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Soon to Be Yily Doll. May 2014!!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm so excited. I received confirmation for my...

I'm so excited. I received confirmation for my surgery date for a tummy tuck, fat transfer to buttocks, bbl, lipo of abs, flanks, underarms, back and breast lift. I am 35 years old, with one child. 5'3" and 185 lbs. I hope to lose 10-15 lbs prior to surgery. I'm so ready to have the body I have always wanted. I have worked out and dieted for years and never have been able to achieve that hour glass shape. I lose in my breast and butt first and stomach stays the same. My surgery is scheduled for May 2, 2014. Now it's time to start getting my supplies and saving up!!!

7 months to go!! Time to start getting myself together

Today I get to work and guess what!! There is a urinal and gloves sitting in the giveaway area at work! We are in the process of moving and people are cleaning out their offices. I guess someone didn't want those items and set them out for others. A few less things I have to buy. Anyway, I'm trying to eat right, but it's just not working out. I keep thinking that I should wait until a couple of months before to start a diet. I'm so afraid to lose and then gain back before my sx. I plan to purchase my flight next month. I have a $400 voucher that has to be used before Nov. 15th and my flight will be around $650 so anything will help. I have a question? I re-read my quote last night and it stated the compression garment is $140. Does that mean its not included with surgery? Or is that just the cost to buy an extra one, if needed?

Plane Ticket Booked!

I booked my flight yesterday. I have been checking for the past two months and they have been around $646 from Atlanta. I happened to check last night and they dropped to $479!! I had a $400 voucher that had to be used by November 15 so my total ticket was $79. I'm so excited. I also booked my stay with Real Recovery Armonia for May 1-10. Now it's time to save some money and collect my supplies.

5 months to go!

I have 5 months to go and I can't seem to get a dime saved. I'll be glad when the holidays are over. I finally took some before pics. My eating has been horrible over the past couple of months. I hoping to get my diet started for the new year. My clothes are tight and I am just so ready for my transformation. I just have no motivation right now, but I'm sure reality will kick in shortly. My before pics should be my motivation to get in the gym!!!

Another Pic

Wish Pics. It's almost 2014!!!!

I'm posting my favorite wish pics. The new year is almost here and it's time to start dieting. I'm hoping to lose at least 15 lbs. for now I'm just going to do a high-protein diet and workout 4-5 days a week. I will do something more drastic if march arrives and I still haven't lost, but I should be able lose 10 lbs by March. I am hoping that I can get some money saved up. Christmas is finally over and May will be here before I know it. I'm so ready for my transformation!!!!

Another wish pic

I'm One Step Closer!!!

My boss surprised me yesterday with a surprise award which includes a bonus. I'm so excited because I had absolutely no money saved. This will take a little pressure off for the moment. Now I need to start buying more supplies. Thus far I have maxi pads, gauze, surgical gloves, pez, a robe, pee pads and sheet protectors. I still have a lot more stuff to buy so I need to get my supply checklist together. I also would like to visit my doctor for a physical. I'm not too sure I will be able to get my meds prescribed. I'm hoping because I would save so much money. If I have to get meds in DR, does anyone think I can be reimbursed through flexible spending? Also has anyone had any luck using flexible spending for lymphatic massages after returning home? I need to save every dime I can.

In 3 months I will Yily Doll!!!

I can't believe I am 3 months away. Boy time sure does fly. I bought some more supplies today. I bought a boppy pillow off craigslist for $5. I also bought arnica cream, vitamin c and b complex. I will also buy bromelian and arnica montana tablets this week. I only have a few more items to get and I'll be all set! I'm trying to spend as little as possible on supplies. I also finally got my savings in order thanks to my recent bonus. The countdown is on. My eating has been so so and I haven't lost much weight, but I re- joined my gym Friday so I hope to start working out soon. I need a work out partner so bad!!!

Hemoglobin is 12.8

I got my test results back today and my hemoglobin was 12.8. I'm happy they came out great, but I would definitely like to get them higher. I checked my results from 2 years ago and it was the same thing. I guess 12.8 is my normal range. I will start my iron regimen about 2 months before sx. Now I'm just awaiting my physical with my doctor. I'm hoping that I can get all the required prescriptions, but if not I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Not too many things can deter me at the point. I'm seeing there are a bunch of people on or around my sx date. I haven't found a buddy yet, but it's just good to know there will be other people staying in the recovery house that I can talk to. The price for a double is only $10 less per night so and $80 savings is not that big of a deal. Now I'm off to get more stuff!! I'm hoping to get the bromelain and arnica montana tablets this week. Here's a pic of all my supplies thus far.

RH, check..surgery buddies, check..supplies, check..

I am a little over 2 months away from my sx and things are starting to fall in place. I met three awesome surgery buddies. We are staying at Upscale Recovery House. Three of us just happened to be on the same flight over so it will be so nice to have good company the whole way there. I have only a few more items to buy and my supply list will be complete. I wanted to try to stay under budget for my supplies. I only budgeted $100 so we'll see how well I can do. Last step is to raise the rest of my surgery money. I'm halfway there and hope to have it all by next month. Here's my supply list and where I bought everything. Hopefully this can save you some money too!

Alcohol pads (Dollar tree) $1
Boppy Pillow (craigslist) $5
3 packs of Maxi pads (grocery and drugstore using coupons) $3
3 sample packs of Extra strength Tylenol (dollar tree) $3
Gauze pads (dollar tree) $1
Dressing bandages (dollar tree) $1
Tape (dollar tree) $1
3 packs Baby wipes (dollar tree) $3
Compressions socks (walgreens.com) $13
Urinal (free from the job)
First aid ointment (dollar tree) $1
Stool softener (dollar tree) $1
Gloves (free from the job)
Bromelain tablets (walgreens.com) $5
2 tubes of Arnica cream (rite aid) had b1g1 sale and used a coupon $6
Arnica montana tablets (walgreens.com) $5
Folic acid (Kroger) $3
Pur absorb iron pills (walgreens) on sale for $10
Vit b complex tablets (Kroger) $2
Vit C tablets (Kroger) $3
Surgical gowns for lounging around (free from the job)
Tena incontinence pads (publix) $1 used a coupon
Drainage pads (free from job) will use to protect sheets during massages
Antiseptic wipes (dollar tree) $1
Dressing bandage (dollar tree) $1
Disinfectant wipes (free from job)
~ $70 spent thus far. Looks like I may be about $50 over budget with my remaining supplies. It's all good though..

I still need to get an
Ab board ($20) for faja, lipo foam (~$21), Benadryl itch spray (hoping to spend $2-$3 with coupons) diurex water pills (hoping to spend $2-$3 with coupons) and prescription meds ( hoping to spend $30 with scripts from dr), natural sleep aid ( hoping to spend no more than $5)

Less than 2 Months to Go!!

I visited my pcp for a physical. I don't know why, but I was so nervous mentioning surgery and asking for prescriptions. I told her that i was having a tummy tuck, but didn't say where. I decided there were only 3 medicines that I needed so I will just get those from the pharmacy in DR. Luckily I did get a prescription for omeprazol for my everyday acid reflux so I was able to use my FSA card. I also received a prescription for probiotics to avoid yeast infections while taking antibiotics after surgery. I have hydrocodone left from past surgery so I'm good there. All I have to get in DR is Heparin, Clavulin and Diclofenac and I'm good on my meds. I bought hibiclens to wash up before/after surgery. If you have Kaiser you may want to purchase this at the pharmacy it was $9 for a 16 oz bottle. This was way cheaper than ive have seen anywhere it also came with a pump. I used coupons to buy Diurex water pills so that ended up being around $2. I also purchased my ab board from a website called Caribbean shape. The cost was $20 and it included free shipping. I also bought my lipo foam from called Contemporary Design Inc. the cost for 3 sheets was $27.85 with shipping. Luckily I received a gift card at work so I did not have pay out of pocket for these. It took so long to locate the ab board and lipo foam for a decent price. It's like either the shipping is ridiculous or the cost is. The only things I have left to buy are itch spray, melatonin natural sleep aid and granny panties and I will be all set! I'm officially starting a diet and workout regimen on Monday. My weight loss has not been going so well. I'm going to try the Super Shred Diet. I have done shred in the past and it worked well so hopefully I can get at least 10lbs off. I have so much travel for work before sx so hopefully i can eat right. On another note, I have surgery money saved! All I need now is my revovery house money and spending money. I'm so ready!!!

Super Shred Diet Day 1

Today was the first day of my diet. It started off pretty rocky, but got better as the day progressed. I forgot how prepared I had to be, but I don't necessarily like pre-planning my meals and snacks. I tried to write down what I would eat the day before, but think I will be more successful if I just bring several snacks to choose from and eat what I feel. The diet gives you a long list of snacks. I also dragged myself to the gym for a Hi/lo cardio class. I dreaded going there, but enjoyed the class and loved the way I felt after it was over. I really need to get back into enjoying the gym. I've just been so turned off lately. But I'm motivated to get this 10-15 lbs off by my sx date. My supply list is almost complete. I bought my melatonin (natural sleep aid) and itch spray using points from Walgreens. I also received my ab board within 2 days of ordering. I'm going to consider ordering my 2nd stage garment from the same place. They are reasonable and offer free shipping. All that's left on my list is granny panties. I need to hit Walmart for those. I don't want to spend to much money on something on only plan to use once. Well I'm off to gather my meals for Day 2. Hopefully it's easier than today.

How did you had your cash?

So I'm buying the last few items for my trip and I've been trying to figure out how to carry all the cash over to DR. Looked at a couple of bra clips and money belts, but neither seemed large enough to hold all the cash. I finally founded this cute little pocket tank top on amazon. You can layer it under another tank out clothes and it's large enough to carry a passport. If they weren't so pricey I would have purchased 2, but I will just have to wear it two days in a row:-( I'm planning to sleep in it the first night too. This should really come in handy for a few other trips I have planned. Luckily I received an amazon gift card for my bday so it only cost $2 out of pocket. I will let you know how it works out.

30 Days Away...

I'm 30 days away from my sx date and I thought I would be super excited. But with all the drama going on in DR, I'm just nervous and anxious. I just want to get it over with at this point. I'm having to rethink my budget. I originally wasn't planning to get insurance, but feel that it's an absolute necessity now. Can anyone tell me what Yily's insurance includes? I'm also researching private companies. i googled medical tourism insurance and a bunch of companies came up. I just need to get time to research them. Also I may have to pay a little more for the RH if my sx buddy decides not go. I was looking forward to us recovering together, but understand her concern. I have all my supplies thus far. I'm also rethinking getting a breast lift. I don't want to risk my hemo dropping due to getting too much work done. I'm going to play it by ear. I have several trips to take this month for work so I know time is going to fly. I just hope I can eat right and get down to 175 before my sx date. I decided to take a little trip with my fam this week. I didn't want to spend the money, but I'm glad I went. We had such a good time and with everything going on in DR, I wanted to spend some quality time with them before leaving. Well I'm off to do more research. I'm really trying to understand complications that can occur after surgery and the best way to prevent them. I know it's all in God hands at this point so I'm not going to worry. I just want to informed and prepared.

People Die from Plastic Surgery Everywhere

Hello Ladies, Was just doing some research and came across this article regarding a death at Vanity in Miami. I'm not trying to bash the doctor, but I just want us to be informed. A lot of people are jumping ship from DR because of the recent deaths, but complications can occur with any doctor. Plastic surgery is risky regardless of what country you get it done in. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2594248/Mother-five-51-died-following-Brazilian-buttock-implant-surgery-went-clinic-refused-return-4-000-payment.html

3 Weeks Away, Tying up Loose Ends...

Yea! My sx buddy finally bought her tix! Journey2 will officially be in the building. As we were purchasing her flight, I realized that you can add travel insurance. Of course, I'm sure I skipped right through that part when I purchased my ticket trying to save a dime. Anywho, I checked my reservations and still had the option to purchase. So I rushed to give them $35. I will still purchase insurance from Yily, but more is better. The travel insurance through Delta includes the normal lost baggage and trip cancellation or delay. But it also includes medical evacuation up to $50,000, medical repatriation to ship your body back in the unlikely event that you die and they pay for the round trip flight for a family member to sit my your bedside if you should get sick or need to stay longer. I'm not speaking any of those things, but would prefer to be safe than sorry. It makes me feel a lot more secure. Anyway, I'm visiting my doctor again today. I wanted to get a mammogram and ultrasound of my breast to ensure they are in tip top shape. I have a history of breast tumors and cysts and try to get them checked every couple of years. I realized that if I plan to get a lift it would be a good idea to have them checked beforehand. I'm also going to try to get my last few prescriptions. I was nervous the last time I visited my doctor and didn't ask, but this time just going to get to the point. The worst they can say is no. Well alright current and future dolls. I'm off to my appointment. I will let you know how it went.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Hey hun what date are you going?
  • Reply
I'm going May 2nd.
  • Reply
May 26th however I tried to change my date to May 28th. I haven't received any response from them in 3 weeks
  • Reply
Oh ok im goinhgoing the 18th.. i will be following you
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Hello I wanted to ask you a few questions my surgery is scheduled for 5/26/2014 however I tried for the last 2 weeks to email & call the office but no answer from either. I'm ready to give up.
  • Reply
Yes it's hard to get in touch with them. Have you tried to reach her on whatsapp? A lot of people have been successful reaching her there.
  • Reply
No, how do I do that? What vitamins are you taking to prepare for surgery!
  • Reply
You are absolutely right? I read that article but was perplexed they show an african American woman who doesn't look anywhere near 51. With a big ole ghetto booty (politely speaking of course) BUT the article said there were complications not an hr later and she passed away. Welll who is in the pic?? Im reading more and more that the fat deposits when getting a BBL Puncture to small blood vessels and the fat seeps in. :( prayers to her family and especially her son who pleaded for her not to go.
  • Reply
Yes this is a really sad story. I think it's crazy that they wouldn't refund at least some of her money.
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Thanks for the article. . Best of luck as your day is fast approaching
  • Reply
Am glad you posted this because,we only hear about it happening oversees. This is just for us to know our pros and cons.
  • Reply
Thanks girl!
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Will anyone like to buy my date for yily the date is for MAY 7th
  • Reply
Prettymix. Do you mind sharing why you are no longer wanting to go??
  • Reply
Switching doctors
  • Reply
Witch dr are you going
  • Reply
Girl am on board… am gonna do my thing! My Nerve got the best of me but am together now. let me know if you find out about the insurance,i will research too, because that's a must have!
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I wish you luck , always think positive :) you will look amazing
  • Reply
Are you still planning to go to Dr Yily may 2
  • Reply
Yes. I'm still planning to go.
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Ok, will follow you with your journey.
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Chaross how's that diet. I saw him on the queen latifah show last night. In 14 days post op and ready to work out and tone these thunder thighs. You got some awesome wish pics. Super sexy. Did you receive the tank top yet? I sooo want one. Going to Bermuda in June and that seems perfect. Thanks
  • Reply
Hey girl It's a great diet. The problem is me! If I worked out more, I would see better results. I lost like 7 lbs the first week, but have fluctuated back and forth due to not working out and eating bad while traveling. I'm hoping I can lose the last 10 lbs soon, but it's not looking good...I did receive the tank tops. My only complaint is that it had small pink spots near the pocket. I contacted the company and they said its a known flaw. I was able to get an extra shirt out of the deal so I'm not complaining. I would recommend getting black instead of white.
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Perfect. Thanks. I ll see if they are still available. 7lbs is good and better than weight watchers. We are soo alike. I never want to eat what I packed for lunch. So I bring variety so I can switch it up. The diet itself is the book right? Maybe its on amazon as well. Keep me updated on your status. You can do it. I drink lots of water and love juicing. 1 veggie blend. 1 fruit blend and a sensible meals. Can't work out for 4-6wks post op though. That part really sux
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Good luck. Keep us posted!
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