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I am thinking of having Vaginoplasty and would...

I am thinking of having Vaginoplasty and would like to know if anyone can recommend a reputable surgeon in Dominican Republic?
I am going to be spending some time there later this year hence the reason I am interested in this country in particular.
Any information you can give me will be much appreciated :D
Sorry ladies, I have not been on here in ages! But yes @autumnleanne88 he is on whatsapp 809-545-1250 BUT whn I got a quote from him he told me $12'000! He must have lost his marbles, it costs less than that in the UK and USA! There is another guy who specializes in vaginoplasty, his name is Dr De Pena, he charges between $3000-4000 depending on the case, his whatsapp is 809-763-2586.
Hi babyblondon .. I have try to research reviews on dr de pena but nothing shows up... Do you know anything from him ? His website is underconstruction ,,do you you anyone have gone to him?
okay let me understand this correctly, Doctor Rojas charges 12,000 dollars? LOL this is too funny. i dont believe it. i mean his work is worth more than that, but i dont believe he gave you that price.


And just to clarify, no one said they was unhappy with Rojas WORK. I have not been to him so how could I be? Its the price he quoted that I wasn't pleased with!................
Hey BabybLondon, how comes I can't PM u?
I sent Dr Rojas a message and he advised me $2,500 .. If he sent $12,000 it was Peso which is 1,000 us.. Thank you PainLa for the information on him ..
i cannot defend Rojas and that quote. that price is perfect if he was practicing here in Calif, but in DR that makes no sense. in DR they really think Americans are rich people. i still love his work and God had my back when i got my quote. my surgery is done, and i cannot be happier.
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