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Not Sure if I Should Be a Yily or Duran Doll for a BBl.. HELP!! - Dominican Republic

Hello girls, I'm currently confused, I love both...

Hello girls, I'm currently confused, I love both Yily and Durans work, Yily gave me a quote of 3700, I'm still waiting for Durans response.. I'm so anxious to find out Durans quote!! I can't wait to get my surgery done I'm very insecure about my body, I plan on going in May so I can look good for the summer but Then I won't be able to enjoy my summer if I get done so if not may in august.. I'm very confused!!!
Anyways opinions are welcome thanks girls

Sorry I forgot to mention the most important part..

I'm planning on Doing lipo from my stomach, back, and arms and doing a Brazilian butt Lift.. Still waiting on Durans Quote.. Ugh so anxious!!!

These are my wish pics

I really wanna look like this

Def going in August... Still trying to reach Duran.. HELP!!

So I decided I'm def going in August with my girl friend, I been still trying to reach Duran.. I'm very frustrated:( I really want her to be my doctor but she hasn't wrote me back a quote.. I literally wrote her 5 times because she emailed me asking me some questions, I responded with the answers and asking her what's my quote like 5 times but she never responded ughh...so I'm going to stick to Yily for the time being because she's def just as good .. Sending my deposit next week..
If anyone knows Durans email addresses please comment back with them.. She probably has more than 1...

Here's another wish pic...

Wish pic

Decided I'm Going to Be a Yily Barbie...

I finally have a set Date for July 31st!! Yayyy super excited!! I decided to go to Yily because i can actually get in contact with her, I hate the struggle I have to go threw to reach Duran.. I don't think it's fair how I have to send her emails everyday just to get a quote and plus wouldn't you wanna go to a doctor that you can easily reach with no problem? Don't get me wrong Im in love with Durans Work but yilys Just as Good Don't You Agree?

Here's more Wish Pics

Yily de Los Santos

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Am going in August too (the 4th but I need to get my money transfer done today or Monday.) I can be your buddy. Pamhill4real@yahoo.com
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Good luck with whomever you choose as your surgeon. They both have pretty good results. Keep us posted.
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just wondered why u don't get it done in the states. I don't think that much more expensive but much safer...
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What are you planning on getting done?
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I'm planing on doing a Brazilian and lipo from my arms, back and stomach...
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You know if I was brave enough to go to the Dominican Republic for my bbl those 2 will b my top picks! Good luck on your decision!
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