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Tummy Tuck and Lipo on sides

I'm a Mother of four children 21, 18, 10, and 3 :)...

I'm a Mother of four children 21, 18, 10, and 3 :). Ive considered having a tummy tuck for about a year now. I have pretty much an hour glass figure on the thicker side but with my kids being born via C-section, I was left with all the extra skin that came along with it lol. I recently had a birthday and my theme was "Still Fine at 39" and I can't wait to reach Fabulous Forty! I feel I am more than deserving to have this surgery because I became a mom at a young age; 19. And it's been all about them every since. (Once you become a mother, you are not longer the picture, you become the frame) Just wanna live life not really caring about if my lower stomach shows as I want to let it all hang out and be free as a bird. My friend told me my body is God's gift to me and he didn't give me this shape for nothing; if you've got it, flaunt it if you will......My kids are awesome as they totally agree with her. With the age gaps of my Babies I have to assure people they have the same Dad so it's okay. But he is the one that is against the surgery suggesting he loves me the way I am... Of course he does but knows that the head's will Def turn once I go through with it.

I initally was going to Dr. Luis Suarez in Mexico but for the life of me can't get them to send me any pics of the actual incisions of other clients and I absolutely loooove the way all of the Lady's scars look per Dr. W. Robles.
I've been texting and emailing Laura but she's not moving fast enough for me lol. I definately want a more plump behind and my inner thighs done with a very low incision and a sculpted back.

I'm thinking of going in February once I get all of the negotiating done.. Ive been copying and pasting the list from the clients on this particular thread so I can be on point. I am a research-holic and I think i've found my PS :) THANKS to all that dont mind sharing.

I also Aspire to Inspire soooo
"For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women."
Happy Healing to you All and be blessed

Hi there JusSlim!
Good look. I'll pray everything goes well for you.

I just added a new pic from the side with a dress...

I just added a new pic from the side with a dress on. I strongly feel that I dont need a BBL but wont refuse it as Dr Robles suggested it will make it rounder and perkier. Not looking for a 'Video Vixen' body cause in my opinion I was naturally blessed with curves, hips, big but and a size d cup. Only want a tummy tuck to get rid of the access skin from the additional gifts from God although they were c-section delivered :)

Happy Healing Ladies!!!
Good luck, also TJ you may want to do some research on lipo of the inner thighs..I wanted this as well but I noticed some women have horrible demples that you can't get rid of 1-2 years after lipo in that area...you may want to get lipo of the outer thights and tone the inner...just a thought...your gonna look great!
Hey Chicka!!! Thank's Ma'am.. I'm about to update now...
good luck! cant wait to see your pics,

Hi Ladies...I've been so busy with this Senior of...

Hi Ladies...I've been so busy with this Senior of mine. Did not realize all that we would endure this time of the year. I HAVE to make sure he is on the right path before leaveing. He just got done with the Graduation test. Getting ready for the SAT now plus he has prom, cap and gown and credit recovery for some online classes. lol...Gotta get it done Cause Failure in NOT an option in my house. Im'a try my hardest to go on the 17, Laura is such a sweety and more then understanding. So I'm trying to go on April the 17 for 2 weeks then my boys prom is May 4th and graduation is May 25 so Im pushing it. Husbands bday is May 11, Mothers day is May 12...So while Im there I want to get as much rest as I can cause I dont see any time to break once I return smh. Big Grad pool/bar b que party after graduation etc... Thank God I'm a stay at home mom. Ironic thing is, as I'm preparing for the graduation of my 18 year old. I am also enrolling my 3 year old in Pre K :) Yes God does have a sense of humor...I justify it by say "well atleast they have the same Dad"..Happy Healings Ladies. Will update when I am closer to my date. Try not to think about it too much. Want to just go, and come back. Just like that!!!! Be blessed All!
Lady!!?....If I look dang on near half as good as you on your "first night out" I'll be winning okay!!! My daughter said "ooooh Mommy, yea you need to go on and go! She looks like a Model" LOL...I'm like, RIGHT!!! Thanks Ma'am. What kind of Scar Therapy did you use and did you leave with the drain?

Alright, Alright, Alriiiight!!! :) Finally bought...

Alright, Alright, Alriiiight!!! :) Finally bought my ticket yesterday with Delta for my surgery! I fly in on May the 8th and surgery is scheduled May 9th. Once I sent my Itenirary to Laura I got 2 emails that I am copying and pasting so you can know what she is suggesting. I know some do care for her but I love her...

Email 1:
Thank for send your flight information you are officially on agenda arriving on May 8th, 2013 and surgery on 9th. Our Driver will be at the airport waiting for you @ 1:34pm by Delta.
He will have a banner with your same as xxx at the exit. please keep your eyes open!
Please le me know if something change! See you very soon!

2nd Email:
Please note I change the dosis of Iron and Folic Acid.
You should follow up the guideline bellow:
1- Please start taking 300mgs of Iron three time a day, and 5mgs of folic acid twice a day. Also, stop taking aspirin or aspirin related compounds, and vitamin E and Vitamin A as well.
2- Schedule an appointment with your local lab or clinic, in order to have a CBC (complete blood count) done.
Dr. Robles needs to check your hemoglobin levels, as well as other important things the test shows.
3- Please drink 2-4 litter of water daily.
4- Eat healthy.
5- Complex B once a day
6-Vitamin C once a day
Bring the following:
1.Feminine Pads
2.Compression socks
3.Body wipes
4.Face towels
5.Tooth paste,
6.tooth brush,
7. mouth wash preferably the travel size.
8.Flat Shoes
9.Summer dresses about 3 or 4
10.One cotton tank
11.Your laptop or iPad or cellphone

Step by Step about the Process
1.Request information
2.Send Picture and questionaire about your self
3.We provided the quote
4.If you are agree you buy the flight ticket for make your appointment (arriving monday-thursday)
5.Have to do a CBC test before come for Dr. Robles verify everything is good.
6.Start take Muntivitamin (Iron, Vitamin A, B Complex, Acid Folic) a least of 4 weeks before surgery
7.Arrive to Dominica Republic
8.Driver bring to the hospital
9.Laura perform all the test (EKG, Blood test, chest X-Ray)
10.First consultation
11.Payment (credit card or cash)
12.Next day surgery
13.After 24 hours move to the Recovery
14.Medical Check up
15.Back home

What you can use and is not included in the package
•1. Iron shot
•2. Blood Transfusion
•3. Rosa mosqueta oil
•4. Extra garment
•5. Any other medicine that is not pain killers, antibiotic or vitamins.
For all the extra that is not included and you may use or need during your stay here can be cover with US$300.00

So basically, My son is going to Prom on the 4th. Taking my smaller kids to Disney on Ice the 5th. Then Im leaving the 8th and returning to Atlanta on the 20th and his Graduation is the 24th...

I had planned on not doing any shopping and just packing light. Purchasing whatever I need once I get there. Since she has sent this list THIS IS ALL I WILL BE PURCHASING...(plus a gift for Laura's unborn being it's a girl and I just loooove Pink).
Anything additional will be bought in the DR...dont want to over do it.
Keep you Ladies Posted on what occurs.

Good Luck Chic!! Luv your Hips! Lol! Thats what I'm shooting for! POW!
Right...POW!!! Lol. Thank's a bunch. I soo love them too. Can't WAIT to be totally flat. WHAT??? Four kids, one Grand and still fine at 39 :) lol Toooo excited..

O..M..GEEEEE!!! I can not believe it! The time...

O..M..GEEEEE!!! I can not believe it! The time has come for me to depart! First thing in the a.m.....tears...of joy and excitement. I have been wanting this for soooo long. I almost feel guilty. But with a 21 and 18 year old along with my 10 and 3 year old. I keep thinking, 2 down and 2 to go!!!
So yaaaay me lol...Oh well, almost on the 'FLAT SIDE'!!!

Okay, here's the deal! I found a specialist that...

Okay, here's the deal! I found a specialist that has an office in Miami. His Grandfather has been into denistry for 28 years...So, once Dr. Robles Driver picks me up from the airport, my first stop will be to his office to have impressions done for veneers, crowns and maybe an implant. After that I will be going to the hospital for blood work then surgery on the 9th. It will take about 7-10 days for my final seating with the Dentist so I will be updating or may even create another blog in regards to that for those that want good quality dental care while in the Dominican Republic. According to Laura and the Dentist, their offices are about 15 minutes apart.

P.s. Veneers are going to be roughly 425 a piece since im getting at least 13!!! Hope this goes smoothly...In the states they are like a grand. Will post more tomorrow once im in the clinic to advise on safe arrival :)
Wishing you a safe trip. Good Luck!!!
Thanks finally doing me! Im at the recovery house now.. Got here ate lunch, chatted a bit and now about to watch a movie on netfilx and fall asleep
In your last photo you look great! I thought that was the after photo.

Had surgery yesterday...She explained that she...

Had surgery yesterday...She explained that she didnt want to lipo my back being my blood count had dropped friom being on my cycle so they gave me a whole grand back. Meaning Ionly paid 4200... I tried telling her my but was already huge and I didnt need the BBL.. So once she saw it for herself she agreed. I only got tummy tuck and lipo on my sides. Oh well...lol. I will update later....
I can't to here your experience I'm going in Nov. Hope you are doing well.
I am feeling well! Too well if you ask me! I just asked Raquel if it was normal and she said its the right attitude that counts
Do you like your results?

Mission complete

I love your introduction, once you have kids it is completely about them, I can agree. But anyways you look great and I hope you love your results.
:) thanks so very much ! And I love my results already this far... It was a GREAT experience if I must say so myself!!!!
Woman you're looking fantastic! You like like you had the procedure a while ago! Take care

Post op day 14

Just cleaned my incision with alcohol and applied neosporin only!
Looking good lady!
Thanks Mimi!, feeling good ;)
Thanks Lady!!

Gettin better by the day

Post op day 21 :) all smiles but I still have my drain.. And I'm not even complaining one bit. Cause I see brighter days ahead

Glam Squad

Thought it wld be nice to see the faces of the ones you are considering doin business with. Especially being in another country so upon your arrival they will look familiar

Glam Squad

Thought it wld be nice to see the faces of the ones you are considering doin business with. Especially being in another country so upon your arrival they will look familiar..
Thank you very much for sharing your journey and those pictures of the glam squad are so helpful to us that will be traveling there. Your looking wonderful! Happy healing.
You welcome. I mainly did it because as I was walkin outside the airport looking for the sign with my name; I didn't see it. Mind you there will be several people holding up signs that dnt speak English. A bunch of taxi drivers wanting your business also. I had to walk up and down then finally saw this one guy having a conversation with two other women so I walked up to him, held his hand up, noticed my name then stomped my foot like WTH??? It was Wilson with my name on the sign being chatty but he was so cool otherwise :)
I'm so glad you posted the pics. I never met Laura and it looks like my homie Raquel will not be there when I go for my sx. Do you know what she's having? I want to bring her a gift

Smh at myself! Post op day 23!

I so just took this drain out all by myself lol. Wasn't expecting it to be so freaking long! I aslo left it in a few days longer to be sure of no Seromas but according to the research I did; leaving it in too long may cause an infection. Also; I've been takin amoxicillin even after I got home to avoid infection all together. I must admit, along the middle of removing it, I felt a burning sensation so be ware. No pain tho.! I must be one crazy person, in a good way tho. I had my daughter record it so i will find a way to upload it later but here is a picture....Thanking God daily for strength and courage! Happy healing
Wow you look amazing.. Fabulous forties, I also had a tummy tuck snd breast augmentation with dr. Robles I am very happy with my results, she truly changed my life.. I am 3 weeks post op and feeling better every day!! Happy healing:))
Awe... I'm one month most op and its getting better and better... Love my tummy lol. My son even said he can't believe it's actually MY stomach compared to the old one. Happy healing to you too Ellie2013
I am scheduled on June 18th. I think my cycle is coming on this weekend so I really hope my levels stable out. I am at 13.2 and I think I can get it a bit higher in the next week. At least 13.5. I need this Mommy Makeover to happen.

One month post op

Scar healing nicely.... That is all. Happy healing
Thanks for the detailed review! I'm glad you are happy with your results and Robles really does do one of the best TTs.
Awesome yes. Certainly curves for days
amazing results
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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