids, going without for my kids, advocating for my kids, and most of all LOVING my kids....I'm ready to show some of that Love and Advocacy for myself by having this surgery. Like I told Duran, no matter what you may or may not be able to do...anything is an improvement and I know that I will look better leaving than I arrived! :) I'm very realistic about my end results and although those wish pics are up there, it was more so for the lack of having no pictures at all. I honestly know that once I do get this surgery, that my self-confidence will soar through the roof and I will be able to further my career options; believe it or not, I have turned down numerous prestigious employment opportunities because of how I felt about ME. Just feeling so bad about myself image and what I looked like, affected what I felt like and those jobs would have called for me to interact with people, facilitate and teach how to overcome the obstacles of life, for the upward mobility of one's self....NOW HOW IRONIC IS THAT? So, of course I turned down the opportunities. And having been accepted into Law school, but turned it down, because it would necessitate me attending campus, and how I felt internally counteracted what I could achieve externally so I passed on that as well. But....now begins a new chapter in my life...for me...and ALL things associated with me....my career, my children, my life partner...because I am going to become a Mrs.....somebody. Not because I need a man in my life, but because I want a man in my life, and because God designed us not to be alone, to have a help mate, and because of that I am going to be a Mrs....to whomever God puts in my path...because that way, I know it will be the right decision...but until then, I will be content with the new me...my new self image....my new thoughts .....my new happiness...(of which I need some desperately)....my new life....come April 9, 2014.


****they, meaning "other people**** (not my kids...) Oh they KNOW who the Queen of the mountain is! LMBO!!!


Hey RS Dolls:

Hope all is well. I'm switching Drs from Dr. Duran to Dr. Lima. I love, love Dr. Duran. I met her already in person. She's awesome!!!! And I KNOW THAT I KNOW that she would have hooked me up! But, if no one else steps out and gives the other doctors a chance how will any of us know what they are capable of? So like JennBerryJuice, Im going to try someone new. Let him post my pics and hopefully, like she did for Dr. Diaz...Dr. Lima might just blow up and get his recognition!!!! (And it doesn't hurt that he is extremely less expensive! LOL!! So if anyone wants an April 9, surgery date with Duran, inbox me. I read that HersheyPooh, needed an April date, and I've tried to reach out, but haven't heard back, so whomever wants it, can inbox me and I guess we can do a three way with Elizabeth on Monday!!! God Bless Dolls!


considering my last surgery date of Dec. 6, 2013. Even then, I thought that everything was all set...but a month or two before the planned surgery it seemed that everything just started happening and popping out of the woodwork. Although it was disappointing that I didn't have my surgery at that time, i've learned that life happens for many reasons; but mostly it teaches those that are willing to learn. So, this time around I've learned to be more PROactive instead of REactive. So, I've checked out my daughter's tuition for this semester, everything is all set...I've paid my portion....no surprises. I've gotten the cars fixed(winterized) taxes paid, registrations up to date...will be paying my water bill in March(they're billed quarterly), I've gotten the caretakers for the kids that still reside at home(my kids hate the word babysitter's since they're 13 and 15 and 17)situated since they feel they are old enough to care for themselves.(yeah, if I was going around the corner or down the street) but picture me going to another country and letting them take care of themselves...NOT happening. Airline tickets for me and my daughter (Jetblue $384RT per person) PAID.....RH...(YASMINE'S RH)PAID I already had my supplies from my previous sx date, just added a little more to it. Money for surgery set aside! Just adding extra $ per pay day for emergencies, sightseeing and fun for my daughter while she's there, or in case I need to change my RT flight. I will be exchanging USD to Dominican Pesos at my Bank here in the States, the exchange rate is cheaper. I know for all of you RS that have been following me from the beginning, it's been a long time coming....but everything seems to be on track and on schedule. I'm so excited....can't wait. So, unless something extremely important or noteworthy happens, I'll probably update my review when I get to the 30 day countdown! Until then, know that you are greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved.(JP)!

Since I'm having a TT, BBL, BL, and Full Body Lipo...

I ordered a Marena Full Body Compression Garment. I figured it would save me money, instead of buying arm compressions, a surgical bra...yada yada. I spoke with the woman from make me heal and she said that this garment is not considered 1st or 2nd stage....that it can actually be worn for the entire time that I heal. Obviously, I would need something to switch into, since this one has to be washed, so I will have the garment that I get after surgery as well as the other two garments that I bought previously when I was going to have surgery in Dec. 2013. I wasn't going to have arm and thigh lipo, and wasn't sure about the Breast Lift at that time, so I had purchased the Maria E faja. So I will have something to switch into while the others are being washed.

This seems like it will be perfect for me. The Full Body Compression Garment - Above Knee (w/ Bra & Arm sleeve) (Marena) offers a supportive built-in bra, knee-length legs, and full abdominal and back coverage, with a double-panel reinforced abdomen for extra support. Made with front hook-and-eye closures for easy application, this open-crotch mid-thigh girdle is particularly suited for patients having a tummy tuck and/or liposuction along with a breast or arm surgery at the same time. This garment improves blood circulation, minimizes swelling after the procedure, flushes the body out of potentially harmful fluids, accelerates the healing process, and allows the patient to return to daily routines sooner. This compression garment also provides support to surgical areas for more comfort and helps the skin fit better to it new contours.

And it is for every procedure that I am having PLUS some..... Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants, Trans axillary Sub muscular Breast Augmentation, Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation), Breast Lift (Mastopexy), Breast Reduction, Breast Reconstruction, Latisimus Dorsi procedure, Lipoplasty, Liposculpture, Liposuction (Abdomen, Buttock, Flank, Hip, Thigh, Arm), Arm Lift (Brachioplasty), Mastectomy, Tram Flap procedures, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty). So I would say that I am pretty much set with the compression garments throughout my entire healing process. The only other thing that I need to order are some of the waist training corsets, but I have time to figure out which type, what size, etc. etc.


Since I came back from DR in December. I guess I figured cuz I didn't get surgery and wasn't getting it for a while, I had time to 'play around' and eat and drink I wanted to. And I did. And it shows! :( So starting tomorrow, up until May 11, I'm regimenting myself. No more all you can eat taco night, chinese buffet, breakfast at Ihop 3x a week, etc. etc. I now have to pay the cost, of being the boss!
My measurements as of this moment are:
Weight: 229
Chest 47"
Waist: 38"
Butt: 49"
Hips:49 1/2"
left arm: 15.5" right arm: 16"
left thigh: 26 1/4" right thigh: 27"
My goal weight is 185-190.....and all the above measurements to be smaller than what they are! Will post new measurements once a week. Gnite ladies. May all of you have a blessed and prosperous week! (((muah)))


WEIGHT: 224.6
CHEST: 46 1/4"
WAIST: 37"
BUTT: 48 3/4"
HIPS: 48"
LEFT ARM: 14 3/4" RIGHT ARM 15 1/2"




Weight: 221
Chest: 46"
Waist: 36 3/4"
Butt: 48"
Left arm: 14" Right arm 15"
Left thigh: 26" Right thigh 26"
Will update next Wednesday. Have a blessed week dolls! Happy, healthy, safe, speedy surgery and recovery to all!


Just sent a $2000 payment to Dr. Lima towards my surgery, so I guess there's no turning back now! I'm figuring it's probably easier to walk, chew gum AND jump thru hoops all at the same time than it would be for me to get my money back.....So No Turning Back Now! :) (42 days and counting!)

30 Day Countdown!!!

Went to see my primary care yesterday and got the ok to have my surgery! All my blood tests came back normal. Blood Pressure normal, heart, and ekg test....Normal!!! My hemoglobin was 13. I know that is a good number, but I want it higher by the time I get there, so I can have everything done that I want. So what's the best thing to use to get it higher in a short period of time: The Iron Absorb or the Geritol tablets? Thanks ladies, and for everyone post-oping, "Congratulations and I wish you all a continued successful recovery" and for those in surgery, Good luck and praying for your safe surgery and speedy recovery, and for those of us waiting for our day, I pray for peace, stress-free days, prepared bodies and GREAT results for all of us!!! Whoop! Whoop!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Everyone reports their iron to be 1 point lower when tested in Dr, so shoot for 14. Take 2 doses a day with Oj and no other supplements.
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Ty for the info. I'm taking a militia vitamin with iron. Hope that can maintain it high.
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@Prinzbella, I'm not taking a multivitamin cuz someone said that it has vitamin A and E and that those two vitamins causes bleeding and is not good for getting lipo. So, that's why Im trying to find something else to raise my iron. Thanks.
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Ok thanks!!! starting tomorrow, that's what Im going to do. Should I stagger them throughout the day or can I take them both at the same time? Thanks so much. My doc is going to repeat my bloodwork April 25, so I will know definitely before I leave if it rose again!
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I'm using Blood Builder. They don't upset my stomach like regular iron pills do. I got them on Amazon. My hemo was 13, as well, but I wanted to be on the safe side! Congrats on the clean bill of health!
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@LFm0613. Thanks. I am so happy that everything is good! But like you, I want to be on the safe side. 13 is good, but 13.8 or 9 is better!!! :) I'm going to look at the blood builders and see if it may be something for me. thanks again!
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Yay congrats!!
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How exciting!!!! I thought of you when I passed IHOP the other day.... ;-) How's it going? We've got to stay strong!!
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Lol! Hahaha! That just made my day!@LAM0613 Its going. It's difficult because I love to eat good food and I like cooking. I know this sx is not a weight loss method but it has been shown that with full Tt's some weight loss does occur and I'm looking forward to that being my biggest jumpstart and motivator for me to keep it up. And though it's more healthy to be at the drs idea of a good bmi, I've read that it's even better to be at a weight that we ourselves will be able to maintain....so for me that's about 200lbs...so right now that's another 20lbs to go by May 13th! I can do this!!!! We can do this!!!!! :)
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I had a moment last night when I wondered if I can maintain my new normal weight after surgery. I don't want to mess it up! But I don't want to be a slave to the scale either...there's got to be a happy medium!
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@LAM0613 you are absolutely right about the happy midway between scale watching and maintaining our weight......ALL THAT DANG MONEY WE SPENT! Lol!!! Nah...honestly I think we are gonna be good once we see our dream body manifested before our eyes. I have been "with child" since I was 18 years old and am now over 40 and I haven't seen a flat stomach curves or any type of shape since a senior in high school. So I truly believe that I will not want to do ANYTHING to ruin what I will have finally achieved! You either for that matter. What we THINK about looking like and actually SEEING what we WISHED we could look like will keep us motivated to maintain something that we have probably attempted for years & years and failed at.(at least I know I have). I've succeeded with the weight loss, but not with a nice shape. So I'm optimistic that we are going to be victorious this time.....for a long time!!!!!! :) keep your head up girl! We are gonna do this!
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Hey girl u are going to so like the new figure.
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Anything will be an improvement to what I'm working with right now! So I know ima like it! Lol!!!! :)
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Awesome job on the continued weight loss! You are really doing it up right! We're under the 50 day mark now! Woo hoo!! I don't remember if I told you this, but you are the reason I decided to go with my doctor. When you said you were going to do a review on Dr. Lima so he would become more well-known....that made me open to the idea of going to a doctor who doesn't have a ton of reviews, and I found Dr. Fernandez Goico, and love him so far! So, you are an inspiration!! Don't you forget that!! :-)
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Awww hun thank you! That makes me feel blessed. That's how all the drs that are so loved and well known got their popularity.....word of mouth.....and of course their undeniable surgery skills.....so let's hope the des. We chose.....gives us reason to post their work! Lol!!! Thanks again and I will be following your journey.
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Almost time :-)
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I know! It's getting so close and I'm getting so excited!!! :)
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Good luck to you!! I been thinking about going to the Dominican Republic, just scared to travel that far I guess.
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@Tricia86 I was too, but after seeing first hand the results and how they do things over there AND the cost effectiveness, my fears subsided and I can't wait! You have to be comfortable and peaceful wherever you decide to go so give it some more thought and if you still feel the same then you are probably right that traveling outta the country isn't for you. But I wish you the best wherever you decide to go! :)
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Excited to see your results
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Thanks @sooodivish! I am just as excited to see how everything will turn out!
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Thank you for the support, and I will be following your story too! You have been through a lot and I can't wait to see you on the "flat side"!
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awww thank you! Wow...the flat side.....who "wudda thunk"? lol
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Thank you! LOL!!! And I wont forget to post on Wednesday. Wouldn't want you to really be sounding like a mom! LMBO!!! :)
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